Linda, The Prize

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As Linda got close to the front of the black car, the passenger door opened. Linda changed directions quickly and went around to that side of the car. When she paused with her hand on the door, a deep voice from inside said, “Get in.”

Linda shivered and shifted her weight from one foot to the other, feeling her wetness increase. The voice had the same deep rumble of the engine under the hood of the black car. There was also authority and power there. It wasn’t a command but it might as well have been, as Linda opened the door and entered the dark interior of the car.

As she sat down in the race seat, it wrapped around her body and seemed to fit like a glove, as though it was custom made for her. The only light was coming from the dim red instrument lights on the dash. As her eyes adjusted from the brightness of the car headlights, she started to make out the shape of the huge man sitting behind the wheel. The first thing that caught her eyes was the size of his arms; they were as big around as her thighs. A hand the size of a catcher’s mitt moved off the steering wheel and flicked the shifter into gear. Then they were rolling slowly forward and back over onto the asphalt of the road.

Linda took in the muscular chest and chiseled profile of his face but got no farther as the car suddenly accelerated down the road, pressing her tightly back into the seat. As he ran up through the gears smoothly, Linda found it hard to breath, much less move. Her car was fast but she had never felt anything even remotely like this. She looked out the windshield and gasped at the sensation of pure speed. She was sitting higher in this car but the road seemed to be flashing past faster than she had ever seen it. She felt the familiar tingling between her thighs and a grin spreading across her face. “You were playing with me.” She said over the muffled roar of the engine.

He grinned and shook his head. “No, I was just feeling you out.” He replied, his voice matching the engine.

Linda laughed and shivered. “Feeling me up, was more like it.” She whispered to herself. When he laughed, Linda’s head snapped around to look at him sharply. His eyes never left the road as he reached over and barely bushed a couple of fingers across the hard bud of her left nipple. Linda gasped and jerked as though she had been electrically shocked, the whole of the jolt settling between her thighs, making her pussy and clit throb even harder than they had been. Linda shifted her hips and squeezed her thighs as a low moan escaped her lips.

“Not yet.” He said over the engine.

Not yet to cum or not yet, he hadn’t felt her up? Linda wondered, which he meant. She didn’t have time to ponder it as he reached over, flicked the gearshift down, and decelerated sharply. Linda’s hands went to the dash to keep herself in the seat. Out the windshield, she saw the next hard left turn coming up impossibly fast. She couldn’t believe that they had covered the last ten miles of straightaway so fast. A tingle of fear ran up and down her spine at the speed that the corner was coming toward them. She felt the brakes and then another downshift. The car drifted right and then cut left, negotiating the corner at a speed, Linda would have thought impossible. She gasped loudly as he dropped the hammer at the exact center of the apex and accelerated away, pressing her back into the seat. Linda moaned loudly as another surge ran out from her throbbing sex, her hands coming up to caress her tingling nipples. She was drifting off into her own little sensual world.

The engines note dropped and Linda opened her eyes. They were on the straight stretch, that ran across a flat and then up the side of a high ridgeline. Linda dared not look Sinop Escort over at the man driving, if she did, she would cum big time, and she didn’t want the feelings she was experiencing to end. She watched the road as they started up the hill, teasing and pinching her extremely sensitive nipples. Each time she did, she could feel it all the way to her vagina. It would clamp and relax in perfect response.

The car stopped at the very top of the ridge, Linda could see for miles across the moonlit desert. There wasn’t a light shining anywhere in her view. The guy driving shut off the lights and then shut off the motor. The silence rang heavily in Linda’s ears. They sat there in silence for a time and then she heard him say, “Get out.”

For the first time since they had pulled out onto the highway, Linda looked over at the man driving, fear once more coursing up and down her spine. Fear of what, she wasn’t sure but fear, it was. He smiled at her, reached out with his huge hand, and gently brushed her bangs back out of her eyes. “It’ll be alright.” He whispered in his rumbling voice.

Linda shivered at his touch and opened her door. She watched as he removed the steering wheel and opened his door. In the moonlight, she got her first look at his manhood and gasped loudly. The wet shiny head looked as big as a plum. Linda moaned loudly and then shivered in fear again. She had never seen anything so large in her life.

