Lagoon of Lust

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A twenty-foot yacht was the perfect place for two very stressed and over worked executives to be when they are trying to get away from it all. No phone, no fax, no emails, it was heaven. Tony and Diana had flown to the East Coast of Australia together, hired the yacht, and found a wonderful lagoon to cast out the anchor. Here they planned to spend the next week soaking up as much sun, sea and sex as was humanly possible, and return to work completely exhausted, but stress free and ready to cope with what ever the world was to throw at them.

Leaning over the railing, Tony could clearly see the reef and fish below in the crystal clear waters. DI was stretched out on the deck; naked as the day she was born and sipping champagne while she read the latest novel by her favorite author. Tony had been thinking that the aquatic wonderland beneath his boat was the most splendid thing he has ever seen until his gaze fell upon Diana’s slender form. He looked over at her protectively. They had been friends since her first day at the office and lovers after the first week. Life with her around was never dull, and although he had asked her to marry him several times, she would just laugh say ‘why ruin a good thing?’ Still, he hadn’t given up hope of someday making her completely his.

As if she could feel him looking at her, she lifted her head and met his eyes with a look so filled with heat and passion it made him wonder at the content of her book. She was the hottest lover he had ever had, and not a woman to be kept waiting. Moving closer, his body was already aching with the need to posess her. Rolling onto her side, she looks into his handsome face, reaching out her hand and beckoning him to her. Her flesh burned hot under his steamy gaze and she longed to have him deep inside her, fulfilling her, as only he knew how.

Tony lowered his body to hers, his mouth seeking and finding her tender lips. So sweet, so warm, their bodies cease to be two separate beings, merging into one as they kiss with a fire and passion that could no longer be contained. His tongue explores the inner reaches of her mouth, tangling it self in a deliberate web with her own. He can taste the sweet champagne, the sea salt and her own delicious flavors as his kisses become more intense, his fingers tracing lines up and down the length of her naked back. She buries her fingers into his thick blond hair as she returns his almost cruel kisses, her other hand reaching for the swelling bulge in his bathers. Finding his clothing a hindrance, she pulls his bathers down over his tight ass, pushing them down far enough for him to kick them free. She reached for him again but he stopped her hand before it could reach him.

She seemed a little annoyed when he stopped her hand from seeking him out, pouting and looking at him with big hurt eyes, but he knew it was all an act. She knew better than any that her would never leave her wanting for more, he just had the desire today to give it to her slow. They had time on their hands and he was going to use every second of it to its greatest advantage. Running his hands down over the cheeks of her sweet little ass, he pulls her closer, her legs entwining with his as she anticipated the incredible ride to ecstasy she knew he would take her on.

Tony’s mouth broke away from hers, seeking out the bare flesh of her shoulders, the smell of coconut oil making his mouth water all the more. Out of the corner of his eye he sees something flashing in the sunlight. Another boat, anchored about two hundred yards off the next island, was bobbing around in the gentle waves; it’s position not quite as sheltered as Tony and Diana’s. Reaching for the binoculars that were next to DI, Tony looked over to the other vessel. Discovering the sauce of the flashing light was the reflection of the sun off another pair of binoculars being used to look at them. Tony found the idea of being watched turned him on more than made him angry at having their privacy intruded upon. Even more so was the fact that he could see, kneeing before the man on the other boat, was a woman with short dark hair, her head bobbing back and forward, pleasuring the man as he watched others taking their pleasures.

Not sure how Diana would react to the news, he whispered into her ear,

“Baby, we’re being watched.” DI lifted her head a little more and could clearly see the other boat. It was far enough away that it was difficult to make out figures, but close enough that they would easily be able to see her naked on deck with binoculars. She smiled wickedly. If these people wanted to watch, she would give them a show they would not soon forget.

