Lisa’s Sexual Journey

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When I was in the 11th grade, a guy a year older than me, a senior named Dick that I was dating, compared me to Anna Nicole Smith, the stripper that married a very old, very rich man. She was in the news a lot then, being sued about whether she could inherit the old man’s estate. This guy said that we were both “sexy big blondes”. My reaction was “Me?” I’d always been a tall and sturdy tomboy, active in every possible sport. But sexy? He told me that I had the best body in the school.

Blonde I can accept. I am blonde, Maybe not as light and bright a blond as when I was a little kid but, still, a blonde. Big? Tall, I’ll accept. I’m now five feet ten inches plus a small fraction. I easily get over six feet in heels. But big? I’m extremely fit. Had the lowest body fat index of any girl on our high school soccer team. I now measure 40, 26, 39 and was probably close to that back then. 40 sounds big but my brassieres are C cups not double D’s. I realize now that since my breasts sit all out front that they seem to attract male attention. Guys tend to talk to my tits rather than my face. It’s almost funny the way they look at me. But sexy? I’d never ever thought about me that way.

Anyway, we dated for about the last half of my Junior year and the following summer. I hadn’t dated much, almost never. I was active in sports. But the dates with Dick got a little hotter and a little hotter. I found myself being aroused in ways that I had never experienced before. Then he went off to college.

During my senior year, and after I turned eighteen,at his Christmas break he came back home and for the first time in my life I had someone sucking on my bare breasts as I felt the shape of his cock through his pants. Wow, talk about being aroused! Then he went back to college and I started looking up sex on the internet. I knew I needed more so arranged to go on the pill. At his spring break I was safe and it happened. We were naked and he did everything to me, eating my pussy for the first time in my life. By the time we were done , a couple hours later, we had fucked in a couple different positions, he had eaten me again and I had sucked his cock for the first time.

We then had as sex filled a summer as it’s possible to have. We spent hours and hours together naked. A lot of sex but a lot of just getting used to each other’s bodies. I wondered if I was deviant or something because I loved his cock. He let me know that he loved my body, my pussy. He loved licking and playing with my pussy. So my loving his cock was very normal and that I could do anything I wanted with it as long as I didn’t draw blood or injure him. To this day, I love cocks. I think I may love oral sex and foreplay as much as actually fucking. Although I love fucking. We even used scissors to trim each others’ pubic hair. He claimed he didn’t like getting mine in his teeth.

Then I went to college, a different one, and the distance broke us up. Almost a thousand miles made sex impossible. We both realized that I’d told him I loved his cock and I loved his using his tongue and fingers on me but I never told him I loved him. He never said he loved me. It was all sex not romance. So we both knew we needed local replacements, even though we could still get together on holidays when we were both home. I mean, here I am taking birth control pills so why aren’t I making sure they’re useful?

I knew I didn’t want to become a slut, using lots of guys. But I also knew I wanted, in fact needed, some regular sex. Since I’d had such a great experience with Dick, then maybe someone named Peter would be good. They’re both other names for cock. Stupid, I know. Anyway, I knew one Peter and he turned out to be disastrous. The whole thing took maybe four minutes. he fucked me and it was over. He was done. It had never occurred to me that sex could be so bad, so frustrating. He was so uncaring that it wasn’t worth trying to make him a better lover.

I’d always been involved in sports. It was so much a part of my life that here at college, I wanted to find some sports activities that I could be involved in. I was good in high school but not great so I knew better than to try and go for some varsity level stuff. I signed up for a basketball league, an intramural kind of thing. The first evening that I go to it I end up on a team of other freshman girls. In fact, there are several teams of freshmen plus some upper class teams involved. (I learned later that the next year, the better players from the frosh teams get selected to play on the more competitive teams.)The seats in the gym are rolled back so that it’s possible to fit two basketball courts, running sideways and parallel to each other. Apparently, the girls league plays on one court, the boys on the other. The games are shorter than regular, I guess to get enough games into the allotted time.

