Lonely College Hearts

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Author’s note: If you like this story please leave a comment. I enjoy reading them and I like receiving feedback on my writing. Enjoy the story.

Lonely College Hearts

I didn’t want to go to that party but my roommate Sean insisted. He was trying to hit on this girl that he met on campus and didn’t want to go alone in case it didn’t work out. We have always been best friends, and he knows I like guys so it’s cool. Anyway, he picked me up and we took a bus to the city.

On the bus, Sean kept talking about this girl and I just looked at my reflection on the window. For some time, I had felt kinda lonely. Those dating apps were not working out, despite the fact that I considered myself a good looking guy. My dark short curly hair and blue eyes had caught the attention of some guys but we never had more than a few dates. That night I was feeling a bit depressed, still, I didn’t want to ruin my friend’s night. Suddenly, we arrived at the place. We got off and went up to some girls’ apartment in the city.

Once we got to the third floor, a bubbly girl opened the door and invited us in. We handed her some beers and went to say hi. In the living room, there were some girls chatting and on the balcony, there was a guy smoking. We started chatting and making jokes right away.

More people arrived. They were coming in with more alcohol, and everyone started to get drunk, most of them were college students. The music got louder and some girls started dancing. I was trying to be a nice guy and danced with them. Inside I was feeling miserable but I could still try to have a nice time. The music was loud in the apartment. Suddenly, my friend got closer and said to my ear he was really happy that things were going great with the girl he liked. He went into one of the rooms with her. I felt good for him.

I kept dancing and then I went to the balcony to get some air. I lit a cigarette and looked up the sky, while I rested my arms on the balcony’s railing. The fresh cold air felt great on my shaven face.

Without me noticing, a guy came outside too and asked me for a cigarette. I gave him one, and checked him out. He had a nice bulky body and some short blond hair. Judging by his zipped hoodie and jeans, I couldn’t tell if he was gay or not. I didn’t recognize his face from one of the apps so I just assumed he was friends of one the girls. He then started to make conversation.

“Are you Sophie’s friend?” he asked with a friendly tone, staring with his brown eyes.

“Ehm… no, I came here with Sean…” I replied looking at his young face.

“I think I saw him get in a room with her…” He said pointing out to one of the rooms.

“Yeah… well, she’s the reason why he dragged me to this party,” I said rolling my eyes.

“haha… I see…” He smiled and looked at me.

I noticed he had dimples on his cheeks that appeared when he smiled, they suited him.

“Hey… you wanna smoke some weed?” He said out of nowhere.

“I know where Kathy keeps her stash.”

“She’s Sophie’s roommate.” He added looking back at the apartment.

I thought about his invitation for a moment. I didn’t have anything else to look forward to except mindless drinking and dancing so I took his offer.

“…’kay, let’s go…” I replied following this guy I’d just met.

We walked between the girls that were dancing and the people talking. I followed him into the last room of the hall. Kathy had the smallest room in the apartment. She was visiting her parents that weekend, so she wasn’t at the party. Once we got into the room, some of the voices and noise disappeared. There were just the two of us in that girl’s room, but that didn’t mean he was into me, I thought…I tried not to jump to any conclusions.

I sat on the bed and turned Eryaman Escort her nightstand lamp on, while I waited for him to find everything. Meanwhile, I snooped around and looked at her pictures. He was in many of the pictures and he and Kathy seemed close. In one of the pictures, they were on the beach. His strong torso and bright smile caught my attention, but he was probably her boyfriend so I stopped drooling. He rummaged through her panty drawer and found a box with a pipe, a lighter, and some weed.

“Hey…are you and Kathy going out?” I asked pointing to the pictures.

“Yeah… we’ve been together for three years now…” He stated while casually taking the stuff from the drawer.

“Cool…” I replied not knowing what to say.

It was a bit weird for this straight guy to want to smoke weed with me, considering we were all alone. But I tried not to think too much about that.

He sat next to me and started preparing everything. It’d been a while since I smoked, but I desperately needed to relax. I contemplated his strong fingers loading the pipe and holding the pipe against his pouty lips. Quickly, I helped him light the pipe as he inhaled. He held his breath for a moment and blow some smoke. He offered me the pipe and I handed him the lighter. I took some hits and felt my body react immediately. I was feeling light-headed and my hands tickled a bit, the music from the living room sounded far. Steadily, I began to relax.