He shifted in his seat and then brought a tree trunk sized leg up and out the door. Then he turned and got the other leg outside. When he stood up, Linda felt the car lift slightly on his side. Linda just stared at his muscular back and tight ass, her mouth slightly open. When he shut the door, she swallowed sharply and turned to get out on her side. What the hell had she let herself in for, she thought suddenly. A little too late to wonder about that, was her brains reply.

Linda closed the car door and looked across the roof line to see him leaning against the side of the car, staring off across the desert. Taking a deep breath, she walked around the car and stopped directly in front of him. He looked even larger standing than he had sitting. Linda was five foot five and her eyes were level with his massive chest. Her eyes flicked down to his manhood and she groaned deeply. It wasn’t long for it’s width but Linda knew she couldn’t come close to closing her fingers around it. Shifting her hips, she could feel the flood between her thighs and wondered how it would feel for that monster to slowly slide into her. She shivered and looked up at his face.

He smiled and said, “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it. It hard to believe that it’s such a blast furnace during the day.”

Linda grinned as she thought about the blast furnace between her legs and moaned softly as she shifted her hips again. “You won.” She said softly. He nodded but didn’t reply. “I’m the prize.” She stated, hearing more pride in her own voice than she had meant to use.

He nodded again and a grin flashed to his face. He reached out and picked her up, a hand under each of her arms, like you would pick up a child. He held her away from his body as he carried her around to the front of his car and sat her down on the front edge of the hood. She squirmed from the heat of the car hood and from his show of strength. He stepped back and looked at her for a moment. “You’re a little big for a hood ornament. You’re too beautiful to leave there; someone would steal you for sure.” He said softly. Then he laughed and added, “Anyway, I’d have to run the windshield wipers all the time with you up there and you’d be sliding off all the time. It would sure shine up the car but I have better plans than that.”

Linda Sinop Escort Bayan felt herself blush, something she thought she could never do. Then he leaned forward and brushed his lips across hers. For the second time, she jerked like she had been shocked and the electricity ran to pool between her legs. She gasped loudly and then moaned deeply. Each time his lips touched hers, the same thing happened. Linda was trembling and shaking badly as he gently pushed her back to lay prone on the hot hood. Linda moaned loudly and caressed her own breasts gently.

Suddenly, she felt his big hands wrap around her calves. He moved her legs wide apart and placed her feet on the bumper cover. Linda shivered at the thought of him looking at the wetness of her sex. The cool night breeze chilled her wet inner thighs and teased her hot sex.

The shock to her nipple and her lips was nothing compare to the lightning strike of his hot tongue coursing along her inner thigh. She jerked her legs wider apart, a loud yell coming to her lips. The same thing happened when he licked the other thigh but this time Linda came with a vengeance, her ass lifting off the hood until none of her body was on the car except her head and feet.

Her body was still bridged, when his tongue took a lick right up the middle of her pulsing slit. Linda yelled loudly and flexed her hips, the tip of his tongue flicking her fully erect clit, each time she did. She would yell at each touch and waves would wash throughout her body until all she could feel was intense pleasure.

Her orgasm rolled on and on, with no end in sight. Linda was so lost in it, that she couldn’t have stopped, even if she had wanted to. Sooner or later though, the body reaches it limit. Linda’s reached that point and she slowly slumped back down to lay in a sprawl on the hood as blackness flooded her mind.

I grinned as I stood up, looking down at the gorgeous woman on the hood of my car. A prize, truly worth dying for. A prize I had stalked for more than three years. Three years of blood, sweat, and tears, but well worth every effort, I had made. The car, I hand built from the ground up just for this one night. The driving schools and the hours on the back roads, practicing the skills I would need. The hours and days, in the gym, reshaping my body, hiding the old fat man under layers of muscle. The hours on the mats with a martial arts instructor, sharpening my reflexes and mind. It was all worth it to me, for this was the moment, I had dreamed of throughout the whole time. I sobered for a second as I hoped it was enough for her.

