Let’s Just Finish This Scotch

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“Lets finish this scotch and head upstairs” he said, with a wink.

The evening started innocently enough, with a wonderful dinner of crabs, steaks and a fabulous zinfandel. They ate as if they had never eaten before, then both sat back at to savor the moment. Later, reeking of crab juice, salad dressing, red wine and steak sauce, they both rushed off to wash their hands and face, just before mutually attacking a delicious tiramisu.

“It’s a pleasure to cook for you, you know,” she said. But don’t think you’re going to sleep here tonight, and we’re sure not going to have sex!” The comment took him a little by surprise since he wasn’t really planning on having sex on this, their first real dinner together, and so soon after just casually flirting a few times over burgers and beer at a neighborhood bar.

“That’s fine,” he said (a little disappointed nonetheless).

“Is it time for scotch yet?” she asked, touching his shoulder as she passed by.

“Sounds great” he enthused. (Never being one to turn down a nice single malt.)

She stood at the sink rinsing off plates when he walked up behind her and placed both hands on her shoulders. He gently pulled her back against him then whispered in her ear:

“Two ice cubes please.” Then he excused himself to the bathroom.

She liked how he had pulled her back against him and thought (for a moment) that she could actually feel his cock against her ass. She felt a twinge between her legs. “Hmmm” she though. That was exciting. Quick and sexy, just a hot little moment.

He returned to the kitchen table to two glasses of scotch perfectly poured over ice. Toasting the night and a perfect dinner, they chatted well into the early morning. Taxes, life, politics, family, everything was fair game and much of it was filled with laughter. Lots of laughter.

Being a gentleman, and thinking he had finally worn out his welcome, he said “Well, I should go. Goodnight.” He stood up and leaned over to kiss her goodbye while she sat at the table. She raised her lips to his and they kissed their first kiss. At first their lips just brushed against each other, pulling back ever so slightly, feeling each others breath. Then came the long, hot, wet sexy kiss they had both waited for all night and both wanted so badly. Warm tongues finding each other, he lightly bit her lower lip. An electric shock shot from somewhere in her brain straight down between her legs. This felt good. Really good.

It had been a while since she had been kissed like that and it was good to feel her sexual juices running again. She thought she had turned them off, but here it was again. That feeling. He brushed his hand lightly over her breast and squeezed it ever so softly, and her hand started it’s slow trip up his inner thigh, as he continued to lean over her. They continued to kiss that way as her hand made it’s way up his leg. She couldn’t wait any longer and felt for what was obviously growing hard between his legs. She’d noticed the bulge in his pants as he’d gotten up to say goodbye. She brought her slightly shaking hand up between his legs. She squeezed and rubbed at his balls and felt how hard he had gotten. “Nice.” she thought, a big hard package just for me.”

She squeezed his thick throbbing cock in her hand and started to rub it back and forth through his jeans. He felt a elazığ escort little drop of pre cum leak out and wet the inside of his leg. He took both of her hands and helped her up from the table, then took her in his arms. Holding her tightly and kissing her neck, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her. She was aching for him to be inside her now, when he said:

“Let’s finish this scotch and head upstairs.”

He took her by the hand and led her up the staircase to the room where his big comfy bed awaited. Here they could stretch out and be all wound up in each others legs. Standing on one side of the bed he got half undressed in front of her as she waited to see what was inside those jeans. She removed her top. He walked over to her in his open jeans and told her to take them off. She sat at the edge of the bed as he stood in front of her, belt hanging open and fly half way down. She smiled as she finished the job, and let the jeans fall to the floor.

Reaching out for his now fully erect cock, she placed one hand on his balls, and held them tightly, while the other started to stroke that thick pulsing cock and bring it towards her. She held it next to her cheek admiring what a massive, thick hunk of man meat she was about to enjoy. Stroking it from the base to the head, she noted that she couldn’t even get her whole hand around it. His hand grabbed behind her head and pulled her hair lightly as she took him into her waiting mouth. He moaned out loud as he too had waited a long time for this.

It had been a very long time.

She stroked him slowly at first and sucked his dick like a pro. Dripping wet, licking his balls and the shaft, her lips moving up then down his wet dick, in and out of her wonderful warm mouth. She could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute. She so loved sucking a hard dick, and knew she was also making a good man very happy. Secretly, she smiled inside knowing her ability to give any man exactly the thing they all want. But it had been far too long. She was good. Very good. And she knew it. But it was never without getting really hot herself. She liked how she got so wet while giving a blow job, and usually masturbated the entire time hoping to make herself cum at the same time as her lover. This time however it was mostly about him.


One of her hands quietly slipped down between her legs to verify what she was feeling. Yup. Soaked. Flowing. “I want this man inside me. . . Now! Fuck me!” (Words she didn’t normally use) flew out of her mouth before she could even think about it.

“Well, I hate to stop you, but if I don’t, I’ll be no good to you at all. Get up on the bed.” He said.

She squirmed up onto the clean white sheets and lowered her head into the huge soft pillows. He moved up and over her and again began kissing her sweetly.

Holding one breast in his hand, he started licking her nipple with the tip of his tongue and sucking on her soft white flesh. He hovered over her, moving from one breast to the other, teasing her, until she was ready to explode. He moved back up to her neck sucking lightly and tasting her sweaty skin. Thousands of kisses. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she put her hand on the top of his head and gently pushed him down past her stomach to her waiting pussy.

