Lori , Leila

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The 18 year old blonde was excited about her first day of college; the admittance process was long and tedious. She had been assigned a room but her roommate had not arrived when she left her bags in the room and she was anxious to meet her. Lori hoped that her roommate would be nice. After several hours of signing forms and orientation, Lori went to her room to put her things away.

When she opened the door to the room, her blue eyes opened wide when she saw a stunning ebony beauty clad only in pink panties. The black girl was startled as well and introduced herself as Leila. Lori shook Leila’s hand and brushed back her shoulder length blond hair and tried not to show her embarrassment but her blush was evident. Try as she may, Lori could not help but to stare at the enticing black girl. Leila was 5’10” tall, had very dark skin that seemed to glow, and her 36D cup breasts commanded attention.

As they chatted, Lori could feel her pussy dampen and tingle. Lori had never thought of being with another girl and could not understand her attraction to the enticing black girl. Leila sensed the allure and was pleased. The 19 year old black girl was a confirmed lesbian and found Lori fetching. Leila went to a mostly black high school and had never been with a while girl and wondered what it would be like. Lori came from a small town and did not know many black people but welcomed the opportunity to learn and become friends with her new roommate.

The slender blond girl felt intimidated by the sexy ebony goddess. The 5’2″ blond felt small next to her and as she lifted her eyes from the ample bosom to the beautiful face, she gazed into dark eyes that sparkled. Her knees grew weak and she felt faint. It was as if she was being drawn into Leila’s incredible eyes. Leila grabbed her by the shoulders to steady the dazed girl and asked, “Are you alright? I thought for a second you were going to pass out. Is there anything I can do for you? Do you want me to get you something?”

“No, no thanks. I will be OK, maybe I should get something to eat. I have been so busy that I forgot to eat.”

“I could use a bite myself. Let me take you to lunch; I know a nice place down the street.” They took Leila’s Mustang and enjoyed cheese steaks and milk shakes. They got along fabulously and went back to their room and finished putting their things away. Lori went in to take a shower and when she stepped out of the shower she was surprised to see Leila sitting on the toilet taking a pee. As the stream of urine hit the water in the bowl, Lori’s eyes traveled down to the lush black pubic hair and sexy black pussy and found herself getting flustered once more. She just stared as if in a trance.

Leila asked, “Do you mind me coming in the bathroom before you were finished? I just had to go so bad; after all, it is just us girls!”

“No not at all, I didn’t mean to stare at you, please forgive me.”

“Nothing to forgive honey, you can stare at me all you want. I don’t mind at all.” Lori smiled but she turned crimson as she left the bathroom. Leila noticed Lori’s 32 B cup tits and how her nipples stiffened. Leila knew that she turned the white girl on but also realized that Lori was having difficulty coping with her new feelings. As much as she wanted to make love with Lori, she decided to be patient and wait for the right time.

Lori put on her pajamas and got in bed. She wrestled with her feelings toward her roommate and was totally confused. Leila didn’t help matters any as she stretched and slid her nude ebony body into bed. They said goodnight but both had trouble getting to sleep. Leila because she wanted to satisfy her desires and Lori because she could not understand the craving in her aroused body.

Three weeks passed and they became best friends as well as roommates. On a Saturday night Leila announced, “A classmate of mine invited me to a little party in her room. She said that there will be plenty of beer. I asked if I could bring you and she said that would be great. So lets go get waisted!”

“I…I never drank before, maybe I should stay here and let you go.”

“No way, I refuse to go without you. Come on, it will be fun. Do you want to go through your whole life without a drink? It’s about time that you let your hair down and had a good time. Besides, who better to have your first drink with than your best friend?”

Leila guided Lori by the hand down the corridor to the room with the party. There were about a dozen girls dancing and drinking beer. The small room was packed and bodies were pressed together. They were both handed a beer and Lori was encouraged to take a big swig. Lori liked the taste and kept up with the rest of the girls as the evening wore on. Lori even danced with a couple of girls and was having a good time. At one point, someone bumped into her back and pushed her up against Leila.

A little bit of her beer splashed on her friend’s blouse and Lori attempted to brush it off with her hand. She was taken aback when one Beşevler Rus Escort of the other girls laughingly exclaimed, “Leila, I think your roommate likes your big tits! Looks like she can’t keep her hands off them. Are you two more than just roommates?”