Before our game started, I watched some of the boys. There was one, must be six feet six inches tall and looked in good shape that attracted me. He must not be that great or he would be on the varsity or JVs but he looked good to me. As my Sinop Escort team took the floor, I saw that his did, too. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but it seemed to me that he was paying attention to me, watching me, just like I was paying attention to him. Forty minutes later our games are both over. There are a lot of people around, the last teams, that played, like us, the next teams, the ones now playing, so lots of activity and pushing your way through a crowd. He was tall so I could keep my eye on him and, as it turned out, he was keeping his eye on me, so we ended up meeting in the midst of this crowd.

“Hi,” I say to him, “I’m Lisa.”

He smiles, nice smile, “I’m Dave.” He takes my arm and sort of nudges me so we end up against the wall, slightly out of the way of everyone milling around, watching the games being played.

“Are you a freshman, too?” I ask.


“So you don’t know that many people yet, like me?”


“You’re tall,” I say, then think it’s stupid but I need to keep this going.

“Yeah, so are you.”

Shit, what do I do now? Well, go for it, I guess. “So you don’t have a girl friend here?”

“No.” he says and then after a slight pause, “But I’d like to. I’m used to having a girl friend.”

“Yeah, well, I’m used to having a boy friend. I miss what we used to do together.”

“Yeah. Oh boy, do I miss it, too.”

Well, here goes. “You mean sex?”


“Oral sex, too? I mean, do you like to eat pussy?”

“Oh, yeah, I really miss it, it’s getting to be too long.”

“Me, too. Look, I live in Crawford Hall. I have a room mate. But she acts as if she’s homesick. I think maybe for her boy friend, I’m not sure. But she’s gone home for the weekend so I’m alone in my dorm room. Why don’t we go there?”

And that settled that. His cock was actually not quite as fat but slightly longer than Dick’s, and fit my mouth perfectly. He didn’t last long and I was soon swallowing a real load, I can believe he’d saved it up for awhile. Then he proved how good he was at eating me, he didn’t stop when I came but went on giving me as good a high as I could have. Then that long cock filled me better than ever and he seemed to last and last., pounding on me through another couple orgasms. We both agreed that it was exactly what we needed.

That weekend we talked a while. I was majoring in Physical Therapy, which ranks up there with premed for difficulty. He was in chemical engineering, which is also tough, so we both had little time to date and socialize if we were going to get the grades we needed. So we both agreed there was no time for romance, the little time we could spare would be just for sex. Our two naked bodies doing everything we could think of with each other.

And that’s what we did for a little over three years, although I’d still get with Dick when we were both home at the same time. On our way to or from sex Dave and I might walk together and talk a little and during breaks in sex we would eat a meal together but we never truly dated. As far as most people knew, we were both hard working students, almost hermits, but we fucked and sucked every chance we got. Like Dick, this was all sex, no romance.

In fact, I think Dave might be right on the edge of Autism or something like that. He’s not good socially. When he does something he can stick with it forever, almost obsess on it. I mean, he could lick and finger my pussy for hours if I was willing to have multiple orgasms. He would just go on and on until I stopped him. Which was good. When we fucked, once he came the first time, he could last and last, we would change positions and he would just keep pumping away. When I sucked him, after the first time, he would last and last. I would get almost bored sucking on and on so I tried everything I could think of. I taught myself to deep throat him, actually take his whole, long cock into me, an inch or two down my throat. It’s sort of a matter of relaxing my gag reflex and I can’t keep him there forever but as I sucked him and moved my mouth back and forth on him I could take him completely in for a moment or so on each stroke. I know why a cock is sometimes described as a one-eyed snake from my time with Dave.

Anyway, that’s now past. I’ve graduated. I’m Lisa Lukas. My grandfather’s last name is Lukasczyzk but my father legally changed his to Lukas, dropping the “check” sound. Perhaps I’m related to sturdy Slovak peasants except I wasn’t raised on a diet of potatoes and cabbage so I’m a lot slimmer. I’m just starting my first job in what will be my career, I’m a physical therapist. Just in case you think that’s a classy masseuse, let me tell you that I went through a very difficult college course and learned as much about the human muscular and skeletal structure as most any doctor. In fact, I intend to get a master’s soon.

