Layla Pt. 02

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With a mighty heave, Layla pushed herself up onto her knees. Panting hard and smiling, listening to the sound of her new belly sloshing with all that snake cum. Licking her lips with that thick bovine tongue and looking at the massive snake almost predatorily. Sweat forming on her brow as her shaky legs found purchase beneath her. Pushing up and with a long drawn out groan, standing once more. Staggering a little with her new centre of gravity but adapting quickly.

“Hoof… you don’t fuck around do you? Man… ” She looked down to her bloated form, holding her belly like a pregnant woman would do. Making herself chuckle as the mental image popped up. Lanjat for the most part just stood there, wide-eyed at what just transpired. He found this woman in a heap, brought her back to his place, intending to help her. Then she jumped on him like that.

Now, he wasn’t one to complain, he enjoyed brazen desire like that greatly. But something about this whole exchange just seemed bizarre to him. Unfortunately any thought he may have given the subject was cut off quite expertly. As a soft pair of tits and a sloshing belly pressed into the underside of his shaft.

Looking down amused him. It was always entertaining to see his cock block so much of someone. As from his perspective, all he could see of Layla was a pair of tits struggling to smother even half of his thickness. Her soft belly squishing against his nuts and her thick arms trying, futilely, to push her chest further around his cock.

“Well?!” Came a frustrated huff from behind his dick. “Bite me already! I wanna check out how your venom works!”

“Who in the what now?” Lanjat shook his head, trying to make sense of what was demanded of him. Yanking him out of his imagination in the process.

“What? Does your brain get sucked into the balls too? Bite me you big lug!” She hefted her tits for extra jiggly effect. “I think even you can guess where to bite!”

With a soft sigh, he shrugged to nobody in particular and started to lean down. Reaching out and adding his hands to hers. Pulling his dick away so that he had a cleaner target to bite, the last thing he wanted to do was pierce his own cock. Her face was flushed, watching closely as he descended. Slowly opening his mouth and revealing the twin foot long dagger-like fangs. Two sleek pure white needle points descending to her breasts. He rested the very tips against her orbs and looked to her once more for consent.

To which she responded in typical fashion. That is she gave him a smirk and in one swift motion, slammed both her hands down on top of his nose. Piercing both fangs almost entirely within her tits.

The pain from being pierced like that only flared for an instant. Before being washed away by the venom that started flowing freely. It was like her breasts were being bathed in hot water and massaged from the inside. Her whole body shuddered in sympathetic pleasure as that massaging sensation upgraded to pinpricks of pleasure just under the skin. Deep within each breast a heat was starting to blossom.

“O-Oh… oh fuck… so it’s like that huh?” She moaned out, smiling wide as she met Lanjat’s eyes. A spark of recognition within her gaze. “You are gonna see some shit today. Now, pump me up. Show me how big you can make me!”

Her head fell back and a long moan rumbled through her torso. Her hands leaving his head and coming down to nestle between her thick thighs. She was intent on riding this storm out. Lanjat, though, was intent on giving her all she wanted and a whole lot more. Driving his fangs the rest of the way into her.

Within Layla’s body that venom was working overtime, the power and heat building higher. Akin to the buildup of an orgasm but centered wholly on the bite locations. It kept growing in waves, in time to his heartbeat. Stronger and stronger but never seeming to break. Until about a minute in, the dam burst within Layla’s tits and each one surged forwards a good 5 inches thicker. That heat building again.

Lanjat smirked as best he could with his mouth full of her tits. This was just the beginning. Every minute that power was going to build up within her. Faster and stronger than the last should he keep his fangs embedded. Her fingers going to town on her reddened pussy, his cum leaking out of her as she jilled herself off feeling the growth.

“Hnnngg come on snake boy! That’s all you got?!” Taunting as her tits were bloating to double their former size. Squashing down on her cum-gut, each one a good 2 foot across. Even her nipples were growing with them, though with a chuckle she guessed they were definitely more teats than nipples at this point.

Lanjat remained unmoved. Watching her closely as he grew her tits bigger and bigger. Each surging growth accompanied by a whorish moan from her mouth. Experiencing the twin climaxes of growth and well… climax. He brought his hands up and marvelled as her nipples grew out to meet them. Filling his grip with another burst of size, another foot of sheer bust gained once more.

