Lust Filled Mountain Massage

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I smell the fresh Rocky Mountain air, then turn to knock on your door and smile when you open it in only a bathrobe a few minutes later. The look of your hair and attire tells me you were spending some quality alone time away from the kids. After the initial surprise wears off, you wrap your arms around me and kiss me softly, a little tongue invading the gentleness of the kiss. I slowly move you back into the house, closing the door behind me with my foot.

You undo your robe and let it fall to the ground. You step back and allow me to take your entire body in. Your breasts eagerly await my attention, your nipples hard from your attention before my knock. I can tell you were playing by the delicious scent I can smell, now heavy in the air across your house. You run your hands down my chest, obviously intending to take my shirt off, followed by the rest of my clothes, but I stop you.

I rest my bag on the chair, and you notice it with a raised eyebrow. “Planning to stay for a while, lover?” you question, but I just smile. I give you the shrug that means both nothing and everything at once. Then I kneel down to open it but intentionally hide the majority of the contents from you. I pull out a large glass vial that has dark green oil inside, mumbling that this will be a start. I look up at you, your questioning eyes meeting mine, and I ask you to lead me to your bedroom. You begin to shake your head, as you left several toys on the bed, the sheet and blankets wet in several places.

I smile, pull you into my arms, and whisper “I will make you far more relaxed than anything in that bedroom, sweetie”. You reluctantly lead me to your bed, your ass with your tempting, teasing tattoo “Kiss This” swaying in front of me. I reach out as you walk and rub the tattoo, making you stop momentarily. Your sudden stop turns my rub into a grab, which makes you moan a little. I give your ass a light slap to get you going, and you move faster down the hall, thinking you know what I have planned.

You crawl onto your bed, moving the toys to the table on the far side and lie on your back, your spread legs tempting me to hurry up, get undressed, and join you. I laugh softly as I walk into the room. “We’ll get to that in time, now, turn over and lay on your stomach.” You frown, and I can almost feel the lust drain from your body, the room suddenly feeling a lot less heated.

You move to your stomach, your legs still spread a little in hopes that you will get pleasure there sooner rather than later. I ask you to try and relax, and you settle in comfortably on the bed, your pussy interestingly right on top of a very moist area of your blankets. I ask you where you feel the most tense, and chuckle as you reach between your legs. More seriously, you point to a few spots on your back before moving your hand back to the pillow your head is resting on.

I uncork the bottle, and you begin to move to see what is going on before I ask you to remain where you are. Hesitantly you lie back down, but almost instantly try to turn over as you feel the first drop of cool oil lands on the first tense spot you pointed out. I plan for this and have my hand ready to stop your shoulder from lifting up and allowing you to move around. I gently, but forcefully, push you back down.

You lie back down, almost mad at me for keeping you in the dark. I drip more oil on the other spots you pointed to. I then move the bottle, letting thin lines of oil run in odd shapes over your back. Lastly, I lift your hair from your shoulders, letting a thick line run across your shoulders as it dawns on you what I have planned.

I put the cork top back in the bottle, placing the container on the table, and sit down on the bed beside you. I lift my shirt off, this work done best without too much in the way, and lean forward. I blow softly across your shoulders, then across your back, making your body shiver from the cool breeze. You moan softly as the oil heats up a little as my breath passes over it.

Your back arches a bit as you pull the pillow a little tighter to your chest, and my touch surprises you a little as first one hand then the other begins to massage your shoulders. I press and knead your shoulders, loosening the tight muscles and working the oil into your skin. As I finish your shoulders and move up to your bornova escort neck, you breathe a long held in sigh of relaxation and contentment.

As my hand moves up and down your neck, rubbing away the tension, you let out a gasp of sudden pleasure as I simultaneously massage your ass and hit a pleasure nerve on your neck. My hand outlines your tattoo, and I stretch to lean down and kiss it while my hand continues to massage the pleasure nerve I hit, bringing little moans and gasps from you every so often.

I begin to move my hand to other spots of your neck, massaging the knots and tension I find away, until my hand follows my body and begins to move down your back. As my hand massages down your back I can feel you are noticeably less tense, and I smile knowingly at how quickly you have relaxed. As the hand reaches the small of your back, I begin to massage the muscles connecting your back to your lower body, knowing how those can get overworked so easily.

I let my other hand massage your ass cheeks, pressing and massaging the flesh. Your earlier moans seem amplified, making my cock a little hard, and I move my other hand to add to the stimulation. With both of my hands massaging your ass, your hips begin moving as if begging me to do more while my hands are there. I massage the crack of your ass for a few minutes, eliciting a moan of pleasure, but quickly move my hands down to begin massaging your legs.

