Legs All the Way to Heaven

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“This economy SUCKS!” I slapped a folder down on my desk in disgust. My secretary, Vicki, watched me from across the office. “We’re down thirty percent from last year at this time and things are not looking up.” She sat motionless in her chair that she used to take memos and letters from me. She held her steno pad across her breast and watched my every move, wondering what was coming next. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut the fat around here.” I was disgusted. I felt helpless and the swirling sinking feeling of losing my business was looming like an anvil over my head. I had run this business starting from the trunk of my used car twenty years ago and build it into a multi million dollar business and now, things are looking at all cherry for me. I have over a hundred employees to consider and the impact on their lives and on the business and the overall impact on future contracts. This was no surprise to anyone here. The facts are well known and everybody knows how hard I try to keep things going. But, the fact is, the American public is not spending like it used to and the dollar is shrinking and the raw materials are doing nothing but going up. I looked up from my desk top and stared into Vicki’s eyes and said, “We’re goanna have to lay off at least ten percent of the work force, cut insurance benefits, and freeze salaries.”

The steno book became very heavy for her to hold against her chest and she dropped it to her lap. She slowly opened the cover and flipped a couple of pages to find a clean page and asked, “I see, and how do you want to do this?” She returned my fixed gaze and propped her pencil ready for action. I could sense that she had a tear in her eye but she was far too professional to let me know it.

“Vicki,” I said, “your job is secure. You’re my right arm; you need not worry about your job. Is that understood?”

She nodded and allowed a slight smile to cross her lips. She had been with me for over twelve years. She was a faithful employee and a hard worker. When it was necessary she stayed late into the night to complete a project and would be relentless in her research. Until this moment, I never even thought about her as a person, let alone women. Now, for the first time I noticed that she was quite attractive, with long dark hair and fine chiseled features. She was not a large breasted women but she was not tiny either. She kept herself fit and trim, I know, because she would go to the gym on those late nights and work out for an hour or so and come back to finish up. The most striking feature about her was her legs. Long and slender, giving her equal standing, and an eye to eye look about her; she usually kept them covered up in long skirts but today she had on a mid thigh length skirt and it reveled the smooth skin and delicate knee caps of her stocking clad legs.

“I understand Mr. Neuman and thank you very much, I appreciate that.”

“Vicki, you’ve been with me a long time and it’s about time you called me by my first name.”

“Yes sir.”

“It Zac and not sir, I would be ever grateful if you used that instead of Mr. Mr. was my daddy’s name.”

She relaxed a little and smiled, “Yes Mr. Zac,” she joked. We both laughed more as a pressure relief than for anything funny.

“Ok, let’s start with all the employee files and see who’s close to retirement and who’s the last hired. Get that together and get my insurance company on the line so we can talk about the benefits. Also, put in a call to my lawyer and find out what the legal issues are in freezing wages and can we do it for a limited time, say a year, and then subject to review, either continue or lift the freeze.”

She make those obscene scribbles on her steno pad, stood up, nodded her head in my direction and said, “Got it Boss,” turned to leave and stopped at the door to my office and over her shoulder she said, “Got it Zac”, smiled sweetly and left. I watched the milky white legs encased in stockings walk briskly out of my office. Long after the door closed I pictured that in my head and re ran her walk. I could see the curve of her ass hidden in the dark skirt she wore and the muscles in her back move as the cream colored fabric clung to her form. The phone rang and it was my lawyer and all thoughts dissipated into the mundane business of the day.

Hours later we found ourselves in my office with empty cartons of Chinese food sitting about and hundreds of files scattered across the floor. Earlier in the day she had her hair neatly pinned up but now it was hanging loose about her shoulders and her blouse was working its way out of her skirt. She had taken off her shoes and was sitting in her steno chair studying a file intently, looking for facts about that employee. I was on the floor Şanlıurfa Escort segregating files of those who I wanted to keep and those who I had to let go and those who were on the cusp of either position or those yet to be evaluated. I had long since jettisoned my jacket, tie, shoes and socks and was tired and wanted to have something stronger than coffee. I kept a bottle in my desk drawer for perspective clients to seal a deal and it became a great idea to me. I looked up to invite her in a drink and witnessed a sight I had not seen of her before. She was sitting in such a fashion that her legs were apart and the stocking were starting to loose their grip on those lovely legs of hers, with a file in her lap. Her skirt had bunched up along her thigh and I was looking directly at her panties and found this extremely erotic. It caught my breath for a moment. She must have noticed something and asked, “What did you say?” Her blouse was open at the top and when she peered over the file at me I caught a glimpse of her bra and noticed that I was aroused at the sight.

“I was wondering if you could use a drink.” I felt like a guy coming onto a girl in a bar and was sort of embarrassed about it. She did not let on that it was an awkward situation for me; instead she nodded her head and said, “That would be nice, yes. Thanks”.

She put the file down on a table next to her and stood up and stretched, while I retrieved the bottle of scotch from my bottom drawer. When she stretched the fabric of her blouse stretched tight across her breast and I could make out the darts of her dark colored nipples. I found two empty coffee cups and poured a couple of shots into both and handed her one. “I’m sorry to keep you so late; it was not my intention to do so. If you have family or social commitments to make please don’t let me hold you up.” She shook her head and took a small sip of the whisky and said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. I have no life. Just work.”