“Hahh… gonna pin me down izmit seks hikayeleri with my tits?” She shimmied her chest. “You may regret that…” Biting her lip as her udders grew to 4 feet across each.

Lanjat’s brow arched at this, he suspected something was up, but now he knew. Not that he could decipher the plans of this peculiar woman. Instead he focused on blowing her mind and proportions. With a burst of concentration a phantom version of his cock apparated behind her.

Seeing the burst of aetherical light from behind her, she wordlessly got onto her knees and offered her rear to the phantom cock. Wiggling it while staring straight into his eyes with a smirk.

Though that was wiped off her face as there was another flash and a pair of his cocks struck forth to her rump. Lanjat moaned low as both struck their target, one driving back into her pussy while the other sought to claim her arse. Both hole under a barrage while her tits continued to grow. Holes stretched open as those cocks pushed within. Her mouth fell open, tongue hanging free, eyes rolled back as a long drawn out moan is ripped from her throat.

Her swollen gut starts to deform as his cocks drive into her. Those tits starting become truly massive as each one gets so fat that the bottom curve is resting on the floor. And still she grew. As her body is absolutely bombarded with pleasurable sensations, growth, double penetration and so much bliss, her mind goes blank. Drool falling from her mouth. Time slows to a crawl in her mind before all goes white for Layla.

The last thing she remembered was hearing Lanjat laugh softly, muted by the swell of her breasts.

When she awoke, the world was still white. Shifting and grumbling as she felt a soft fuzzy bed beneath her body. Her bleary eyes unable to make out any details, she just closed them and swore under her breath before blearily calling out.

“Mmffr… fuck… Luh…. Lanjat…!” Her hand shot out blindly and grabbed nothing before collapsing on the bed. Causing her eyes to shoot open as she clearly felt the impact on her tit. “Hhhhhooooooly shit.”

She recognised the horizon trying to swallow her body. White and brown fuzz stretching out so much. She was laying atop her own tits. Her whole body shuddered again as she recalled getting double penetrated while her tits grew. She lifted her torso up as best she could but found she was lacking the strength to list her udders. Looking around the room, she spotted the big snake just relaxing in his pit grinning at her.

“Good evening big’un” Winking to her and nodding to her tits before rising too.

“H-How… how big am I?” Her feet kicked and found that her hooves were on her tits too. A blush crept over her face as she considered the ramifications of being so big. She was truly trapped on them for the time being.

“Well I mean… hard to say. I let loose a bit while you were out, kept growing you. But I stopped fucking you once you seemed to stop cumming in your sleep. Last I checked, each tit was about 10 foot across” As he rose up, the first thing she noticed was that his cock was missing. Having withdrawn back into his sheathe.

“And I did some math. I have a thing for numbers like this.” He slithered past her and grabbed a pen from the kitchen work surface. Looking at the numbers scribbled all over it and back to her. “Let’s see here. Now, it’s worth noting that all of this is assuming each breast is a sphere. Which… well yeah, not accurate. So knock about 5% off these numbers if you want” Shrugging as he cleared his throat.

“Ahem, so. At your size, each breast would be considered a 14 million CC implant. That would mean each one could hold roughly 14,000 litres of fluid if they were hollow.” He said with a groan. Layla was just dumb-founded. “Which… and this is the fun part. At your size. Each of your tits weighs 8,000 kilos. That’s 8 tonnes.”

Layla’s mouth hung open as she looked from him to the bed of tits. Somehow knowing the numbers just made her feel even hotter. She could still feel that warmth from his venom coursing within her but it wasn’t blossoming anymore. She breathed for the first time in what felt like minutes before turning to him to respond.

“Holy shit… no wonder I can’t lift them. Is this as big as you can make me though?” She rubbed her thighs together, not even bothering to hold back her curiosity. Lanjat just laughed and made his way to her.

“Oh no, not at all. I still got plenty of venom left. To be perfectly frank, I’ve never hit the limit of my venom. I think it’s something to do with the source. I don’t really understand it consciously. I just get the feeling that as long as the lake is protected, then these powers will persist.” He leaned on one of her tits as he spoke, causing her to moan as the pressure rubbed her enormous teat against the wood beneath.

