Lip Licking Delicious

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You are so lip lickingly delicious. You’ve got me so turned on. I think about you and see your body before me. You caressing your body, always hard, you’ve got me flying high, I’m totally out of my mind with you. You came and filled my days with a whole different light. I wished I could really be with you and show you just how passionately I feel about you. I would start by kissing your lips softly, brushing my lips onto yours, nibbling on them, run my tongue over them. Tempt your mouth to open up for me and take me in. I’d curl my tongue around yours, brush it into yours then nibble on your lips; breaking the kiss, only to come back again and dive into your mouth passionately. My legs growing weak I lean against your desk. I have my arms wrapped around your neck, one hand is brushing your hair while the other is inside your shirt, at the back of your neck, pushing you down onto me. I feel you grabbing my ass in your hands and pressing your body onto mine, rubbing your crotch into me. I feel your hard member pressing against me, my hard nipples pushed against your chest, only separated by my thin silk blouse.

My short skirt rises up as I involuntarily open my legs a bit. I leave your lips and start planting a trail of kisses down your chin, laying open mouth kisses on your neck, licking your delicious skin. I barely know what my hands are doing now, but they are fighting to unbutton your shirt, I need to feel your chest under my hands and your nipples under my tongue. I suck on them, tease them, bite them softly and run my teeth over them. I’ve found heaven in your arms but it’s the fire of hell building deep inside my pussy that is taking control over me. Oh God cevizli escort – I don’t fight it because I’m loving it so fucking much – like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I turn us around and press you against the desk slowly undoing a silk scarf that was wrapped around my neck. I stare into your eyes, I see desire in them in it’s most pure and raw form, I feel my pussy tickling as my juices start to flow. I give you a devilish smile holding the scarf in my hands. Your arms are straight, supporting part of your weight with your palms on the desk, you close your eyes and lay your head back. I take the scarf and wrap it around your eyes, and kiss you has I tie it at the back of your head. I continue to kiss your body moving down your neck.

Your shirt, urgently ripped from your body, is laying on the floor nearby, I’m kissing your chest and moving down as my hands undo your belt and open your pants. You run your hands through my hair, caressing my head as I kiss your body. It is time, I tell you, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Even though blindfolded you can see the flash of a camera and the sound of it taking shots, you are startled and tense from your surprise. You were caught off guard, “what the hell is going on?” you demand, moving to take the scarf away from your eyes.

I catch your hands and whisper in your ear, “trust me, please.” You stop, giving in, confident to follow my whim. I continue to kiss downward, until I reach what I’m craving (flash) I lick your skin my tongue less than an inch away from your cock. You twitch with anticipation, getting even harder. I take your briefs and pull them down, setting your cock free. erenköy escort It bounces up and I move my mouth further down your balls, (flash) I lick them and caress them. I run my teeth over them and take them in my mouth, feeling them inside my hot wet mouth. Unable to resist any longer I take you in my mouth (flash) first just the head, then the rest of the shaft. I lick you like an. ice cream cone, my hot tongue rubbing you, my lips stroking you.

You realise now what was going on, the camera was taking shots on its own, they had the same time length in-between them, shot after shot, you were having the time of your life. Stroke after stroke, I was fucking you with my mouth mercilessly, there was nothing better than me on my knees with your cock in my mouth. (flash) I ran my middle finger under your nose giving you a sniff of my cunt, I had been rubbing myself as I had you in my mouth, as soon as you smelled it, you reached out to taste, licking my fingers clean (flash) I laid you over the desk, climbed over you, straddling you., My skirt was wrinkled around my waist and I pushed my panties to the side so I could finally feel you inside me. I rode you wildly, thrusting back and forth over your desk (flash) You had an expression of pure pleasure and I kept rubbing my pussy into you so I could feel you even deeper inside me. All my pussy muscles were wrapped around you and clenching to your cock, “honey, you feel so good inside me” (flash) I ground into you harder, pushing you deeper.

“I need to taste you” you whisper to me, I obey and feed you my crotch (flash) You lick and suck on it, I hold on to your shoulder for support, esenyurt escort my whole body feels weak, my muscles without strength, my brain flooded with pleasure from that sweet licking. You wrap your lips around my clit, suck on it, and flick it with your tongue, you drive me mad (flash).

You lay me down on the desk, determined to have your way with me. Two could play at the game of teasing. You rest your body over mine using one hand to hold my hands over my head, with the other hand you rub your cock all over my pussy (flash) brushing over my clit, so sweet, over my slit, so wet and slippery. I thrust my body upward off the desk, wishing to feel that sweet wonderful feeling, ‘oh fuck me please,’ but nope, not yet, you continue to rub over me as you kiss my breasts and bite my nipples (flash) ‘Fuck me, fuck me! I can’t take it any longer please fuck me.’ As if hearing my thoughts you press into my pussy and it stretches out to fit your size. ‘Oh God, there is nothing like having you inside me my sweet, fuck me harder, faster, oh yes’ (flash) You plunge deeper into me, picking up pace, faster, harder, deeper. Yes, yes! Yes!

I wrap my legs around your waist grabbing you closer, you move faster and deeper, thrusting into me; sweet thrust after sweet thrust, my pussy wrapped around you, feeling every sweet thrust to its fullest. (flash) I feel my orgasm so close, and surrender myself completely, I moan; faster harder, deeper and I feel it like a wave completely washing over me. I thrust my body onto yours and you start moaning and thrusting deeper and harder into me (flash) You come very hard, you pull out your cock splattering my body and my breasts, I pull my scarf from your eyes, wanting you to see the image of true pleasure on the face of you lover. Spent, you rest your body over mine as I brush my hands through your hair… … rest my sweet.

When you wake up I’m gone, all you have left is a silk scarf, a memory card and a red rose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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