Kyle: When Things Change, Pt. 01

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18.

1. Remember how we play pool?

Kyle stood looking down into the eyes of the naked girl kneeling on a pile of her clothes & bobbing her head back and forth with his dick in her mouth. He waited for her to go back down before taking the base of her skull in his right hand and pinching her nose closed with the left.

He smiled as her face turned red & her hands pounded lamely on his thighs. He held her there with his seven inches down her throat until he was satisfied and he released her with both hands.

“Good girl”, he told her patting her cheek. “Let’s go one more time & then get you fucked. Be sure to get it nice and wet,” Kyle gripped her hair and tilted her head back, “remember last time.”

Kyle was pleased to see that make her blush. He relished seeing her uncomfortable. Keeping his grip on her hair and stepping forward he dropped his balls onto her face. He rubbed her face into his balls dragging his spit covered cock over her hair.

Eventually, Kyle turned around & showed his ass to her. Releasing her hair she dove right in, kissing & licking at his ass. He reached back to once again grab the back of her head forcing her face deeper into his crack. By the time he released her, she was once again gasping for breath.

She slumped back falling onto her heels, still kneeling on her discarded clothing. Kyle beckoned her to him and she sat back up taking the head of his cock in her mouth, exploring it with her tongue. He abruptly thrust forward, nearly entering her throat all at once. She sputtered and gagged but Kyle gripped the sides of her head and began to fuck her face with abandon.

Drool was running from the corners of her mouth, lipstick and mascarra in ruin. Kyle was making sure that with each thrust forward his balls were making contact with her chin.

“You’ve always been a top tier cock sucker. Alright, you’re ready.” Kyle stepped back to give her room to stand.

Rising, she stood directly on her clothes pausing briefly to hand Kyle her panties. He said nothing. He meerly rotated a finger gesturing for her to turn around. She turned and bent over so that her chest lay flat on the pool table. Kyle put one hand on the back of her neck and the other on one of her ass cheeks he shoved forward and down, ensuring that she was flush with the table.

“Remember how we play pool?” Kyle asked, slapping her ass hard when he finished.

“I do.”

“Good girl.” Kyle said as he slid two fingers into her mouth

Knowing what to expect she greedily sucked and slobbered on his fingers until they were withdrawn and replaced with her balled up panties.

Another slap across the ass as Kyle told her “Spread those cheeks and don’t spit those panties out.”

He’d had her ass once before today already but he always loved the moments leading up to it. She reached back with both hands to spread her ass cheeks, exposing her holes to him. Kyle responded by spitting on her asshole twice before roughly inserting the two fingers in. She jumped at the sudden intrusion drawing a chuckle from Kyle.

Satisfied, Kyle withdrew his fingers from her ass, leaned across her prone body and withdrew the panties. “Lick”, he said as he offered the two fingers once again. Still spreading her butt cheeks with her hands she strained to reach the fingers with her tongue. As soon as her tongue made contact however he shoved his fingers wholly in her mouth while simultaneously beginning a steady insertion of her ass with his dick.

She moaned with her lips wrapped tightly around the same fingers that had only just sodomized her as a new intruder bottomed out inside of her. She could feel his pubes pressed against her ass, his balls making contact with her lower lips as he thrust forward.

Kyle withdrew his fingers and, holding them in front of her face wiped his fingers on her pink thong, drying them off… before shoving the panties back into her mouth.

“You like how you taste?”

Kyle began to wiggle his hips enjoying the writhing body beneath his. “Don’t… Let… Go… Of… That… Ass.” Kyle punctuated each word with a hard thrust of his cock, withdrawing till little more than the head remained inside before slamming his full length back inside of her. For the next half hour his cock waged it’s own private war on her ass, desperately trying to rearange as much of her internal real estate as it could conquer. Through it all she did not let go of her ass.

Kyle could feel his orgasm building and began hammering away as if trying to fuck through her and into the table. She could feel his dick twitch as he grunted each time he pushed into her. His cock exploded deep into her bowels as she bit down hard on her panties.

She nearly collapsed onto the ground as he withdrew from her & took several steps back releasing her from her pinned state. As she tried to compose herself, Kyle snapped and pointed down at the ground. Stll catching her breath, she got to her hands & knees crawling forward. Kyle bent and removed the panty gag.