However as he started to get into the explanation, or lack thereof, Layla began to work on her exploratory plan. She had tasted his power and recognised it. The energy was definitely infernal in nature and if she exerted her will upon it, she could manipulate it. And so she did just that.

Lanjat’s words died off as she started working her hands in the air. Her eyes seemed unfocused, motions of her fingers causing temporary scratches in the air which sparked with a familiar dark purple energy. He backed off as he watched, ready to act if things took a turn south. For now he had no idea if interrupting whatever this was could even be achieved. Her body was tensed, those muscles hidden by soft curves coming to the forefront.

Layla was focusing hard, her vision a mere distraction as she opened her mind to the demonic energy suffused within her tits. Visualising everything she had been trained to do, she could see in her mind’s eye that energy started to shift. Seeping into an arcane containment just beyond where her hands were making the practiced motions.

“Get me a glass container! Sealable!” She barked out. Lanjat jumped at the sudden command but just nodded and got to finding one. He grabbed a couple mason jars he used for pickling. Cleaned them out, not even sure if that was necessary and brought them to Layla. Setting them on the ground before her. Then noticing the sheer height difference between her perch and the bottles, he held them up instead.

He watched as her whole body started to shift. Sinking down as her breasts began to shrink. He was rather torn at this, he knew the effect of his venom was temporary but it was always sad to see such size disappear so fast. The jar in his hand was slowly starting to fill with an almost transparent film. As she shrank, the power was being siphoned off into the container.

Down and down she went, her concentration never faltering as her tits shrank. Hooves making contact with the wooden floor after a few minutes. And a few more she was standing up straight. She started glancing down as the bottom curve left the floor. Then up to Lanjat’s slightly sad gaze. Grinning to herself as she knew just when to cut off the extraction.

Her tits kept receding, revealing more of her strong legs. He watched forlornly as every inch was revealed, undoing the gift he gave that she seemed to want so bad. But just as the bottom of her swollen womb was coming into view, it stopped. Layla’s arms came down to her sides and she cocked her hips to one side. Looking at him with a knowing gaze.

“What? Did you expect me to remove all of the growth? Fuck no, you aren’t the only size slut here! Besides…” She reached out and turned to the side, taking the almost fully filled jar. As she lifted it, the purple film that seemed to fill it barely moved. “It’s not like I can’t grow again” And with a wink she dipped her finger in the essence and at once her tits ballooned for an instant another couple inches bigger before she withdrew the digit. Grinning wide, turning back to him causing a boob-quake in her 3 foot wide orbs and sealing the jar once more.

“U-uhh… could you explain what just happened? How can you… control my venom?” He scratched at his hood, brow furrowed trying to make sense of what happened.

“Oh absolutely, but could we do so more comfortably. These things are still quite heavy and that took a lot of effort to do” She said with an exaggerated sigh and wipe of her brow. Knowing the effect it would cause on her jiggly body and in turn, her amiable host.

Lanjat nodded and led her towards his sleeping pit. Lowering her down into it and ensuring there were plenty of pillows and covers to keep her comfy. He slithered in, placing his torso opposite her while his tail filled up the remainder of the empty space. As they were getting comfy, she reached out and took hold of his tail tip. Stroking it atop one of her breasts, watching it curiously.

“So, you want to know what happened? It’s not too complicated but if you’re not that knowledgeable in the weaving of arcane energies, I could see how it may seem so.” She wiggled a little bit, sinking a little deeper in the pit and breathing deep. “Firstly, I should clarify, I cannot control your venom. It’s still in my veins and may I say, it’s exhilarating! Instead I can control the energy your venom carries with it. The infernal source.” She looked him in the eyes, smiling while explaining and petting his tail.

“The infernal plane isn’t exactly a place. It’s more like a battery if you will, where the energy and power within manifests consciousness when enough coalesces. Over the eons, the way the creations of the plane survive and thrive has changed. It’s said in the early days, they only survived through siphoning energy from the material plane in the form of lives. Usually through killing, kidnapping, all sorts of nefarious means. But, just as we evolved, so did their ways of gathering the necessary power to live.”

