Last Day of the Summer Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Disclaimer: I would like to state that this piece of writing is a work of fiction, all characters within are of age and consent with the plot and bear no resemblance to anyone I know.

The story is a work in progress and will feature a variety of different niches as both it and the characters within evolve. So if you happen on any content that you do not like, stop reading.

It is also my first attempt at writing, so constructive feedback is welcomed!


Summer was coming to an end; you could feel it in the air and the days were beginning to get shorter and it was getting cooler in the evenings. It was pleasantly serene, the air was still warm and had a sweetness to it and the birds were chatting away to each other. Oxfordshire was beautiful this time of year, especially our little village that was surrounded by farmers fields with very little traffic passing through. There was a church, two pubs, a post office and a cricket green with a little pavilion, perhaps about 20 — 30 houses consisting of cottages, modest homes and a manor house as well as a small river that ran through the village. It is a very idyllic place to live but boring for the most part.

My best friend Sally and I were lying down in a field near the river looking up at the sky reminiscing over the past couple of weeks, time had gone by so quickly as we blinked and it was gone. We joked around and laughed hard with each other but now just lay there holding hands in silence, I gave her hand a light squeeze and turned to look at her.

“I am going to miss you so much, you know that right?” she said as she turned her head to look at me.

I gave her hand a firmer squeeze and held it, she squeezed back and turned her face away from me but I could see a tear running down her cheek, she began to cry. I rose unto my elbow and leaned over here, drawing her face back to mine and stared into her eyes and smiled.

“Sally, you are me best friend and I fucking love you! Everything will be fine, we can keep in touch via skype as often as you like, email each other or even write letters. It is not like we will never see each other again, just not as often as we would like.”

She raised her head and kissed me on the lips, it was a lingering kiss and I felt like time had stopped and we were going to be suspended like this forever, I could live with that! I wasn’t taken aback by it, a little surprised that it had taken this long to come to fruition.

“I love you too Maddi, so so much!” she said shyly.

She kissed me again, this time she gently pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed each other deeply for the next couple of minutes. I was so turned on that my nipples were hard and showing through my top, I could also feel the moisture in my panties. She pulled away and looked at me with a cheeky grin and she jumped up and dusted herself off.

“Come on then, we best head back because dinner will almost be ready, and mother will likely send out a search party!”

Lying there dazed, I took her outstretched hand and got up, dusted myself off too. She helped as well by brushing my chest off, nipples still erect I could see her blush a little and then we set off back to her house.

“I will miss you Maddi, this move has been on the cards for as long as I remember and getting into Harvard Law has been a dream of mine and I can’t believe that it is actually happening and I am flying out tomorrow afternoon.”

I took her hand and smiled at her but said nothing.

“My dad has converted the sub level of his townhouse into a small apartment for me, not too far away from campus, you can come over and stay with me for a while if you like? I would love you too as well.”

I smiled again but said nothing, just looked at her briefly as we walked along the river. She let go of my hand and walked off the path towards a tree, there were a few bushes around it and it was concealed enough. She lifted her dress and pulled her panties down and squatted, within seconds she started to pee. I was transfixed, all I could do was just stare at her and watch her urine flow out almost gushing, her vagina was pretty, well-tended with just enough hair, it was short and dark. I just wanted to stick my hands down my pants and get myself off right there, instead I just crossed my knees a little and turned away, i felt a little embarrassed and could feel my cheeks blushing.

“Sorry about that, didn’t realise how desperate I was to go! I did notice you staring at me though, but I am not mad at you for it, it is just natural after all.” she said nonchalantly.

“I couldn’t help it, I am sorry. It is not often that your best friend just does that and well you were in full show of me, almost as though you wanted me to see you and with that being said… yes, I did enjoy it! So there!” I replied defiantly, staring at her as I wanted to see her reaction.

She got up and sorted herself Ankara Rus Escort out and skipped back over to where I stood, she was smiling at me and then took my hand in hers and we both set off again. I could swear that her hand was a little wet, did she just grab my hand with urine on hers? I will admit that I was a little turned on and almost with certainty knew that I would be taking a longer shower this evening.

