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Monday started with the usual for my battalion, the S1 losing my leave form, by 11 it was straightened out, but the frustration was hanging on. I had returned home and was surfing the internet when my wife called.

“Hey Hon, whatcha you doin?”

“Finally got signed out on leave, going to eat lunch and such.”

“Want me to come home for lunch?”

“Mmmmm, what are we going to have?”

“It’ll take me 15 minutes to get there, so we need to make it quick.”

“Well then, I’ll see you when you get home.”

Kate always impresses me, but today she was stunning, a white blouse and black knee length skirt, very business-like but on her, very sexy. It could also be that I know how she thinks, and what she is like, but the sight of her immediately turned me on. Hugging her and her humping her hips against mine increased this feeling.

“You look good babe.”

“Thank you.”

Somehow she ended up turned around, her ass against my crotch, wiggling. I grew harder as I fondled her, my hands around her and moving to her breasts. We moved to our bedroom. Now Kate is not what any one would think of as submissive, but it is a role she takes on sometimes, her shirt had been Tokat Escort shed, and her skirt. Bent over the end of our sleigh bed she was an enticing sight. I shed my clothing and started rubbing against her ass, my cock in the cleft of her ass as she played with her pussy, rubbing her clit and starting to talk dirty.

“Mmmmm, lover, do you like your slutty girl?”

“Of course I do, I love it when you act like a little slut.”

She turned around moving to her knees in front of me. She had one hand on her pussy and the other on my cock, pulling it to her mouth. Kate loves sucking cock, she can get me hard in an instant. Her conversation continued as well, her sucking, my hands on her head and in her hair.

“I love sucking your cock baby, makes you so hard.”

“You make me hard, you make me want to fuck your face.”

“Mmmmmm, lover.”

We continued like this for a few moments, her sucking my now hard cock, my hands tangled in her red hair.

“Where do you want me to cum?” I asked, starting to thrust into her face.

“I want you inside me, I love to feel you cum inside me.”

“Stand up.”

She stood, bending over the end of the bed again, reaching Tokat Escort Bayan under herself and guiding my cock into her pussy. Pushing inside I started to fuck her, moving in and out. Kate always feels amazing, tight and wet. She shaves as do I, I love the feel of our bare skin sliding together. Soon we moved on to the bed, her sucking my cock again. Not all of our times together go like this, her sucking me and concentrating on my pleasure. I love to eat her, she has an amazing taste, subtle and delicate. I love to make her cum with my tongue, but this was not one of those times.

As we fucked she started talking again, turning me on more, sharing some of her thoughts and fantasies. “You like me to be your slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, I like it when you are slutty, I like it when you are sexy, I like it when you are down on your knees.”

“Mmmmm and you would like to see your little slut with another woman wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes, I would like that.”

“You would like to see me taste pussy for the first time, lick her cunt…”

My thrusts were becoming more rapid, pushing deep, “Yes, with me fucking you from behind.”

“Yes, your thrusts pushing me deeper Escort Tokat into her pussy…”

“Yes, or her under you, licking you as I slide into you…”

“I would like that.”

“And would you like to watch me fuck her?”

“Yes I would.”

“You could be under her as I fuck her, licking her clit while she licks yours.”

My memory of the dialogue gets hazy at this point, Kate and I were fucking each other, and this is a week later that I am finishing this. Kate is very tight, very hot. Men say this about women, but I wonder how often they really mean it. Kate’s pussy is warmer to the touch than any other woman I have ever been with, and she is tight. I love how she feels, how the ring of muscles at the entrance of her pussy squeezes me. I love how she tastes, light and clean, she gets very wet when I eat her pussy, when I lick her clitoris. That is the only way she comes with me, or with any man she has been with, direct clitoral stimulation. By this time we were humping against each other, I felt my orgasm begin, I was thrusting deep, I wanted to pull out and come on her but I was too far along. My own orgasms are very intense, I feel them in my toes and my scalp.

We laid together for a few moments, but it was lunch and we did not have much time. Kate dressed and started to eat her lunch as she headed out the door, she had just enough time to get back to work.

One of the best lunches I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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