Starting at her ankles, Tony worked his way up her inner thigh, her body rocking towards him, gently guiding his exploring finger to her already hot and wet delight. His hand avoids touching her pussy, circling around and making it’s way to her tight stomach, then onward to her firm young breasts. Teasing and tantalizing, his fingers run circles around the outer Urfa Escort rim, touching the sensitive flesh under her arms and down her side causing her to shiver with delight. He continues to draw circles around her breast, getting smaller and smaller with each pass, until at last her reaches her hard, pebble like nipples. With his thumb and index finger he pinched and fondled her nipple, his pinky finger extending to caress the outer rim of her tender breast. The reaction of her body makes him hotter and harder than he ever thought possible, and he had to fight for self-control. Never in his life had he felt such strong feelings for another human being. She was the one that completed him as a man and he hated to think of a life without her.

Her breath begins to quicken as the touch of his hands sends a shudder of pure desire surging through her body, her head spinning as she loses thought for anything but her need for him to bring her to completion. No other man had ever mastered her body or her passions as he did, the skill in his touch taking her to heights she never thought possible. She closes her eyes, completely absorbed in the overwhelming sensation consuming her senses. He moves a little closer, blowing cool air over her erect and sensitive nipples, making them harder and arousing her body still more. The tip of his tongue finds the side of her breast, licking and nibbling until at last, his lips find her nipples and he suck them into his mouth with strength and need. She cries out from the sudden and unexpected pleasure, her sounds of rapture enticing him to tease her more.

As his mouth engulfs her breast, his hands seek out her hot wet pussy. His tongue stokes her nipple as he sucks her breast deep into his mouth, his fingers reaching the soft fur that covered her wonderful mound. He brushed his fingers over it, stoking it and loving the softness. His fingers break through the hairline and land on top of her already pulsing clitoris. They easily slip either side, gently squeezing upwards, lifting and stroking her clit in one motion. He lifts until it reaches its peak, and releases it, allowing it to slip back through his fingers, falling back into place. His index finger rests on top of her pulsing love spot, rhythmically stroking and applying a firm downward pressure. His mouth breaks free of her right breast and works it’s way across to her left, sucking it into his mouth with hungry force. Once again his tongue teases and tantalizes, while his fingers work her throbbing clit in a lust filled frenzy.

Diana reaches above her head taking hold of a chrome hook used for tying off ropes, her body wiggling uncontrollably from the expert manipulation of her clit. Seeing her hands up there like that led Tony to strike on an idea. Reaching for a length of rope, he wound it around her wrists and hooked it over the chrome rigging. The feel of the rope binding her, and the knowledge that she was completely at his mercy drove her to new and greater heights. She can see the lust in his eyes, his heavy breathing making his chest heave, and she was almost ready to beg him to fulfill her needs. His fingers worked steadily back and forward over her clit sending shudders through her entire body and taking her breath away. Suddenly he slipped a finger inside her exceptionally wet hole and her back arched, her body aching for more. She began to beg.

“Oh baby, please. Please fuck me. I need you so bad. Please baby.”

Tony straddles her chest; one leg on either side of her body, the sight of her hands bound and knowing that her can completely dominate her, excites him immensely. He lubricates his cock with the slippery pussy juices on his fingers, letting it lay in the middle of her chest and forcing her breast to encase his hard member. He begins tit fucking her, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them together in perfect time with his rhythmic thrusting. Slowly he quickens the pace, the head of his cock stopping only a fraction of an inch from her wet tongue. Watching her face, he can see how eager she is to have his cock in her mouth with each and every forward stoke, but he stops short every time, teasing her more and more. He can feel his own level of excitement growing to almost unbearable levels, but he doesn’t want to cum just yet. Standing, he towers over her, gazing lustfully down at her naked, restrained body.

Without warning, he walks away, heading below deck and leaving her in a rather uncertain predicament, but he returned moments later with a bottle of chocolate syrup. Her eyes’ telling his that she was unsure of its intended purpose. Already her anticipation and lust had reached incredible heights, but the sight of him running the tip of his tongue up the side of the bottle made her body shudder with a renewed sense of unabated desire. He removes the lid from the bottle, sliding a finger in and coating it in delicious chocolate, bringing to his own lips to suck clean. He sees her lips open slightly, hungry with the sight of his sucking Urfa Escort Bayan his own sticky finger, tasting the combination of her pussy juices and the thick chocolate. He dips his finger into the bottle once more, this time tracing his sticky finger over her hungry lips. Her tongue follows his fingers, moistening her lips and tasting the sweet sticky syrup, her mouth yearning to suck his fingers all the way in, but he teases her still.

