Love, Lust and Marriage Pt. 04

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[This is a direct follow-up to part three and the final part of the story, please stop crying, you had to know this couldn’t go on forever. Okay? Good, now if you’re all caught up I’ll get on with it]

It had just gone 11pm, we’d been home for about an hour and we were sitting on the sofa together in our matching pink pyjamas, (a pink shirt and shorts.) As soon as we got through the door, Sophie went straight upstairs and turned the shower on. She’d been quiet all the way back from the gallery, something was on her mind but she was waiting until she was comfortable enough to talk.

I had climbed in the shower with her and we cleaned ourselves up, I helped her wash out the last of Dominic’s spunk, which was another reminder of why I prefer sex with women! After she was clean and in her ‘pinkies’ she seemed better and more lively and happy. I made us a cup of coffee and we sat together with the lights low and the TV on, I was sitting normally with my feet on the floor and Sophie had her feet up on the sofa with her legs over mine. I looked over at her and she was looking into her cup, a little distracted.

“Sophie,” I said gently. “Are you with me?” She looked up from her cup and smiled softly.

“I’m with you, sorry.” She said quietly.

“Tell me what you’re thinking baby, something is on your mind,” I put my cup down and gently stroked her knee and thigh.

“I’m just thinking about making some changes,” said Sophie. “I want to spend more time with you at home, now that sale has gone through and my commission is in the bank I’m going to tell the firm I want to stay home.”

“Really?” I said excitedly. I’d wanted to hear this for months. “I’ve wanted to hear that for months!”

“It might mean I earn less money for a while but I’m sick of being apart all the time, the only reason we got tonight together was because it was a work event.” Sophie had clearly been thinking about this for a while.

“I know honey, and I want the same thing,” I said holding her hand again. “If we get low on cash we can sell our bodies, should get a few quid working the street.” I laughed.

“Yeah right,” She laughed. “Seriously though, I want to stay home and be a proper wife to you baby.”

“Aww that sounds like heaven,” I said.

“By the way, I have a big surprise planned for you,” she said. She was much happier now and beaming her smile at me.

“A surprise?” I asked intrigued. “What is it?”

“You’ll have to wait until Sunday, but trust me, you’ll love it!”

“Sunday? That’s ages! You can’t make me wait that long!”

“Yeah I can,” she teased. ” It’ll be worth the wait, trust me! Right now though, I need my bed!”

We sorted ourselves out, washed up and slid into bed.

“Tell me what the surprise is.”





“Damn right.”

Sunday, 4 days after the gallery party

The week had been brilliant; Sophie had been true to her word about what she wanted to do about work; she had demanded they give her more time at home and they obliged, sort of. They said they had a position that allowed her to stay home every day, which was their smart arse way of saying she was fired! Something about going home early from the event followed by demanding better hours hadn’t gone down well, bastards! It didn’t matter though, the commission she’d got from the sale along with our savings meant she didn’t need to rush into the job market.

Losing that job had made her so much happier, no more stress or deadlines, no more business trips to Manchester or overseas to far-flung places like Wales (it totally counts as abroad). She was home and we loved it, although things were good and she was happy, she still wouldn’t tell me about my surprise. I tried various clever ways of finding out like tickling, bribery and pretending to cry but none of them worked. So I had to wait, and when Sunday afternoon arrived I was anxiously waiting. We were in our ‘pinkies’ again and sitting on the sofa, she hadn’t mentioned my gift yet despite how often I’d hinted at it.

I looked over at her and she was smiling to herself and staring into her phone with her thumb tapping away. Sophie knew exactly what she was doing; eventually, she put her phone down and stretched out; putting her legs across my lap.

“So…are you ready to find out what your gift is?” Sophie asked.

“My gift? Oh, it’s Sunday isn’t it, I hadn’t thought about it,” I blatantly lied. She saw right through it and laughed, then lifted her legs off me and stood up.

“Here, put this on and sit up straight,” she reached behind the cushion and handed me a blindfold and tapped the middle seat on the sofa.

“How very kinky! We haven’t used a blindfold before,” I giggled as I put it over my eyes and felt a jolt of excitement. Just as my vision was blocked out there was a knock on the door.

“Ah, there’s the delivery now,” said Sophie.

“How did you get a Sunday delivery?” I asked.

