Lizzie Pt. 01

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I met Lizzie at the freshman dorm orientation. She was nearly my height of six feet, with a body type somewhere between slender and athletic. Certainly ‘fit,’ as the brits would say. She had shoulder-length dark hair, with an inch or two of purple highlights at the ends, leftover from going as Ramona Flowers from a previous Halloween. Lizze had large dark eyes, a long prominent nose and a mischievous smirk as her default expression. We were situated near the back of the crowd and traded smartass remarks, making fun of the earnest dorm manager and the bubbly girl who ended up being the RA of our floor.

After that afternoon, I saw her a couple of times over the next few days as we moved in, trading smiles and nods as we passed in the hallways. At the end of the week we ended up at a party on another floor that was cut short when their RA broke it up. On the elevator back to our floor, she smiled at me and asked if I wanted to come back to her room and watch a movie.

“And look, that’s not code,” she said. “I’m not saying ‘Netflix and chill’… like, actually watch a movie.”

Despite her declaration of a non-physical interaction, my heartrate started rising anyway. But I played it cool and said sure.

Inside her partially-decorated room, I sat down on her bed and watched her dig through a cardboard box full of DVDs.

“What kind of movie would you like?” she asked.

“Your room, your choice” I replied, “just nothing too slow and sappy, thanks.”

Lizzie rolled her eyes at me and smiled. She tilted the box toward me to show a mix of films featuring a lot of Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood titles. She started a science-fiction movie that looked entertaining and we settled in to watch. As it began, we were seated next to each other rather formally, but gradually relaxed into more comfortable positions after a few minutes. At one point I noticed her shiver and reach for a blanket.

As innocently as I could, I offered “hey, we could… snuggle up a bit, if you like. I promise to behave.”

Lizzie smiled and narrowed her eyes at me, considering.

“Okay,” she said softly.

I stretched out to a nearly prone position and she snuggled up to my right side. By the end of the movie, her right leg was draped over my thighs and her right arm was on my chest. If she detected my increased heart rate, she didn’t let it show.

Thus began a fairly regular schedule of watching movies in bed with Lizzie. Usually at least twice a week, though of course college life has plenty of distractions and scheduling interruptions, so our movie nights varied quite a bit.Lizzie shared that she grew up watching movies in this style with her older brother, and that snuggling with me in front of her TV was very comforting to her. I was a little crestfallen that I was falling into the ‘friend zone’ (or I guess, ‘family zone’) with her, but I hadn’t made a lot of other friends yet, and didn’t really have much else to do. Besides, I enjoyed our movie nights a lot, though I still found our snuggling highly arousing.

Being in my late-adolescence, I was generally erect the entire time we laid together. On the nights where we watched a double-feature, I was often suffering from a mild case of blue balls by the time I left her room to return to mine, stopping in the common restroom to furiously rub one out if my roommate was home. I had a roommate, but Lizzie had been assigned a single room so we were almost always at her place. On the rare occasion when my roommate was off-campus and we watched a movie in my bed, she would leave at the end of the evening and I could take a more leisurely time, masturbating slowly and imagining her hand moving down from my chest to rub my cock, perhaps grinding her crotch against my hip and moaning in my ear. Even at a leisurely pace, this is usually as far as my fantasies would have the chance to go before I erupted in orgasm. Again, late-adolescence, and I had been moderately worked up for the past couple of hours.

Of course we chatted as well as we watched the movies, often making a lot of wisecracks at the movies’ expense, much like our first conversation at orientation. And we hung out a lot outside of our dorm rooms as well, sharing meals and attending a few parties together. We gradually got to know each other quite well, developing inside jokes and establishing a very comfortable friendship. After a month or so, our conversations began edging toward flirtatiousness. I think Lizzie and I both found this a delicate operation… it can be a little confusing to ‘innocently’ flirt with someone who has already wrapped their body around yours.

Soon her laughter would be accompanied by clutching at my chest and squeezing her leg against my thighs. Often she would absently rub her stockinged toes against my calf, which I found incredibly distracting and caused even more engorgement than usual. Jump-scares in horror movies began causing her to clutch, squeeze, and thrust her hips against my side. Once I swore I heard her double-gasp… once from the movie’s scare, Çanakkale Escort and once (possibly) from the sensation of her crotch bumping against my hip bone.