Lori stuttered, “I…I spilled some beer on them, I mean her, I was just cleaning off the beer!”

One of the girls replied, “Sure you were; no need to make excuses, we understand.”

Leila took the tipsy blond in her arms and said, “May I have this dance? There is no one in the world that I would rather slow dance with.” The black girl pressed Lori’s face to her bosom and they swayed to the music. Lori’s embarrassment was overcome by her feelings of contentment and safety in Leila’s strong arms. Being so close to the sensual siren inflamed her whole being. The ebony beauty felt the blond girl succumbing to her animal magnetism and whispered in her ear, “Let’s go back to our room. I want to be alone with you.”

They took a couple of beers with them and headed back to their room. Lori stumbled and almost fell but Leila caught her and guided the tipsy girl the rest of the way. Once in the room, Leila quickly stripped. Lori asked, “Why do you always take your clothes off and strut around naked?”

“Because it is comfortable and makes me feel good. Don’t you like my body? Does it offend you to see me this way?”

“No, you are beautiful, it is just that it is difficult not to look at you, that’s all.”

“I told you before that I like it when you look at me. Take off your clothes and let me see you.”

“No…no, I couldn’t, my body doesn’t compare to yours. I wish that I could be comfortable with no clothes on but I am too self-conscious.”

Leila exclaimed, “Oh, look what I have for us!” She displayed two marijuana smokes and lit one. Leila took a puff and handed it to Lori, who protested that she didn’t smoke. She was told that it was not tobacco and that she would love it and be brave enough to take off her clothes after she smoked it. They smoked, drank, and giggled. Lori felt like she was floating and did not protest when she was helped out of her clothes.

Leila observed, “You have a lovely body, you should never be ashamed.” Leila tweaked her small breasts and ran her fingers through the sparse blond pubic hair. They embraced and kissed, Lori didn’t have the will or the desire to resist. They rolled on the bed and Leila kissed all over her slender frame. Lori jerked when lips kissed her pussy. The tongue that teased her clit and licked her love-tunnel quickly brought her to a heavenly orgasm. Two long black fingers slid in and out of her white pussy as Leila ate out her sopping love canal until Lori screamed out in rapture and experienced the most intense orgasm that she could imagine.

Lori was coming down from the amazing orgasm when Leila straddled her face and lowered her black cunt to Lori’s face. Lori breathed in the musky aroma of the aroused pussy and licked it with her flicking tongue. It was her first taste of pussy and she loved it. In no time at all, she was gobbling up the tasty pussy with fervor. The exhausted lovers drifted off to sleep in Leila’s bed.

After awaking, Leila guided Lori’s face to her black melons and hand fed her each nipple. The blond girl eagerly sucked on the rubbery nipples until her head was pushed down to the smoldering cunt. Lori lovingly worshiped the black pussy with her mouth and tongue. She enjoyed eating Leila’s pussy so much that she reached orgasm when her lover did.

Lori was adoringly licking up all of her black lovers cum and pussy juice when the door suddenly opened. It was Linda, one of the girls from the beer party, she said, “Oh my God, I was just kidding last night. I had no idea you were really lovers! Can I join in?” Lori looked horrified, Leila just smiled and told the stocky, big bosomed, 20 year old blond to get naked and get licking.

Linda tossed her clothing aside, jumped in bed with them and immediately dove headfirst into Leila’s juicy pussy. Leila told her startled roommate to get behind Linda and eat her out good. The sexy black girl yelled out, “Eat the hell out of her bald cunt! The better you eat her the better she sucks my cunt. Oh yeah, oh hell yes, do it baby, so fucking good.”

They spent the next two hours orally servicing each other. When Linda finally left, Lori asked Leila, “I thought you and I were lovers. Why did you invite another girl to join our lovemaking? I don’t understand. I want to be your girlfriend. I don’t want to share you with anyone else.”

“You are my girlfriend and we don’t need others but sometimes it is fun. You weren’t complaining when your face was buried in her cunt or when she licked your pussy, confess, you liked it didn’t you?”

“Well, yes I guess I did but I don’t want to lose you to an other.”

“Stop worrying, I am not going anywhere. Just relax and enjoy the ride, just Cebeci Rus Escort think, in one day you tasted your first and second pussy. You really don’t want to stop at two with all the tasty girls around here, do you?”