You let out a growl of frustration, the scent of your delicious cum becoming even more pronounced as you get moister as the massage becomes more sensual. I rub first your left leg, massaging the muscles of the back and sides of your legs, almost brushing your lips once, until it is nice and relaxed. I move to your right, this time lightly grazing your lips as my hands work along your leg, from hip to foot, and you moan loudly with the touch.

As I reach your foot, I let it go, moving around to the head of the bed, leaning in, and kissing you deeply. You put your hand behind my head, not wanting to lose the kiss. You expression of desire is clear in the movement of your tongue, the pressure of your lips. I rub your back while we kiss, giving you that added touch to cement the moment in your mind.

I ask you to turn over but you refuse, demanding I be naked too. I warn you that any stray touch or movements will result in you being punished, to which you agree, so I begin to disrobe completely. I pull off my socks, leaving them with my shoes, and then stand up to undo my jeans and let them fall to the floor. I smile as you watch the tent like bulge in my black briefs hungrily. Like an animal playing with its food, I let you run your hands up and down the bulge, then pull my cock out.

You run your hands slowly over the bare flesh, and lean your mouth in to taste me, but I stop you, putting my hand on your head. “Only a couple of licks, and no sucking, or you get punished.” I order you and get a pained look in return. You angle my cock upwards and begin licking from under my balls, around them playfully, then all the way to the tip. By the time your tongue reaches my head, which you circle, I am looking for something to hold due to the pleasure.

You smile, knowing how good you just made me feel, and plot for your second lick. You turn my body so that you are at the side of my cock, and draw your tongue slowly up the topside of my cock. Drawing out the lick as long as possible and increasing the pleasure, you let your lower lip drag behind, doubling the sensations. Your tongue begins to circle the edge of the circumcision, never stopping the licking motion. You prolong the lick three or four times longer until I shoot precum and it dribbles into your hungry mouth.

I groan loudly, cursing you for twisting my rules, and you take advantage of it, sucking the head of my cock into your mouth. The mix of pleasure from the licks and the hungry sucking you are doing on the head of my cock make me shoot two long streams of cum, which you swallow easily, like a thirsty woman with a bottle of water, before I forcefully pull my cock from your mouth, the third stream half landing on your chin and the rest on your breasts.

I roughly push you onto the bed, and you fall laughing, scooping up the cum on your breasts buca escort to lick up like a sex deprived woman. I consider both whether to put my cock away and how to punish you as I watch you, my cock regaining it’s hardness as I watch how hungrily you want every drop of cum. I order you to lie on your back, and you comply with a smile on your face, but not lying still. Your hands tease your body, one hand playing and pinching your nipples, the other massaging your pussy.

Within a minute or so you begin to shiver, your body tingling. This is followed by a shiver rolling down your body from head to toe, then back up to your pussy, making you burst. You begin cumming wildly, your four fingers sliding deeply into your pussy until your cum gushes out of you. First a little bit of cum is squirting out, but it quickly increases until it is pouring out of you as your orgasm hits you full on, a good deal covers me, standing to the side of the bed as I watch.

I look down at you, “Stop that right now.” You look up at me with eyes filled with need, but the look on my face tells you that pleading will be useless. One last thrust of fingers into your pussy and you pull them out, your hand moving up your body to your open and waiting mouth. I grab your wrist as it passes over top of your breasts. You groan, partly because you were longing for the taste and partly because of the suddenness of the move.

I pull your hand to my mouth and inhale deeply. I lick in long strokes from the palm over your fingers, licking off the cum there. I leave you one finger, let you have your hand back and watch with interest as you suck it like a popsicle, my sucking having already turned you on a great deal. Once your hand is clean of all your cum, you lay your hands at your side.

I grab the bottle, and tell you to stay very still. I drip some oil along your legs, and then move over your stomach, letting the oil fall in circles, a few drops falling into your belly button. I let the oil drip in lines across your breasts, heavy drops falling on each nipple, and then let the last few drops fall on your shoulders. I move to put the bottle away and I hear you whimper in displeasure. I turn back, and see your eyes move between your pussy and the bottle, and I grin.

I let several drops fall in your pubic hair, but the majority falls so that it will drip and flow slowly between your legs and pussy lips. I smile, and finally kick out of my clothes, moving to the foot if the bed. I massage your foot, the soles, ankles, and the tops, rubbing the oil into your skin and then move to your right side and begin massaging my way up your legs, easing the tension in legs that spend too much time running around, letting your skin soak up oil that will only make them more sensitive.

As I near your knees you slowly spread your legs and I allow you, letting the scent that has me hard waft through the room. I continue my way up your legs, and inch closer and closer to your pussy, and take even more time as I thoroughly work the oil into your skin. I carefully rub your legs so that my hands are only barely brushing the stray pubic hairs as I rub the oil into your hip.