Looking back, this may have been the pivotal moment where her feelings about me began to change. It was only a couple nights later where she brought it up. We were having a rare night in my room, and the night’s movie had just ended. Lizzie clicked off my TV with the remote, but made no motion to change her position. I turned to look at her and she gazed into my eyes.

“So…” Lizzie began, “this girl in my class asked me if I had a boyfriend.”

I stared at her and tried to keep a casual look on my face.

“I said no,” she continued, “but…”

The longest four seconds of my life elapsed.

“…I had to catch myself because I thought about you, and almost said yes.”

My brain was absolutely frozen and I had no idea how to respond. I had a couple of short-term girlfriends in high school, but even despite the lack of intimacy — well, lack of romantic intimacy, anyway — I felt closer to Lizzie than I had with any of them. I wasn’t sure how to express that, but luckily she kept talking.

Lizzie hadn’t dated anyone in high school. She was from a moderately-strict religious family, but more importantly had a couple of drop-dead gorgeous sisters who pulled any of the available boys in their small town into their orbit. Lizzie had watched how her sisters had to constantly fight their parents for any kind of time with their boyfriends. Ultimately it had seemed like more trouble than it was worth to even try and date any boy, assuming she could find one who wasn’t already infatuated with one of her sisters.

“But from what I understand,” Lizzie explained, “this kinda seems like a relationship. We just sorta somehow skipped ahead to the casual, comfortable, laying-around stage.”

My brain and my mouth were still not working with each other. I nodded at Lizzie encouragingly.

“It’s like we just skipped over the romantic, infatuation part,” she continued. “But now…”

A rare moment of vulnerability. Lizzie’s eyes softened, her sarcasm fully evaporated. The tenderness of the moment somehow unlocked my mouth.

“I’m kind of missing the romantic part,” I admitted. Her eyes widened, and a smile began to spread across her face, before turning to an expression of concern.

“But I’ve never…” (Lizzie left a long pause here to implicitly cover ‘dated’, ‘had a boyfriend’, ‘kissed’, ‘fucked’, etc.) “…you know?”

I put the most innocent and reassuring expression on my face and softly said “it’s okay.”

“Do you think we could, you know…” Lizzie asked, “take it slow?”

Time to break the tension a little, I thought. I smirked and sarcastically said “Slower than this?”

Lizzie grinned back at me and playfully punched at my belly.

“No, but…” her brows furrowed as she searched for words.

“How about just a kiss,” I ventured in my softest voice.

Lizzie’s eyes went wide again with a clear mix of fear and excitement. I put my hand over hers and gave a slight smile.

“I… I think…” Lizzie stammered.

When the excitement in her eyes seemed to be outweighing the fear, I decided to be bold. I slowly leaned my face toward hers. Lizzie didn’t pull away. Her eyes closed. Our lips met. Fireworks went off in my head, my heart hammered in my chest, my cock throbbed in my pants. An unknown number of seconds went by. Finally I pulled back and opened my eyes again. Lizzie’s cheeks were red and she grinned at me, eyes sparkling. It was her turn to be speechless.

“Is that slow enough?” I asked, “one kiss for tonight.”

Lizzie continued to grin at me. “I…” she began, but didn’t finish. Instead, she dropped her head to my chest and squeezed me in a full body hug. As she squeezed, her leg raised up and her thigh pressed against my crotch. We both gasped – me, from the sensation on my cock. Lizzie, from the discovery of a rock-hard object beneath a couple thin layers of clothing. She released her hug and looked up at me, equally alarmed and amused.

“Is that…” Lizzie started to ask.

“Ah… yes” I answered, blushing a little and still recovering from the sensation.

Lizzie grinned and said “I… didn’t mean to… you know, cause…”

“Well…” I sighed, and started doing the math. Religious family, no brothers. I probably had a lot to explain here.

“I mean, I’m a guy, so I have these a lot. Nothing to be sorry for,” I explained.

Lizzie pondered this for a second. “But is that the first you’ve had…” her smirk returned. “…for me?”

Oh boy. This was going to be awkward.

“Not… really?” I answered. Lizzie’s eyes narrowed with curiosity and a bit of concern.

“I mean, I’m a teenage guy, so we get them all the time. Sometimes for no reason at all! But… with a beautiful girl lying next to you, even sort of on you…”

Lizzie’s cheeks flushed again when I said ‘beautiful’, but started to pull away from me as Çanakkale Escort Bayan I continued the sentence.

“…which is fine!” I explained hurriedly “It’s not unwelcome or uncomfortable or anything!”

