Lexi , Allen – True Lovers?

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Whenever I am alone at night I hear her voice; I remember every word I have ever listened to. Her voice is soft yet crystal clear; she promises me everything I have ever desired. We speak often and the ending is always full of pleasure, I am totally satisfied and also mystified. This special voice has a name; her name is Lexi.

“Allan, stop being that way, you know I love you!” Lexi assures me.

“I know my love, but sometimes I just can’t believe it is all true.” I respond.

“Why do we have this conversation, no man has ever made me feel the way you do Allan.” Lexi again pleads with me. “My heart belongs to you, it feels like you are tearing it out when you question how I feel.”

“I love you Alexis, I always will.” Is how I try to end the conversation.

I will never know the truth; I can only feel what my heart is willing to tell me. I am in my late fifties, Lexi is just 24. She tells me my age is not something she ever thinks about. We have known each other for over two years, two years that have been the most exciting years of my life.

“Allen, every time we are together I dream of the day we get pregnant.” Lexi starts again. “Scott and Rose will be their names.”

“Lexi I fell in love with you before you even promised me will have a family”. I quietly retort.

Lexi quietly whispers in my ear to relax. I can feel her heart so close to mine. She wants me to let my walls down once again and let her into my sole. I close my eyes and transcend into a feeling of bliss I only share with Lexi. I see her naked skin glowing in the light of the fireplace. I love how she walks into my open arms.

I press my lips tight to hers and our tongues dance with passion. Her breath is always fresh and her taste always delightful. My hands caress her bare back; her silky skin is warm and tender. I lower my hands further until Bursa Escort each finger clinches tightly around her firm bare ass. Lexi moans in the most erotic way and pushes her nude body into mine.

I feel her hands reaching around to my front and her tiny fingers seductively wrap around my hard excitement. Lexi strokes my cock with tender ease as her eyes stare deeply into mine. She tightens her cheeks as I squeeze her ass with passion she has only felt from me.

“Please Allan, I am so ready for you tonight. I stopped my pills over a month ago. I promise you have nothing to be afraid of. I am ready to be the mother of our children.” Lexi says as her lips collide with mine.

I lift her young naked body and kiss her with all of my love as I carry her to our waiting bed. Laying her down gently she smiles confidently back up into my eyes. My hard cock throbbing as I start to lay down with her. My hands glide around her firm breasts. I lower my lips to her nipples and begin to suck pleasure into her soul. Lexi moans loudly and begs for more.

My tongue works around her breast then trickles down to her belly. I feel her hands on my head and she pushes me lower, spreading her thighs and desiring my moist warm tongue against her petals.

Lexi softly begs. “Please Allan, you drive me crazy every time you force me to cum with your mouth firmly pressed against my pussy.”

I bring my body into her love cradle and feel her thighs around my head. Her delicious flower is mine to devour. Instinctively my lips close around her petals and my tongue drives into her wanting pussy. I hear screams of pleasure and I must hold her body still to keep my tongue driving deep into her body, tasting her very soul.

My fingers glide under her thighs and roam around to her front joining in the feast. Rubbing her as I kiss, lick, and dive Bursa Bayan into her young pussy. Lexi without notice suddenly tightens her thigh around my head. Her hands clinch into fists and slam against the mattress. Her screams ring louder and uninhibited into the night air.

“Allan, oh god Allan, yes my dear, Allan I’m Cumming again!” She screams.

Her body explodes in the most comforting orgasm I have ever felt; but one I so enjoy. Lying between her legs I continue to glide my tongue up and down over your spent petals. Each time feeling her body quiver and jolt with pleasure. Our hands reach together and our fingers intertwine as her body recovers, desiring so much more.

After several moments of calmness, I slide back up the bed and our mouths enjoy the flavor of her moist pussy. I feel her fingers run through my hair and watch as her eyes light up from the glow of the fireplace.

“I love you Lexi.” I say with a calm smile. “I will always love you my dear.”

“I love you to Allan.” Lexi responds. “Take all of me tonight, I want to feel our children growing in my body soon!”

I then kneel over her tummy, my legs spread out to each side of her body. My cock is hers to enjoy. I feel her fingers stroking my cock once again and rubbing it across her perfect pink nipples. Around and around I watch as the tip of my cock glides across her breasts and nipples. I lean up a touch and Lexi glides lower down the bed.

It is always so incredible to watch as she takes my entire cock deep into her mouth. Her head strokes up and down on the length of my cock with her fingers gently caressing. She holds her head still and I push deeper and deeper into her mouth. She submits completely and takes it into her throat. Her eyes close as I feel her tight throat wrapped around the head of my cock.

Finally I withdraw and Escort Bursa she gasps for fresh air, smiling intently knowing soon I am going to be ramming every inch of my cock into her moist, warm, tight pussy.

“Fuck me Allan.” She confidently whispers. “I want every inch of your thick hard cock in my pussy.”

“Your body belongs to me my little girl.” I stare into her eyes and I also speak dirty back to her. “You are going to be my perfect slut and enjoy every fuck I give you tonight.”

Lexi’s body shivers as the length of my cock glides down between her breasts, briefly stops at her belly, then falls between her overly sexy thighs. I glide my hips up and down having the length of my cock rubbing her wanting petals. I love the feeling it brings me and I love hearing her beg me to stop teasing and just plant my cock deep into her pussy.

“Say it slut.” I command.

“Fuck me Allan, Fuck your slut, drive your cock in my young pussy now.” Lexi commands in response.

With that and without notice I slam every inch of my rock hard cock into her delightfully tight pussy taking her by surprise. Her screams may be painful, but they are full of lust and desire for more. I grab her legs and push them over and above her body. Her pussy is now mine to do as I please.

Ramming deep I hold my cock completely in her pussy: pushing against her body till every cell of my cock is in her pussy. Lexi moans out loud and demands more fucking. I start to stroke with all my energy, my hands grab her face and I hold her still while my hips trust without any care, just the desire to please my primal being.

“I’m Cumming you little slut, you are getting every seed my balls can possibly produce.” With uncontrolled abandon I scream.

I hear her soft voice whispering in my ear to please make her pregnant this night. She wants to have our children, Scott and Rose as twins. Just as I am about to burst, I hear the garage door suddenly starting to open.

OMG – my wife is home early. I hang up the phone and rush to the bathroom to clean myself up as cum is exploding out into my hands!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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