Le parfum des fraises

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It was a dreary morning when I finally arrived in West Virginia.

My French teacher was concerned and thought it was a good idea for an Indian like me to join the ‘French for Beginners’ class there especially after she graded my paper.

Apparently, they had the best training program in the South Atlantic region and amateurs could speak as good as a French TV reporter after going through the training, and she was banking on it.

I had a class as soon as I reached there and boy, did I feel unwelcome; twenty-five white kids staring at poor old brown-me. There was one girl I warmed up to though.

Her name was Virginia. She was a year older than me. How appropriate, for West Virginia.

She had soft features, auburn hair, plump lips I wanted to bite of, a bosom I wanted to sink in and an ass great enough to be the twelfth wonder in the world.

She came to talk to me first after an hour of irregular verbs. She had a husky voice and was so fair that I could see her blush every second.

The first thing I noticed about her was that she smelled great. I asked her what she wore and she smiled and told me it was some cheap strawberry perfume. I didn’t care about it being cheap, I just imagined her naked and covered in strawberries and cream.

Strawberries were exotic to my family, so we never really ate much of them. I only tasted them on cakes. I wondered how a strawberry would taste in her pussy and salivated at the thought.

I wondered if she was a virgin- Virginia, it all made sense. If I told my fantasies to anyone in India, I would be publicly flogged.

The United States is a sure good place to have lewd thoughts.

I soon noticed that Virginia was nice to everyone. It made me feel büyükesat escort a little disappointed but every time she got up from her chair, it felt like everything was in slow-motion as I saw her breasts bounce up and down gently and her buttocks clench. I would salivate at the thought of touching them if they were unclothed.

Despite my disappointment, I and Virginia got really close. We sat next to each other and bonded over French vocabulary. She concentrated in that class while I pretty much didn’t as I was taking huge whiffs of her perfume.

In my hotel room, (which my French teacher sponsored) where I was supposed to slog and do my homework, I looked up dirty words in French instead and masturbated while watching porn all night using the hotel’s Wi-Fi and billed to my teacher.

The next day, after class, she showed me the best places to shop near the building where the class went on. We sat in a cute little coffee shop ten yards away from my hotel. As we waited for our coffees, she talked about how she could finish her grad school if she aced French.

I was mostly staring at her nipples which were visible through her sweaty, flimsy top while pretending I was checking out the menu.

Later we strolled around and went in a supermarket to buy my toiletries. She pointed at a pale pink colored bottle of perfume and said that’s what she wore. I put it in my basket without a thought.

Wait, I even thought whether pale pink was her pussy’s color.


The days passed and so did the French grammar out of my mind, as my fantasies to see Virginia developed rapidly.

On the last day of my training, she invited me to cebeci escort her house. It was a simple invitation but my mind was having so many lewd thoughts that I didn’t take note of my surroundings. My heart raced as we walked. Her room was decked in shades of blue and it smelled like strawberries. I didn’t know how the house looked like because I just walked in. I looked hungrily at her sophomore pictures seeing how her boobs developed over the years

I don’t know why I had a fetish for breasts. Ever since I was a kid, I always used to peep at my older sisters changing their clothes and get excited looking at their nipples. I always longed to touch a breast-all plump and squishy. Sure, masturbation was great but holding an orange or an exercise ball in my hand wouldn’t give me satisfaction.

I quit fantasizing and turned around. There she was standing naked in her underwear, right in front of my eyes.

My world stopped. The air stood still, but her ‘cheap strawberry perfume’ was lingered stronger than ever and seemed to accentuate her curves and her soft breasts.

I would have looked as red as a beet if it were not for my brown complexion. She came forward and I moved backward until my back was against the wall. My pussy clenched as she came closer and blew warm air in my ear and licked my lobe. She raised her hand and placed it on my left breast and playfully pinched my nipple.

Though she stripped off first, the bursting passion I had for her all those days blew off. I ripped apart my own clothes as I pushed her onto her bed. We kissed, tongues rolling over each other. I bit her lips and sucked her tongue in.I fondled her sein and tested their weight for kolej escort a while.

I squeezed her sein until she gasped as she tried to hold mine and sunk my face right in trying to pinch and chomp her mamelons off. She breathed in deeply as I looked angrily at her white lingerie la dentelle and tore it off and threw it on the floor. Virginia had a clean and shaved, pale pink pussy, her pubic hair dotted like strawberry seeds just like the blondes on the porn websites.

And damn did it smell greater than strawberries.

Her juices were tingling in the air and their smell overpowered the scent of the fraises.

Bon Apetite.

My tongue went straight for her clit. She moaned as I rolled it around like candy and thrust my finger in and moved it as fast as I could while the walls of her vagina squeezed around it.

She gasped as I sucked in her strawberry juices like a vacuum pump. I licked her juicy cunt and kept kissing and pulling her beautiful labia apart.

I slapped her fesses until they turned a deep red and so did her nipples. I went closer and we ground our clitorises together.

I didn’t let her touch me. She passed out in ecstasy after all that grinding, so I continued my fingering.

My finger must have touched her G-spot because she let out out an orgasmic cry and panted. I watched as her juices gushed out and said “Bienvenue, ma chérie …”

She giggled and we made love again and Virginia was no more a virgin.

Before going back, I put her panties in my pocket, breathing into them deeply first. I kissed her lips and we parted ways. Before going to the airport, I sprayed some of the cheap perfume onto her panties and licked the remaining cum while breathing into them deeply.

My french teacher received me at the airport. She was anxious to know how i did and was happy to know that I improved in my French vocabulary. She said she planned to send me there again seeing how mach good it did to me. As she dropped me off at my house she asked, “Puis-je sentir les fraises?”

I just licked my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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