“It’s good, right?” He said coughing a bit and looking at me with his sweet smile.

Maybe it was the fact that I was high, but I started to feel attracted to him.

“Yeah…” I replied smiling softly.

We took some more hits and then he turned off the nightstand lamp, grabbed some pillows and laid back on the bed. I noticed that his t-shirt had risen up a bit and was revealing those v-shaped muscles on the side of his hips. He definitely had a great body I thought. I sat there not knowing what to do, but he patted the pillow next to him and urged me to lay beside him.

I did what he asked without saying anything. We just chilled both staring at the ceiling in the darkness, we could still see something with the dim light that entered through the window. We could hear people having fun and drinking in the apartment, but all I could think of was that hot picture I saw of him. He seemed like a nice guy, and he had a girlfriend, so I wasn’t going to try anything.

With my eyes closed, I enjoyed the high and my body felt completely relaxed. Suddenly, I felt his hand on my chest. He was fondling my pecs, touching my nipples over the fabric. My blue eyes met his eyes in the dimly lit room. Unsure of how he would react I started touching his chest, I could feel his strong muscles and I started to get hard. I was about to go for it when I suddenly remembered we were in his girlfriend’s room and a feeling of guilt ran through my mind.

“Man…what’re we doing?” I asked confused and sitting on the bed.

“What?…you don’t like it?” He replied looking at me with his brown puppy eyes.

“Yeah… but what about Kathy?”

“Aren’t you two guys together?” My common sense asked as I didn’t want to be the person that gets in between a relationship. On the other hand, he was super hot and my cock had a mind of its own.

“Well…it’s not working out… I think she’s seeing someone…” His faced looked genuinely sad for a moment, and I just wanted to make him feel better.

“Oh…sorry man…” I said because my brain couldn’t find any comforting words.

“I think she wants to break up with me but she’s scared because we’ve been together for so long…”He continued.

“Anyway…I was feeling blue and I just wanted to have fun tonight Sincan Escort and forget about everything.” He stated and I was surprised by his honesty, considering we had just met.

“…Yeah… I get it” I could totally relate to what he had just said, but I still didn’t know how to react.

We looked around, sitting, in silence, for a few seconds. Then he got closer, leaning for a kiss. I grabbed his recently shaved face and kissed him passionately. It had been a while since I’d been with a guy so I was hungry. His mouth was so sweet I couldn’t get enough of it. Maybe it was the body high, but I was on a different kind of buzz. I sat on him and began caressing his coarse short hair slowly. He panted enjoying my touch. My excitement grew and I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. while we kissed, his strong hands were grabbing my butt and pulling me closer to him.

He took off his sweatshirt and I pulled his t-shirt up, so he removed it too. His defined muscles were all I could think of, he was ripped. We continued kissing and my hands explored his hairless chest, up to his neck and down to his lower abs. He was so masculine. The smell of his aftershave invaded my nostrils. I was biting his lips and sucking his tongue, and he was getting really into it. At that point, I didn’t care anymore if he was gay, straight, bi, whatever… All I could think of was that I wanted him to feel good.

“Fuck… you’re so beautiful.” He blurted out holding my face and looking into my blue eyes, making me smile.

He ran his fingers through my soft dark curls and continued kissing me deeply. I felt in a daze. We were both aroused, so my hands went down and I quickly unzipped his pants. I stuck my hand inside and found his stiff cock, it wasn’t that long but it was nice and thick. We continued kissing, and I started massaging his fat cock. He was panting and moaning like it was the first time someone touched him. I thought it was adorable. I whipped out his cock and spat on it, making him jolt of excitement.

“God… you’re amazing…” He stated and I was wondering if this was the first time he was with another guy.

“Have you ever been with a guy before?” I asked while stroking his cock hard and staring at him.

“..ah… not like this… I’ve made out with some guys before but we never got far…” He said looking at me with pleading eyes.

In my mind, I thought I could for sure teach this guy something new and satisfy his curiosity. I had to take the chance, I had in front of me this blond shirtless stud.

