Libertine Adventures Ch. 09

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All the people are over the age of 18.

Please vote in the end, using the stars. Any comments are welcome as well. Thanks, and enjoy it.


LA, chapter 9

Germany, Krystal

The revving of engines and the aromas from the bakery up the street roused me from my slumber. Snuggled in the crook between arm and chest was a mass of fiery hair, light browns, golden highlights sat atop the most beautiful woman in the world.


The pressure of her breasts against my side, her left leg draped across my hips, her smoothly shaved pussy mound on my hip bone, the warmth of her body, the head of my morning wood beyond her thigh, all were committed into my memory. One should never forget the first time they awaken up with the love of their life.

Her breathing indicated that she slept still. I untangled myself and trod to the bathroom to pay homage to the morning necessities.

I didn’t flush, not wanting to wake Krystal I padded my way back into the bedroom where I found her sitting upright, her head flashing left and right as if looking for someone. When she saw me, Krystal relaxed and smiled guiltily.

I leaned against the door frame and asked, “What?”

Her head sank a little as she replied, “When I woke and you weren’t there, I thought I dreamed all of the last couple days. You know talking to you on the telephone, then last night.”

I muttered just a second, flushed and came back to her. I sat next to her and stated, “If you are dreaming, then so am I, so much so I can smell the backerei up the road.”

She smiled and enveloped her arms around me, “It is delicious. I only go there for special occasions.”

I looked at her and retorted, “Too bad today is only the first day of the rest of our lifetimes together.”

She kissed my shoulder and pronounced, “I will be right back.”

Krystal didn’t go naked of course, but she didn’t spend a heap of time dressing either. I stepped into the shower while she was gone and laid out my clothes for the day before she returned.

I could smell the rich coffee before the door opened. Smiling at me, Krystal hipped the door closed and said, “I still cannot believe that this is real.”

I liberated my coffee from her and grabbed a brotchen from the bag. Krystal sat on the love seat and appeared a little pensive.

“What’s wrong, Krystal?”

She looked up and said, “The most significant thing to me is your happiness and then our happiness as a couple.”

Not knowing where this was headed all I said was, “Ookay.”

She bit her bottom lip a moment, then blurted, “Last night you didn’t do something that you wanted to do with me. Use me. Treat me like shit when we are fucking. Hell, in our home do whatever that brings you pleasure to me. If I don’t like it, we can speak about it later.”

“At the time, when I was starting to cum, it was a decision between cumming on your face or in your mouth. “

She nodded, “Yes, it crossed my mind on whether I should cum on you instead of in you. I chose it because it felt right.”

She came over and sat on my lap, “Seriously, husband, I ask for you to do whatever you please. I don’t know all of my limits, but I do know I trust you not to hurt me.”

I pulled her tee-shirt off her, and said, “Well, one thing is certain, when we are home, especially when we are alone, I want you naked at all times possible. If you have to wear something like panties, then some sexy assed panties.”

She smiled, “Of course, anything else?”

I knew what I wanted from her, complete submission. It was a new concept for me all in all. This dominant side that craved for a woman to give everything and anything to me. But I fucking loved it. I picked her up and turned her to where she faced me and I said, “Everything. I want it all Krystal. From you, from the world, and particularly from all the other beautiful women out there who want me, us.”

She got hold of my cock, which was standing upright between us and slowly rubbed it. “I will grant you everything. I’m willing to give you I just simply don’t know what that looks like yet. Do you know?”

To be honest, I didn’t. But I knew what Lisa, Aunt Gwen, and Chelly gave me as a taste of it, woke some voracious sexual beast in me. “Krystal, I only know that what I have gone through so far has led me to believe that there is more to enjoy. The more control that I can wrest from the world will be used to make one of my own choosing and liking.”

I reached down and fiddled with her clit as I finished with, “I do know that you are the foundation upon which I will build this brave new world of mine.”

Before she could answer, there was a familiar rap on the door. “Y’all decent?” Dad asked.

I answered, “Two minutes.”

I lifted my love off of my lap and swatted her, “Shower, get ready.”

I dressed quickly and opened the door just as Krystal closed the door to the bath. “Hi, dad.”

He nodded as he stepped in and said, “Son.”

I waved to the loveseat where he sat. “Good news is that the kars escort base chaplain will marry you tomorrow afternoon.”

