Lonely for You

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I am alone and missing you in a hotel thousands of miles away. I cant wait to be with you again and am desperate fro your touch. Imagine me naked and ready and waiting for you, hard and stiff, erect and throbbing for your body, yearning to push the burning flesh of my sex myself into the sweet warmth of your tight pussy. I am desperate for the caress and ultimate release of your tender excited flesh. I want to pour my essence into you, flood you with my lust and fill you to overflowing with my thick creamy juice as I draw the pleasure deep from within your own eager body.

I want you kneel in front of me, you face level with the stiff length of my prick. To take the base of my cock in one hand, your soft touch sending a spasm of pleasure through me as you pull my foreskin back, exposing the swollen bulging end and forcing a drop of pure liquid excitement run from the tight slit at the tip. With the tip of one finger your rub the drop around the smooth sensitive flesh, coating the head of my cock with moisture and driving me wild with pleasure.

I watch your mouth move towards the shining end of my rigid sex, your lips parting slowly, ready to receive me. Your tongue reaches out and touches me gently, tasting the salty musk of my sex and savouring the moment of contact. My prick is on fire for you, the touch of your warm tongue has inflamed me and I must have more. I reach down and hold your head, my fingers pushing through your hair to grip you, pulling your mouth down to the swollen length of my cock. I watch as your lips open wider and slowly, ever so slowly my thick engorged prick slides into your mouth.

I look down, watching you take me in your mouth and then looking deep into your eyes as I feel your lips and tongue wrap around my hard flesh. My eyes close with pleasure and my hips involuntarily thrust at your face forcing my long curving cock right to the back of your throat. You struggle to take me in and I look down to see the intensely erotic sight of my thick cock pushing between your open red lips, your mouth stretched tightly around my cock as it begins to move in and out. The glazed look of pleasure in your eyes and the sight of my angry thrusting dikmen escort cock working in and out of your mouth and the look of abandoned pleasure on your face is almost to for me to bear.

You run your tongue along the underside of my cock near the sensitive tip and I can hold back no more, literally exploding in your mouth as I thrust my cock at you. My balls contracting in your hand as my prick twitches between your lips, thick musky juice floods from my cock, pumping over your tongue and filling your mouth with creamy nectar. I cry out with pleasure and continue to move my cock in your mouth as my orgasm subsides. Strands of creamy sperm run from the corners of your mouth and fall in heavy drops onto your heaving breasts. I pull my prick from your mouth and lower my face to yours, kissing you deeply, tasting my own juice inside your mouth as my hands massage the fallen drops into your stiff excited nipples and the soft silky skin of your tits.

Now I want you to experience the same pleasure as me and push you away from me, the sticky trails of my sperm on your tits leaving wet matches on my chest as we draw apart. I push you towards the table and make you bend you forwards over it, then drop to my knees behind you.

My hands reach up and cup your firm rounded buttocks, drawing them apart to see the pink pouting lips of your succulent pussy. I love the sight of your glistening sex, your lips swollen and ready for me. Your gorgeous cunt makes me ache to plunge myself deep into your warm yielding body and force my cock in an out of your tight little hole until I come, your gorgeous cunt sucking the life from my pumping cock. I lower my mouth to your arse, savouring the smell of your excitement, the musky aroma of your glistening vulva exciting me even more.

I begin to lick the cleft of your arse, running my tongue up and down in long slow strokes, lingering on the sensitive bud of your anus and moving down to the plump swollen lips of your cunt. My tongue probes your body, working it’s way between your lips and into your cunt, its smooth warmth penetrating the ache of your desire before moving up to emek escort press into the tight ring of your arse and dipping into the sensitive hole beyond. I love pleasuring you this way, the groans that you make and the way you push against me to force my tongue further into your body makes me want you even more, but I am determined to make you come like this.

I begin to lick you faster and pushing my tongue deeper into your body building up an insistent rhythm against your gaping sex and working with the tip of my tongue against your clitoris, coating my face with the juice of your excitement. You start to thrust yourself against me gasping loudly and grasping at your own tits to ease the ache, your body writhing with pleasure until the release of orgasm overwhelms you, your pleasure wrecked body jerking against me as your rub your throbbing sex against my face. You moan softly and slump onto the table as your pleasure fades and normality returns, my tongue moving in slow lazy circles over your engorged pussy and flicking your hypersensitive clitoris.

I want to make you lie on the bed, naked with your legs apart, touching yourself just as you do in your clips while I watch you rub your clitoris and slide your fingers between your lips, deep into your tight pink hole to moisten them. I will tell you what to do exactly as I do but this time I will be standing in front of you, between your open legs, naked myself with my big stiff erection thrusting out towards you.

I will be touching myself just as I do as I watch you on the webcam, but now I will be with you in the room standing over you and talking to you, telling you where to touch yourself and what I am seeing. You can feel my eyes on you as you masturbate, your cunt totally open and exposed to my view, my eyes caressing your inflamed sex. You too can see me as I feel myself, my hands moving on my hard throbbing prick as they do when you watch me by yourself.

I rub myself slowly as I watch you bring yourself to an orgasm, writhing with pleasure on the bed before me. Just imagine me making myself come as I watch your excitement, the waves of pleasure eryaman escort finally peaking so that I gasp with ecstasy and the thick white strands of semen spurt from my twitching cock to land in warm strings of liquid pearls across the soft sensitive skin of your stomach and thighs. I look deep into your swollen sex as it contracts against your moving fingers and urge you to come with me, and your own orgasm overwhelms you as my thick musky juice falls onto your heaving body and runs across your eagerly thrusting hips.

As I sit and write this thinking about you my cock is hard and throbbing, it aches so much I have to release it form my jeans. It feels so big and so hard, pulsing with life and excitement, an aching column of pleasure, the thick curved shaft contrasting with the smooth dark red bulging tip. I wish that you were there to watch me as I put both hands around it squeezing myself and imagining my fingers to be your tight little cunt, even with both hands around my shaft the tip still sticks out giving showing you how swollen I am.

I pull my foreskin right back making the end swell even more and the shaft stand out to look even bigger. It looks so big I can’t believe that your beautiful delicate little cunt can take it all in. I start to move my hand up and down wanking myself and feeling the soft skin slide easily up and down the solid shaft of my cock, increasing my pleasure. A drop of moisture runs from me as my excitement grows, I rub it around the sensitive skin at the tip of my throbbing cock feeling the hardness beneath and moaning at the feelings it creates.

The top of my cock is wet with juice now, my hand sliding easily along my engorged shaft and up onto the sensitive head, the sensations becoming more intense as my pleasure continues to build. I grip my balls gently with my other hand feeling them, pulling at them to stretch the skin of my cock and heighten my feelings, the sensitive skin enjoying my touch. I try to delay it to increase the feeling and prolong my ecstasy but finally I can hold back no longer and my cock swells to bursting point. My hands are moving faster, and I feel myself sink urgently into the blissful release of orgasm. Thick strands of creamy sperm spraying from my body as I feel the powerful contractions inside me force the musky juice to pump from my twitching cock to land in pearly drops on the carpet in front of me, falling heavily on the floor at my feet as I imagine I am coming deep inside your beautiful body.

I need you darling…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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