You try to slowly move your body so that my rubbing hands will move closer to your pussy, but before you can move far enough to make a difference, I stand up, my hard cock a straight line out of my body, and I walk around to the other side. I again begin massaging your foot, rubbing it just roughly enough to ease the tenderness from so many hours spent on them.

Once your foot is well massaged I move along to your calf muscle, squeezing and pressing it into looseness like the rest of your body. I rub the knee, making sure it is strong and tease the back of your knee a little, which gets me a soft moan. I move my hands further up your leg, rubbing your muscle there until it is soft and pliable instead of tense and tight.

As I once again get close to your pussy, you begin gyrating your hips in sync with my hands as they move in circles over your skin. My hands move closer until along your hip there is only room for one. Your moans get louder as my touch gets closer and closer to your now dripping wet pussy, the sheets under you soaked with your cum.

Your nails dig into the sheets as I move my karşıyaka escort hand across your pelvic bone, massaging along the line above your pubic hair. My hand begins to move up your stomach, massaging the muscles there and moving ever closer to your breasts. You growl at me in frustration until you realize a hand is missing. The missing hand draws feather light circles between your legs, moving over your thighs before progressing to your lips, the nails dragging just barely perceptibly up and down your lips.

You gasp, throwing your hands above your head and pushing yourself down until suddenly my light touch near your entrance is my fingers buried halfway into your soaking pussy. I look up at you and ask calmly if this is what you want, as I slide three fingers slowly in and out of your pussy. My only answer is an echoing moan, loud enough to wake the dead, as you finally get the penetration you’ve wanted for over an hour.

I smile and begin to slide the fingers in deep thrusts into your deliciously moist pussy, enjoying myself as I probe and search for your truly sensitive spots. Because of the heightened sensitivity in your body after the prolonged temptations, your body quickly tightens in orgasm and my hand quickly gets covered in your cum.

I keep fingering you through your orgasm, and as your body slows its shaking I slowly slide my fingers from your pussy, making you beg me not to stop. I tell you to stand up and follow me. You shakily stand up, your legs almost buckling a couple of times, and you walk over to me. I lead you to the center of the room, and ask you to close your eyes and keep them closed.

You stand there, fully naked, cum running down your inner thighs, and try to sense where I am, what I am doing by only the sounds of my movement. I very quietly move around your body, letting a finger brush an ass cheek, my arm tickle a breast, just admiring you. Every touch sets off nerves in your body. I roughly draw a finger up your inner thigh, and you hear me groan as I suck your cum off my finger.

I move back, almost depriving you of touch, as I circle you slowly again. This time the touch is my mouth latching onto your right nipple, sucking hungrily for a few seconds, making you moan my name. I pull away, planning for my final move. You hear the soft thud of a heavy object hitting the carpet in front of you, your head turning here and there to sense what is happening.

“Reach forward, dear” I say, and you comply, your hand reaching and finding nothing. “You may need to reach a bit, but don’t move your feet until I tell you” I advise, and you do this as well, bending at the hip until you reach the back of a chair. As a look of recognition crosses your face, I slide my cock between your legs, finding your entrance easily and sliding the head of my cock in.

You arch your back, bending a little more, and push back onto me. Most of my cock is inside you now, and I wait for you to be fully ready. “This is for you sweetie,” I groan as I begin sliding my cock out of you, then pushing hard and deep in again. Over and over I enter you, thrusting harder and harder each time. As my cock fills you up, you begin to moan and curse the pleasure, all the while begging for more.

You get a sense of the rhythm of my thrusts, the speed that I enter you, and you begin to push me to the limits of my pleasure, squeezing your muscles tight around my cock on every thrust in, and slowing me when I pull out. I slap your ass and begin to slide even harder into you, my orgasm nearing. The increased speed of the thrusts into you get you closer too, the resistance you planned backfiring into doubling your own pleasure as I speed up.

“Oh god baby, I’m going to cum!” I groan, pushing my cock deeper and harder into you. With a final thrust I let go of all my control and shove my cock one last time into you, filling you with load after load of warm cum. As you feel the first shot of cum erupt from my cock, your own pleasure is eclipsed and you begin to cum as well. Your body begins shaking and spasms rock your body as wave after wave of intense orgasm wash over you, almost drowning you in pleasure.

As my cock empties of cum, I keep hold of your hips and press our bodies together as the last of the spasms fade from your pleasure drenched body. You push yourself up, my cock inevitably slipping out of your pussy, and turn around. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me, first softly but gaining in passion until we are lost seemingly forever in a single kiss. As we pull apart, I chuckle and ask you if you think you’re loose enough yet, making you smile and blush.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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