Living Life Vicariously

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Dawn Sasso. Even her name drives me wild. It sounds so goddam sexy. And she is. She’s sex on legs. For years I’ve masturbated with images of this woman in my head, sometimes even two or three times a day, but tonight was going to be different.

I was naked as I settled down on top of my bed. The box of tissues was strategically placed within easy reach. My laptop computer was hooked up to the large screen TV that stood at the end of my bed. Both were switched on.

The picture currently on the TV screen was a mirror image of my desktop page. Ignoring it I opened the pictures folder on my computer and scrolled to the photograph I had earlier copied across from my cellphone.

I settled back as the photo came onto the big screen. It was already a great photo but seeing it enlarged on my TV blew me away.

“Holy fuck,” I breathed out loud as I took in the sight before me. My stomach muscles clenched as my cock jumped to attention.

It was a picture of Dawn Sasso in lingerie. She looked nothing short of sensational. Of course I’d seen her breasts revealed in all their glory in a bikini on countless occasions but somehow it just wasn’t the same. Seeing her in a lacy half cup bra, matching lace trimmed panties along with a garter belt and white stockings was far more erotic and sexy.

My hand crept to my rapidly expanding cock. I took hold and gave it a few strokes relishing in the feeling as it grew steadily harder. Pre cum started to leak out almost instantaneously. I didn’t think this was going to take too long.

I began to groan as I drank in the view in more detail. It was a tasteful photograph, possibly one of a series of boudoir shots Dawn had commissioned to give to her husband Marty. But maybe it wasn’t as I’d found it secreted away at the back of a drawer in her bedroom. But more of that later.

It was a typical glamour model’s pose. She was smiling to the camera, her red lips parted to show her sparkling white teeth. Her eyebrows arched exotically over smoldering green eyes and her long platinum blonde hair cascaded down over one shoulder. She was turned slightly sideways and was bending forward, the perfect angle to showcase her magnificent breasts, serving to emphasize just how heavy and large they were as well as revealing a stunning cleavage. To help matters along her left arm was beneath her breasts; just barely supporting them; the fingers of her left hand outstretched and just touching her right arm at the elbow. Her painted red fingernails contrasted vividly with the milky whiteness of her skin. You could clearly see her wedding band and the rock that was her engagement ring.

My hand was moving faster now as my cock reached it’s optimum size and hardness. I stopped briefly to apply a little lotion to prevent any friction burns before turning my attention back to the image on the TV. I was lasting longer than I thought I would.

Her breasts were stupendously spectacular and looked great in her pink and white half cup lace bra. And was that just a hint of her pink areola peeking out above the top of it? The thought that it was made me groan and spurred me on to greater endeavors. I looked lower. Her panties obviously matched her bra and whilst it could have been a thong I seriously doubted it. Her sexy lingerie was completed by a garter belt with a pair of sheer white stockings clipped to it. I wished the picture had shown all of her extremely shapely legs but it stopped just above her knees.

My hand was flying up and down my shaft now as I scrambled up onto my knees to get closer to the TV. I reached for a tissue. I was close. I shuddered with perverse pleasure as I imagined my cock sliding up and down between her breasts, her luscious lips parting on every up stroke to take the engorged purple head inside her hot little mouth where she would give me a quick suck before releasing, only to repeat it seconds later. My hands were massaging and groping at her boobs, feeling her nipples grow big and hard as I twisted and tweaked at them with my fingers and thumbs.

I looked at her gorgeous face and that smile. As enigmatic as the Mona Lisa’s it seemed to be saying just one thing to me.

You like?

Yes, I fucking well did!

I came to a shuddering climax, my sticky white gunge spurting out the end of my hard cock in a torrent of almost biblical proportions and completely missing the tissue I had deployed to catch it. My heart was pounding and my breathing irregular as I milked myself dry before slumping down onto the bedding completely and utterly spent.

As I said earlier I’ve jacked off many times with images of Dawn Sasso in my head but nothing I’d ever done in the past could come close to the intensity of this time. Masturbating with a proper picture of her upper body to inspire me was a new experience and I couldn’t wait to go again.

