LS Takes Control

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Note: These stories are written by cc for ls. We are in a long distance relationship and use these stories to explore sexual ideas that we can’t explore directly. LS found this story rather silly since there is no way she would ever even be this dominant. Any feedback will be viewed by both of us. Enjoy!


Bright light. Even through your closed eyes you know there is bright light.

Then thinking starts. You remember last night. You remember your orgasm. That was good.

You feel me breathing, your head rising and falling gently on my chest. You hug me close to you reach up and kiss me awake. Starting at my chin you kiss all over my face until I wake up.

I can’t imagine a better vision that you to wake up to.

“Good morning, beautiful, did you sleep well?”

You nod and let me pull you back down. We cuddle up for a few minutes, our bodies touching as much as possible.

Resting your head on one arm you pull my free hand up to cup your breast. It’s not about sex, not now. It’s just about being close, being intimate.

We talk a little. I let you know how exciting it was to have you wake me up like that. We talk about what you liked. Then we talked about the day and what we might do. There are plenty of sights to see. You think the waterfalls would be pretty. Maybe we can have lunch near the water?

We decide to bring that up with the rest and then start to get ready for the day. I take a quick shower and then you head in. I’m dressed when you are done with your shower, but you let me stay and watch a little as you finish drying and start getting dressed. You are so very beautiful.

After you get your underwear on you send me out so you can do your hair and finish getting dressed. Not much makeup since that will stop me from massaging your face!

Everyone is being lazy and it’s nearly noon before we are all up and ready to head out. We go to the waterfall and have lunch there by 3. After lunch we are lounging on the grass. Your head resting in my lap. You think about our time together so far.

You do prefer having me in control during sex… most of the time. But not tonight. Tonight, LS is taking control. You smile as you put your hand behind your Tokat Escort head. To an observer, it looks like your just propping up your head. In fact, your massaging my cock through my pants. My part of the conversation trails off as your fingers work their magic.

The rest of the day is fairly normal, although you are a little freer than I’m used to in how often you grab me. The only time we are more than a meter apart is when one of us goes to the bathroom. I’m intrigued.

You have me sit down for dinner first and then you bring me a plate of food. As you put it down you whisper in my ear, “You were in control last night, but tonight you are mine!” We eat dinner, and I try to act normally, but everyone can see I’m distracted.

Dinner is done at 10 and we sit and talk with everyone for an hour. Instead of sitting at my feet, tonight you sit in my lap. You have your head on my shoulder and you keep both my arms wrapped around your waist. I let my hand drop to your ass once in a while to give you a squeeze. You just look at me, smile and raise my hand back to your waist.

After about an hour you go “get ready for bed”. You wash up and then come back and grab my hand. “It’s bed time”, you say simply as you pull me away.

“Go brush your teeth and wash up, then come to bed” you say. Everything you say is so ordinary, but the way you say it is clearly a command.

I enter our bedroom and you are still fully dressed sitting on the edge of the bed. I shut the door as you stand and come over. I start to speak, but you put a finger to my lips and say, “shhh”. You pull my face down and start to kiss me. Just like I’ve done to you, you gentle kiss and suck on my lips. Run you tongue over my lips. Long passionate kisses.

Your hands aren’t idle. You swiftly remove my shirt (the button up kind so you don’t even have to break our kiss) and throw it aside. Then, holding my face near yours with one hand you reach down and undo my pants with your free hand. Once they are undone you crouch down and pull down both my pants and underwear. There is a little confusion getting everything off since I still have my sneakers on, but a little tugging and everything comes off. You stand back up Tokat Escort Bayan in front of me.

You are full clothed, I’m fully naked. After a few more kisses you break away and start running your hands down my body. When you get to my hips you turn me and push me back onto the bed.

A few seconds later I’m laying down, my legs hanging over the bed at the knees. You pull my hands up to the top of the bed and say “Keep your hands above your head until I say otherwise” and then you proceed to kiss me. Slowly traveling down my body. You still haven’t touched my cock yet, but you smile as you see me at rock hard attention while you kiss your way down me.

When you get to my waist, you shift your body so you are half laying on the bed between my legs. My cock is twitching with anticipation. Instead of sucking me, though, you simply swirl your long hair around my cock, letting your soft hair tease me. You can’t see my face through the curtain of your hair, but you can tell my reactions from my twitching cock and my shallow breathing.

Slowly, you lower your head and kiss and lick all around the base of my cock and balls. You brush against me with your cheek, but that’s it. For several long minutes you just lick and kiss around my cock. You go a little lower and start licking and sucking on my balls. Grabbing them in you hand and lightly squeezing. Lifting them out of the way and licking the underside. It’s driving me crazy.

Twice you feel me move and you look up. Guiltily I stop moving my arms down. I so want to caress your hair, hold you down and force you to stop teasing me and suck my cock! But I’m allowing you to stay in control tonight.

Finally! You start to suck me off in earnest. I can’t believe how intense the feeling is as you run your tongue around the head of my cock! I’m nearly at the point of no return when you let my cock out of your mouth. You’re still playing with my balls as I open my eyes and look down. You have a glint in your eyes that tells me the game is just beginning!

Still clothed, you climb up my body. You kiss me deeply and get up. You start to strip off your clothes. Not quickly, this is part of the tease.

First your shirt, Escort Tokat then your pants and panties. As you start to undo the clasps of you bra, you look at me and shake you head. “No, you have to earn these”, you say as you walk back to the bed.

I’m looking at you, nearly naked. I see your lips already puffed out between your legs as you walk over. You get on the bed and kneel over my face. You bring my arms back down and place my hands on your ass. Then you lower yourself the rest of the way onto my face. I don’t need more encouragement and I start licking right away.

I run my tongue up and down your slit. Rubbing your clit with my nose when I am at the bottom of your slit. I suck your puffy lips into my mouth as I make a full circle and end up with my nose on your clit again. With my hands I rub your ass and run my nails down your back.

You alternate between running your hands through my hair and playing with your breasts. You undo the clasp of your bra, but don’t remove it. Instead you use the cups to shield your breasts from my view. All you let me see is as you lower your head a let a little spit dribble onto your nipple to make it more slippery as you play with it.

As I continue your breathing become more shallow, and I know you are getting close. I keep working on your clit and am rewarded with watching you orgasm. You look down at me as you finish coming. You look blurry eyed. But your eyes are still filled with lust. This is clearly not the end.

You drop the bra over my face and start to move down my body again. This time you stop and grab my cock in your hand. You line it up with your slit and force yourself down on me. As you start bouncing up and down, grinding yourself into me, I realize that you hadn’t finishing coming. You are still in the same orgasm as before.

You reach down and play with your clit as your continue to ride me. Eventually your spasms finish and you collapse on my chest. You kiss me deeply as you contract your muscles to squeeze my still hard cock.

You rock gently a few times and slowly raise yourself off me. You pull my arms around you and we kiss as you reach down and stroke me off. After a couple of minutes you feel me twitch as I come. It takes another minute for me to be able to see straight as you continue to stroke me until I’m completely soft in your hand.

We clean up a bit and climb back into bed.

All is good with with world. We are both sated and you are falling asleep in my arms.

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