Sally was very pretty in an innocent way, she wasn’t a diva like most of the girls we knew. She had dark brown hair that met her shoulders, it was thick and wavy and smelled like coconuts. She had a nice shape to her; her boobs were in good proportion to her body and she had a nice bum. I envied her beauty, but I have never been jealous. I know I am neither attractive nor unattractive, I have mousy brown hair that is just past my shoulders in length but is more straight in comparison to Sally. We were the same height almost, but I was slightly chubbier and had bigger boobs. She always admitted that she wished she had my boobs but was rather content with her own, she always stared at them secretly, but I knew she was doing it.


We eventually arrived at the gate to the rear of her house, which was part barn conversion, the path led through a well-manicured garden onto the patio that was overlooked by these huge glass walls that led into the house proper. Music was playing through the kitchen window and we could hear Sally’s mother singing along to Mr Brightside.

“Hello girls, dinner is almost ready, but Sally I need you to set up the table outside and Maddi darling, can you get the wine from the fridge and glasses from that shelf above the dishwasher.” She said cheerfully with a big smile on her face, she scrunched her face playfully and blew kisses and went back to dancing by the cooker.

“Hey Mrs Dawes, sure thing!” I said loudly smiling, Sally went off to gather cutlery and place mats.

“Maddi darling call me Jayne please! No formalities here and you are like a daughter to me!” she smiled, danced over and gave me a kiss on both cheeks and then one on my lips, her breasts were pressing into mine as she hugged me before she went back to her cooking. She seemed happy, it was nice, and I couldn’t help but look at her in awe and I liked being around her.

Jayne Dawes was an attractive lady in her early 40’s, like Sally she had dark hair but a little shorter but still thick and wavy. She was a little shorter than us, good figure and large boobs, even I was envious of them. She smelled amazing too, it was “A Scent” by Issey Miyake, she wasn’t wearing any jewellery, only a smartwatch that had a bulky strap. She had on a summer dress featuring a floral print and always walked barefoot around the house. I noticed she had a fabric anklet on her right foot, her toenails were painted the same colour as her fingernails in a dark shade, but I couldn’t tell if black or not. Her complexion was slightly olive skinned as if she was originally from the Mediterranean, I would have to ask her sometime.

The table was set, and I had opened the wine to breathe, Jayne came out of the cottage with platters in her hands that were laden with amazing food, it smelled wonderful and my mouth started to water.

“Girls, have you washed your hands? Go on, off you go before the food gets cold!” she said with authority in her tone as she smiled as us. She was filling our glasses with wine as we left her.

As we returned from washing our hands, I could see Jayne was staring out towards the back of the garden, she wasn’t smiling and seemed in deep thought. As she became aware of our approach, she came out of her reverie with a start, smiling again as she watched us take our seats. I could see there was pain in her eyes but didn’t say anything. We enjoyed our meal and wine, laughed and joked and even had a bottle of prosecco and congratulated Sally for her achievements and for the next stage of her journey.

The sun had almost gone from the sky, so we tidied up and cleaned the kitchen. Jayne had said to leave it but we ignored her, we may as well do the hard work in return for such an amazing meal. After we had finished tidying up, Jayne called us both over to her and she put her arms around us both and hugged us tightly.

“Thank you both for such a lovely evening, I am so proud of you both for growing into beautiful women and what you have both accomplished. Maddi, I know your mother would too be proud as I am if she were still with us and I know it hasn’t been easy but you have both had each other and your friendship is testament to the fact!”

She squeezed harder and then let us go as she excused herself, she turned away looking at the floor as she walked out of the kitchen up the stairs to the bedrooms. I couldn’t help but feel for her, I just wanted to continue embracing her, her warmth, her scent and her hair smelling of coconut.

Sally and I had continued hugging each Yenimahalle Escort other, I could feel the warmth of her tears on the side of my face as she hugged tighter. My hands rested on the small of her back as I pulled my face away from hers, I kissed her on her cheeks tasting the saltiness of her tears as I moved up and kissed her eye, forehead and then finally on her lips lingering a while as we felt each other’s breath.