“Oh I don’t know, this is all so new to me. I don’t know what to think but as long as we are together, what the hell!”

“Good girl, you won’t regret it, from now on you are going to live it up; just stick with me and I will show you around your new world.” The next couple of months were like a roller coaster ride. Lori had more sex than she ever thought possible. She beamed with pride when Leila called her the best pussy licker on campus. It was time for holiday break and Lori invited her girlfriend to her home. Leila agreed under the condition that the next time they would go to her house.

They drove Leila’s Mustang the three hundred miles to Lori’s home. Lori’s mother, Mary, looked like an older version of her daughter except she seemed extremely cold and acted like she thought that she was better than everyone else. When the girls went to bed, Leila asked, “What the hell is wrong with your mother? She needs to take that stick out of her ass. I don’t think she likes me very much. Is it because I am black?”

“No, she is difficult to get to know, that’s all. She always acts so prim and proper all of the time. Forget about her and give me that delicious pussy of yours.” The girls didn’t get much sleep that night but they were content. The next day was the same and no one could relax around Mary; everything had to be just right for her and she never smiled.

The girls went to bed early just to get away from her. They were engaging in a wild sixty-nine when the door burst open and an enraged Mary screamed, “How could you do this in my home? I raised you better than this. I want you both to get out of my house right now! I will not tolerate such disgusting behavior, you have turned into a perverted slut. I no longer have a daughter, now go!” Leila wanted to kick the shit out of the bitch but Lori talked her into just leaving.

Once in the car, Leila offered, “My aunt Helen lives about 70 miles from here, we will go to her place. She is just the opposite of your mother; she is a lot of fun, you will like her. However, I must warn you that she is a lesbian and she will want to have some fun with you. It was at her house that I had my first lesbian experience.”

“You had sex with your aunt?”

“No, it was with one of my aunt’s lovers.” When the girls arrived at aunt Helen’s place they were greeted with open arms and kisses. Aunt Helen and her friend Verna were both large women. They were both in their late thirties, had big tits, big rear-ends, and big grins on their lovely faces. The four of them had some beer and Helen’s smile turned to a frown when she learned what happened at Lori’s mother’s house. Lori and Leila felt guilty for interrupting aunt Helen and Verna; they were both wearing only robes and the girls were certain they were getting it-on! Lori found the women arousing but she was too upset to play now.

Helen and Verna asked the blond many questions about her mom. They all went to bed and the next day Helen shocked the girls by announcing that she and Verna were going to pay Mary a visit. They told the girls not to worry and enjoy the house until they got back. They promised to clear up the problems between Lori and her mother.

Helen and Vera learned that Mary’s husband left her a few years ago and that she was a frustrated bitch. Helen called Mary and said that she wanted to talk to her about the awful behavior of Lori and Leila. The only thing that Mary ever drank was burgundy wine, so they brought two bottles of the best they could find.

Mary reluctantly invited the two black women into her home. Mary felt more at ease when they told her that they were trying to find a way to put an end to the girls repulsive behavior. While Mary and Helen were engaged in a heated discussion about the girls, Verna asked where she kept the wine glasses and when Mary offered to get them Verna told her not to bother she would gladly serve the wine. While in the kitchen Verna grinned wickedly as she sprinkled a potent aphrodisiac in Mary’s wine.

They sipped the wine as they discussed the girls. Verna sat next to Mary on the sofa and Helen sat in a comfortable chair. Mary’s face became visibly flushed, she squirmed on the sofa cushion, her hand kept dropping to her lap, and she stared at Helen’s spread legs.

Helen knew that the aphrodisiac was turning the uptight mom into a sex craving slut. The big black woman spread her legs wider and revealed her hairy-black-cunt. Next, she lowered the top of her dress and two huge black tits plopped out. Mary felt panic, she wanted to protest what was happening but her pussy flooded and she couldn’t speak a word. The abashed blond was wide-eyed as both black women stood and lifted their dresses over their heads Kolej Rus Escort and tossed them aside. She was frozen with fear when the two women, clad only in stockings, removed her own skirt, blouse,bra and panties.

They sat on either side of Mary and squeezed her breasts. Verna plowed three fingers into Mary’s inflamed pussy and noted, “This fucking white slut is soaking wet! You want us to ravish you and make you cum, don’t you bitch?”

