Luca and the Long, Hard Summer Ch. 03

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The chafing was the worst. Every step he took until his erection died down was a lesson in willpower. The friction of his waistband against the underside of his glans was as painful as it was arousing. Eventually, he had to pull his trousers lower to even walk. The tip of his cock poked out the top of his pants, creating an odd looking bulge in the bottom of his shirt, but at least the waist band of his pants wasn’t threatening to make him cum, or chafe him raw with every step. It was just enough of a reprieve that he was able to settle himself down, and eventually, soften enough that he could wear his pants almost normally again. He was still extremely horny, but he could live with that. It wasn’t much different to the past three weeks.

Thomas though, was still walking with an uncomfortable gait. Every few steps, he’d take a bigger side step to try and adjust his package. Every few hundred meters, when they were not in direct view of any the tour group, he’d pause to shift his pants to a more comfortable position. When he did, Luca could see that he was still hard. Very much so. His face was red and distressed. Luca wondered whether it was the arousal or the exertion that did it. Probably a combination of both. After another few hundred meters of this, Luca suggested a break.

“There’s some rocks down there near the waves. Want to sit down for a while?” he asked as Thomas adjusted himself once again.

“What’s the point?” he snapped. “We’re in full view of everyone there. There’s not a hope in hell they wouldn’t notice us getting our rocks off in front of a view like that. Hell, they’d probably even get pictures of it.”

Luca stood expressionless, a little take aback at his friend’s outburst. Of course, he’d wanted to push that girl off the rock face, so it was understandable, but still shocking.

“Actually I was thinking we might be able to sit down and think of dead puppies or something for a while. It might make it easier to walk.”

Luca watched as Thomas dragged a trembling hand through his hair.

“No offence man, but I don’t think even my wet, naked grandma would do the trick right now. I need to cum so freaking bad it hurts.” He stopped talking and dropped his hands as a group of tourists approached. Thomas and Luca nodded awkwardly as the passed on the trail. “Every step is fucking agony, Lucky,” he said quietly, as soon as the tourists were out of earshot.

Luca bit his lip in worry as Thomas squirmed on the spot, still unconsciously trying to thrust into something, anything to get enough friction. His face was lined with tension, and his dark eyes were watering, and sweat dripped down his neck in trails. He’d never seen him this agitated before.

“Would a quick dip in the water help cool things down?” Luca asked carefully, and Thomas looked up at him with actual tears in his eyes.

“I just want to cum,” he pleaded.

“I know,” Luca said. He could definitely sympathise. Though his semi had completely deflated at the sight of Thomas breaking down, the weight of his most recent denied orgasm still sat heavily like a stone in his belly, and it wouldn’t go away.

“So fucking bad,” Thomas winced as he readjusted himself yet again.

Luca moved to stand in front of his train wreck of a friend as another group of tourists came into view. He shielded him as casually as he could as the hikers passed with a friendly hello. One lady looked a bit concerned for Thomas, and asked if he was all right. Luca, thinking on his feet, just told her that he really needed a wee and was trying to make it back to the camp ground toilets. Thomas was jiggling slightly on the spot to try and keep himself from grabbing at his pants, which sold the story rather well. The lady wished them luck and left, sympathy written all over her face.

“I think I’ll take that dip now,” Thomas said after they’d left, palming his bulge through his jeans with frantic hands. “If I keep walking, I’m going to jizz my pants in front of a crowd of people with cameras. And no one needs holiday photos of my cum face.”

Luca smirked. “Really? Some people might pay good money for those.”

“Well some people can go to hell,” he replied. “Now, I should probably go soak my head before I get to the point where I don’t care who sees what.”

“You look like you’re almost there,” Luca commented, Thomas was now squeezing his cock rhythmically from the outside of his jeans, his hips twitching forwards with each movement, and he didn’t even seem to notice.

“That’s cause I bloody am,” he replied hoarsely, and resettled his pack. “Now come on. Let’s get in the water before I do something I regret,” he said, and made off down the sloping rocks to the waves. Luca followed behind him, watching him pick his way down to the ocean with a stiff and painful looking gait. They found a place where the rocks formed a sheltered pool, and the waves were not so intense there. They lapped gently at the rocks, sending the kelp swaying in the water with each pass.