My managers meet with doctors and patients and plan out the details of a physical therapy program that will be best. The program is then carried out, usually by others, like me, Sinop Escort Bayan who report back as to progress and whether any changes might be needed in the program. As the “newbie” I’ve been getting some of the easier assignments, usually elderly men and women. Today I was called in to my managers office and given one more assignment. This fireman fell through a floor, then another floor, and had a broken leg, broken arm, back problems and some burns on his legs. He’s already through about two-thirds of the program and it looks as if he should get back to the shape he was in before the accident. I’m to take over now and put him through the exercises for the last couple weeks. He needs plenty of repetitions and he also needs me to use my strength to stretch him further on some of them, gradually getting his full flexibility back.

So, I go greet him at the front desk before leading him to a small curtained room or cubicle, where I’ll work with him. Fuck, he’s gorgeous. As desirable a male as I’ve ever seen. He must be six foot five, really tall. Broad shoulders, terrific firm looking body. Friendly, smiling face with grey eyes and black, curly hair. Like a movie star. I want him. I start getting wet in my pussy as soon as I see him. His name is Greg so I say hello and introduce myself and lead him to the area where we’ll be working. He says hello back and follows me. Maybe I’m imagining things but I think his eyes are eating me up as I walk ahead of him. It isn’t going to be easy but I need to keep this professional.

So here I am today, leading the sexiest guy I’d ever seen in my life and feeling incredibly horny. I’ve had regular sex for years and now I’ve had none for two months. I sit him on the examining table and have him lay back. I get at his legs and ask him to lift the left one up. I crawl up onto the table so I can lean my upper body against his leg and help force it up and back as far as possible. Then we do the same to the right leg. Fuck, he’s so gorgeous. Even though it’s just his legs, I get a little wetter leaning my body against him.

Then I have him sit up, facing me. I get him to straighten his left leg out. He can only lift it part way, so I put a hand on his thigh and get my other hand around his ankle and pull. I lean on his thigh as I pull on his leg to straighten it out as much as possible. But my hand is touching more than his thigh. That’s got to be his cock, running down the side of his legs, inside his gym shorts. Fuck, it must be huge. It’s got to be eight inches or more to be down there.

I move my fingers, feeling it. I can’t help myself. “Is that really all you?” I manage to sort of squeal out.

“Yeah, all me.” he replies, smiling at me.

“Impressive,” I say, still sort of squeaking.

The way I’m bent over him he’s looking right into my cleavage. “Is that really all you?” he asks, staring right at my breasts.

I have to grin back. “Yeah, all me,” I reply, just as he did.

“Impressive,” he says back, giving me the sexiest big grin ever. In the meantime, I’m there pretty much holding his cock. So I let go and step back some and move around to his other leg to repeat with it what I’d done with the first one.

Somehow, I manage to get him through his entire routine. His erection is obvious but I work around it. I walk back to the desk in front to schedule his next session. On the way across the room he asks me, “Are you single?”

“Yes. And you?”

“Yes. You’re very attractive.”

“To be honest, so are you.”

“I could smell you,” he almost whispers to me, “and I bet you taste delicious.”

“After hearing that, I probably smell even stronger,” I tell him, because I think I’m close to having an orgasm just being around him. “You feel very big so I hope you’re the type that’s willing to take his time and not force things.”

“Lisa, I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

“I’m done here in two hours. Is the address on your form where you’ll be if I come by then?”

“I’ll be waiting and anxious,” are the last words I hear before he leaves. I then have to do a little paper work about the work out with him and then I work with a lady with bursitis.

When my shift ends I hurry to the apartment I share with another girl. I’ve only been in this town and my new job for a month and I moved in here because she had a notice on the bulletin board at work that she needed a room mate. I shower, dress, purposely use no bra or panties, my intent is to have these off as soon as possible once I get to Greg’s. I pack some work clothes and cosmetics in a little bag in case I spend the night and need to go to work from his bed. I use my computer to Mapquest his address and find out how to get there. And I go there.

He’s in a small, four unit apartment building that somebody built in the back yard of a fairly large, older home. I ring his bell. He opens the door and gives me a huge smile and asks me to come in. As soon as I’m in and he closes the door he wraps his arms around me and we’re kissing. Kissing for the first time Escort Sinop ever. I can feel his erection pressing against my stomach. As we finally break the kiss, I say to him, “We might as well save some time and get naked. I want to see that monster of yours as soon as possible.”

