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I woke up with a pounding heartbeat. Today was the day. After a long hiatus, it was time. My name is Megan and that’s the only detail I will ever share. On the surface I’m pretty much your regular soccer-mom. I have a great family, a home and the whole nine yards. But a lesser known fact is that I’m a closet Bi-sexual. For the past few years I’ve been living a double life. I often work for an escort company and specialise with their ‘exclusive’ female clientele. I didn’t intend to work for them but its the only way I’ve been able to satisfy my carnal hunger for pussy.

At 34, I’m at the peak of my physical shape and it shows too. My generous 34C bosom and adequate waistline often get a few stares and whistles (usually from young horny teens at the park). I’ve been referred to as a MILF at times. But I’m not one for labels. How did I get into this life? I responded to an ad online in an anonymous forum advertising for ladies who wanted to please other ladies. 5 years and many ‘dates’ later here I am. It’s the thrill of the whole scenario which turns me on and makes me crave for more. Today’s instruction from my ‘agency’ was clear. The client was a woman in her 40s who was visiting town on business and I was to give her company for the night.

The evening couldn’t come sooner. I dressed up for the occasion. The clients requirements were specific. She wanted me dressed in a slutty red dress (her words) with high heels and red lipstick. I was to leave my hair open and was to be ‘clean shaven’. Seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted. As I dressed to kill, paying attention to every detail I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy. It’d been far too long indeed.

I left the house right in time. As far as everyone was concerned I was visiting a couple of old college friends in the city. A car pulled up not far from my house. The agency always sent a car.

We drove into the city’s finest hotel and as i disembarked, the driver handed me a note. ‘Room 673’ is all it said. I followed into the large foyer on the way to the elevator. This part always excites me. The rush of not knowing what kind of lover I’ll be having for the night. will she be a femme? Butch? Either way I’m not very picky. Each type comes with a different style and pace.

I rus escort walked out of the elevator and there it was. Room 673. The door was slightly ajar, i walked in and heard a voice

“Come in.” she said.

I cautiously entered and saw a middle aged woman, probably early 40s sitting on a chair by the window. She had short blonde hair and wore a business suit with a matching skirt. She seemed all business the moment I saw her. Her thin lips turned to a smile as she saw me. I walked towards her calmly.

“Please have a seat. I’m glad they sent me their finest. I’m impressed. I have some ground rules I think you should know about.” She said in a composed manner.

“I like my lovers to either call me Mistress Steph, or simply Mistress would do too. I will put you upto certain ‘tasks’ through the night. However, you can choose to say no. I’m dominant but I won’t do anything without your consent. Upon fulfillment of these tasks you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Tell me, do you like anal play?”

Her question caught me off guard and I stuttered and replied

“Y-yes. I’m quite comfortable with it… Mistress” I responded. Steph or whatever her real name was smiled and there was unmistakably a fiery lust in her eyes now.

“Excellent! now your first task is to come here and eat my pussy my little slave.” Her words articulate and firm made me wet. I got down on my knees and gently made my way to her honey pot. She wasnt wearing any underwear and I got right to it. I began to devour her Pussy as if I were a sex crazed hyena. Steph moaned and her pungent yet sweet aroma drove me to heights of pleasure. As I licked her clit, one hand made its way down to my own pussy and i began playing with myself. Steph was finally spent as she came hard and tried to catch her breath. Impressed with my prowess she kissed me deeply licking my face.

“Get yourself fixed my dear slave. We should be heading for dinner.” She said in a calm voice.

I fixed up my make up and was ready to leave. Steph asked me to come to the bed. In her hand was a set of Ben-wa balls and in the other what seemed to be a butt plug.

“I expect you to be completely plugged till the end of the night. If you keep them in yenimahalle escort till we get back, you’ll be rewarded.” she gently motioned the toys in her hands. I immediately rose upto the challenge and bent over the bed. Steph lowered my thin lacey panties and slid in the balls deep into my womb leaving the string hanging outside. She lubed the plug and ever so slowly inserted it into my backside. I moaned as the plug fit in snugly stretching me. I loved this feeling of fullness. As I composed myself and walked, I felt the Ben-wa balls were rolling inside me and rubbing against the plug. This was one of the hottest feelings ever.

We proceeded to dinner at a classy restaurant. Steph made sure we were in a secluded corner with our own booth. That was a relief, as it’d be very hard to explain to someone I knew what I was doing there with this lesbian goddess.

In a few moments, Steph continued with her play.

“Quick, get under the table and eat me. nobody’s watching.”

Thankfully the tables were covered on all sides with covers so nobody would see me. I ate Steph from under the table for what seemed like ages. She managed to control her moans and even ordered for the two of us while I ate her.

“Good job darling. you can come up now. But dont wipe your face. I want to see how a cunt licking whore looks like.” she said.

As I slowly got up the look of excitement on Steph’s face was worth noting. she seemed impressed beyond belief. We spent the dinner making small talk and she admired how I looked and how willing I was for every challenge.

After dinner we made our way back to the hotel. As we got off our elevator Steph said,

“Slave, i want you to take off your clothes and walk to the room in your lingerie. That is if you want to.” I hesitated on hearing this but slowly took off my dress and revealed my lingerie set. Steph stared in disbelief and smiled. We walked up to the room and as soon as we entered, Steph pounced onto me and gave me a deep everlasting kiss. Our mouths opened, tongues probing and hungrily devouring one another. Steph undressed me completely and began nibbling on my breasts as she held them firmly. They barely fit into her hands and she loved them.

“Its time for your reward” she said.

I lay on my back and steph slowly pulled out the balls one after another followed by the butt plug. I felt empty and relieved. Steph lowered her mouth to my dripping cunt and began to lap up my juices furiously. Within minutes I climaxed and a surreal sensation took over me. Steph kissed me and asked me to wait. She reached into her bag to reveal a strapon. It was big, but not huge.

“Suck on this for a bit.” she instructed.

As always i obliged. Mistress began to undress herself sexily and it was then i noticed under her suit she was hiding a rather large pair of natural breasts. Her body wasnt slim but she was proportionate. She adjusted the strapon and looked into my eyes as she slowly entered. Inch by inch burying it deeper. She allowed me to get used to it before going faster. Finally she began deep rapid thrusts and was fucking me with all her might. Our breasts rubbed against one another, as the experienced woman continued her onslaught. Our bodies locked in lust I felt the head of her rubber cock hit the deepest parts of my womb. She fucked me relentlessly till i was a pulp, a satisfied pulp. Our sweaty bodies entwined, we kissed for ages. She was gentle now and occasionally caressed me as we kissed.

“I want you to fuck me now slave.” she commanded.

I wasn’t the most experienced person with a strapon but I obliged. While i began fucking her, her phone rang. It was her husband.

“Dont you dare stop! I want you to fuck me even harder now!” She exclaimed.

As Steph picked up her phone she struggled for words. Meanwhile I decided to ramp up my attack and drive the strapon into her faster and harder.

“Y-yes darling. I-I’m fine. The Conference was…GREAT. At dinner n-now. Can I call you tomorrow?” Steph managed to say without moaning. Steph loved talking to her husband whenever she was with another woman. He was oblivious to the fact that his wife was being drilled and satisfied by a sexy Lesbian escort. Unable to hold back any longer, Steph let out a loud moan and came. Exhausted and spent, we curled up into bed.

We kissed and decided to bathe together and even enjoyed a few more orgasms till the early morning hours when we finally fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up, Steph was long gone by the looks of it. On the table she had left a small pile of hundred dollar notes along with the two toys she had put in me and next to it was a note with her number and the words ‘call me’ written on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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