When Linda’s eyes fluttered open, she looked lost for a moment, and then her eyes looked onto mine. She frowned for a second and then she smiled. At that very moment, I knew everything was right with the world. “Welcome back.” I whispered softly.

She nodded slowly, not trusting her voice.

I reached out my hands to her. She reached up and took a hold of them; I gently pulled her up into a sitting position. She groaned softly and shifted her ass on the hood of the car. “Are you alright?” I asked.

She grinned and looked deep into my eyes. “After cumming my brains out, how can I still be so horny?” She asked in a whisper.

“The mind is the most powerful aphrodisiac, know to man or woman.” I replied with a big grin of my own, as I reached out and picked her up. She made a soft whimpering sound as I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. After a second, as she shivered and gasped loudly, she kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. I could feel the heat of her sex pressing hotly against the head of my manhood. Now, it was my turn to moan as Escort Sinop a shiver ran up and down my back.

Linda flexed her hips, feeling the large hot head massage the small opening to her sex. She moaned deeply and shifted her hips to feel it press more tightly to her opening. She whimpered as the pressure she was applying, started to spread her lips wider than they had ever been spread. A picture of a baseball bat flashed through her mind and then she yelled loudly as the bulbous head slipped inside her. She was cumming again from the pressure and the way her clit was trapped, pressed tightly into its hood. Just the shivering movement of her hips made her cum even harder. The thought of just one full stroke of that thing inside her sex, kept her orgasm rolling.

When the head of my manhood slipped into the hot slippery opening to her treasure, I groaned deeply and nearly came right then and there. Linda was cumming and it felt like her sex was trying to suck me in deeper. It took all my strength of will to hold still and not move. When she broke our kiss and laid her head on my shoulder, I cupped her ass in one hand and caressed her back with the other. She sighed deeply and then whimpered loudly as she lowered her hips slightly, applying pressure to our joining again. I relaxed my hold on her ass and felt her sex settle a little more over my manhood. Linda gasped loudly and then moaned deeply.

After a moment, she lifted her head and whispered, “We need to find a bed, and we need to find it very quick. If I slip even a little bit, I’m going to kill myself on this thing. Either you’ll split me wide open or I’ll cum to death. Either way….” She let the sentence trail off.

I chuckled and whispered, “I can see us checking into a hotel or motel like this. This may be Nevada but there are limits after all.”

Linda laughed and then moaned at the movement it caused. She shifted her hips and more of me slipped inside. She yelled and lifted her hips almost all the way off me. It seemed to relax some of the pressure. With a whimpering moan, she lowered her hips again. Her hot sex slowly enveloped me, the pressure building slowly until she stopped moving with a loud groaning moan. “Oh God, that feels so good.” She whispered through ragged breaths. I agreed with her as my hand caressed her ass. I kept it there as a kind of safety net.

Linda worked her hips and thighs, slowly moving up and down on my shaft. We were both moaning and groaning as we renewed our earlier kiss. She was settling slowly onto me and I was fighting to keep from cumming. The fluttery tight grip of her hot slippery sex felt so wonderful. A velvet glove with an iron fist, flashed across my brain.

Linda had worked almost all of me into her vagina by the time I reached the point of no return. I groaned loudly, broke our kiss, and whispered through clenched teeth, “Sorry.” Then I was cumming deep inside her. As the first hot jet bathed her depths, she yelled and hunched her hips wildly on me. This just made me cum harder as the heat of her orgasm added fuel to the fire. We were a rocket blasting off into outer space, the lowly sky, not big enough to contain us.

As we both, returned to earth, we took the kiss up where we had left off. Before it had been all passion and lust, now there was something else to it. A mutual give and take, satisfaction, and promise were mixed in also. The promise of a bright future.

Linda broke the kiss and sighed deeply. Looking deep into my eyes, she smiled and whispered, “I need to call Jill and let her know that we’re alright.” She grinned and then added, “I also need to give her my resignation, there’s no way I’m sharing you with anyone, ever. We’ll have our own private club.”

I chuckled and nodded, “I was hoping for something like that.”

She laughed and threw her head back, wiggling her hips and sex against my semi hard member. “God, I feel so alive.” She yelled loudly into the soft desert night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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