“I could go into the details, but frankly it’s boring, long winded and alot of politicking. Essentially there was a great big magical arms race between powerful entities from all sorts of planes and existences. In the end, there was a truce forged which forbade gathering energy through such violent and destructive means. So, instead, succubi and incubi were forged. Beings that were capable not of harvesting life from here, but planting new life. Entities that grew like normal people, had access to the power of the nether realm, but as they grew and matured, energy was siphoned to the Infernal realm. Naturally.”

Lanjat’s eyes were rather glazed over as he tried to follow the whole thread. But he was long gone. His tail wriggled in her grip a little, mimicking the jiggle of her body as she spoke. Getting more and more animated as she talked over intricacies of how magic was formed from the pact. Energy shapes. Forms molded. It all went over his head. All he knew was that Tynan needed help protecting her source. And in return he can bite people and make them big. And of course cum enough to fill the nearby valley.

“Hey!” His head snapped up as she called out to him.

“Hnuh?!” Brushing off some drool that had fallen down his chin. He didn’t even know when he dozed off, but he certainly felt the embarrassment for doing so in the middle of her talk. “Oh… I’m sorry… I just don’t really understand it. Magic is new to me and I never was one for history”

She just chuckled and looked off to her right, to the large mason jar filled with the simultaneously shifting and still ephemeral substance. Tilting the jar this way and that.

“It’s quite alright, I’m used to people nodding off in my lectures. I had hoped these tits would have at least kept your attention” Shimmying her shoulder again and noting just how much the weight pulled at her chest in turn

“Y’know, I would have too. But it’s amazing how quick you can get used to things. Besides, remember I spent a lot of time with you being bigger while you were fucked out cold” His tongue flicked out as he teased her. Which just made her laugh.

“Hey, I had no idea you were going to try to break my backdoor in at the same time! Next time I’m gonna give as good as I get. But, before that. I have a proposition for you.” Her smile faded as she looked at him quite sternly. He stiffened up in response, trying not to get stuck on the promise of a ‘next time’. “I can use this energy to go home. Maybe. But, well, to be frank, I’m going to need a lot of it. And with all sorts of different intentions behind it each time bite it.”

“Uhhh… intentions?”

“Yes. In simple terms, you need to bite and intend to grow all sorts of different things. And well, not just on me too.” Her hand came to a stop on his tail as she studied his response. Which was starting to become quite tense.

“A lot? Did… did I tell you about the corruptions or mutations that can occur from over-indulging in this?” Nothing but worry was on his face, trying his best to meet her gaze. Which was unflinching and just the start of a smile forming on her lips as he didn’t deny her outright.

“No, you did not. But I figured as much was possible. Infernal magic is spirited, if you were being charitable in describing it. That added with the fact it’s bonded with such a biological activist as your venom, I was expecting things to get wild. And, such events would be a boon. Corruptions, as you put it, are essentially the spontaneous birth of different magic in the body. Siphoning that off would be hugely valuable.” She wrapped up quickly as she realised she was going into ‘Lecturer Mode’ again. Resuming her watch of his reactions. “So that’s just sweetening the deal in my favour. Are you okay with helping me? It could take a while.”

“Let me get this straight. You want to be grown with my venom. Without restraint on where, how much, or for how long. Then on top of that you want to INDUCE corruptions, that means lots of lust and fucking by the by…” She just smirked at this as he listed things off. “And even more than that, you want to do this with others too?! All just so you can go home. Am I getting that right?”

“You got it.” She leaned down and gave the tip of his tail a long kiss before coming up and winking at him once more. “I’d be yours to toy with. Just know that I give as good as I get. That and, this stuff works on you too” Gesturing towards the jar beside her. “The venom may not, but in the pure form like this? It makes no distinction. Which, also, we are gonna need markers and labels. Otherwise we are barreling towards a misunderstanding and you growing tits.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time” He mumbled before considering the offer. Or rather, considering the alternative. He’d be sending this stranger out into the world without much hope or guidance on how to get home. She seemed to know what she was talking about, so there was confidence at least. He just sighed and sank into his own coils and covers. “You know I can’t say no, don’t you?”

“Yep!” She bared a goofy smile as she heaved herself up and started making her way over to him. “You played your hand when you helped me without asking for anything in return. But don’t worry… there will be plenty of fun to be had” With that she dragged her huge tits up his lower body before placing them atop his sheathe. Smothering it entirely. “Besides, I need to know if I can wrap your lovely dick in my tits now!”

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