Lauren Ch. 02: Our ‘Relationship’

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Lauren and I had sex most times I was in town. She wanted more and I wasn’t ready, for no good reason. My decision not to jump into a relationship with her hindered it.

Still, she had a sex drive as strong as anyone. I was happy to be on that receiving end when she got tired of her dildo and vibrator. If I were in town, she would try and come over at least once over the few days in town to fuck. We always got right to it.

We hung out regularly outside of work when in town. Lauren met my friends, and I met hers. It turned out one of her neighbours is a guy I played hockey with. I hated him. He was so cocky. He was a good hockey player and picked up women easily (jealousy might have been a part of it). I told Lauren about my intense dislike for Jason. She said that he hits on everyone and is cocky but harmless. He tried on many occasions to fuck her, but she brushed him off. They watched the Bachelor together, and he slept with a number of her friends he met through her. So she always denied him. I was relieved.

Otherwise, when I was away, she would go on dates with guys. While this did bother me, I couldn’t be a hypocrite as I would sometimes meet up with a girl in the city I had visited.

We were still good friends, and we talked or texted daily. She would talk about the guys she was going out with that night or week. She would send me a pic of her outfit to see what I thought. I knew it was to get me jealous and commit.

If I were out of town, we would sometimes Skype while she got ready for her date.

She would call once out of the shower. I’d watch her straighten or curl her hair. She always did this naked. I would pull out my cock and stroke it watching her. Then she would carry the phone to the bedroom, and I’d watch her strap those big tits into a bra or tight top. I’d watch as she decided whether to wear panties with her pants, skirt or dress. It was sexy, and I felt jealousy and arousal at her going on dates.

I shared this with her, and she would egg on my thoughts about her with someone else. I wanted her bad, but I also enjoyed hearing about her with other guys.

I was in the office one day about eight months after she ended it with Robbie. It was nearly a year since we first ‘watched’ Top Gun.

The day had ended, and she left our tiny office with a bag. I noticed her course still on her desk, so I knew she would be back. I waited to walk out with her. She returned fifteen minutes later in a whole new outfit. My jaw dropped at her outfit.

She walked in wearing a deep V loose-fitting blouse. The V plunged to her belly button. There was no bra and significant side boob to be seen. She accompanied this with a long necklace that rested just between her tits. It drew all attention there. Her bottom half was a flared black skirt and her ‘fuck me’ boots.

“Wow, you look ready to kill,” I said

She smiled and thanked me. She had a date that was picking her up shortly.

Interestingly, she hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but she doesn’t have to tell me everything.

I did have a pang in my stomach and a stir in my pants. I had to remind myself that I told her to date. It was harder seeing her in person going on a date, but I wished her well.

She smiled, “Thanks! It’s my third date with him. So it’s going pretty well.”

With that, she left. I stood there. Third date?!?!? It must be getting more serious. I had to think about my feelings for her.

I got to work early the following day. Lauren got in at her usual time. I asked her how the evening went. She told me he was a tall, dark bursa escort and handsome military guy. They went for dinner and dancing.

I just wanted to know if they hooked up. She took her time getting there. I’m sure this was purposeful.

She talked about him being a great dancer and how he could pick her up and dip her so easily. She finally shared that they made out in his car. He groped her chest.

She said, “His hands were so big when they grabbed my chest.”

Her relationship with him grew, and she and I were no longer having sex. Nor did she share any details once in the relationship.

I was seeing other girls too. Everything seemed to be moving on.

I flew in for a conference from one of the random towns I was in. It surprised me to see Lauren. I got a big hug, and it turns out they were trying to close a deal, and she was to help in the financial meetings.

There were five from the office that attended the two-night one-day conference. The first night we all went out as a group and drank.

Lauren and I spent most of the night catching up. She told me that she and the military man were cooling off as he was being moved to a base across the country. I apologized for their luck but was also excited inside.