“I’ll be right back, no peeking!” Bodrum Escort Sophie called back as she crossed the room and I heard her footsteps fade away, and then I heard the front door open and close. I listened intently but I could make nothing out until I heard Sophie come back. I felt her sit beside me and put her hands on the blindfold, holding it on.

“You trust me, don’t you honey?” Sophie asked as she ran her hand through my hair.

“Of course I do,” I told her. “I’d trust you with my life. Not my Spurs mug but certainly my life.” She stroked my left knee and softly kissed my cheek.

“Good honey,” she whispered and stroked my right knee…this got me a little confused because it felt like Sophie and one hand in my hair, one hand on my left knee and one hand stroking my right knee. Just as I processed this, I felt another pair of lips on my right cheek! Sophie had either suddenly grown a third hand and a second head, or my surprise wasn’t a ‘what’ at all, it was a ‘who’.

“Who’s kissing my right cheek?” I asked, sounding a little more alarmed than I intended! I wasn’t worried or scared of course; I knew Sophie wouldn’t have got someone weird that I wouldn’t like.

“All in good time honey,” Sophie whispered again and kissed me on the lips while the mystery person kissed my neck. It felt good, really good! Just as I relaxed and started enjoying myself I felt another set of lips on my knee!

“Christ, how many people are here,” I asked as I pulled away from Sophie and started undoing the blindfold.

“Not yet, babe,” Sophie caught my hands and held them down before I could remove it.

“Sophie, what is this?” I asked, feeling a little uneasy now.

“It’s fine honey, there are two people here who want to thank you,” Sophie said calmly.

“Thank me for what? I haven’t done anything for anyone that deserves…this,” I said more to myself than to anyone else.

“Well apparently you did, you helped two people find each other,” said Sophie. The two sets of mystery lips were now kissing my feet and very softly running their hands up the backs of my calves. I felt like I was the centre of the universe and I was being treated like a princess, but not one of the boring ‘Disney’ ones! I was sure both people touching me were women, Sophie wouldn’t have brought a man to me as a surprise.

“They wanted to come here and show you how grateful they are,” Sophie actually sounded proud of me. I wasn’t sure what I could’ve done, but whatever it was, I was happy I’d done it! “Are you ready to see our two guests?” Sophie teased. She had moved from the seat beside me and was standing behind the sofa with her hands on my shoulders.

“Yes, I am,” I said. I don’t know why but I was suddenly incredibly nervous about seeing them, I actually started shaking as Sophie untied the blindfold. When my vision was restored it took a second for the blurry shapes in front of me to come into focus, as they did I could see they were kneeling on the floor in front of me and…oh! I stopped shaking and smiled, as things started to make sense.

“Louise!” I shouted, recognising her short blonde ponytail and diminutive figure from the hospital a week ago when I’d taken her virginity! The other young woman took me a little longer to recognise, she had long brunette hair and emerald green eyes. I’d seen her at the hospital…her leg had been in a cast and her name was… “Jessie!”

“You see,” Louise said turning her. “I told you she’d remember you!” Jessie blushed and looked away with a girlish smile, then looked up to me.

“I don’t think we ever actually talked to each other,” said Jessie. “I think I only said one thing to you…do you remember what it was?” I smiled remembering the voice in the darkness that night in the hospital.

“Yes I do,” I said with a smile. “You said that if it wasn’t for that cast on your leg you would’ve joined Louise and me.”

“That’s right,” Jessie smiled and pointed to her leg. “Look, no cast now! That’s why I was there, to have it removed.”

“How did this all happen then?” I asked Sophie who had rejoined me on the sofa.

“Well when you got home I put your things away and found Louise’s number,” she said. “So I thought I’d call her and set up a playdate for the three of us but, it turns out Louise had met somebody and wanted to involve her.” She nodded towards Jessie.

“The day you left, I got called back in by the hospital,” Louise picked up the story. “They needed me to do one more day and night so I came back in and Jessie and I got talking…”

“As I remember, we did more than talking,” Jessie giggled and stroked Louise’s hair.

“Well, I felt so much more confident after what we did and the way you were with me,” said Louise looking at me again. “I was able to ask Jessie out!”

“And I said ‘yes please!'” Jessie laughed. “After seeing what you two got up to I knew that she was the one for me!”

“How did you see anything,” I asked her. “It was really dark.”

“An Bodrum Escort Bayan app on my phone,” she said triumphantly. “I watch birds sometimes, and that night I saw a few great tits!” That made all four of us laugh and we got up and hugged each other.