I smiled, “That is good news, I probably shouldn’t miss a ton of school.”

Dad laughed and replied, “No, probably not. Are you ready for the rest of the news?”

“There’s more?”

Dad nodded and said, “He wants to talk to you specifically this afternoon without her.”

I gave him a look that communicated “What the fuck” better than words.

He shrugged, “I don’t know son. Might be some Catholic thing.”

I nodded, “Well, I probably should have on my other slacks instead of jeans. The BX still sell civilian clothes?”

Dad nodded. “Tell me plain Dave, is this something that you genuinely want to do? Not some hero bullshit?”

I didn’t pause to confirm. “What the hell could I save her from? She is smart, so fucking beautiful that it should be against the law for someone to have all that, she has a career. What is there to save?”

He smiled, “Not much, honestly. You are right on all those points, I just thought you would explore the feminine world some.”

His face straightened, “Is it some reaction to not being able to be with Terry?”

“That is a fair question I guess. But no. There have been a few women in bed with me since Terry. If it was in reaction to her, and not being with her I think I would have stuck with one of them.”

Dad looked surprised, “How many?”

I shrugged, “Gonna guess a guy shouldn’t fuck and tell.”

Krystal came into the living area in a plum-colored dress and my heart nearly stopped at the stark contrast between the dress and her skin.

Dad was the first to say anything, “Damn Boyle. Why did you pick my son again?”

She beamed and replied, “He chose me, sir.”

He glanced at me, “I understand what you mean.”

I walked up and stood next to her. I kissed her and said, “The base chaplain will marry us tomorrow afternoon if I pass his interrogation today.”

She looked past me to dad then back. “Are you worried about it?”

I shook my head, “No. I got this.”

She smiled and asked, “What do we do until then?”

I replied, “Do you have a dress that you want to wear to our wedding?”

“Nothing like a bridal dress, but I will have to get into one when we get married again in Nashville.”

I stated, “I don’t. Didn’t even bring a dress, and the ones in your closet are too tight in the shoulders and too loose in the chest.”

Dad piped in, “Plus, he and I have a couple of errands to run. Why don’t you call Lieutenant Smith and have her keep you company while he and I do what must be done?”

She looked at me for confirmation and I nodded, “Do it. Can’t wait to see you in that dress later.”

He and I went to the BX where we, meaning he, bought an engagement ring for me to give to Krystal and a suit that almost fit off the rack. It would have to do.

We arrived at the chapel exactly on time. The base chaplain, Captain DeSausa, greeted us then ushered me into his office closing the door.

He sat in an overstuffed chair and pointed to the one opposite for me. “I hear you wish to marry.”

I answered, “I do, sir.”

“Aren’t you a little young to marry?”

I asked in return, “At what age did you decide to marry an amorphous deity? Or in other words, to become a priest?”

He cocked his head, “About your age?”

“And did anyone try to deny you?”

It seemed he saw where I was going with it and said, “No. They didn’t, nor am I trying to talk you out of it per se.”

He fidgeted a moment, then, “I wanted to make certain you weren’t being taken advantage of.”

I almost laughed. “Sir, please realize that marrying Krystal is my idea. I flew a third of the way around the globe to do so.”

He looked at me and began to say something, but I cut him off. “Pastor, how many E1’s or E 2’s that come to you to be married do you give this pep talk to?”

He responded, “None.”

“Why today? Is it just because she is an officer and I am a civilian?”

He shook his head, “It has to do with the age gap between you.”

I responded, “It is what, five, maybe six years? Who cares that merely means we will likely die within a year of each other, as opposed to her living seven years without me.”

He almost laughed. The mirth was in his eyes. “Do you have an answer to everything?”

I shrugged with a happy smile. “Just the one’s dad asked.”

This time he did laugh out loud. “Are you ready? “

I nodded, “Yes, sir. I suppose all that might be missing is someone to give her Away.”

He responded, “I can arrange for that if needed.”

I hoped the fearful worry didn’t come through as I asked, “So, you will marry us?”

He nodded, “Yes, son. I will.”

I stood, shook his hand, and left. Dad, Krystal, and petite blonde wearing the bronze bar of a second lieutenant and the last name Smith on her chest. I ignored Smith and Dad, wrapping Krystal up in a ferocious hug. “Not that I mind, but why are y’all kastamonu escort here?”

She kissed me and related, “I admit I was worried.”

