Like A Fine Wine

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This one was a request, so I hope that he enjoys what he reads! I want to thank everyone for reading my work and sending me such positive feedback. It’s really encouraging! Please feel free to comment and critique, I always enjoy hearing what you liked, and didn’t like. Thanks, guys!


It was almost like fate; to Katie it was, anyway. She stepped into the dusty old shop with a soft smile, for the place reminded her of the antiques gallery her father and mother had owned, long before the economy had plummeted and forced them to sell out. Her pianist’s fingers slid over the treasures the little wares shop had to offer, over glass bottles and small trinkets, over photographs and paintings that had probably once meant a great deal to their owners. Places like this made her sad. She knew that every article inside had a story to tell, and she truly longed to hear it. She wished that their owners had not wanted to sell them, but desperate times always called for desperate measures. She gave a thin sigh and cradled in her palm a small, egg-shaped brooch, colorful, cheerful inside the dim, depressive recess of the shop.

Clutching her treasure protectively, Katie walked to the desk that housed an almost archaic-looking cash register. She tugged on the short hem of her skirt self-consciously with her free hand, and then up further to readjust her sweater. She smiled, her dimples lighting her blue eyes, nearly hidden beneath a wealth of golden blonde curls. The gentleman at the desk looked up from his book when he heard her heels clicking on the cement floor. He smiled over his glasses, and Katie inhaled sharply. The most fascinating honey-coloured eyes looked back at her. She felt her heart skip. She placed the trinket on the desk, and bit her lip. The man appeared to be around her father’s age, with slightly salt-and-pepper hair beginning to wear away at what Katie guessed to be a once thick, full head of brown hair. His hair line was only a little receded, and Katie thought it made him look sharp, a little bit smarter, wiser for his years. His smile was rugged, and handsome, and she felt taken in, by all the stories it had to offer.

“Will that be all, miss?” He’d had to repeat himself, as Katie was lost in her reverie. She smiled sheepishly and nodded. He chuckled. “Some people know how to look at all the old stuff, and really pick out the gems. That’ll be fifty-three dollars and eleven cents.” Katie unsnapped her purse, and frowned.

“You don’t take credit cards, do you?” Katie laughed, an almost impish sound. The man smiled, assured her that they did, and Katie handed him the thin piece of plastic. Transaction completed, she turned to leave the little shop, her precious purchase secure in a small bag, inside of her purse.

“Wait…” The man, the only other person in the shop, aside from herself, stood up as Katie turned to leave. “If you really like that piece…” He bit his lip. “I have earrings, and a necklace, that complete the set. I wouldn’t sell them to just anybody…” He trailed off, and Katie turned around, her face alight with the prospect of owning the entire set of absolutely gorgeous jewelry. The man gave her a warm smile, and pulled the curtain behind him aside. “They’re Sinop Escort just in here.”

Katie would have followed him to the ends of the earth, even if there wasn’t a promise of beautiful jewelry to come. She smiled and slipped underneath his arm, as he held the curtain back. She took in a breath, and turned in a circle. The small room housed some of the most exquisite pieces she’d ever come across. She swallowed, and whimpered, taking a step closer to the shelves.

“Here, miss, this is the rest of the set.” His voice was loud and clear, and it startled her from her jewel-lust. She turned quickly to look at him.

“Katherine.” Katie murmered, softly. “My name’s Katherine.” She looked up at him with big blue eyes, eyes that only showed how truly she wore her heart on her sleeve. “But most people just call me Katie.”

“What a beautiful name. There used to be an antique jewelry store on Grand Street, called Katherine.” He smiled, and the lines around his mouth nearly caused Katie to salivate. He was truly the most beautiful man she’d ever laid eyes on, and there was always something to be said about the way an older man knows just how to treat a lady. She dimpled.

“Yes, Katherine. My parents owned that store.” Katie informed him, and he smiled jovially, which Katie took as a cue to babble on. “We still have most of the pieces, actually. We were forced to sell the shop, but not what was inside of it. My parents have been known to sell the more rare pieces at auctions and what have you. They choose to keep a lot of it. Mother says it has sentimental value.” She watched the man’s dancing eyes. “So…now you know who I am. But I don’t know who you are.”

The man jumped and moved away from the jewelry, extending a strong hand, which Katie quickly slipped her dainty musician’s palm into. “Greg Michaels. Sorry for being rude.” Greg chuckled, and Katie was melting. His laugh, his voice, his touch…all of it, plus the jewelry she was surrounded by, was just too much for her. She bit her lips together, as he lifted her knuckles to his lips.

“You weren’t rude at all.” Katie’s smile was slowly becoming more and more lascivious as time wore on. She was ready to do just about anything to claim this no-nonsense, sweet, elegant, warm, funny, attractive…well, she wanted him. “I didn’t introduce myself, either.” She leaned back against the only bare wall in the room, long legs stretched out before her, her right leg coming up a bit on the left.

Greg watched Katie with fascination. She was easily young enough to be his daughter, but he couldn’t stop himself from ogling her, a bit, despite that. She was a beautiful girl, the kind of girl who made you stop when you were walking down the street. She had legs that went on for miles, and a smile that lit up the room. Greg tried valiantly to look away, to look back to the dazzling necklace and the exquisite earrings that lay on the encased velvet beside him.

Katie watched his struggle, and her laughter was husky as she set her purse down beside her, laying her palms flat on her stomach. “I feel so palid, so…unattractive, amidst such beautiful things.” She pouted a bit, and Greg was forced to turn and look at her.