She immediatley lowered her head and kissed the Trabzon Escort tops of his shoes. Kyle unwadded the panties before placing them on her head like a mask, the crotch loosely hanging over her nose.

“Now, be a good girl and clean your ass off of my dick.” Kyle said as he watched the panty covered face lift up and swallow his softening penis, extending her tongue out of her mouth to lick his balls. Kyle let her continue playing with his dick in her mouth until he felt himself reverse coarse from softening to hardening. “Oh look what you’ve done. You’ve woken him up. You’re such an over achiever.” She moaned, or maybe groaned but Kyle didn’t care which.

Kyle thrust forward, hard. Hard enough to knock her off balance. She fell backwards catching herself with both hands as he advanced forward keeping his dick down her throat. She had to unfold herself and sit her ass directly on her clothes leaning back to support his assault. Taking her head in his hands he humped away at her face like a fleshlight, the more she fell backwards the more he simply crouched down to maintain level with her mouth.

Finally he stood, maintaining his grip he hoisted her up by the head & settled her back down onto her knees. Kyle continued to use her mouth until he could feel his balls tighten. Without a word he withdrew his dick from her mouth just as he began to cum. The first shot hit her open mouth, the second her left eye. He laughed as he slid his dick back into her mouth to finish.

With his third orgasm spent he knew he was done with her for the day. He took the panties from her face and wiped his dick off. She stayed there kneeling on her pile of clothes, not saying anything & keeping her eyes on the ground. Kyle tossed her back the thong, landing on her sweaty and spit covered breasts.

“Look at me,” Kyle waited for her to look up at him. Her thong still stuck to her skin, was all that was covering even an inch of her. “Open your mouth.”

When she opened her mouth a puddle of cum was visible on her tongue. Kyle tucked his dick and balls back into his pants and smiled. She stayed on her knees mouth open in their preverted game of show and tell. He loved seeing her like this. Naked, kneeling, lipstick smeared, mascara ruined, eyes blurry & bloodshot, cum and sweat covering her from her thick tight curls all the way down her body.

“You can swallow, get dressed, and head home.”

“Can I take a shower? I’m tired of sneaking into my parent’s house everytime I leave here.”

“Either have Jillian let you in or tell your parents you’re a slut. I’ve got Nicole coming over shortly so you can’t be here.” Kyle sighed, “Wait here, I think I got cha.”

Kyle bounded up the basement stars and up to the master bathroom. He grabbed his mother’s makeup mirror and a pack of wet wipes. Walking back down stairs he tossed the wet wipes to her, handed her the mirror, and told her to knock herself out.

Glaring at him she gathered her clothes and went to go up the stairs to the restroom. Kyle caught her by the hair.

“Where the fuck are you going? You don’t go upstairs. Hoe baths are hoe baths. Now, wash like a good hoe.” He lightly patted her ass.

She stared at him with something just south of hatred while she lifted each arm and wiped the pit with a wet wipe. “Smile”,

Kyle took pictures from his phone while she did her best to clean herself. After wiping her underarms she wiped her crotch and tossed the wipe to the floor.

“You do that like it won’t be you picking it up. By all means, drop your trash but if you don’t think I’ll have you picking it up with your teeth while I fist your ass you must have lost your mind.”

She knelt and picked up the discarded wet wipe and placed it beside her clothes as she continued to “wash” in front of Kyle. Kyle watched her wipe her ass with one wipe before drawing another to wipe her face. He hated watching her clean her face, preferring to see her leave with the face he left her with. He loved the idea that Jillian was letting her in the house the wreck that he’d left her. Every time he saw her clean herself up to leave, he felt like she was robbing him of a crucial part of the equation. If this bitch left in a state where she could look her father in the eye than Kyle took it as a personal insult.

“Next time you’ll ask before you wipe your face off. Maybe I want Jillian to see what her step sister is. Why shouldn’t she know what kind of whore she’s letting in her parent’s home.”

She pretended not to hear as she got dressed. Pulling the thong that had been so heavily featured in their play up her legs drew a smile from Kyle. He thought he’d bring one dollar bills to toss at her for this moment next time while he quietly seethed at never thinking of that before.

Once she was dressed she looked like the poster child for the walk of shame. Her clothes were a wrinkled mess even on her body & her face screamed ‘make up has been removed in an unconventional way’.

Suddenly she asked, “Why do we always have anal sex? It hurts and it makes me feel cheap.”