I decided not to explain blue balls to her at this particular moment. I gently pulled her back to me and she relented.

Lizzie laid her head on my shoulder and thought about it. “Huh.”

A quiet minute passed as Lizzie pondered the biology at play, my heartrate returned to almost-normal, and I willed my cock not to throb, in case she was staring at my crotch.

“I guess… it’s a little… creepy?” I allowed. Even with her head on my shoulder, I could feel her grin.

“Kind of exciting,” she whispered to my chest. This caused me to fail in my efforts to prevent my cock from throbbing. Lizzie giggled when she saw it move the fabric that covered it. She raised her head again to look at me.

“So, does that make ‘taking it slow’ kinda… hard for you?” Lizzie asked, grinning at her pun.

Turning more serious, she continued “doesn’t the… pressure build up, if we go slow?”

I felt like my luck was running out here, and there was only so much sex-ed I could drop on Lizzie in one conversation before freaking her out. But I was also beginning to sense that between my brain and my cock, I was developing feelings for Lizzie. Warm, honest feelings, emanating from right around where she laid her head so often. I owed her the truth.

“Well…” I began, “guys know how to… relieve the pressure…” Lizzie stared at me uncomprehendingly. “…on their own, if you know what I mean.”

Lizzie’s lips curled in disgust. “EW! Only perverts…”

“No,” I said seriously and firmly. “Trust me. You don’t have brothers, but I do. And lots of guy friends. TRUST me,” I implored, “ev-er-y guy does it. A lot.”

Lizzie looked highly suspicious at me, and appeared ready to pull away from me again. Miraculously, she stayed put but continued to give me a skeptical stare. After a few more moments, her expression softened.

“Well, I have heard that,” Lizzie allowed, “but at church…”

I gave her a gently deadpan ‘come on, now’ look, and after a moment she started to grin.

“…and I did catch one of my friends doing it once,” she confessed. “but I thought…”

“I don’t really know how much girls do it,” I admitted, “but I’m pretty sure that almost everyone…” I decided to test the waters here, “…masturbates, at least once in awhile.”

Lizzie didn’t appear shocked by the name of the act, but immediately cocked an eyebrow and declared haughtily “well I certainly never-“

“That’s fine!” I interrupted, “it’s a natural thing to do, or… not do, or… whatever.” I finished lamely.

Lizzie gave me a smirking glare of mock disapproval, and we faintly heard our RA in the hallway advising one of our neighbors to get some sleep.

“That’s probably good advice, ” Lizzie said, and started to disentangle herself from me and exit the bed. As she started walking toward my door, she turned and said “Maybe this weekend we can watch-,” she said, as a thought occurred to her. “Wait, as soon as I leave, are you going to…” Lizzie glanced at my crotch and gave me a mixed look – with one lip half-curled in disgust but with a sparkle in her eye.

“Oh, not necessarily, ” I lied. Emptying my balls after the workup of the last few minutes was an absolute necessity.

Lizzie narrowed her eyes and gave me a skeptical smirk. “Suuure,” she said.

Her eyes softened into thoughtfulness and she said “you know, maybe as a part of ‘taking things slow’, you could abstain from…that… for awhile. Sort of as an experiment?”

A delicious idea popped in my head, fully formed. I pretended to mull it over.

“Huh. That sorta makes sense,” I conceded. “It would be exploring something new, and showing a little demonstration of…” I tried to think of another word than ‘commitment’, which seemed a little intense to drop, only a few minutes into this new stage of our relationship. But she filled in the pause for me.

“Affection, ” she said softly, with wide eyes and a sincere smile. Perfect choice. We really were growing close. Genuine affection aside, it was time to spring the trap.

“So,” I began, “maybe in that spirit of exploring new things, when you go back to your room, I could abstain from…” I glanced at my crotch with a grin. “And then maybe you could TRY…” I waited a beat and then glanced at her crotch.

Lizzie gasped in shock and stared at me in horror, but I could sense the wheels turning in her head.

I quickly continued. “I mean, I’d be trying out your behavior, as a way to get closer to you. And then you…” I tread more carefully here. “could… explore something new that I… and almost everyone else…” I muttered that last bit quickly and hurried on before she could object. “…has tried, and you know, get a sense of what I like to do, and…”

I was petering out here, but I was starting think it worked. Escort Çanakkale Lizzie’s shock had largely faded, but she was staring out the window, trying to find a hole in my meager logic.