That night I went to her room after everyone had gone to bed. She answered the door in an oversized t-shirt. She said nothing but climbed back into bed. I stripped to my boxers and climbed into her bed. She looked at me, and we had an intense kiss. Then she turned her back to me, and we spooned the rest of the night. We were both just feeling lonely. In the morning, I snuck back to my room without anyone seeing.

I spent the day in seminars and networking. Lauren spent the day in meetings. That night brought a semi-formal dinner. Lauren arrived looking stunning in a form-fitting, long red dress. As the night went on, more than a few guys were hitting on her all night. She flirted with them and had drinks. Some would reach and touch her elbow or an arm around her back. She enjoyed all the attention, but I noticed I didn’t see her anymore as the night got longer.

I texted her, wondering if she had chosen a suitor. No reply. I finished the night, and I decided to check on her as I passed her room to mine. She answered the door in her robe. I asked if I was disturbing anything. She pulled me to her by my tie. The door slammed shut behind me as our lips met, and the fireworks went off in my head. We hadn’t fucked in over six months, and it was time to make up for that.

She took charge and told me to lay on the bed. She dropped her robe, and there was that wonderland I missed. Her olive skin glistened while long jet black hair fell over her shoulder and outlined her big tits. From her big tits to her flat stomach and smooth hairless pussy, she was perfect. She climbed on the bed and swung her leg over my head to sit on my face. My tongue went to work on her pussy and even licking up to her ass. She leaned forward and unzipped my pants. She pulled my cock out and started sucking it. She only paused when she came on my face: her juices flooding everywhere and her swearing trying to be muffled since we could be heard.

She then slid down and turned to face me. She worked my cock into her pussy and rode me. My hands quickly found her giant tits. She was grinding our pelvises together in between, bouncing on my cock.

There was a knock on the door. We froze. It persisted. She turned a light on and looked through the peephole. It was one of the random guys hitting on her bursa escort bayan earlier. I stayed in bed out of sight.

Instead of her robe, she pulled out and slipped on a t-shirt. It was smaller than the one she had on the other night. It almost covered her ass and clearly showed her erect nipples under the top.

She opened the door slightly. He was drunk.

“Wow,” he said.

“Hi, what’s up” she replied.

He didn’t take his eyes off her tits. I mean, who would if she answered the door like that.

“Just checking in,” he said drunkenly, “Want any company?”

“Thanks,” she said, “but someone else beat you to it, and I should get back on to him.”

The guys jaw hung for a moment as the door closed.

I got up and threw her on the bed. She pulled off the shirt.

“Did you like that? I could have had many cocks tonight. I chose yours.”

She laid on the bed with her legs spread, rubbing her pussy. I climbed on the bed and knelt between her legs. I slapped my rock-hard cock against her clit, and she twitched each time. Then I plunged it inside her, and she gasped. I started slowly thrusting my length into her. She begged to be fucked. She wrapped her legs around me and used them to make me pick up to a faster pace. I pulled them onto my shoulders and dove deeper inside her. We were both lost in heat as our tongues probed every depth of each other’s mouths.

I pulled my mouth away.

“I’m going to cum,” I whispered.

She stared me in the eyes and moved her legs to pin me in her.

“Do it. Fill me deep,” she said

We didn’t break eye contact as I pumped what had to be a massive load into her.

I collapsed beside her. She jumped up and went to the washroom. Then I had my turn in the bathroom.

I climbed into bed, and she crawled between my legs.

“We are not done yet,” she commanded

She started working my cock. It was soft, and she was doing her best to suck it hard and was making quick progress. Once I was half erect, she looked at me with mischief.

“I think we can try something to get you hard. Stop me if you don’t want to hear it. I’ve been quite slutty growing up, and you may like some stories.”

I was nervous, but she just kept sucking and started talking every time she pulled her mouth off to stroke.

“I was at a party when I was 18. It was a girlfriend’s house, and there was about ten people.”

She paused to suck and lock my cock. Then back to stroking.

“We started playing truth or dare, and before we knew it, the game was all sexual. On this turn, I chose dare, and they dared me to take off my top. I did sitting in my bra. but soon, we were all in panties and bras or boxers.”