Thomas had no sooner dropped his pack, than Demetevler Escort he was wading into the water – shoes and all. He didn’t pause until the water was past his waist, his baggy jumper trailing up behind him until it became too waterlogged to float. He whimpered as the water soaked through his jeans, cooling the swollen flesh. He gave it a squeeze as the chill took the mad edge off his lust, but he was still hard, and still desperate for an orgasm. He briefly considered just pulling it out underwater and stroking until he exploded into a million pieces, but he could already hear the muffled conversations of the next batch of hikers as they passed on the trail. And there was no way in hell he’d be able to keep quiet. He’d been holding it back too long to be quiet now. Knowing his luck, they’d assume he was drowning and rush to the rescue, only to find him passed out with his hand on his cock and covered in enough spunk to fill a small swimming pool.

Luca was clearly holding up better than he was, as he was currently sitting down to take off his shoes. But Thomas still couldn’t rid his mind of the image of Luca almost biting through his lip as Thomas stroked him closer and closer to completion. And he definitely couldn’t forget the taste of his lips as Luca smashed them against his.

Luca, his friend.

He had no fucking idea what he was doing. He wasn’t even gay. At least, he was pretty sure he wasn’t. And he was pretty sure that Luca wasn’t either. But as he looked up at Luca sitting on the rocks – his curly brown hair half escaping his dumb pony tail in the ocean breeze, and his long sinewy limbs spread akimbo as he reached down to tug off his socks – Thomas could not deny that he was attracted to him. He wanted to kiss him again. He wanted to be there when Luca finally gave in and reached the dizzying heights of pleasure. He wanted to hear what sounds he’d make as he came, and he wanted Luca to be the one to finally send him over the edge. What ever that meant. Maybe he was just horny enough to consider anything, and Luca was a handy outlet. Fuck, maybe he was gay. He hadn’t been before, or at least he thought he hadn’t been, but he sure as hell wanted to make that man scream his name.

Thomas’ cock strained forward against his wet jeans, despite the chill of the water. Shit! He needed to stop thinking about Luca and his too-pale eyes and his delicate ears and his fucking pouty lips. Wet grandma, wet grandma, wet grandma, wet grandma soaping herself up, wet grandma soaping herself up and making sure she washed between the folds. Thomas shuddered, horrified with his imagination. His ardour had cooled a little bit, but he was still fully erect. Time for desperate measures then.

Thomas took a deep breath and plunged his whole body under the water. Weightless for a second, and at the mercy of the ocean currents, he let the cold water soak the heat from his head. Little by little, he felt his cock start to soften. Thank fuck!

When he was a little over half mast, he surfaced, spluttering. Luca was in up to his knees, cargo pants rolled up to his skinny thighs, like a dork, looking for all the world like he was getting ready to dive in a save him.

Luca straightened as he saw Thomas alive and well and looking bemused, and the next second his feet slipped out from under him. Thomas’ shocked face was the last thing he saw before he fell ass first into the ocean. Cold water swirled around him as he pin-wheeled his arms to right himself. By the time he found his feet again, Thomas was laughing like a dying swan. Part of him was pleased. The rest of him took one ungainly step forwards before making a lunging tackle for Thomas’ waist.

His tackle connected, and they both went down together. Thomas came up spluttering and laughing, grabbing Luca’s t-shirt and dunking him again. Such a low blow! Luca righted himself underwater. The game was on. He grabbed Thomas’ leg from under the water and pulled as hard as he could, but Thomas could not be dislodged. But as he surfaced this time, Thomas flung his arms around his chest from behind, his soggy sleeves making a slapping sound as he fell over backwards, taking Luca with him. They wrestled as they swam, and swam as they wrestled, and generally looked like the soggiest, most deranged pair of terrible ninjas the world has ever seen. Luca revelled in Thomas’ laughter as he pulled another feint and ended up slipping on seaweed. This was his friend. This was the person he’d invited on holidays. Whatever happened between them earlier, and whatever happened in the future, at least they still had this.

Luca watched as Thomas crouched in preparation to strike, his black hair slick against his face. Light played off the waves, reflecting onto his animated face as water streamed down the line of his throat. Luca swallowed thickly. He was suddenly struck by a realisation.

He wanted Thomas to catch him.

Thomas made another tackle, and suddenly hands were around his ribs and under Otele gelen escort his shirt. He slid back into the water, but kept his balance, and Thomas’ body flowed through the water into his. Thomas must have read his mind, because after a moment of floating chest to chest, Thomas’ dark eyes glinted knowingly, and he closed the gap between their lips.