“But wait,” she countered, “that’s different. I’m only asking you to try and *stop* doing something, but you-“

“And aren’t we trying to *start* something” I interrupted smoothly, “… together?”

Lizzie stopped, then rolled her eyes at me. She was giving another disapproving smirk, but her eyes were sparkling again. Our RA started yelling at someone down the hall and I felt rescued by the distraction.

“Well, I think we’ve given ourselves a lot to think about” Lizzie said good-humoredly, shaking her head. “Thanks for the movie, and I’ll see you this weekend, okay?”

I smiled at her and nodded. Smiling, Lizzie turned, opened the door, and left.

I laid still for several minutes, processing all that had just happened. Lizzie is now my girlfriend??? Since the 2nd or 3rd ‘movie night’, I’d successfully pushed that idea out of my mind (except for those furtive few minutes at the end of each night, pumping my cock as I pictured her face). Now that it was suddenly possible, I felt a tremendous warmth in my chest as I allowed myself to think about Lizzie in a romantic way. I floated in a cloud of expanding infatuation and pictured her face in my mind. And the way her hair brushed against her shoulders that night she wore a tank top on movie night. And those shoulders… her soft, creamy skin, her toned arm muscles, that strong but delicate-looking wrist. Her slender fingers as they rested on my chest so many nights now. How those fingers would look wrapped around my…

Dammit, why did I have to commit to not masturbating? I groaned, wondering how I was going to get to sleep that night, feeling the familiar ache in my balls- wait. Did I really commit? Trying to think back through a lust-induced haze… seems like there were a lot of “ifs” and “maybes” and “I’ll trys” thrown around at that part of the night, right?

My libido sensed an opportunity and started convincing me. Sure, you said you’d try. Here, 1… 2… 3… there, you tried! She can’t just spring a no-nut policy on you at the end of the day! Tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep, you can set your resolve and make a plan and really start your abstinence. But you can’t lie awake all night with aching balls and have any willpower in the morning.

Fine, fine, I was convinced. I yanked off my shirt and pushed my pants down to my knees, practically in a single motion. As I grabbed a handful of tissues from the bedside table, I resolved to make this ‘last’ jerk session a high-quality one. I would take my time, just thinking about her face. All sweetness and innocence, no mental porno scenes. I took hold of my cock with my right hand and moaned. I was more worked up than any after any double-feature night. As I took my first stroke, arching my back and feeling those first bolts of pleasure, I remembered what I asked of her. Would she actually do it? She seemed quite repulsed by the idea at first, but I could almost swear she was starting to warm to the idea by the time she left my room. What would her face look like then? If she was laid out, half-dressed on a bed like I was, sliding those slender fingers across her wet-

So much for my resolve to take my time. At the mental image of a half-naked Lizzie, touching herself for the first time and crying out in pleasure, I gasped and came. Hard. My hips jerked in ecstasy as I spurted my cum into my handful of tissue until it spilled out, over my fingers and onto my bare belly. I took a minute to recover, letting my breathing slow down and regaining my composure. A few minutes later I was all cleaned up and I collapsed back into bed, exhausted. That was an intense orgasm, and a good one to have if I was going to avoid them for a while. But that night, I dreamed.

We were watching another movie, but it was unfamiliar. In fact, I couldn’t even tell what the people on the TV were saying. Or doing. Soon the screen dissolved into a random mix of flowing colors. I looked down at Lizzie to remark on this development, and found her staring at me, hungrily. She was wearing her tank top, a pair of blue panties, and nothing else. Lizzie smiled at me and squeezed me with both her arms and legs. Suddenly she was on top of me, face-to-face with both arms and legs wrapped around me. I realized I was naked, and my skin buzzed with pleasure where it made contact with hers. I looked up and there was no roof on my dorm room. Light, warm rain began to fall on us. Lizzie was squeezing me rhythmically and leaned her head down to whisper in my ear, “I want to explore something new.”

Our skin was now wet with the rain, and our skin slid together like it was oiled. My cock was pressing against her lower belly and the friction was electric. My hands found her back and roamed across her body, now missing even the tank-top and panties. Naked, we writhed against each other wetly, our hands clutching and squeezing at each other’s flesh and we were both moaning loudly. Lizzie’s tongue squirmed into my ear as I clutched at her ass cheeks, my cock sliding and pressing harder into her quivering belly. Lizzie hunched her back, tilting her hips up and forward so my cock slid against the lips of her-

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