They were both wearing summer outfits; Louise had a cute white tube top on that left her midriff bare and a pair of red shorts that flared around her upper thighs. Jessie was wearing a colourful summery tank top that also showed off her tummy, as well as a little belly button piercing. A short white pleated skirt hung around her thighs too.

“So now you are both an item?” I asked after we’d got a drink and sat down again, we were all squeezed on the sofa together with Sophie and me at each end and Louise and Jessie between us.

We had remained in our little pink shorts but we’d quickly swapped our night-time shirts for the pink tank tops that matched the shorts. Sophie had excitedly winked when we were briefly topless in the bedroom, pulled her shorts further up and shaken her bum at me. I quickly gave it a slap before she ran away laughing.

“Yes,” Louise smiled at me. “If it wasn’t for you I’d still be alone and scared of everything but now I have Jessie,” she turned and kissed her girlfriend on the lips. Sophie and I looked up and mouthed ‘hot’ and ‘wow’ to each other, Louise was closest to me and I could feel her legs against mine. As they had a kiss I stroked her thigh around the bottom of her shorts, I love the smooth skin of a woman’s body. I looked over and saw Sophie’s hand stroking Jessie’s leg too, I wasn’t sure how far these two would be willing to go but it was going to be fun finding out.

I watched the girls kiss and looked up at Sophie again, I suddenly had a bad feeling and needed to check something. I got her attention and mouthed ‘how old’ and pointed to Jessie, she looked confused so I tried again. She got the message but shrugged her shoulders and mouthed ‘I don’t know.’ So I mouthed ‘ask her’ and she replied ‘no you ask her.’ After a moment I realized Jessie and Louise were looking at us a bit confused.

“Are you…okay?” Jessie asked.

“Yeah, yeah fine,” I was just asking Sophie something.

“What do you need to know?” asked Louise.

“I just need to check, y’know that you are both…old enough,” I forced a giggle out.

“Sure said Jessie, we’re both fifteen!” She smiled.

“Oh, I think we might…”

“She’s kidding!” Louise laughed. “I’m twenty-four and Jessie is twenty-two!”

“Oh thank god, don’t do that to me,” I playfully slapped Jessie’s leg. She laughed and pulled her knees up to her chest giving us a quick glimpse of her underwear.

“Sorry,” said Jessie. “I didn’t mean to scare you, anyway we’re here to thank you so…” she looked at Louise and nodded her head.

“Right, exactly,” said Louise standing up and turning around. She held her hands out to me and helped me to my feet. “Is there a bed around here we can use, preferable not a hospital bed this time?”

“Sure, we have a nice king size one in the bedroom but, what about my wife?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about her,” said Jessie as she helped Sophie to her feet just as Louise had done for me. “We’ll find something to thank her for too.”

“Good, she deserves a damn good thanking as well!” I laughed and led them both to our marital bed.

In the bedroom, Sophie climbed on first and crawled on her hands and knees to the far side closest to the wall, giving us a lovely view of her bum cheeks as she went. Jessie followed suit and her little black panties flashed into our view.

“So, as today is all about my gorgeous wife,” Sophie announced. “With her ability to spread love everywhere she goes, I think she should sit here in the middle and wear this.” Sophie had found the blindfold again. All three women were on the bed now, all with bare thighs and sweet smiles inviting me to join them. I didn’t hesitate for too long and climbed on with them, it was a big bed but it seemed much smaller now, I moved into the space Sophie had offered which just happened to be between her legs!

The bed was pushed into the corner of the room so one side of it was flat against the wall and the headboard was against the other wall, Sophie was sitting with her back in the corner with her knees bent and apart. She tapped the space between them and I sat with my back to her chest, Louise was on my right and Jessie on my left. Every time I looked around I saw a beautiful face and lots of bare skin, it was an erotic dream made real! Just as I was admiring my view, Sophie brought the blindfold up and fastened it up at the back. My sight was gone but my other senses were on high alert, for a while no one spoke or even moved, I waited and was determined not to jump out of my skin every time I got touched. It would just be a matter of…

“Mmph!” I jumped out of my skin (shit!) when I felt a very hot and wet tongue lick my cheek! “I wasn’t Escort Bodrum expecting that… ooh!” I jumped again (double shit!) when another tongue licked from my knee to my thigh and a pair of hands were inside my top holding my breasts. It was almost eerie because they weren’t speaking, this had obviously been planned out and it was very effective. My skin felt so sensitive, I focused intently on every soft stroke and every gentle tickle. The way they were touching me added to the experience, they would drag their fingertips over my skin so lightly it tingled.

