Madamefifi’s Ch. 01

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Big Dick

I bought the hotel 10 years ago when Blackpool was at its peak. That didn’t last for long and after saying goodbye to my last customers last year, I took a break. I needed to decide what to do with a place that had 14 en-suite bedrooms and 4 communal rooms. A lodging house? No. A luxury spa? No. Student Accommodation? No. Foster home? Definitely not. So all I was left with was my personal favourite – a brothel.

Now I didn’t just want any old whore-house, but a more up-market establishment. The idea of my sea-front hotel being used for sex amused me…what would all those old crones think walking down the promenade on a cold Saturday night.

With an idea of what I wanted I needed to sort a few minor details out…décor being the top of my list. Each room needed to be unique, and you’ll discover how unique as you read on. After a bit of scouting through select agencies and friends I found the right girls for the job too, again each one was a bit different.

Well, word spread, as it does, and to all extents and purposes I was ‘open’ for business. It was a slow start but soon some of my ‘rooms’ had attracted some attention and I began to get a solid customer base.

Andrew was, and still is my favourite. He was a quiet man who found it hard to talk to women and so he came to Kadıköy Escort me. He was 25, tall and dark and liked no-frills sex. His favourite girl was Fiona, an average sized girl with large breasts and an ample arse. They soon they had a weekly agreement. From my CCTV camera in the office I could keep an eye on what was going on….

It wasn’t his normal night, but he seemed a bit pent up. Entering the foyer he stood awkwardly like a child in a place he knew he shouldn’t be. Fiona had spotted him from the top of the stairs and after a bit of preening in the mirror went down to meet him. He liked her in jeans and a white t-shirt. No underwear.

Taking him by the hand she led him to room 1. This is the plainest of the rooms, just a big bed and a big chair. She pushed him onto the bed and whispered in his ear. I couldn’t make out what she said but it made him blush. However this didn’t stop him. He quickly undid his pants and sat on the large chair in the window.

Dropping to her knees she took his cock in her hand and slowly pumped him until he was ready. With a quick squeeze of his balls she began to flick the head with her tongue. His eyes closed as he grabbed onto the chair and as she licked up and down the shaft he began to shake. Pausing to look up at him Fiona could see Kadıköy Escort Bayan he was well on the way to cuming…he always was a quick one, but Fiona knew what to do. Kneeling up she took off her top to reveal her breasts. Andrew loved her breasts and took them in his hands. He gently teased the nipples to a point before taking one in his mouth. I could almost see how wet this was making Fiona; she was writhing under his touch.

But she knew she was meant to be doing the work today, not him, and so she pulled away and bent to her task. Taking his whole cock into her mouth she began to suck faster and faster. As he was reaching climax she moved her mouth away and returned to licking the shaft. With her head positioned as it was I could tell that she was probably rimming him, gently licking and tickling around his anus. His face told me I was correct. Two seconds later and he had shot his load over her face.

With Andrew finished I could see Fiona go into the bathroom to wash her face. What Fiona couldn’t see is that Andrew had followed her. Standing behind her he reached forward and gently held her breasts. I could see her smile in the mirror and try to explain that it wasn’t necessary for him to do that. From what I could see it turns out that he wanted to.

Leading Escort Kadıköy her to the bed he removed the rest of his clothes and helped her out of her jeans. Pushing her down on the bed he knelt between her legs, and after taking a long breath, inhaling her smell, he put his mouth to her pussy. I could see her convulse. Fiona had always loved men going down on her. I had always loved watching it. I could imagine the way he was licking around her lips and probing inside her, purposefully keeping away from her clitoris until she could wait to more.

I had had the CCTV cameras installed for the girls’ safety, but found that they could prove to be good fun too. At this time I had one hand down my knickers playing with my clit and the other holding a breast, pinching the nipple. Fiona and I came at exactly the same time.

But Andrew wasn’t finished. It seems at this point he had regained his erection and for the first time I caught a glimpse of it. It wasn’t particularly long, but it had a good girth. Turning Fiona around, he pulled her to her knees and pushed quickly and hard from behind. I heard the groan form both of them…a mixture of pleasure and pain. Pushing harder and faster Andrew came quickly, but before pulling away he used one hand to play with Fiona’s clit and the other to push his little finger up her arse. She nearly screamed with the sensation and after pushing back on his hands and cock she came quickly and hard.

As Andrew left the room Fiona waved a goodbye, and turning to face her blew her a kiss goodbye.

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