I leaned back and asked, “What on earth for? I told you I got this.”

Her smile wavered, then lightened up. “He is going to marry us?”

I kissed her square on the end of her nose before turning to Smith. Sticking out my hand, “Hi Smith, I am Dave.”

She shook my hand, “A pleasure to meet you, sir.”

I bowed over her hand as I turned her knuckles up and kissed them, “The pleasure is mine.”

Dad fake coughed and said, “Ladies give me a minute with Dave, then he is all yours.”

We stepped outside and he handed me a wallet and a key card to a hotel. “Take the girls to dinner tonight and have fun. But sleep in the hotel tonight, you should not see her tomorrow until the wedding.”

“Kind of superstitious of you isn’t it?”

He shrugged, “Boy, don’t fuck this up. I truly like that young lady. She will be good to, and for, you.”

I looked at him and my voice was filled with all of the conviction I felt, “You may or may not believe me, dad, but I love her, and I will fuck up this entire planet for her if needed.”

He nodded, “Good. See you tomorrow afternoon, after I wake up.”

“You know you don’t have to work the 3rd shift just because I am here, right?”

A devilish grin spread across his face. “I do. I also know everyone on the third shift is shifting their pants wondering what the old man is looking for.”

I began to turn, then stopped. “Is she burning her leave time to be with me?”

Dad shook his head. “Boyle has probably earned ten days of comp time since she became my adjutant. She is using those days, but likely doesn’t know it.”

I took a moment to look at the hotel card and then the wallet. Apparently, dad expected me to go all out for dinner. There was a lot of money in the wallet. The list of places we could go to was extensive with this amount of cash.

I stepped inside to see Krystal and Smith whispering heatedly. I made out something about ‘dismal failure ‘ and ‘unhappy.’

I decided to step in.

One of the two looked at me angrily, the other apologetically. I touched Krystal just above the elbow and smiled.

I turned to Smith and said, “I would tell you that I am well and truly sorry to interrupt the affair y’all have been having. But ma’am, that would be a lie, and I do try not to.”

I stuffed the wallet into my front pocket with my hand, and continued, before Smith could start in on me, “Ma’am, please hear me out. I ain’t done. I love her, with all my heart and I aim to leave here with her as my wife.”

I turned to Krystal and said, “You are my calm. I don’t know why, but just thinking of you makes me better than I am. For a couple of years now folks have been calling me Hero. I never felt it until yesterday when I saw that fiery head of yours in the airport.”

I could see Smith open her mouth and I said, “You will stop until I am finished. I won’t broker another interruption.”

I saw her nod curtly and I turned back to Krystal. “I am only 18, I get that is a gamble of epic proportions, but I believe that together we are a royal flush.”

I kissed her softly. I showed her the hotel key, “I am staying at the hotel tonight, dad insists. Take tonight make your peace with Smith here, and tomorrow, if you want to marry me, I will be standing right there by the altar waiting for ya.”

I touched Krystal’s arm above the elbow, nodded to Smith and walked out of the chapel.

I caught a cab to the hotel, a waste of money because it wasn’t all that far from the base and went to the room. Day 2 of my life wasn’t going so well. My heart knew Krystal would be there, but that demon in my head started talking shit aims wouldn’t stop.

I checked my bag to see what running shoes I had with me, and it was the wrong pair; I had run through the cushioning on them months ago. I was headed toward the door when there was a knock on it.

Opening the door, I saw Krystal. Her face, though perpetually sad, looked more crestfallen than usual. My heart soared at the sight of her.

She stepped in and punched me in the chest. “Don’t you ever leave me again!”

I snatched her up and squeezed her against me. “Woman, I didn’t leave you. I gave you the space you needed to do what had to be done for us to be together. You love her and she loves you. Y’all had to figure it out without me in the middle.”

She shook in my arms as if she were cold, but I knew better. “I love you, Hero.”

She turned her face up toward me. I could see the tears streaming down her face. Moreover, I saw the love she had for me. I kissed her my hands clutching her lovely ass. I lifted her up and pinned her against the door. She broke the kiss and said, “I am ready.”

I gave her a questioning look and she said, “Put me down, please, and I will show you.”

I put her down and she took off the plum dress, folding it over a chair. She dropped to her knees and took kayseri escort my hands in hers.

“I am horribly unworthy of you. I can only trust you to accept this and me.