“Oh yes, please take me. I never felt so hot in all my life. I need to put out the fire, please help me!” Verna continued finger-fucking the lust filled white woman and Helen pulled the blond head to her big black tits and hand fed them to Mary. The turned on mother sucked with fervor and exploded on Verna’s probing fingers.

Verna turned the white woman around and ate her from behind. Helen sat on the top of the sofa, spread her legs, grabbed a fistful of blond hair, and pressed Mary’s face to her sopping cunt. Mary feasted on the black cunt and reached another orgasm. When Helen exploded in her mouth, Mary eagerly licked it all up and delighted in the taste of her first pussy.

The black women each strapped on a 10″ dildo and violently fucked Mary’s pussy and ass. The blond protested loudly saying that it hurt and she never let anyone screw her butt before. The pain gave way to pleasure and she fucked back hard. Her arms flailed about and she screamed out in ecstasy as she experienced a rousing orgasm. Mary was forced to her knees and made to suck their cocks. They taunted her saying, “That’s it bitch suck our dicks. Clean them off good with your slut mouth. You love sucking dicks don’t you slut?”

They took Mary to her bed and had her eat their horny pussies all night long. When the sun was coming up they all took a little nap. Upon arising, Mary served them breakfast in the kitchen. After the meal, Helen asked, “You love black pussy, don’t you Mary?”

“Yes I do! I never would have dreamed it but it is true. I don’t understand it but when you order me around and make me do those nasty things, it turns me on!”

“Very good! From now on, you will be our little white fuck slut. We will use and abuse you and you will love every minute of it. Today we will drive you to my house and you will apologize to the girls for being such a shit-head. You have been an unfit mother but that will change. You will have to obey the girls as well as us. Do you understand?”

“Yes Helen, I understand and am willing to do anything you say.”

“Get on your knees and suck my toes! Do it now.” Mary knelt and put Helen’s foot to her mouth but hesitated. Helen was furious and pulled Mary by the hair and put her over her lap. The authoritative black woman reached in her purse and pulled out a paddle. She pulled up the mother’s housecoat and repeatedly whacked her exposed buttocks. The creamy ass cheeks turned red and tears flowed from her blue eyes.

Helen shoved her to the floor and demanded she comply. The cowed woman sucked Helen’s toes lovingly and licked her way up to the smoldering black cunt and feasted on the chocolate treat. Then the submissive mother crawled over to Verna and did the same. Both black women stood up and instructed the white woman to clean out their ass-holes with her tongue. Mary did not hesitate, she lovingly licked and sucked, just like she did to their pussies.

Before she dressed to visit her daughter, Mary was ordered to wear her most provocative clothes and not to wear any underwear. Helen pulled into a parking lot and pointed to a store that specialized in sexy clothing for women and said, “Your fucking clothes are about as sexy as an old fashioned schoolmarm. Now that you are a slut, we want you looking like one.”

They walked in the store and picked out some mini-skirts, black-mesh stockings, make-up, and some come fuck-me heels. There was only one sales girl about 19 years old with red hair and the store manager, she was a stocky Latin woman in her early fifties with big tits. There were five or six women checking out the store for something alluring to wear.

Mary turned crimson when Helen lifted her dress and started fingering Mary’s pussy in front of everyone. Verna joined in and pulled the top of Mary’s dress down and pinched the pink nipples on her tiny tits. As eyes stared at the lewd scene, Mary wanted to run and hide but she did not dare anger the two black women. Helen said, “Our little slut is soaked, I think she needs some pussy to lick, anyone want her to eat your pussy?”

You could hear a pin drop, no one answered, the all stood frozen, it all seemed surreal. Finally Helen lifted her dress and Mary lapped her cunt in front of everybody. The obscene display of public sex stimulated the onlookers and two women came forward and dropped their jeans so that Mary could eat them as well. Mary ate Helen, Verna, and the two customers to orgasm. None of the others came forward but there were fingers under skirts and dresses.

The store manager showed them a changing room so Mary could put on one of her new outfits. Once in the room the Latin woman offered her hairy cunt to Mary. She looked at Helen and was told to do it. The woman fucked Mary’s face furiously and when she was finished, Mary’s face glistened with cum and pussy juice. When asked why she didn’t join in before she said that she wanted to do it in private.

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