Love In An Elevator Ch. 02

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Finally, you are starting to calm down. The fire that was raging inside your pussy has been quenched, and the uncontrollable need that drove you to fuck a stranger in an elevator has been overcome.

And not by the wanton act of getting taken by behind in that elevator.

No, it was a surprise visit by your husband that finally fed the beast that lurked inside you. For as you stepped off the elevator, with my cum still fresh between your legs, you decided to tell your husband of your wicked act. So you grabbed him, pulled him into an empty closet, and proceeded to ravish his body.

And your lovemaking got even more passionate when you told him of your tryst in the elevator, and your body was wracked with uncontrollable pleasure when you saw the look of pure desire in his eyes as he first began to eat your cum-soaked pussy. Wave after wave of ecstasy followed when he entered your freshly-eaten pussy, and he began to fuck you with quick short strokes. When he added his own cum deep into your spasming pussy, you were wracked with great pleasure as his cock pumped inside you.

It was a few minutes later, after you both were able to catch your breath, that your husband made your heart tremble again. For he suggested that you re-visit the pleasure of your earlier elevator adventure, and he asked you to find me and meet him at the elevator.

With unsure legs, you ventured into the hallway and walked slowly toward my office. Still somewhat in a daze from all the pleasure that you have experienced, you boldly walk through my door. Inside, you find a nice office and me hard at work at my desk. I am dressed sharply, and my good looks have an immediate effect on your desire.

Your heart flutters when I look up and our gaze meets. We share a few seconds of mutual desire, and then you slowly close the door behind you. As you see a grin appear on my flushed face, you slowly and seductively walk over behind my desk. You push me back and then slowly sit back on my desk. You then grab my tie and you urgently pull my ear to your whispering mouth.

“…My pussy still kızılay escort aches for you. Although my husband just fucked me good, I still need to feel your hard cock again. I need to feel you slamming me hard from behind. I want you to use my pussy for your pleasure…”

And with that you push my head between your legs and into your open skirt. You force my mouth to your hungry sex, and your head falls back with pleasure as you feel my tongue begin to lap at your juicy, slick lips.

The combined taste of our cum and your juices makes my head swim, and I work faster and deeper to please you.

Fighting off the urge to let me make you cum with my tongue, you lift my head and you look me square in the eye. Your voice is throaty and full of desire.

“Your mouth feels so good on my pussy, but I need your cock. I need to feel your big dick slam into me, and I want you to fuck me in the elevator again.”

You then reach up and begin to rub my hard cock through my slacks. You again look up with a face of pure desire, and you speak to me in a very wanton voice.

“But this time, I want my husband to be there. I want him to see how good your big cock makes me feel. I want him to watch as I get a good fucking.”

You only have to wait for a few seconds when I take your hand and begin to walk out the door. You follow slightly behind me, still holding my hand and surprised at the urgency of my step. You realize that I must enjoy the thought of an audience, and soon we find ourselves with your husband at the elevator doors.

Ignore that our voyeur is not even there, I grab you by the waist and pull you close to me. We share a deep kiss, and at first you are embarrassed to be kissed in front of your husband. But soon, as my hands begin to wander all over your body, you begin to eagerly respond to my advances. You kiss me back — deeply, and your hands begin to grope at my tight ass and wide shoulders.

The ding of the elevator’s bell breaks our embrace, and the doors open to reveal that we are kolej escort alone. Slowly we enter the elevator — with your husband in tow, and soon the doors close for our privacy. It is then that I reach forward and hit the stop button — causing the elevator to make an abrupt stop. For a few seconds, nobody moves as we ponder what is about to happen — and the tension builds as the seconds tick by.

But then I move to you. Realizing that we don’t have a lot of time, nor wanting to delay our pleasure any further, I aggressively attack your eagerly awaiting body. As I devour your neck with passionate kisses, I reach behind and lift your skirt. Exposed to your husband, your ass is fondled and groped by my hungry hands. The scent of your intoxicating sex begins the fill the air as you spread your legs to give me better access to your needy sex.

Your husband stares in awe as he watches your lovely ass and dripping pussy being fondled by another man’s hands. He watches open-mouthed as you grope my cock through my pants and then unbuckled my belt. You arch your back toward your husband as my finger enters you from behind – seeking to give him the best view of your pleasure.

And then wantonly, as my slacks hit the floor, you drop to your knees and you engulf my hard, thick cock in your wet mouth. You turn to show your husband how much it stretches your needy lips, as I begin to fondle your hair and tell you how wonderful your hot mouth feels.

You feel so slutty, so wanton, so wonderful as you give your happy husband a great show of how good my throbbing organ feels in your mouth. I when he begins to rub himself through his pants, you are overcome by feelings of desire and need.

So you get up and walk over to your husband. You share a soft and tender kiss, and you tell him how good he makes you feel and how wonderful he is.

And as you begin to share another kiss, you feel me grab your hips and I bend you over slightly to get better access to your hot pussy. And as you begin to kiss your husband more maltepe escort passionately, you feel me lunge my big cock deep inside you. There is no foreplay, no teasing, no gentle insertion — and your body explodes with pleasure as my thick, hard member begins to pump in and out of you. Your kissing begins to get even more frantic, and you begin to moan as you feel yourself being so completely fucked hard.

You are lost in waves of total pleasure as share an incredible embrace with your husband and your feel me grab your hips for more power. Faster and faster I pound myself into you, and higher and higher is the level of ecstasy that washes through you. And as your body weakens from the pleasure, you bend over more and you allow your husband’s arms to support your weight.

And I am hammering you SO HARD right now. Your body rocks back and forth in your husband’s arms as my thick cock is driven in and out of you. For can feel me begin to lose control of my thrusts, and you too begin to feel your pussy spasm with uncomfortable pleasure. And as you grip on to your husband even tighter, you hear me grunt and you feel me bury my cock impossiblely deep into your slick depths.

You feel my cock explode deep inside you, and with each stroke my cock pumps another thick load into your spasming pussy. You are completely overcome by a tremendous orgasm as I continue to fill you up with my cum.

You hug your husband tightly as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you. Not only does my cock feel so good inside you, but having your husband lovely hold you as you cum, makes your orgasm even better.

And finally, after I stop pumping my spurting cock into you, and after your pussy stops its spasms of pleasure, your senses begin to return to you. You feel me withdraw, giving you a little kiss on your outstretched ass cheek, and then you hear me start the elevator again. You continue to hold tightly to your husband — reveling in the feeling of extreme closeness.

But soon I am gone, and you are walking arm-in-arm with your husband out of the building. You feel a sense of complete joy as your husband tells you how beautiful you are, how desirable you are, and how much he loves you.

And as you feel your wet sex begin to respond to your husband words, you realize how lucky you are.

Author’s Note: I would love to hear from anyone who enjoyed my story or who has ideas as to what happens next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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