God, he’s gorgeous. All muscles. All sort of pink and clean. And his cock is up. I grasp it with one hand as we press against one another and kiss again, naked. He holds my butt. I move my head and kiss his shoulder, his chest, then lower myself, kissing his stomach. “I love your body, Greg, and want to do more but right now I need to get at your monster.” It really is a monster. It’s as fat as Dick, at least, and as long as Dave, at least. Maybe slightly longer. I kiss the end, bend it up and lick along it, up and down, then get my mouth over the head and suck on it, lick it inside my mouth. I pull back a little and let it pop out then use my lips to grab it again. I suck and lick and take about three inches or so into my mouth and then back out again, letting it pop free again. I bend it up and lick it again and then get my lips back around the head. I slide my lips down it, holding tight with my lips and using my tongue on it. I can hear my saliva sort of slurping a little. I take more and more of it in, relax my throat and slowly swallow it a little until my lips are against his pubic hair, then back out a little and then in again.

I slide my mouth all the way back, letting it pop out again, holding it with my hand. I look up at him, “I love your cock, Greg,” I say and then grab the head again with my lips. It’s really a gorgeous cock. Big and strong and clean looking. Cocks get sort of dirty looking when they shrink and the skin sort of withers but this one is up and red and gorgeous. Sex personified. I let it pop out again and move down a little to suck one ball and then the other and then back up and start swallowing that delicious cock. I really love the feel and taste of cock. I work back and forth on it over and over until I finally feel him stiffening even more and I get spurts, strong spurts, that I swallow. I’ve read about girls getting huge mouthfuls of sperm but in my experience I get amounts that are easy to handle and taste very sexy. When there are no more, I slide my mouth back, milking any last drops out, then lick around the head and sit back. Really great, almost making up for a couple of months without a cock. I’m still holding it with one hand and grinning when he reaches down and lifts me back up.

His hands are under my arm pits and he lifts me like I weigh nothing, lifts me fairly high, kisses my stomach and lowers me a little to get his lips around one of my nipples. Licking and sucking my nipple, he takes a couple steps and starts lowering me, letting go of my nipple. He sits me on the couch and pushes my legs apart so he can kneel on the floor facing me. “You have gorgeous breasts, Lisa,” he says, looking at me rather earnestly, “I freed your nipple because I didn’t want to bite it accidentally as I sat you down.” And then he leans forward and gets his mouth around the same nipple while he holds the breast with one hand and fondles the other breast with his other hand.

He moves back and forth between my breasts, kissing and licking and sucking. It feels terrific, I can sense my arousal down inside. I’m sure my pussy is getting wet. Then he sits back a little and reaches down and pulls my hips forward. “I should spend more time on the rest of your perfect body,” he says,” but I have to taste you.” My hips are forward enough that my pussy is actually out in open space. I’m leaning back against the back of the couch but can look down and see what he’s doing. He licks up and down several times, using his hands to pull my pussy lips apart. My legs are spread, giving him all the room he needs. “God, you’re delicious,” he says as he pulls his head back momentarily and grins up at me. Then he’s back in again. He pushes one finger into me and starts flicking his tongue on my clit. He slides his finger in and out and must feel I’m ready because he pulls out and shoves two fingers into me as he keeps on licking my clit. He grabs my clit with his lips and sucks on it. Both fingers are sliding in and out of me. I know I’ve got to be very lubricated because my mind is getting ready to explode.

I’ve been moaning and sort of mouthing “yes” over and over but now I start almost screaming as I cum, It’s a really great orgasm, better than most I’ve experienced. He just keeps on finger fucking me and licking and sucking on my clit. He seems to try and suck my whole pussy into his mouth. My legs are flapping around, my body is jerking and jumping as much as I can in the position I’m in. I’ve had my hands on his head through this, holding him to me but now I start pulling on his hair a little to get him to stop, it’s all so great it almost hurts.

He pulls his head back and looks up at me grinning, then still on his knees, straightens up enough to get his cock aimed at me and starts pushing it in. He’s big, I can feel myself being stretched. With all the feelings of orgasm still there and his cock stretching me and pushing further and further in, I’m going almost nuts, it’s like an overload or something but I just grunt, keep my legs spread wide to give him room and he keeps pushing further and further into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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