Late Night Co-Workers

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We are having to work late due to our boss needing a report finished before the morning. We have been working non-stop for about 8 hours now and the end doesn’t seem any closer.

You are dressed in a smart suit jacket, low double breasted fastened over, pencil skirt, stockings and high heels, hair tied up.

I’m wearing white shirt with black trousers.

“Charlene, I think we should take a break. We have been going at this for hours. I know where the boss keeps his secret booze stash, what do you reckon?”

“Mark, I think we should really get this finished or we could be here all night” you say while keeping your head down.

“How about just one quick drink then? To help us get through it?”

“Yes, you are right, I suppose one won’t hurt.”

I go off to get a drink and come back with a bottle of vodka and 2 shot glasses. “This is all I could find.” I smile slyly at you.

Walking over towards you, you are looking at me unsure if it’s a good idea. mamak escort “Mark, vodka?” But looking at you smiling, “oh why not, we deserve it.”

I pour us both a shot and hand it to you. “Bottoms up” I say as we clink glasses. Our faces squirm as the shot hits. I pour another waiting to see your reaction.

You look at me and raise your eyebrow “oh what the hell.” You take the shot and sit on the desk next to me and pass me the glass for a refill.

“Good girl” I say as I place my hand on your thigh. I pour us another drink and hand it to you.

You take the shot and throw it back then lean in and kiss me.

I place my hand at the back of your head and pull you in closer. Our tongues meet and the kiss becomes passionate. You let out a moan during the kiss. My hand back on your thigh.

You start to unbutton my shirt while kissing me passionately opening your legs and pulling me in and undoing my trousers.

I ofise gelen escort stand up while you are still sitting on the desk as you reach inside my boxers and grip my already rock hard thick 8 inch cock and begin to wank me off whilst still kissing.

You start making moaning noises into the kiss while you are wanking me off. You then get off the desk and work your way down my body kissing and biting all the way down. You then start to suck my cock while playing with my balls.

I let out a moan as I place my hands on your head, I grip your hair as you begin to take me fully in your mouth, and struggling to take my whole size in. you start to speed up as your tongue swirls around the head. I grip your hair harder as I let out a moan.

After teasing and sucking my cock you climb back on the desk “take me now Mark” you say.

You sit on the edge of the desk, legs spread. I lock eyes with otele gelen escort yours and smiling I reach under your legs and slide your panties off, as I move between your legs and slide my cock into you with a hard thrust.

You moan out loud, your legs tightly wrapped around me. “Mark, that feels so good! Harder!”

I grab hold of the table with both hands as I slam into you harder and faster. I keep this going for a few minutes. I then pull out of you and pull you off the desk, spinning you around pushing you forward over the desk sliding back into you, fucking you from behind.

You are moaning out loud, you can feel how hard I am and your body orgasms. I feel your pussy tighten around my cock, I can feel you gushing.

I grab hold of your hips and slam into you even harder and faster, speeding up as I feel myself getting close. After a few minutes I release my load deep inside you.

You lay there for a few minutes with me still inside you. Then you quickly get up and start to get dressed, barely able to at me, blushing “Mark that was amazing!”

I then zip myself up, having another shot of vodka. “I guess we should finish that report now” as I sit back down at my desk and carry on working.

We don’t say anymore to each other about what happened as we finally finish the report after another hour.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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