“Because you’re catholic, Trabzon Escort Bayan besides look at you. Every moment there isn’t a cock in that ass is an afront to your maker.” And then he smacked her ass. He smacked her ass harder than he ever had. “In fact, I think we’ll be getting a nice ‘PROPERTY OF KYLE’ tattoo on one of those cheeks before you go off to college.”

She rubbed her offended cheek to ease the sting. She opened her mouth to speak but Kyle cut in, “Look, I gotta jump in the shower. Just because you like eating my sweaty ass after wrestling practice doesn’t mean Nicole will.” Kyle laughed at the look on her face. He knew how badly she regretted telling him how sexy she thought he looked right after practice. Of course, that was before she had learned her place, back when she thought of herself as his girlfriend.

She walked to him and leaned in to kiss him. But he stopped her with a firm hand between her breasts. “No no no no. You know I know where that mouth has been. I’ll see you tomorrow morning though. Pick me up early because you’ll be sucking my dick before we leave for school. I can tell you how my date goes.” He patted her cheek as she turned to leave theough the backdoor.

Kyle and Samantha had been on and off since their freshman year. When they were on, the only differences were people referring to her as his girlfriend and him allowing her to come in through the front door. Being in a relationship with her had it’s benefits but he doubted that he’d be pursuing that route again. At this point he had everything he could ever need from her.

He knew that no matter what she was tied to him. Regardless of what she may say or even think she was completely devoted to him. He learned this when Samantha had caught him fucking her step sister Jillian in Sam’s own bed and he had still gotten Sam to suck his dick not one hour later.

Knowing just how far he could push her had caused controling her to lose some of it’s luster. He was always trying to find new ways to get that spark back. Kyle mused that he may just have to get her that tattoo for real. For now he made due with texting Jillian the pictures of Samantha using the wet wipes in an effort to clean herself up.

K: Look who’s coming home. Give her a kiss when she gets there. Let me know what she tastes like.

J: OMG! She’s a mess. Lol, what did you do to her?

K: You’ll find out tomorrow. You’re picking me up after practice and spending a few hours with me in the basement. Be sure to tell Samantha

J: Sounds good. You’ll def be showering first though, I’m not Sam.

Kyle checked the clock and saw that it was nearly 7 oclock. Nicole was supposed to be arriving at 8. Kyle needed to get ready. He texted Nicole to make sure they were still on for the night. He liked to make a girl feel like he was eager to spend time with them. Particularly if they were inexperienced, which Nicole definetly was. Nicole was gorgeous by Kyle’s standards.

While most guys spent all their time pursuing the prefct 10’s, Kyle had made it his prerogative to fuck his way through the 3-7’s of the world. A cute face with a flat chest and gangly legs, a heavy girl with big tits but a flat ass, a fit athlete with a “butter face”? Send them all to Kyle. That was the case with Samantha & Jillian. “Everything fine but her face” definitely described both of them.

Samantha & Jillian both had amazing legs from running cross country & playing soccer, Sam’s ass was huge & perfect while Jillian’s was small & tight, Jillian’s breasts could barely fill a b cup bra yet they were perky but Samantha had D cup breasts. What made them both such easy targets for Kyle is that despite being athletes, they did not have any confidence. Samantha’s face was too small for her long narrow head and pointed chin. The tight curls of her hair didn’t seem to belong on her head. Jillian was the most plain looking person you could possibly imagine. If it wasn’t for her long nose and crooked teeth she would be wholly forgettable. Being a year older, Jillian had graduated already but still lived at home when soccer wasn’t in season as she played for the local junior college.

Nicole wasn’t like that. She was in several classes with Kyle as well as some after school clubs. She had dark black skin that was smooth and soft, a cute face, c breasts, and a nice plump ass. She was an inch taller than Kyle leaving her just under 6 feet but she had some weight to her and stretch marks across her belly. When they were growing up her height had gotten her teased and as they got older her weight gave her confidence issues.

Kyle had always been there for her though. He was pretty sure she was in love with him, and that would play right into his hands. They had grown up together, she trusted him. Nicole lived three houses down from Kyle and at the minimum had a decade long crush on him. He was sure a lot was riding on tonight and he wasn’t kidding about needing a shower. Kyle knew he smelled of Samantha, sex, and sweat.