“Come on Sally, let’s get to bed as you have a big day tomorrow!” I smiled and led her upstairs to her room.


Her bedroom was nice, it was large with a big window at one end and sky lights in the ceiling. There were no posters of boy bands on the walls and it was almost pristine. Everything had its place here. There was an en-suite bathroom too as well as a walk-in wardrobe. My own bedroom was tiny but just perfect for me, but it would be nice to have my own bathroom, sharing with my dad and younger brother was a pain.

“Maddi, just going for a pee, do you want to watch?” Sally said laughing as she walked into the bathroom naked looking over her shoulder at me with a cheeky grin on her face. I got undressed and followed her into her bathroom.

“Funny, do you get yourself off by tormenting your friends? You must love it yourself? Would you like to watch me?” I said mischievously and winked at her as I walked past her into the shower, I turned it on and instantly had hot water all over my body. As I savoured the water raining on me, I let myself go and urinated, there was a slight smell to it but not too much and it was clear so almost undetectable. Sally stepped in behind me and crouched around to get under the water and pushed me out of the way.

“Hey!” I said, pushing her back playfully.

“Turn around, I will wash your back for you. Oh my god, did you wee in the shower? You did, didn’t you? I can smell it!” she said surprised but had a grin on her face, nonetheless. With my hands planted on the wall, I let her wash my back, and to my surprise she continued further by washing my armpits; they had a little stubble to them, but she didn’t seem put off at all. She then ran her soapy hands over my bottom and down in between my legs as I parted them for her and then she gave my anus further attention. I almost stopped breathing, I was so horny but she suddenly stopped.

“There you go, you can do me now” handing me the soap, I returned the favour but she was not as receptive to the same treatment she gave me. She finished up and got out to brush her teeth and then disappeared. I just stood there a while longer, I didn’t realise that I was rubbing my clitoris and squeezing one of my boobs, I bit my lip and grimaced to myself before exiting the shower.

“Such a fucking tease!” I said under my breath, she called back asking me what I said to which I responded with “Nothing!” I stood there looking in the mirror as I brushed my teeth, I smiled but also sulked…this girl was driving me nuts!

She climbed into her bed wearing a vest and shorts, I managed a t-shirt but decided to go commando because I was just tired and couldn’t be arsed. She didn’t mind as I climbed in beside her and pulled the duvet over. We chatted for a little while longer but she was tired and said she had to get up early, with that she burrowed into me putting an arm around me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you so much for today Maddi, you are an amazing friend, practically a sister to me and I know I go tomorrow but I want you to know that I love you so much. I am sorry I cannot be the person that you want me to be and for teasing you like I do, I don’t mean it in a way to hurt you and I don’t want to leave you in a worse state than I already am!” I knew she meant well but i do have feelings as well, i was trying to not let it show.

“I know, I like how you tease me as it keeps our friendship alive and electrifying. I wouldn’t want you to leave feeling conflicted, you have your dream and you are chasing it. I love you so much and that is enough for me.” I kissed her and rolled back onto my back staring out of the skylight, it was a clear night and you could see the stars.

As I lay there thinking about the day and what a lovely evening we had with her mother, I started thinking about Jayne and everything about her. She was an amazing woman, a good mother and full of life and such a kind heart. My imagination started and I found myself thinking about Jaynes breasts pressed into my body and the feel of her touch, a warmth that I was not familiar with anymore. I felt horny but sad at the same time, my life was changing tomorrow but I couldn’t let my friend see how hurt I was at the prospect of losing my best friend and my first love. Looking across at her, she was fast asleep, her snoring was like a little purr, cute I thought.

I decided to get up and go downstairs as I was peckish and there were leftovers from dinner and I needed to take my mind off Sally and Jayne, there was light coming from down the hall and thought to myself that Jayne must still be awake. I continued down to the kitchen, the moonlight had lit up the darkness and made the kitchen have this ethereal aura to it but as I opened the fridge that diminished. As I stood there picking at some salad, helping myself to a bottle of sparkling water, I shut the fridge turning to look outside, I caught sight of a figure standing by the patio door.