But perhaps before we go any further this might be an opportune moment to fill you in on all the background information.

My name is Carl Nather. I am forty five year of cebeci escort age and single. My best friend in the whole wide world is Marty Sasso and the Dawn Sasso of earlier is his wife.

Marty is the same age as me and Dawn is slightly younger at forty two. I can’t believe it. She takes really good care of herself and could easily pass for someone in their early thirties although I tell her she looks like a twenty eight year old. She always laughs at me when I do, a deep throaty laugh that’s as sexy as hell and makes my cock swell even now just thinking about it.

Marty on the other hand doesn’t look after himself so well and with an expanding waistline he looks every one of his forty five years. But he’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember and despite the fact I have never married or had any kids, he’s always included me in his family life.

He and Dawn have been married for twenty years and have two lovely children, Josh aged nineteen and Jessie aged seventeen. She’s a doting wife and as far as I know has never strayed although I know she’s been hit on numerous times.

Now as you will have realized I have the hots for his wife. Always have had since the day he introduced us and always will have. But the thing you should know is that no matter how much I would love to fuck Dawn I will never ever attempt to even try. Besides the fact she would turn me down flat; and I wouldn’t be able to stand the humiliation if that were to happen; I just couldn’t do that to Marty. He’s too good a friend to betray in that way.

At the time this sorry tale started I was unemployed. Marty of course knew this and had asked me if I wouldn’t mind redecorating their master bedroom. He said Dawn was bitching at him to get it done but he hadn’t got the time or for that matter the inclination.

It seemed fine to me when I went to have a look but he said Dawn wasn’t happy with the color and wanted it changing. Who was I to argue? It was obvious that Marty had invented the job just to give me some money as he knew I would be offended to accept charity handouts from him. I do have some standards even if I do jack off to images of his wife.

It was when I was there that I found the photo of Dawn. They were both at work and the kids were at school and college so I had a free run of the house. They trusted me to be there on my own.

I admit I’m a pervert, especially where Dawn’s concerned so I was having a root around in her lingerie drawer, looking at her bra’s to see what size breasts she has these days – a 32EE, just so you know – when I came across some interesting items secreted away at the back.

The thought crossed my mind that perhaps Marty was having problems keeping Dawn satisfied when I fished out a rabbit vibrator. It certainly took me by surprise, a feeling that only intensified when I pulled out one of those vibrating egg things that women put inside themselves. And then, before I could even begin to process the implications of this startling revelation concerning my friend’s wife, I found the photograph.

I drooled over it for ages, my cock straining for release before I decided to take a picture of it with my cellphone. I also took pictures of the rabbit and the vibrating egg as well. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought the images might come in handy at some point in the future.

I looked around to see if there were any other photos but if there were, I couldn’t find them. It still raised the question though as to firstly why the photograph of Dawn had been taken, secondly why was it hidden away in her drawer and thirdly, if Marty didn’t know about it, why was that?

* * *

A month later and I was offered a job at the company Dawn works for. Not only is she a stunning looking woman she has a business brain to match. She is quite a high ranking manager there and an opening came up that she was allowed to fill herself. She thought it would be ideal for me and so it proved. The work was hard but it was interesting and I got to interact with some good people.

The only thing Dawn stipulated when she took me on was that we had to play our friendship down in fear of any perception of favoritism. She didn’t want people to think I’d been hired because I was her husband’s best friend. I was happy enough to oblige and it was working out well. No-one had any idea we were good friends.

Not long after I started the company took on a young guy named Neil Madison. He wasn’t in Dawn’s department but we did get to liaise on a few projects that had some common ground. Due to that I shared quite a few lunchtimes with him and generally got to know him. He was an arrogant little bastard, full of his own importance. He was also pretty vulgar. Most lunchtimes he would critique the women in the canteen describing their bodily features in coarse terms and telling me what he would like to do to them.