The contrast between Thomas’ cold lips and the heat from his tongue was startling, but amazing. As they kissed, and breathed, and kissed again, Luca fought to find the bottom of Thomas’ horrible jumper. He wanted to touch him, skin to skin. He wanted to know what Thomas felt like. Every part of him. He wanted to map his body with his hands.

“Thought we were supposed to be cooling down,” Thomas gasped between kisses. Luca finally found the bottom of Thomas’ jumper and slid his hands up along the wet skin, savouring the slick feeling underneath his fingers. Thomas arched into his touch with a moan, and let his head fall forward onto Luca’s shoulder, where he gripped the muscle there with gentle teeth. Luca felt himself hardening again. Who the fuck knew he had a thing for being bitten? Luca rocked into Thomas’ body, his hands working their way up until his thumbs passed over two hard little nubs or flesh. Thomas’ teeth tightened on his shoulder as Luca teased his nipples underwater with the pads of his thumbs.

“Fuck cooling down,” Luca panted, and felt Thomas cant his hips forward until their erections met through wet cloth. Thomas moaned deeply at the contact, leaving sucking kisses along the length of his neck before licking a trail over the shell of his ear. Luca felt a warm spurt of precum join the salty water of the ocean. He had no self control. He was fucking doomed.

The sound of tittering laughter and whooping reached his ears over the lapping of the waves, and Luca opened his eyes to see another tourist group walking along the path, close enough to get an eyeful of the show they were putting on.

“Fuck,” he swore and pushed Thomas away from him. He looked shocked for a second, until he turned around and saw the hikers. From where he was, Luca could see one or two ladies looking in their direction, then turning back to each other and giggling. The men in the group mostly look away, except for one, who saluted them jauntily from the back. He felt like sinking under the water.

Thomas almost had. He had lowered himself enough so that only his head was showing, and he was turning seven shades of pink, despite the temperature of the water. His erection rapidly faded at the shock of being sprung. Thank god for small mercies – or something like that. At least there was no one they knew.

“I think we should go back to camp now,” Thomas said quietly from just above the water. Luca nodded, defeated.

“I think you may be right,” he concurred. “If we’re lucky, maybe the girls are still gone.”

Thomas sighed, blowing bubbles in the water as a wave swamped his mouth. “They’ll be back,” he said despondently. “Our luck is fucking terrible today.”

Thomas was right. They were back. Luca saw the car return to the camp almost a full kilometre away, thanks to the rise of the hill. Thomas groaned in deep frustration. Their timing really was atrocious today.

At least the prospect of seeing the mums kept his lust tuned down to a dull roar. Watching Thomas walk in wet clothing that clung to his skin didn’t help his predicament, but at least he wasn’t smuggling a rabid anaconda between his legs. And while Thomas still paused to adjust himself every now and then, Luca thought it might have more to do with the chafing of wet jeans rather than a deeply unsatisfied hard on. Either way, there was no avoiding the confrontation to come.

The expected: “Oh, hello. We didn’t expect you back so early,” was interrupted by his mum exclaiming:

“What on earth happened to you two?”

Nim squealed in glee at their sodden appearance as Luca and Thomas dropped their packs. “Did you fall in?” she crowed.

Thomas grinned at her, and Luca could barely believe he was able to make such a carefree expression after what he’d been through. The bastard consummate actor.

“Nope!” he struck a pose. “I saw a shark in the water, and I wanted to bring it home for tea.”

Nim crossed her arms and pouted. “You did not!” His sister was definitely fanciful, but she drew the line at gullible.

“Did too! I would have caught it too, but Luca fell off the rocks and scared it away.”

Nim looked at Luca slyly. “So you fell in,” she couldn’t contain her laughter. Luca shrugged, going along with the act, until he realised it wasn’t an act. He really had fallen in.

“Seaweed on the rocks underwater is a lot slipperier than you’d expect,” he explained, and he saw his ma roll her eyes in the background. Nim was cackling and singing ‘Luca fell in, Luca can’t swim’ as she prodded him with her feet.

“You’re not hurt?” his mum asked with a laugh in her eyes – one Balgat Escort that wouldn’t be there is she didn’t already know the answer to her question was ‘no’.

“We’re both fine Mrs M,” Thomas piped up. He was ringing out the sleeves of his enormous sodden jumper. “Just a bit chafed, and a lot wet.”

