Magic Ch. 02

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Kandie sat down at her computer and after logging on noticed an email from her online lover Magic. She had taken their erotic emails and turned them into an erotic story and had posted it on the adult web site. She could not wait to read his reaction to their story.

“Hello Kandie,

Hi, I see you posted our story. I hope that it will be as enjoyed by everyone who reads it, as it was obviously fun for you in writing it. I did have my share of fun in inspiring you. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if the seed of desire to fulfill that stranger/stranger fantasy has set itself. Perhaps some more stimulation to captivate your imagination and desires will further fuel it. You are looking for fun and excitement, so allow me to excite you some more.

It has been about a week since I sent those emails that attracted your attention. Those emails drew you into my spell as you found your body responding to such delightful and provocative suggestions. “Has he forgotten about me?” you start to wonder. Then, another email finds its way to your mailbox. You decide to wait until the evening to read it, but throughout the day, you find your thoughts drawn back to that email.

Your day is finally done and you are set to relax for the evening. Anticipating an erotic email, you chose a cream colored nightie to wear and lit some soft scented some candles to set the atmosphere. You feel sexy and receptive to the lusting desires you know that await you in my email. Even in the anticipation of finally opening it, to your surprise, you find yourself flushed with the stirrings of sexual excitement.

As you read, it seems you can hear his incantation and you go under his spell once more. With each sentence, you become more Samsun Escort and more aroused to where finally not only have you become absorbed into what you are reading, but you can feel my touch as you become submersed into my sexual hunger that was woven into my words.

Soon you find your body aching to be touched, aroused, licked, sucked and yearning for a long, hot, satisfying fucking. Your desire to experience a stranger/stranger encounter with me deepens. As you finish reading my email, you are totally aroused as you find yourself exceptionally horny and wet and not finding release this evening is not an option.

Your breasts ache, your hands cup them, and begin pinching them to get them hard. Imagining me sucking on your nipples and teasing them with my tongue sends electric shocks down your stomach as your pussy tingles. Yes, you find yourself hungering to feel your nipples between my lips being teased with my tongue, your body is alive with want, desiring to feel the warmth of my naked body next to yours, wanting to feel the hardness of my cock pressed against you and delighting in the heat it radiates onto your skin.

Caught up in this fantasy, your hands travel down your stomach as your legs part slightly welcoming your touch. Your cunt is completely wet as your fingers trace your wet pussy lips. God that feels good as you slide your fingers inside of you touching all those places that make you feel good. When you begin rubbing your clit lightly with your fingertips, it swells in excitement. Never before have you so hungered to feel a cock inside of you, not just any cock, but the cock of this stranger that so arouses you with his words and the lusting desires Samsun Escort Bayan he invokes.

Needing to find release, you bring out your special toy. As you slowly begin to slide it inside of your hot wet pussy you can actually feel the thick hardness of my cock penetrating you, such bliss you experience as your pussy feels me sliding in deeper and deeper, your pussy burning hot with want. Your toy moves easily in and out of your wet cunt as you delight in the sensations of it rubbing the walls of your pussy. Soon your hips involuntarily begin thrusting and fucking it as you plunge it inside of you.

As you take it deep inside of you, you imagine my cock filling you up with its enlarged hardness, again and again. Pumping you hard, pounding your pussy, deeper, faster and faster as your orgasm awakens and begins to grow. The motion of your toy matches the thrusting of your hips as you feel my cock plunging deep filling you completely with each delicious thrust bringing you closer to cumming.

Oh yes, you are so close to cumming, fuck me, oh fuck me, do not stop fucking me is all you can think. In that final thrust you cum ever so hard, your warm juices flowing from you as you savor that most delightful orgasm…

Well, in so much as you enjoy writing erotic stories I assume that you quite enjoy reading of them as well. I hope you liked this one! Magic”

Kandie felt her body once again enchanted by Magic’s words. She begins to type a response to his letter as her fingers touched sensual places.


As I read your email, my nipples harden and my clit swells and starts to throb. In my mind I am wishing you were here to tantalize every Escort Samsun inch of my wanting body. As usual when I am at home, I wear shorts and t-shirts, with nothing underneath. I feel hot, flushed and a feeling of intense sexual arousal. I always do when I read erotic emails and stories.

I am once again enchanted by your words. I take off my t-shirt and pull at my hardened nipples and feel a tingle right to the center of my womanhood. My body cries for your touch, to feel your tongue licking and enticing every inch of me setting me ablaze with desire.

When I am finished reading, my sexual hunger is screaming to be satisfied. I walk to my bedroom where I strip the rest of my clothing off and lay naked on my bed. I pull out my favorite toy from under my pillow and plunge it deep and hard into my wanting pussy.

In my heightened desire to be fucked by a total stranger deepens, I close my eyes and say, “Magic, take me, I’m yours satisfy this hunger between my legs. Oooooh fuck me!”

I draw my own nipple into my mouth and bite it hard, doing one and then the other one. My hands become yours as you suck and tease them sending a bolt of electricity clear to the center of my clit.

I scream, “Oooooh Magic, bite them harder and fuck me deeper, harder, ooooooh yes, just like that!”

I feel your cock thrust harder into my wet hole. The veins of your cock are throbbing against the walls of my pussy. Every time you fuck me, the very pulsation of your cock brings us nearer to climax.

I move my fingers across my clit then pinch it hard and hear you utter, “Cum for me Kandie, Let me feel your pussy milk my wanting cock of all its juices!”

The words of this total stranger enchant me again as my hips fuck my toy. I feel his cock plunging deeper inside me feeling me with its hardness, fucking me hard, faster and faster! I envision his cock filling every crevice with his cum, I began to shake with an earth-shattering climax…..and the magic continues!

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