He shifted his weight to erzincan escort be between her legs and softly kissed her hot little clit. He took two fingers and separated her outer lips. His warm tongue on that beautiful pussy made her moan. Not a regular, everyday just getting off from masturbating moan. No. This time, she made a sound that she had never heard herself make. Something between a cat purring and a slow orgasmic convulsion. His tongue felt incredibly warm on her and he obviously knew how to find her excited little clit.

Using just the tip of his tongue back and forth, then up and down on her cunt made her close her eyes and leave this world behind. She was steadily flowing her female juices into his mouth like a warm summer stream and boy did it feel good.

She got closer and closer to an orgasm then suddenly, somehow, it just kind of went away. They rested for a bit and he continued licking her still wet pussy. She so wanted to cum with this man because he had her so hot. This wasn’t the old quickie grab-squeeze-pull-this and I’ll eventually cum stuff. This guy really liked what he was doing and she felt like she owed him, and herself, a raging orgasm to reward him for his expert skills.

“No problem he said. It happens. Don’t worry about it! I have an idea. . . roll over.”

She buried her face in the pillow and she could hear him taking something from the night stand. She heard the drawer close and her curiosity, as well as her excitement, grew even more.

“Let me just relax you for a minute.”

He had taken an oily lube from the night stand on his side of the bed, and was rubbing the small of her back with it. He first warmed it in his hands then massaged it into her leg and back muscles, still tense from trying so hard to cum while he was eating her pussy. His greasy hands felt so good on her legs and inner thighs. He kept teasing her, rubbing everything but her hungry pussy. She just knew that that was the eventual target, but wondered when he would let her feel those hands and fingers on (and in) her again. The was making her crazy. Her breathing quickened once again. He ran one slippery finger up the crack of her ass, slowly passing over her asshole.

“Oh god yes! Stop there. Right there.” she thought. Hoping she hadn’t screamed the words out loud.

Still he teased her. Moving his fingers underneath her to softly touch her throbbing engorged pussy.

She instinctively raised her hips to meet his fingers which were gradually finding their way inside her. She couldn’t tell which finger was doing what to her, but she didn’t care. A hot passion was growing inside her once again from the top of her head down to her toes.

“He could fucking touch me anywhere he wants right now,” she thought. And it would all feel amazing.”

But this was going to be a very special massage.

She started shaking from the gentle probing his fingers were doing. He had his middle finger slowly fucking her sweet wet pussy while his thumb massaged her tight little asshole. She suddenly felt that cuming was not such a distant possibility anymore. He squeezed her soft hot pussy with his whole hand while his thumb, slick with her juices, slid slowly into her ass. Very slowly. Deeper. . . then deeper still. Then pulling back out. Over and over.

“Now THIS was different!” erzurum escort she thought. It wasn’t something she’d let just anyone do to her. At first she felt shocked and strange and a little bit embarrassed that this man was inside her ass! While he slowly fucked her with his thumb and middle finger at the same time, she wasn’t going to protest. It felt wonderful, dirty, taboo, and very sensuous all at the same time. She was no stranger to sex but still called herself an “anal virgin” and at this point, had no idea what would come next. And she didn’t much care. She gave herself entirely to him, trusting him completely, and knowing that he too was totally turned on by seeing her react to his touch this way. She began rocking back and forth, fucking herself with his fingers. She was breathing much harder now, and moaning out loud. “Oh god, oh fuck yes, you’re amazing!” Her face was still buried in the pillow. One of his hands was fucking her fast and hard while the other was softly rubbing her back. Her senses were screaming. Every nerve in her body was yelling out for still more.

Slowly, he completely removed his fingers from inside her and kneeled over her from behind. She felt his massive, rock hard cock rubbing up and down against the crack of her ass. She raised up to meet him and he slowly slid inside her waiting cunt with one steady, continuous, painful stroke. He felt even bigger inside her than when she was blowing him earlier, and she had to relax her inner muscles to take him in. Gradually she opened herself to him and he slid into her all the way to his balls. She felt them banging against her pussy with every forceful stroke. While they fucked, he reached around to rub her clit. “Let me do it!” she said, and she began playing with herself while he continued a steady pounding of her juicy wet pussy. She felt so good inside. She squeezed him tightly inside her with every stroke of that enormous cock. She felt like he was going to pound her right through the mattress and into the floor below.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. The urge to fill her with his hot cum was building. His huge balls were aching and ready to let go their load. The two lovers were sweating like prize fighters and breathing heavier and heavier in each others ear while heaving up and down on the bed like two wild animals. His beautiful partner started shaking and it sounded to him like she was about to cum. Just before she did, he pulled out his cock, soaked and slippery with her juice and slit it into her ass with a single stroke. So tight at first, she let out a loud painful shriek, shook violently and after relaxing her tender muscles, took him again inside her. She couldn’t believe how incredible his hard cock felt inside her ass.

She continued rubbing her clit faster and faster, while he continued fucking her tight little lubed up asshole, then with a loud scream which sounded something like: “AAAARRRGGGG OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD!” She came in torrents of orgasmic pleasure, bucking wildly and shaking from head to toe.

He grabbed her tightly by the hips and pulled her in close to his body in order to bury his cock as deep as it would go and pumped every last drop of his hot cum into her. Exhausted and shaking, they both fell over onto the sheets in a puddle of sweat and sticky cum. He had cum while buried deep inside her, exactly when she did, and now she could feel his warm cum dripping from her ass. They kissed once more and would soon fall asleep for hours.

As he drifted off to sleep he thought he heard her whisper…”Remember, we’re NOT having sex!”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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