Slowly he begins to trickle a thin stream of chocolate down over her throat, over her chest, circling each nipple, over her tight stomach, and over the soft hair that covered her already wet and sticky pussy. She can feel the cool liquid chocolate running down over her hot pussy lips and she fights the urge to climax. His finger runs down the length of her body, following the path already made for him by the sweet sauce. Her senses threaten to take their leave of her as he dips his fingers into her already wet delight, mixing the chocolate with her sweet virginal juices and then bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking them clean. She cried out softly in hunger and need, and he dipped his finger into her pool of sweetness once more, this time bringing then to her mouth, running them over her lips, letting her taste the sweet mix before pushing them into her mouth and allowing her to suck.

Removing his clean sucked fingers from her mouth, he leans down to take her sweet lips in a long and passionate kiss, only breaking free so that his tongue could follow the snake like chocolate trail that led down her body. His tongue glides down over her neck, over her throat, the trail leading him to the pert roundness of her breasts. The sticky sweet that coats her rock hard nipples now coats his tongue as he sucks, retrieving any that was to escape and run down the sides of her breasts, his tongue barely touching the soft smooth skin. The touch of his tongue on her flesh makes her quiver and he can tell how deeply she needs to cum.

The chocolate trails leads him further down her body to her flat stomach, her navel a pool of sticky sweet sauce and he attacks it like she is an oasis and him a very thirsty man. Following on, he licks at the soft fur that covers her greatest delight, looking longing at the syrup has run over the hard little clit, and down over her very ready opening. The glistening juices that cover her pussy look so inviting, he lunges between her thighs, taking one long lick that extends from her tight little ass, all the way up the her clit, pausing there to suck her hard little bead into his mouth, his tongue flickering over it as he pulls it between his lips.

The taste and smell of the combined juices begins to drive him wild and his own thoughts become consumed with thoughts of fucking her hard. He fights for control and moves his hard tongue to her hole, fucking her with it, licking and devouring every drop of juice her generous pussy provides.

He gets to his knees between her legs, taking his cock in his hand, and skillfully guides it towards her waiting pussy. Pushing the knob in slightly, he pauses there before thrusting into her with three hard, fast pumps, then takes his cock completely out of her again. Diana cries out, begging him to fuck her, pleading with him, and it takes all of his will power to stop himself from diving back into her hot depths and fucking her hard and fast. Looking at his throbbing shaft covered in pussy juices and chocolate, he crawls up her body, holding tight to her bound arms, and dangling his sticky member half an inch above her hungry lips.

The combination that coated his cock was intoxicating and she reached out with the tip of her tongue for a taste. The sweet juices of her pussy, the sticky sweetness of the chocolate, and the salty taste of his sweat was a delicious mix, and she glided her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, licking and tasting, hungering for every precious drop. He was candy and she was a hungry child, intent on devouring it all. He moves forward just a little, sliding the swollen head of his cock between her lips and she sucked it hard. She wants more, so much more, lifting her head and taking him as deep as he would allow.

Wiggling her hands free from her bonds, she grabs the hard cheeks of his ass and pulls the full length of his cock into her mouth before he has the chance to realize what she was doing. He tries to stop her, but her sucking is fast and furious. Pinning her hands back over her head was not enough; she tightened her grip with her tongue and refused to release it. She can feel his cock starting to swell, throbbing against her lips, and she thinks she has him right where she wants him.

With her hands held tight above her head, he tries to pull his cock from her mouth, gritting his teeth at the tremendous force she was displaying, his rock hard cock trapped between her lips, showing him just who was in control now. Tony released her arms and one hand went immediately to his shaft, pumping Escort Urfa it in time with her mouth, the other went to his balls, stroking them gently and rolling them between her fingers.