My first thoughts were he was full of shit but I soon began to realize that his çukurambar escort tales of conquests and seductions weren’t lies at all. When I challenged him he showed me photographic evidence to prove he had fucked the women he talked about and let me tell you, there were some pretty stunning women lying beneath his naked body, clearly impaled on his cock when he took his snaps.

I couldn’t get my head around the secret of Neil’s success. He was nothing much to look at. Standing just over 6′ tall he had a scrawny build with almost matchstick like legs, whose thinness was highlighted by his fashionable, tight fitting skinny jeans, which he always wore low below his almost non existent hips.

Even though he was only twenty seven years old his hair was already receding badly at the temples. His eyes protruded slightly from his eye sockets and his nose was much too long, which made him look most odd especially given he also had a receding chin. And his mouth always seemed to be open, as if he found it difficult to keep his lips closed. And his two front teeth were bigger than his others, which made his overbite worse.

But if he had any hang ups about the way he appeared he didn’t show it. To me he was supremely confident in everything he did. He had the gift of the gab and I was certain he could sell ice to the Eskimos if the need arose. I’d watched him in action with some of the other women at work and he never seemed phased by the initial rejections he often got. If anything it just made him more determined.

During the weeks that ensued he talked about all the women at our company but his favorite subject by far and away and the one he came back to time and time again was Dawn. When I told him she was forty two and had two teenage children he nearly choked on his mocaccino. He couldn’t believe it. He thought she was around the same age as him at twenty seven. I have to say it turned me on big time when he described what he would do to her if he had half a chance. It was all the things I would have liked to do to her if she wasn’t married to my best friend.

Of course I didn’t let on that I knew her really well and I certainly didn’t discourage him to stop talking about her in such a demeaning way. If truth be told I encouraged him to more aggressive and suggestive when he flirted with her, I just wanted to see how far he could get before she eventually shot him down in flames.

* * * * *

I’m not sure when the notion came to me. I don’t think there was a particular defining moment when I made a conscious decision. But looking back it certainly was one hell of a fucked up idea. My morals forbade me from making a play for Dawn. I just couldn’t do that to Marty. But what was to stop me from helping someone else seduce his delectable wife?

Of course I knew it made no sense. What’s the difference I hear you say? You’re still hurting Marty if his wife is tempted to stray. And you’re right. But the difference would be that I wouldn’t be the seducer. I would just be an interested observer. A voyeur if you will. I would be experiencing the chase, the seduction and the denouement without actually being the person doing it, so to my perverted mind my conscience would be clear.

And the more I thought about it the more I liked it. It was obvious that Neil was desperate to make some headway with Dawn and I knew she was going to be a tough nut to crack. But I knew things about her that might help Neil, things that Marty had told me over the years.

The first time he revealed information probably best kept secret between husband and wife was shortly after they got together. He’d come to see me. He looked exhausted and he was. He told me he couldn’t take it any more. Dawn was insatiable. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, she assaulted him daily and he was sure his cock was going to drop off if she didn’t give him a break.

Apparently she loved lingerie, the full outfit including garter belt and stockings. It was a massive turn on for her and if she was wearing it he knew she was in the mood for sex. And at that time she was wearing it every day.

What could I say? I sympathized with him but told him it wouldn’t last especially if he married her. I don’t know why he would listen to me, after all what did I know about women and their wily ways? But he had confessed some time ago that her days of wearing lingerie were long gone.

Thinking about it I suppose it’s not surprising what secrets can get divulged especially when we’re under the influence of alcohol. As the years passed so Marty would sometimes let slip little nuggets of information during our boozy get togethers that definitely should have been kept secret.

One time he told me she liked her ears to be nibbled and her neck nuzzled. They were her two main erogenous zones and according to him it turned her on big time. And throw that in at the same time as a shoulder massage and he was guaranteed access to her boobs, which always led demetevler escort to sex. I remember my heart began beating a little faster when he added that she’d confessed to him that it wouldn’t matter who she was with, it turned her on so much she’d be unable to stop herself. Maybe she was teasing him? Perhaps not?

There were other little things he told me about Dawn that I thought Neil could make use of at some time. Looking back I have no idea what compelled him to tell me these kind of intimate details. But now I could use these tidbits of information to help my co-worker.