I heard a few things happening too, the unmistakable sound of kissing right next to my right ear followed by more kissing on my left. I guessed it was Sophie kissing each of them, and then I was being kissed. A tongue slipped between my lips and gently caressed mine, I didn’t know who was kissing me but unless Sophie had dislocated her neck I guessed it was one of the guests! After a beautiful kiss with her, her tongue left me and was immediately replaced with another one and suddenly I was kissing someone else. When Sophie had put the blindfold on me, I thought I’d know who was doing what to me based on where they were sitting but all I could remember for sure was that Sophie started behind me.

While I explored the second mouth with my tongue I felt my shorts being pulled down, and then the mouth was pulled away from me and I felt my top being pulled up over my breasts then up over my head. I was naked and at the mercy of my three gorgeous pleasurers, if that’s a word! When I leaned back again I could feel naked breasts against my back, I wondered if they were all naked too. Were they touching each other, or are all three sets of eyes fixed on my body; on my breasts, or between my legs? I felt so exposed as if I was one of those awful pictures in that gallery, it made my heart thump against my chest just thinking about it.

“You are seriously beautiful all over,” said Jessie, breaking the silence. I smiled and I’m sure I was blushing.

“Aww you’re making her blush,” said Sophie. (I knew it!) “Come on baby, let’s get you more comfortable; move forward a bit.” The girls positioned me in the centre of the bed and put a pillow under my head. I heard more kissing and the sound of clothing hitting the floor. I took a deep breath and waited to see, or not see, what would come next, I felt extremely turned on already and I felt a little woozy from the stimulus I’d received. Just as I’d composed myself, I suddenly felt six hands on me, two on my breasts, two on my right thigh and two on my left flank, without a word they all started moving together.

“Oh wow, that feels so weird, what is it?” I giggled. Hands rubbed all over me and my skin felt damp, were they rubbing something on me?

“I bought edible massage oil for you,” said Sophie. “How does it feel?”

“Incredible,” I cooed. My whole front half was covered quickly, unsurprisingly considering how many hands were on me. They didn’t stop though, I felt my nipples being pinched and rubbed and my thighs being massaged. There was only one part of my body they hadn’t touched yet, but I was hoping that would change very soon!

“Oh god!” I gasped. Two pairs of lips had attached themselves to my nipples, their tongues swirled around each one and it was unlike anything I’ve felt before, even though no one had touched me between my legs I was getting close to having an orgasm. I’d never cum with no clitoris stimulation before but having two women sucking my tits so expertly was getting me so close, one of them left my nipple and kissed me instead. While she kissed me I tasted the massage oil on her tongue, it tasted like honey. The nipple she’d left had found a new friend, and again both nipples were sucked and teased. When they were at their hardest I heard Sophie, who must’ve been on one of my breasts, whisper to the other one.

“She likes it when you gently bite her nipple!” Suddenly a little bolt of pain from both sensitive areas followed by hard sucking made my knees fly apart and I bucked against fresh air.

“Ohhhh jeez!” I cried out and arched my neck back. Whoever had been kissing me decided to lick and bite at my throat instead, it was amazing and I was desperate to finger myself but I could reach over the two women sucking my breasts! I whimpered and moaned, and then I rubbed my thighs together, desperate for some contact there! Then, without any warning or prompting, I felt someone hold my thighs and roughly lick me from my arse hole, up through my pussy lips and then suck on my erect clitoris! My orgasm exploded from there and I almost screamed, I’d never ever cum that hard before, my pussy burned and it radiated out over my whole body until even my fingertips were tingling. I collapsed back onto the bed and relaxed my muscles again, feeling like a train had hit me.

“Wow,” said Jessie. “You sure meant that!”

“Yeah she did,” said Sophie. “No one comes as sexily as my baby.”

“If that’s what you look like when you cum, I think you would’ve woken up the whole hospital if I’d been better at sex,” Louise giggled.

“No, you were more than good enough,” I reached out towards the voice and stroked… something.

“Alice, that’s Jessie, and that’s not her face!” Louise laughed.

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