“Mrs Dawes?” I said gingerly “are you okay?”

Hearing her sniffle and clear her throat quietly “Maddi darling, I am okay, couldn’t sleep?” she asked, her voice betrayed the fact that she was upset and had likely been crying to herself.

“No, afraid not! A lot on my mind.” I replied quietly.

“Come join me, the sky is lovely tonight and it casts a nice aura over the landscape.” she extended an arm out to me.

She was wearing a robe that hung off her nicely and she hadn’t done it up tightly. She looked elegant in that light, I savoured her image as I walked over to her and allowed her to put her arm around me as she gave me a hug. Instantly I felt the warmth of her body and was engulfed by her wonderful scent, I pressed myself into her this time and couldn’t help but notice that she pulled me in closer still. I felt my nipples get hard and that familiar feeling between my legs.

“It is beautiful!” I whispered back.

“Maddi, you do realise that you are half naked. Do you usually walk around other people’s homes like that?” she questioned me with a cheeky grin, still pulling me into her side.

“Oh fuck, I am so sorry that I totally forgot to put pants on! I best get back upstairs to bed anyway.” I went to leave feeling all embarrassed, my cheeks were flushing and felt like an idiot. She didn’t release her grip.

“It is okay darling; I often do it myself! I like the freedom of being naked and well, there is no one to see you here and feeling more connected with nature especially on a night like this.” Jayne looked at me and relaxed her grip, she then let her robe fall to the floor revealing her lovely breasts that hung nicely as she bent down pulling her panties off. I was lost for words and couldn’t take my eyes off her, I think my mouth was open in awe too and I was even hornier now.

“Let’s sit here together naked and enjoy the view, we can talk too.” she said a little more sullen than she was before but she forced a smile. She pulled my t-shirt over my head and gestured to the seat looking out of the window. So, we sat down in our nakedness, there was just enough room for us both, but I welcomed the touch and I knew she wanted it too.

I had no idea how I was going to cope after this, never have I experienced something like this. I didn’t feel that it was wrong to be embraced with a woman twice my age and mother of my best friend, who was currently fast asleep upstairs. I could feel the sweat of our bodies together, I could smell the mustiness emanating from her vagina, it was intoxicating as I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. I wondered if she could sense my fear, admiration, desire that I now had for her? I kept glancing at her boobs as we spoke, studying her body, her neckline, her eyes as she spoke to me. I wanted to put my hand on her thigh but couldn’t bring myself to do it, she however was very tactile and was rather touchy as she spoke…each touch sent my nerves on edge and I could feel them in my pussy, I wanted to rub my clitoris so badly right now as everything became muffled, my vision starting to blur…

“Maddi darling? Maddi?” I felt her rub my leg and give it a squeeze “Maddi?”

I came out of my trance “Yes Mrs Dawes? Jayne…” I rubbed my eyes.

“Time to get some sleep my love, I am going up and you should too!” with that she kissed me and gathered up her robe and left the kitchen, i watched her as she disappeared up the stairs.

I sat there in disbelief, what the hell had just happened? I could still feel her presence, but she had gone and left me alone, naked… I looked around for my t-shirt and put it on. Noticing her panties on the floor, i picked them up and was going to call after her but decided against it. What became of me next I have no idea, I found myself pressing them into my face and inhaling deeply, lingering there with my lungs full and her scent filling my nostrils. There was no way that these were fresh and must have been worn all day as they were musty, sweaty and had residue on them and in that moment, I didn’t care, I just had to breathe it all in. I pressed my hand into my vagina, started to rub my clitoris and fingered myself, I was literally dripping so much that it didn’t take long to cum! That was amazing I thought, fucking hell!

I went back upstairs and noticed that Jayne’s light was still on, I put her soiled panties on the window ledge opposite Sally’s bedroom as I continued to her room, I intended to hang on to them for myself for further fun at another time. As I got to her door, I peered round the door and saw her standing looking out of her bedroom window and thought to myself that I would have to ask her more about her nocturnal behaviour but not tonight. I approached her quietly and then put my hand on her elbow, she turned and saw me, her eyes lit up, but they were sad eyes.

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