“Well you’d better go and put your clothes in the wash. I’ve got some that can go in with them if you don’t mind doing a load,” his ma turned as she talked and fetched the washing basket and the detergent.

“I think I’ve got some coins for the machine in my purse,” his mum added, still chuckling under her breath. “And you’d better take some clean clothes to change into. And maybe take a shower while you’re over there. You look like you could do with some warming up.”

Nim leaned in consiprationally and whispered: “It’s not because you’re cold. It’s because you smell.”

Luca flung a sodden arm around her and squeezed her in a tight hug, rubbing his wet sleeves all over her face. She squealed and squirmed away. “And now you do too!” he laughed as she poked her tongue out at him.

Luca took the basket and detergent from his ma and Thomas put the coins in his pocket. They gathered a few dry clothes to change into and a couple of towels, and headed over to the amenities block.

The small laundry was empty at this time of day, and the sunlight filtered through the frosted windows, illuminating the dust motes on the air. Thomas threw the lid to the machine open and Luca dumped the basket of clothes in. Thomas stripped off his sodden jumper and shirt, exposing his lean body. Luca watched the play of muscles between his shoulder blades as separated the two wet garments. His nipples were tight and puckered with the cold water, and Luca was suddenly struck with the urge to take them between his teeth. He tried to shake off the thought, but it didn’t want to be evicted. The hickey on Thomas’ neck was now a small purple mark, something that could be passed off as an insect bite. Hopefully.

Thomas threw his wet tops in the washing machine and started on his pants. Dear god, help me, Luca thought. Thomas paused as he undid the top button, and turned to Luca, who had been too mesmerised to even remove his t-shirt. He licked his lips and motioned to the door.

“Hold that closed for me, Lucky?” he asked, suddenly a little breathless. Luca nodded and leaned heavily against the door. There was no inside lock, but they’d have to get changed before they could put the washing on, and he really didn’t want to make a trip to the showers first.

Thomas licked his lips again and looked up at Luca with hesitant eyes as he undid his fly. Luca’s cheeks were aflame, but he couldn’t look away, and from Thomas’ expression, he didn’t want him to. Thomas slowly peeled his wet jeans from his legs, almost tripping as he pulled his feet free. Luca watched as his friend’s firm legs were exposed, and as he stood up, jeans in hand, his half hard penis rose slightly against his thigh amid the black curls. Water and salt residue made his skin shine, and the heat of his body made the small room heady with the scent of arousal. Thomas looked up at him through bangs of salty black hair, his breath shaky, and his eyes unexpectedly vulnerable. Luca swallowed thickly, desire simmering in his gut, and flooding his groin with blood. He couldn’t believe it. Thomas was standing fully naked before him, looking him dead in the eye, and all he could do was lean against the door and watch.

After a second that stretched on into eternity, Thomas held out a hand and said “towel,” in a broken, husky voice. Luca nodded and handed the towel to his naked friend. The towel went straight around his waist, poking out slightly where his semi was trying to make itself known. Thomas looked up at him and moved to block the door.

“Your turn,” he said, his voice loud in the small room. His eyes were nervous, but expectant. Luca swallowed again, and tugged his shirt over his head, dropping it into the machine with the rest. He could feel his heart beating a tattoo in his chest as he reached to undo his khakis. Thomas fixed him with an intense gaze, and Luca could hear his harsh breathing echo off the tiles. The bulge in the front of Thomas’ towel grew larger as Luca undid his zipper. He’d been naked in front of Thomas before, but this time it was different. This time, he was looking. This time, he was wanting.

Luca drew up his courage and slid his pants down, stepping out of the wet material. What felt like his seven-millionth erection for the day sprang free and bobbed as he straightened. Thomas’ blush had crept all the way down his neck and up to the tips of his ears. He saw his eyes look him up and down, lingering in places that would have once made him feel awkward, but now made his muscles clench with the anticipation of pleasure. Luca dropped his trousers in the machine and walked slowly towards his friend. The hesitation he had felt this morning had disappeared completely. There was nothing that could stop him from leaning forward and claiming those parted lips. He pressed in close, bare chest to bare chest, as mouths fed hungrily from each other. The tip of Luca’s cock brushed roughly over Thomas’ tented towel, and it sent a frisson of pleasure down to his core. Thomas gasped for breath beneath him, arching his hips into him, even as his back pressed more firmly into the door.

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