The sight of her lips working over his cock was the most erotic vision he has seen in his life. Every so often, on the downward stroke, the head would appear between her lips and the tip of her tongue would work it’s magic over it. His hips begin thrusting forward, deeper into her mouth, and he knows he has lost all control over his pulsating cock. A small moan of pleasure escapes him. She can sense how close he is to erupting and begins to suck and pump even harder, listening to his breath quicken and continuous moans are emitted from his handsome mouth, until at last he was ready. Replacing her hand with his own, he strokes furiously barely an inch away from her hungrily awaiting mouth.

He observes her tongue licking her lips in readiness, the eager anticipation in her eyes, and he cries out, his cock squirting hot cum over her lips, tongue and chin. Tony continues to pump his cock until it is emptied of every drop. The sight of her tongue and fingers working together to retrieve all had given her was having an incredible affect on him and he can feel his cock regaining some of it’s former firmness already. Diana takes it back into her mouth and licks the end clean, smiling with satisfaction at the lusty look still in his eyes.

With her hands now free, DI reaches for her aching pussy, her need to be completed turning to sweet agony. Tony grabs her hand before it has the chance to reach her destination, smiling down at her and shaking his head. He will not be denied the pleasure of bringing her to the ultimate climax. He slides back down her body, kissing her breasts and belly as he descends, pressing his mouth to her throbbing clit like a wild animal. She cries out, trying to pull away from the almost painful intensity of his sucking, but figured turn around was fair play.

He grabs hold of her writhing hips, holding her firm against his mouth. She relaxed a little as he slipped two fingers deep into her pussy, fucking her with them in time with his magnificent tongue. She can feel the moment of sweet release getting closer, the heated tingling sensations building up in her abdomen, spreading from her clitoris. She throws back her head crying out as waves after wave of pure ecstasy washes over her, through her, consuming her body in shuddering convulsions of lustful release. He can feel the inner walls of her sweet vagina throbbing and pulsing around his fingers and he plunges his tongue deep inside her, needing to taste her as she tasted him.

As his tongue pushes deep into her hot hole, he can feel her contraction as she begins to quake with yet another sweet orgasm, her quivering body fighting to break free of him, and he uses considerable force to keep her from escaping his tender torture. His taste buds are alive with the taste of the sweet chocolate, and her continually flowing pussy juices. With his tongue still fucking her, his nose pressed hard against her swollen cilt, he French kisses her hole and he knows it is driving her wild. Suddenly she wraps her slender legs around him, her fingers digging into his hair and she forces his face harder against her pussy. Her forceful grab of his hair stings slightly, but excites him immensely as she sees her need to dominate him.

With an uncontrolled scream, her body erupts, breaking free from the hold he has on her body. With all of his strength he can not hold her down, his tongue following her writhing form, reaching out and licking her clit at every opportunity, inducing yet another surge of orgasmic rapture. He can see the sweet juices running from her hot hole and down over her sweet naked little ass. Tony’s hard cock is aching now, and he is genuinely surprised at how hard he has become considering the intensity of his previous release. Looking deep into her eyes, he can tell she is begging to be fucked hard, and this time he is going to comply.

As the final shudder of her sensational orgasm settles, he plunges completely into her with one powerful thrust, sending her reeling back into her pulsating heaven. He plunges into her wet treasure trove hard and fast, her fingers digging into his shoulders, drawing him to her, her mouth meeting his, hungry for his kisses. With his hard body pressed against hers, she wraps her legs around him and as one, the roll over. Her legs straddling him, pushing herself down hard against him, and taking him deeper and deeper inside her womanly center. Grinding her hot pussy hard against his pelvis, rubbing her clit against his pubic hair, she was the master now, and he was her love slave.

Reaching up to her chest, he began to pinch and tease her nipples, rolling them between his fingers and making them solid with passion, making her throw her head back and cry out with the ecstasy of his attentions. Leaning forward, placing her hands on his shoulders for support, she begins to rock, lifting her pussy up and down on his throbbing shaft, riding him, needing all of him inside her. She can feel his cock beginning to swell and she pounds herself against him harder, milking the love juices from his magnificent cock.

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