“How sad, you’re far too pretty women to devote your life to nothing but work. You should be out dancing with some dashing man of your dreams or something.”

“Oh,” she said as she starred into her cup before taking another sip, “I had the man of my dreams, but he had dreams of his own.” I let her continue. “He was dreaming of one of my ‘good’ friends more than dreaming of me. They are very happy together and I hate them both.” She finished her drink in one last gulp and placed the empty cup on my desk. Instinctively I filled it again. “Normally, one is enough for me,” she said, “but I could really use this, and she took the cup and fell back into her chair and sipped the warm liquid. I splashed a little more into my cup and offered it up as a toast, “Nostrovia”, I said and downed the entire contents and smacked the cup down on my desk with a bang. “Nostrovia,” she replied and did the same, almost chocking a bit and slammed the cup on the table next to her.

“Whew, I needed that.” She was patting her chest as if it were on fire.

“It looks good on you,” I said with a smile and we both chuckled a little.

I went back to sorting out the files on the floor and she just sat there watching me. We were both exhausted and frazzled from a day long drudgery of sorting out people to dismiss. It was a nasty business and neither of us liked it.

“What about you,” she asked?

“Hugh,” I was a little startled by the question.

“I mean, don’t you have someone at home to go to. I know you’re not married but you must have a girl friend that is waiting for you.”

“No, sorry to say, this business is my only girl and she’s a handful.”

I looked up from my files and caught her pulling her stocking up and smoothing them out along the length of her legs. It stopped me in my tracks and I just knelt there on the floor admiring her legs. As she straightened her stockings she raised the hem of her skirt once more and I had the preverbal bird’s eye view of her panties. This time I caught sight of a few errant pubic hairs that had discovered life outside their cotton prison. She noticed me watching her and said, “I must look a mess.”

“On the contrary, you look very pretty.”

She liked that and straightened her skirt a bit, closing off my view between her legs.

“Thanks, but I feel like a wreck.” “I must disagree with you. To me, you look ravishing, tantalizing, exotic and lusty.” I spread my arms wide to encompass any and all descriptive sayings. She hesitated a second and then she laughed.

“I think that liquor is getting to me,” she said.

“It’s late and maybe we should knock off for the night and get an early start in the morning,” I suggested. I picked up a small pile of files and walking on Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan my knees I deposited them in her lap. “These are the pink slip files lets keep track of them. We have at least another twenty to find before tomorrow at nine when I make the announcement.”

She picked up the files and placed them on the table next to her empty coffee cup. I was still at her feet on my knees when she placed both her hands on my shoulders and gave me a long kiss on my lips.

I was startled and surprised and I liked it. There followed an awkward moment when neither of us knew the correct way to proceed.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” she said and averted her gaze.

“It’s quite alright, Vicki. Really, it’s alright. I enjoyed that.” She seemed to brighten at that.


“Yes, really.”

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you,” she asked.

Dumbfounded at the question I answered, “No, no I don’t.”

“Since the first day I interviewed for the job here.”

This was a revelation I had not known before. It had never occurred to me.

“I,” not know what to do, “don’t know what to say. Except that maybe, I find you very attractive and I’d like to kiss you back.”

She seemed relieved at that and bent forward and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me lustily, shoving her tongue into my mouth and I returned the kiss just as lustily. I moved closer to her so that my body was between her legs and wrapped my arms around her torso, I could feel the outline of her bra under her blouse and inside of me a deep stirring began to boil. When we came up for air she licked her lips and had a sly smile on her face. She unbuttoned a button on my shirt and slid her hand inside to feel the hair on my chest.

“Is there any possibility of maybe,” she was searching for words, “getting a little more of you?” The invitation hit me like a thunderbolt, “Every possibility in the world,” I answered.

I began to run my hands along the length of her long legs feeling the smooth nylon of her stocking up to where they came to an end mid thigh. She slid back in her chair and allowed her legs to part as wide as the arms of the chair would let her. She pulled her skirt up as far as she could and gave me a view of where her legs met her hips and all in-between. I bent to kiss her panties and she let out a little groan and placed her hands on my head. I was able to pull on her panties with my teeth and slide them to one side exposing her Pussy.

“Ohhhhhh,” a husky voice whispered out of Vicki’s mouth.

I put my face up to her and licked the length of her and she shuttered a little. I inhaled the scent of her and it was perfume to me. I used my fingers to open her wide and I began to lick her and in her.

“Oh how long I’ve waited for you.”

As I licked her and suck on her she undid the buttons of her blouse and pulled the cups of her bra below her breasts and began to kneed herself and pull at her nipples. I began to use my fingers inside her pussy as I licked her and felt her begin to grind into my face. This caused me to accelerate my actions and begin to make rapid movement with my tongue across her clit as I worked my fingers insider her.