I started off by dropping hints that I’d heard there may be some marital discord in her life and that it was rumored that her husband couldn’t keep up with his wife. She was too demanding of him and he couldn’t satisfy her in bed. I had no idea if any of this were true although the sex toys and revealing photograph gave my fertile imagination plenty of ammunition to play with.

And Marty’s comment about his wife never wearing sexy lingerie anymore added more mystery to the revealing photograph I’d found of her. Maybe my assumption that he didn’t know about it was right.

I’d taken to following Neil around the office when he went hunting for Dawn. I needed to see him at work, to watch his progress. It was painfully slow at first. He’d quickly gone beyond the initial light contact touching and had ramped it up to almost blatant fondling. He never missed an opportunity to catch her at the coffee machine where he would slip an arm around her waist and give her a squeeze. And when she would shrug him off, which she always did, he would give her delicious ass cheeks a quick grope. I couldn’t help thinking that if that was his normal modus operandi then the women he seduced must have been easy.

Then came the day when things started to evolve. Days had rapidly turned into weeks and Neil had admitted that he wasn’t getting very far with Dawn. She seemed impervious to his approaches. Every trick he’d used so far from his repertoire she’d shrugged off effortlessly and he was beginning to fear that if he ramped it up any higher he was close to being reported to HR for sexual harassment.

It was time to bring up the heavy artillery so I told him the secret about the lingerie and Dawn’s erogenous zones and the shoulder massage. I wasn’t sure how he was going to use the information but his face lit up and he said to leave it up to him.

It was the afternoon break and I trailed behind Neil as he went to the kitchen in search of Dawn. It was perfect. The only person in the room, she was standing at the coffee machine with her back to us. As usual she looked great. She was wearing a smart blouse and a nice skirt that came down to her knees. It was tight fitting and clung to her sumptuously curvy hips and ass. I took up my usual position in the open doorway as he stepped up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist.

I watched as she jumped but instead of stepping away as he normally did to grope her ass, Neil pulled her tighter to him. She tried to shrug him off but holding her easily with one arm I watched as he moved his hand up to tuck a strand of her long platinum blonde hair behind her ear, which gave him the excuse to touch her earlobe.

Her body jolted as he lightly rubbed it. The effect was instantaneous. She made no effort to free herself as Neil moved his head closer and whispered in her ear. He dropped his arm from her waist and moved his hand down onto her ass. He left it there for a moment before he slid it over her ass cheeks and down onto her thighs. There was no resistance from Dawn who shook her head as Neil whispered something more into her ear, his hand roaming freely around her ass and thighs now.

My stomach muscles clenched as a shot of desire flashed through my body. My cock was rock hard inside my pants. Progress. I was seducing my best friend’s wife at last. Even if it was vicariously.

The sound of someone approaching brought my head back into the real world. I turned to see it was my department co-worker Salvatore. The mug in his hand told me he was heading for the kitchen.

“Hi Sal,” I said loudly, “I’m just going to get myself a coffee. Do you want me to get you one too?”

“Yeah, please Carl, two sugars,” he replied as he handed me his mug and then turned and went back the way he’d come.

I turned back and walked into the kitchen area. Neil was stood to one side with a big smirk on his face whilst Dawn looked to be composing herself before she had to face me.

“Hi Carl,” she said as she turned, her hands smoothing down her skirt over her legs. She certainly looked flushed.

“Oh hi Dawn,” I replied casually.

“I’d love to stop and chat but I have to go,” she said hurriedly as she scuttled past me. She flashed Neil a quick glance and then she was gone.

I watched her go and then looked at Neil. “So … what happened?”

He smiled and shook his head from side to side. “You were right. Her ear lobes certainly are an erogenous zone. Fuck what a reaction. She seemed to melt as soon as I touched them and her back arched immediately.”

“So what did you say to her?”

“I nuzzled into her neck and then asked her if she liked wearing lingerie,” Neil said with a smirk. “You should have heard her gasp when I said that. I then asked if she was wearing any today.”

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