I liked where this was going as she paused again to bob her head on my now hardened penis.

“This looks ready to go. That didn’t take long,” she said as she climbed on top and slid me in her. Then she started grinding.

“Keep going,” I said

She grinned and continued the story.

“The game ended there, and for the rest of the party, we hung out in our underwear. The three girls all had a lot exposed as we wore thongs. I was staying at my girlfriend’s place that night. We continued to drink, and some light grabbing occurred. It got later, and the party was emptying. My girlfriend just started blowing her boyfriend on the couch. I was watching, and John came in. He was a short and stocky guy. A little chubby. Not bad looking, but I was not attracted to him. I didn’t know why he was there. Everyone else had left. He sat escort bursa in the chair and watched too.”

Lauren paused, and I took over, pumping into her fast and furious as she muffled her screams. I slowed and stopped, and she went back to control.

“I was so horny. I could see John getting hard. Then he just pulled it out and started jerking. It was the thickest I’d seen in real life. I was entranced, and after watching him stroke it hard, I went to it. It was like a pop can. I didn’t even acknowledge him. I dropped to my knees and started trying to suck it. I did my best to give him a blowjob. I licked and stroked his shaft before managing the tip in my mouth. John tried putting his hands on my head, but I removed them. I undid my bra and wrapped my tits around his cock. They swallowed nearly all of his girth and took his length. They handled what my mouth couldn’t. I put the girls to work.”

I flipped Lauren over and put her Doggystyle. I told her that I fuck her as long as she tells the story. I grabbed her hips and started slow. Her story continued but now was interrupted with grunts and swearing as I picked up the pace.

“John was handed a condom, and I looked up to see Sarah’s boyfriend standing there hard. He had a nice cock, hard a right by my face. I watched as his cock bounced back to Sarah, who was bent over the couch waiting. I turned back around, and John had stretched the condom onto his pop can. I worked to get the tip, then slowly the whole thing sitting on it.”

I paused, “how’d it feel,” I asked.

I picked up the pace as I watched her pussy swallow my cock. The same pussy she described needing to feel the girth.

“It stretched me. It touched every part of my insides. Fuck keep going,” she said

“you too, you know the deal,” I replied

“I got it in, and I started riding it as he sat in the chair. I faced my friend’s boyfriend and watched his chiselled body at work. John leaned forward and grabbed my tits. His cock was becoming more comfortable as I slid up and down.”

“Fuck, ugnn, fuck my pussy” she said. “Make me cum”

I picked up the pace until I was slamming my cock and hips into her. Each pump rippled that tight ass and swung those big tits.

“John took over and put me on the couch beside the other two. He had my legs up, and my pussy took his cock. Stretching its max. Then he straight fucked me. I came on his cock, and he didn’t stop. He just fucked me, and I went to another world where I came nonstop.” she told.

I wanted her to cum on mine now. I leaned on her to pushed her prone. I grabbed her ass and fucked her. The story stopped, and the screaming started as she came on my cock. Her whole body was tense, squeezing my cock inside her. She twitched and groaned and swore more. I tried to keep going through her tense body made it difficult.

She came down and relaxed. I paused and asked, “Where did John cum? Show me.”

She rolled over and said, “He pulled off the condom and came on these,” squeezing her tits.

I slid up her body, and she grabbed my cock. Her hands worked quickly, jerking me off until I unloaded on them too. A much smaller load after the first. Only a few ropes across them.

I laid beside Lauren. She rubbed my cum into her tits. Then she went to the bathroom. She came out and asked,” You like that? me sharing my past?”

“I did,” I said shyly.

“Well, I have lots of past to share if you are lucky enough,” she said, crawling back into bed.

“Can’t wait,” I replied, wrapping my arms around her in the big spoon, grasping one of her big tits in my hand.

We cuddled and fell asleep.

The morning and our flights came quickly. She headed off home, and I headed to my next city to visit. Both of us enjoyed the much-needed loneliness fuck, but now what. I got to think about that for my four-hour flight to my next city.

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