“Oh yeah, Oh”, she lifted on leg and put it over my shoulder, sliding her ass closer to me. She worked one hand on her tits and used the other to shove my head into her pussy. I could feel myself growing erect inside my pants and a lustful craving came over me. I really wanted to hear her cum as I licked her pussy and worked hard at making that happen. She wrapped the other leg around my lower back used both legs and her hand on my head to pull me in deeper. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of her into my mouth, I had to have more of her.

“Oh God, Yeah,” she blurted out and her breathing was coming in gasps. I redoubled my efforts to get her to cum and really began to work using both of my hands. I had several fingers inside of her moving back and forth and with my other hand I rubbed her clit in between licks. Her body was responding as if it had a mind of its own. Her legs were flexing and her pelvis was grinding and I was getting hard as a rock.

“Oh MY GOD,” her legs tightened around me and she used both of her hands to press me hard against her. Her pelvis was engaged in a rolling motion and the waves of her climax I could feel down to my toes. I did not let up until she began to breath again and her legs relaxed and dropped to the floor. All my fingers and my nose and chin were drenched in her juices as I looked up to see her look of satisfaction. She reached for my hands and began to suck my fingers and kiss them.

“Oh my God, Oh my God,” she Escort Şanlıurfa rubbed my hands across her cheek, “that was so intense.” She then fell forward onto me and we ended up on the floor with her on top of me. In frenzy she unbuttoned my shirt and undid my pants. She used her whole body to remove my pants and underwear, leaving me lying prone with my shirt open and my cock sticking straight up. She used her stocking clad knees to spread my legs and bent her torso so that she could use her tits to surround my stiff cock. She moved her whole torso up and down my shaft and would catch the head of my dick in her mouth on the down swing. I was in a kind of limbo where I just could not believe this was happing to me and yet I wanted it to never stop. At this moment she was no longer my secretary but a goddess of love.

“Oh Yeah, I love that.” I put my hands on her head and she began to suck my cock in earnest. “Oh yeah, I love that.” She used her hands to run the length of my shaft and twist as she took as much of me into her mouth as she could. The sensation was extremely erotic and she was energized beyond belief. She laid my shaft down along my abdomen and sucked my balls, then licked the length of me and took me into her mouth again. Her twisting hands on me was amazing, I never felt that intensity before. “Ohhhh Yeah.”

She stopped sucking me with a loud slurp and ran her hands up and down my shaft, “I want you in me now,” she said.

“Let’s do it!”

She turned herself back to the chair she had been on moments before and leaned onto it. She hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties to on side and with her other hand she spread her lips wide exposing herself for me. This was one of the most erotic scenes I have ever witnessed. She had her pretty ass up in the air with her panties pulled to one side and her stocking clad legs framing her most exquisite pussy. I got to my knees behind her and took my cock into my hand and ran the length of her pussy. She grabbed me and pulled me inside of her and I felt the wet moist warmth of her all the way to the hilt of my dick. My body took over from there. I was banging the shit out of her hearing the slapping of her ass as I sank myself as deep as possible into her. I was grabbing at her hips and at her bra strap to get a purchase for better penetration. She was moving all over that chair grunting as I reached my full length inside of her. Her arms were flaying around the chair trying to find something to hold on to and she settled on gripping the top of the chair which gave her purchase to push herself onto me as I was sinking myself deeper into her. Even the chair was rocking as we were fucking, all of us making sounds. She was grunting and I was hooting and the chair was straining to stay erect.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she was screaming, “I’m cumming again, don’t stop”

This encouraged me to pound her even harder and faster which brought out a series of “Uhh, Uhh, Uhh,” out of me. I was holding myself back as best I could but I was building up to a big finish.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” she screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhhh”, and she came and I was still bucking at her like there was no tomorrow. She pushed me off of her and sat on the carpet. My wet hard penis dangling in front of her face she took hold of me and began to suck me and do that thing with her hand. “Uhhhhhhhh”, She tasted the first bit of pre cum in her mouth and leaned her head back and began to jack me off. She held her head with her mouth open to catch the seamen as it erupted out of me.

“Come on baby, give it to momma,” and she opened her mouth wide and I let loose. A long stream of hot semen shot out of me and caught her across her mouth leaving a trail from the corner of her lip to the edge of her chin. A second stream came and most of it went into her mouth but some landed on her chest just above her breast. Then a third and a fourth stream came out of me. She had cum in her hair, on her face and over her chest. She then took me into her mouth again and made sure there was no more coming and continued to suck me until I began to soften. She used a finger to wipe some of the seamen from her face and suck her finger.

“That was nice” she said.

“Oh man was that nice,” I said.

She was extremely satisfied that I was satisfied. I took her into my arms and kissed and hugged her. I never wanted to let her go.

“You are the most amazing women in the world,” I told her.

“I’m glad you think so. We may have to do this again sometime.”

“I think it’s mandatory,” I said.

She kissed me sweetly and stood herself up. She straightened up her clothing a bit, putting her bra back in place and adjusting her panties, “I think I need to clean up a bit.” She began to stroll toward the bathroom and then turned and said, “When I get back we’ll finish up our work here and go home, OK?”

“OK”, I said.

As she reached the door I called out to her, “Your place or mine?”

“You’re the boss, boss.” She smiled and disappeared.

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