“Hardly, Katie. Sinop Escort Bayan If anything…they pale, in comparison to you.” Greg blushed, and took a halting step closer to her. When she made no move to free herself from his oncoming approach, he walked over, and rested his hand on her shoulder. “You’re a beautiful woman.” Katie simply looked up at him with those burning blue eyes. His hand slid down her arm. “One of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, in fact.” His fingers came to a rest at her hip, and Katie cooed her appreciation of his compliments. The blush was gone, and in the place of the uncomfortable gentleman stood the knowledgable lover Katie was so pleased to meet. She purred and slid her hands up his abdomen, to his chest, her palms resting on firm pectoral muscles. He was in fabulous shape, for a man his age. She grinned, and Greg leaned in, his body resting against hers, supported by her hands, and brushed his lips against her neck. Katie’s head tilted as she shivered a bit.

Greg inhaled her scent, intoxicated by its musky warmth. She smelled of spices, of holidays and homemade cookies, and something sweeter. He nibbled at her earlobe, inspired by the trills of gratitude that flowed from her lips as he did. Finally tearing his lips away from her sweet spot, he kissed her lips with a sort of slow, inebriating dizziness that had Katie weak in the knees. His mouth devoured her moans, swallowed her sweet whimpers as his lips made love to her own. When finally the kiss was broken, a spell had been cast. Katie slid her leg slowly against his, looking up at him with lust so strong, it was akin to love, or something like it. Whatever the look meant, Greg was in no place to deny her, indeed, he was sorely tempted to make her every wish and hope and dream come true. Sliding his strong arms around her waist, he pulled her upright against him, then stepped forward, pushing her back against the wall.

Katie’s arms wrapped around his neck, as she pulled him closer for another world-stopping kiss. The chemistry was alchemy, the sparks were a raging inferno of flames that seperated them from anything that could possibly matter. Her heart was thudding painfully in her chest, and she could feel the wetness of her arousal soaking her entirely, only serving to turn her on more. She could feel Greg’s erection through his pants, against her stomach, and it sent thrills through her entire body. She longed to feel that hard cock inside of her dripping heat, wanted it so badly she thought she’d die.

Greg, amused at her impatience, took a step back, ellicting long, whiney groans from his new companion. First, he kicked off his shoes, and slipped out of his socks.Then, he peeled his shirt from his body, then his t-shirt. Katie’s wide, darkened eyes watched him with a fascination something like obsession. He slowly undid his belt, then pushed the khaki pants down over his hips. Kicking them out of the way, he stood still in front of her, wearing nothing but gray briefs and a smile. Try as she might, Katie could not tear her eyes away from the bulge they hid. Greg chuckled, and left them on, stepping forward to assist Katie out of her own clothes. She was naked beneath them, so it wasn’t a big feat. His eyes drank Escort Sinop in her perfection, to the swell of her breasts, over the the dip of her belly, to the generous hips that made his cock tighten in anticipation. Wearing nothing but heels, Katie was simply a sight to behold. He slid to his knees on the thick carpeting of the jewelry room, chuckled at the scene they must present. But he hadn’t been lying. even surrounded by the shining, glitzy, awe-inspiring beauty of centuries-old jewelry, Katie herself was the most beautiful and eye-catching piece in the place.

Greg’s lips started at her ankles. His fingers gently massaged her calves as he followed, a trail of sweet kisses that made Katie moan anxiously. The higher on her legs Greg’s mouth moved, the stronger the heady scent of her sex influenced him. It permeated his brain, caused his mouth to water and his dick to throb. He easily slid Katie’s left leg over his shoulder, as his mouth finally reached its destination.

Katie writhed and moaned, her long fingers fisting in Greg’s hair as he slowly lapped at her wetness. The intrusion of her most sensitive flesh sent peals of pleasure along her spine. She mewled like a cat, gasping each time his tongue trailed over her swollen clit. Finally, his lips latched around the hard little button, and his eager suckling of her distended clit caused her to cry out, hips bucking almost wildly, as he held her fast to him. She trembled as the force of her orgasm rocked her body, and each little tremor was like a new wave of ecstacy. Greg slowly trailed wet, sloppy kisses up the length of her body, then claimed her mouth. Katie could taste herself on him, and he swallowed her moans as she squirmed against him.

Katie’s fingers slid to the wasteband of Greg’s cotton prison, then earnestly but gently pushed them down over his rock hard cock. She moaned her wild appreciation of his member, as her long fingers slid slowly around him. Greg grunted; Katie grinned at his reaction, and shifted a bit, softly leading him inside of her. When she felt his thick cock head push into her waiting heat, she gasped. Something about the way he filled her was so glorious, so….amazing. She was clinging to him, groaning, as he slid his length into her wet hole. She trembled as he pressed her against the wall with each forceful thrust. She could feel the cold wood on her back, so contrasting with the radiating heat of his body eminating against hers. She met his thrusts as best she could, then groaned, head nearly slamming back against the wall as she came again, tightening around his pistoning cock. The pressure around him was all he needed, and Katie could feel the white-hot spurts of his cum drenching her insides. Practically howling with lust, she continued to squeeze him, to milk him, wanting every last drop of his seed inside of her, warming her belly. She groaned and finally, exerted beyond belief, relaxed against him.

Gently, Greg laid her down on the carpet. He groaned when he hear the store’s doorbell go off, indicating someone had walked into the shop. He peeked his head out from behind the curtain.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed.” Greg smiled, and Katie’s warm laugh floated to his ears. The disgruntled shopper left, turning the sign behind him on his way out, from open, to closed. Greg closed the curtain and stretched out beside Katie. This could be the start of something wonderful. Smiling to himself, Greg closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

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