“Allow me to be of help to you. For in that I find myself.

“Allow me to love you since I now know what that means, all its forcefulness.

“Allow me to please you, for no pleasure exists for me without yours.

“Allow me to trust you, I have been so alone until you.

“Permit me to be controlled, in giving it to you I find temperance

” Permit me to be disciplined when needed, in that I will become that which you deserve.

“Permit me to completely give myself to you, I want no part of me to be withheld from you.

“Allow me to love myself in loving you.

“Allow me to. complete you as you complete me.

“Grant me to submit myself perfectly to you. It is our golden mean.”

As Krystal said all of that, my cock grew harder and harder. Her tears stopped about halfway through, and strength of certainty rang through her voice. That tone convinced me more than any of the words or even all of them. Krystal had freely given herself to me.

I dropped my pants, freeing my raging hard-on. “Follow me,” I ordered. I turned to head to the bed and heard Krystal stand. I halted, turned around and asked far too pleasantly, “Who gave you permission to stand?”

The shock on her face was priceless, then I ordered, “On your back, legs straight up and feet parallel to the floor. “

I went to my discarded pants and retrieved my belt. I stood next to her and said, “First offense, means one stroke on each foot.”

To her credit, Krystal merely said, “As you say, sir.”

I lifted my arm and swung the belt down, first the left foot then the right one. She took the two strokes stoically enough, nothing more than a gasp for each.

“Let’s try this again,” I stated. “Follow me.”

We arrived at the bed and I grabbed a handful of her fiery hair and yanked her up and let her fall over the foot of the bed. Her legs dangled off the end as I stepped between them.

I seized her arms and placed her hands on her lovely ass cheeks and growled, “Spread them and keep those beautiful cheeks spread.”

Krystal grabbed and pulled her cheeks wide. No sooner had she finished, I slammed my cock up her cunt in one hard thrust. Her exclamation was swallowed by the mattress, the strength, and suddenness of the penetration catching her by surprise.

Krystal was tight, no, snug. Much like Chelly or Aunt Gwen, Krystal was made for me.

I did not make gentle love to her. It wasn’t animalistic rutting. This was a full-on onslaught to pound her pussy into utter submission. This was about dominance and mastery. I wanted this to make what I did with Aunt Gwen seem tame.

My hips fired back and forth hard and fast, the intention to drive my cock through her body and shatter her hips with mine. My balls flew back and forth with each thrust.

I grabbed her hair and ripped her head back. As I pounded her cunt I slapped around her hands turning her alabaster ass bright red, with splotches of purple appearing here and there.

Krystal grunted with each impact sounding much like a lineman in a football game.

Her pussy held onto me tightly, not wishing to let go when I was immersed in her; and, not wanting to allow me in as I thrust back inside.

I didn’t care. I rammed my way in with complete abandonment.

Her orgasm took me by surprise. Jetting out of her with each punch of my cock up her pussy, Krystal’s quim sprayed all over my balls, legs, and the rug beneath me.

I felt my own orgasm start to build and I pulled out of her suddenly and flipped her onto her back. I jabbed two fingers into her baby canal and started finger fucking her, allowing myself to regain control of my cock and balls.

I looked at her and found out nothing but loving devotion. No fear, just love on her naturally sad face.

I removed my fingers and slammed my cock into her beautiful pussy at the same time. I began fucking her with abandon again. This time I rained hell down on her sublime tits. I punched, pulled, slapped, licked and bit them. Long before I was done, I had covered every inch of her breasts with some manner of bruising.

I felt my orgasm start to build once more, this time I let it continue to build.

But before I blew, I pulled out her lovely pussy and slapped her engorged clit with the head. Krystal screamed as her body rocked with ecstasy.

I began fist fucking my cock trying to wait as long as possible before I did blow. When I did blow the first blast went straight up her body to land between her tits, the rest I aimed at her asshole, her vagina, and wherever else I could reasonably get to.

I plopped down next to her and fell backward onto the bed. Our breathing came in short pants as we recovered. “Thank you,” Krystal gasped out. “Please tell me it will be like this all the time.”

I answered, “No. It can be better when we get home and I can build a bed for us.”

Krystal groaned happily. “Okay.”

I was sore, she had to be a mess. I sat up and looked at her. Fuck, what a sight! Pure white skin all over except her ass and breasts. Those were a hot fucking mess with bite marks and bruises all over them.

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