2. Date Night

After applying deoderant and cologne, Kyle felt ready. Dinner should Escort Trabzon be arriving shortly after Nicole. Right at 8, the doorbell rang. Kyle thought that she looked great. She was wearing a red jacket with a black tank top, red skirt, and some white sneakers.

Kyle beamed and stepped aside to let her in, “Hey Nicole, glad you could make it!” Before she could respond he planted a light kiss directly on her lips and placed his hand on the small of her back, he steered her into the house.

“Thanks for inviting me over Kyle. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Great, the food should be getting here shortly.”

Kyle and Nicole made small talk and he was happy to see she was laughing at his jokes. She seemed a little nervous and that excited Kyle as well. Once the food arrived he made a big show of sitting her at the table and serving her the food. Whenever he spoke to her he made sure to make eye contact and placed a hand on her exposed thigh. He loved the feel of the heat from her skin.

By the end of dinner she was completely falling for his charms. He cleared the table refusing her assistance & urged her to pick out a movie. Kyle turned on the firplace and killed the lights before settling in on the sofa beside Nicole.

She started the movie, handed the remote to Kyle and let her head rest on his shoulder. He placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. They stayed like that for awhile, just watching the movie. She was enjoying the smell of his body wash and cologne. About half an hour in and Kyle decided that it was time. He reached up and took his face in his left hand and turned her to look up at him. He kissed her firmly and was pleased to hear the moan escape from her lips as she opened her mouth and accepted his tongue.

Kyle slid her down the couch while turning his body so as to be on top of hers. He used his knee to spread her legs as they made out in missionary position. Nicole continued to moan as she ground up against him, her skirt slowly hitching up her thigh, exposing more of her leg. Kyle broke the kiss and looked down into her eyes, “You look beautiful tonight.”

She leaned up and renewed the kiss and he allowed his full weight to settle on her. He thought he could feel the heat radiating between her legs through his jeans. He ground forward into her as she wrapped her legs around his waist & gripped his back tightly with both hands. He broke the kiss again & squeezed her breast as he sank his mouth into her neck kissing just above her shoulder and right under her jaw.

He kissed his way back to her mouth and moved his hand from her breast to the source of the heat between her legs. He slid his hand up and under her skirt gently rubbing her sex through her panties while she sucked on his tongue and tightly gripped his back.

Kyle sat up pulling her with him so that he was in a sitting position on the couch with her straddling his lap. She continued to grind herself into him while he slid his hands under her shirt to undue her bra. As soon as her bra clasps came undone she reached down and removed her shirt and bra, tossing them to the side.

Kyle spun rapidly returning her to her position lying on her back on the sofa. He kissed her as he massaged her breasts in his hands. He loved the feel of them in his hands as he kneaded her flesh stopping to lightly pinch and pull on her large brown nipples. She gripped the hair on his head with both hands and firmly pressed down.

Kyle couldn’t believe how well this was going. He kissed all around her ample tits before sucking each nipple into his mouth, dragging his tongue across them before lightly biting each in turn. As he reached down beneath her skirt again he could feel how sopping wet she was. He went to pull her panties down beneath her skirt but she grabbed his arms to stop him.


“What’s the matter?” Kyle tried to stress concern for her with his words. “Was I moving to fast? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“No, you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just…” She trailed off looking into his eyes as he played with one of her nipples between his finger and thumb.

“I hope you know you can talk to me.”

“I know, it’s just embarrassing.” She said & Kyle could tell she was a bit uncomfortable. That was genuinely not what he wanted. He would prefer to hit the brakes now and live with the progress he’d made today as opposed to risking scaring her off for good.

“Embarrassing? What could you have to be embarrassed about?” As he said it, Kyle ran in hand over the stretch marks on her stomach wanting to draw her attention. “I love your body.” He kissed at her throat again drawing throaty breaths from her.

“Ok, it’s just that I didn’t shave. I don’t want you to think I’m disgusting or something.”

Kyle genuinely laughed. She was so cute when she said that, anyone could see she was truly concerned. That didn’t stop Kyle from making a mental note that she was self concious about her body hair. If she was really nervous about how he would respond then it could prove mildly useful. However, if she was bothered by her body hair on a personal level then this could be very very useful indeed. He imagined that if he suceeded in making her another Jillian or even Sam that he could make her stop shaving till she looked like the hot hippy feminist from the neighborhood behind theirs, Kaitlyn.

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