So I kept playing with his balls and stroking his now glistening cock covered in precum, when out of the nowhere, he tossed me on the bed. I was shocked by his sudden aggressiveness. His hands started to awkwardly grab my cock with one hand over my jeans, his rushed movements showed his arousal.

“I wanna… see your cock…” He said panting. I was pleased to see him so excited, like he wanted to do more.

I could see that spark in his brown eyes.

“Okay…” I said slowly unzipping my pants and whipping out my cock, he was staring at my crotch watching my every move.

As I took it out, I saw his mouth opened with a surprised look. I have always been more of a grower than a shower, and with this hot guy my cock was large and rock hard. Most people were surprised by the size of it, as I don’t look like a guy that’s packing.

“Fuck…your cock is so big, man…” He told me in all honesty, making me laugh a bit. I’ve seen bigger cocks than mine, but I guess this one was the biggest he had seen in real life.

“Yeah…I guess…You wanna jerk me off?” I asked with a grin.

He held my hard cock with his right hand and started going up and down real hard. Etlik Escort He had a strong grip. His eyes were fixated on it, contemplating all the veins and crevices. He was almost hypnotized by it. Meanwhile, I continued playing with his cock. I must admit, it was fun to see him so excited. However, I knew he needed some directions.

“Come on, use both hands,” I commanded and he immediately followed my instructions.

“Like this?” He asked improving his movements.

“That’s it…” I said closing my eyes and enjoying his strong hands on my meat. Then he continued playing with my balls and my head, he was getting better at it. He was following his instict.

We were jerking each other off, when I looked at the door next to me. For the last half an hour or so, I had forgotten about the party. I was so in the moment with him that I felt there were only the two us in that apartment. However, somebody could come in and see us at any time. The thought of being discovered, only added to my excitement.

Soon I felt his body getting tense. He laid on the bed next to me and our movements became faster. His lips reached for my mouth, kissing and licking desperatly. He stroke my cock harder and harder and I felt my orgasm was close. He was breathing fast, and I could tell he was also about to cum. My hand went up and down his thick cock relentlessly. He tried to keep up and did the same. The room filled with the lewd sound of our hands and our moans.

“Agh… god… I’m bout to cum..” He said while panting like a teenager.

His cum exploded from his cock in several shots. I could tell he hadn’t had sex in a long time. His muscular torso was covered in sweat and cum, and my hand kept squeezing even the last drop of it.

“…fuck…I’m cumming…”I panted in between kisses, I lifted my shirt so I wouldn’t get cum on it.

His firm grip went up and down and suddenly I was spilling cum over his strong fingers, like a fountain. My orgasm was intense and I was shaking and breathing next to him. It slowly subsided and I kept stroking my cock softly.

Dizzy after such a wave of pleasure, I looked to my right and I saw him staring at my cum on his hand. His curiosity was evident. Although, I knew he wouldn’t dare if I didn’t push him a little. So I grabbed his hand and started licking one of his fingers, while looking at him. I took some of my cum from his hand and started kissing him. He was hooked. He began licking his hand clean, I contemplated his aroused expression. Then I had to clean him too, so I licked and kiss his defined abs and chest looking for his sweet cum.

We rested on the bed for a moment, I put my cock back in my pants and so did he. He put his shirt back on. Then I turned my head to face him and saw his smile, forming his two dimples again. He caressed my face with the back of his hand. I kissed him gently on his soft lips. I didn’t think I was going to end up meeting someone so hot that night, I thought.

“I’m glad you came to the party.” He said looking all relaxed.

“Yeah… me too…” I replied with a satisfied expression.

“Should we go back?” I asked noticing again the noise from the people that were partying.

Smoking weed had made me lost track of time. When we checked our phones we hadn’t been more than an hour in that room but it had felt like forever.

“Yeah…maybe you should check on your friend…” He said getting up and picking up his hoodie from the ground.

“… Sean?.. Nah… he’s fine…” I said and we both laughed. We joined everyone at the party and apparently no one had noticed our absence.


After our encounter, he broke up with Kathy. It was true she had been seeing someone for some time and the relationship was beyond saving. Luckily, they remained friends as they still cared for each other. It was the most mature thing to do.

As for us, I think we had a connection that night. We have been going out on a few dates, and so far it’s going great. I’m glad I decided to go out that night, I often thank my best friend for dragging me to the party. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met him.

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