Mai Ling

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There is a lot of truth in this story, and some fantasy. The very last paragraph is part of the fantasy. The story contains oral, vaginal and anal sex. It also contains rape and revenge. I think the truth and the context justify everything being in the story that is in here. I am interested in your comments. The real events were in the mid-1960’s.

I arrived at the new base on August 25th after a twenty hour flight from the states. The new base was small, very small. There were less than three hundred men on the entire base and in my unit (Intel Ops) less than fifty. I was twenty and out of tech school just a month. This was my first permanent duty station. The road from the main gate to the base commander’s office was about three hundred yards long. After that it went another three hundred yards and that was the end. Along the road were the motor pool, the supply warehouse, a chow hall, a small theater and bowling alley, five barracks and the Ops building. Surrounding the base were hundreds of antennas, all with wires and cables that led to the Ops building.

The ride on the bus was an hour and a half from the national airport up into the mountains. There were three people on the bus; the driver, a master sergeant, and me. The driver had two stripes and I had two. The master sergeant had six. The master sergeant didn’t say a word while in the bus. He didn’t look at the landscape as we drove up into the lush, green jungle of mountains. I did.

At the base the bus stopped in from of the base commander’s office and we were told this was the “end of the line.” I waited for the MSgt to get off before I even stood up. I gathered my duffel bag and followed him into the office.

We both met the base commander, a Captain in the Air Force, and the office staff. The MSgt was shown what would be his office as of 0700 tomorrow morning. I was told how to find my barracks and how to find the Ops building. I was done in the office and left.

By the time I had been on the base a month I had seen the First Sergeant (the MSgt’s new title) twice: once when we arrived and once in the chow hall. He looked just as happy both times. The people I spoke to who had dealings with him found him as nasty and unfriendly as I had. I made up my mind to avoid him whenever possible.

My work was inside the Ops building. It was classified so it was never spoken of outside the building. Partially because of that but more because most of us were young and single and horny what we did when we weren’t working was ride the bus into town and either look for woman or go to one of the places where a woman could be rented by the hour, night or weekend.

I found a friendly woman who was not, shall we say, a business woman (hooker) and started a relationship with her. Whenever my shifts at work allowed and her work schedule in the hospital where she worked allowed we were together. She was Chinese, about five one, very slender and as petite as you would imagine she would be, just short of looking too skinny. Her shiny black hair hung past her waist. She became my tour guide. We traveled all over the island where we lived. She taught me as much Chinese as I could learn and I taught her as much English as she could absorb. Life was good.

Our third weekend together she planned a trip by train for us. One day down island to another city and the next day back. We took pictures and she showed me shrines and temples and things that most non-Chinese don’t get to see. At the end of the day she led me along a street into a building that had a sign out front only in Chinese. Inside I discovered the sign said HOTEL.

She handled the transaction at the desk and led me into a tiny elevator. It creaked up three floors and opened into a small hallway with three doors. She opened one and led me in, and locked the door three ways. After the door was closed and locked she faced me. She didn’t look me directly. Her head was bowed.

Softly she said, “You like fuck me?”

The answer of course was yes. I had not pushed in that direction because she was not a business woman and I did not know how the local customs were about unmarried sex, or sex between locals and foreigners.

She stepped to me and helped me undress. She folded each piece of clothing as they came off and stacked them on the chest near the bed. When she pulled my military boxers down I was already hard and my shaft bounced in front of her.

I pulled her upright and began undressing her. It wasn’t as romantic as I thought it might have been. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, kissing the skin as it was exposed. I held her hips with one hand while I unbuttoned her blouse. I was really getting into it when the blouse was completely unbuttoned. That seemed to be a signal to her. She took the blouse off and folded it neatly, stacking it next to my clothes. I brought her back to me and took her pants loose. She immediately stepped out of her shoes and took the pants off as soon as I had the fastenings loose. I wanted to take them off slowly, with kisses and caresses. She had them folded Bostancı Escort on top of her blouse in seconds.

She stood in front of me stiffly, in just her bra and panties. They were not sexy and I didn’t care. I thought they looked like the kind of bra and panties the Chinese army might issue. I wondered if the bra was bullet-proof.

I reached for the bra and she moved in a blur. Suddenly she stood before me with both bra and panties in her hand. He breasts were small and capped with hard small nipples and areolas. There were no tan lines showing where a bathing suit had been or tan lines at her neck or on her arms.

She kept watching my cock. I reached for her and hugged her to me. She squeezed my ass and asked again, “You want fuck me?”

“Yes,” I said.

She turned and led me to the bed. She flopped onto the bed on her back and then spread her legs. It looked mechanical to me. I asked, “Have you done this before?”

She smiled at me with fear and anxiousness in the smile and said, “No.” That was at nine p.m. Between nine p.m. and three in the morning I taught her all I knew and we invented and discovered a lot about her body and mine that had been undiscovered before that night. She had read some books in Chinese and wanted to see if what they had said was possible and if possible would she enjoy.

Mostly the things she remembers were possible and she loved almost everything. My hands were too big for her to accept one inside her ass. In her enthusiasm she bet me that within a month she could do it. I figured that meant would have to practice so I made the bet.

We fucked on the bed, in the tub, in the shower and on the balcony watching the sun rise. When we checked out of the room my dick felt like someone had taken two layers of skin off and that the area where she kept slamming either her pubic bone against mine or mine against hers felt bruised. I was still tired and I felt great. I noticed that she walked a bit differently than she had on the way to the hotel. I asked her the name of the hotel. She blushed and said, “Happy Bed Hotel”. We laughed on the way to the train.

The next weekend we went to another place and another Happy Bed Hotel. It cost $10 US for the room. Even on my small funding I could afford these trips. Then something I hadn’t anticipated happened.

On a Wednesday I was working a swing shift, four in the afternoon til one in the morning. One of the guys came in and said he had been by the First Sargeant’s office and saw him posting the promotion lists. He was proud to say that he had made e-4 in the Army. On my meal break I walked over and checked the lists. I had made e-4 as well. My first thoughts were of what the extra money would do for our sexy, fun times together.

The next time we were together I gave her a surprise. I had searched and found a place where I could buy sexy bras and panties for her. The sales girls in the shop giggled a lot but were very helpful. They wanted to know what size and I didn’t know. So, all three sales girls stripped to the waist and asked me which was closest to the size I wanted. They “forced” me to handle all six breasts before I made my decision. When I decided they were happy to show me what the bras I picked would look like on. I picked four; two that were skin colored, one red and one black. The skin colored were just lace and showed everything. The red was only the bottom half of the bra and the top half of the sales girl’s nipples showed. The black was a nylon stretch that was transparent.

As a tip I bought each of the sales girls a bra. They each picked one like the red half bra I had picked. They put them on and had me kiss their nipples. They said that when I came back I was to buy panties and they would let me fuck them. I figured these ladies did a good business with the Americans on the island.

That night I took Mai Ling to the NCO Club in the city. Since I had been promoted I was able to go there. I knew the food was good and they had dancing. We had a wonderful evening. We saw three of the other men that I worked with in the Ops building and they smiled when we made eye contact. Just before we left I saw the First Sergeant sitting at a table with a woman I assumed was his wife. She was a bit overweight and had a scowl on her face. The First Sergeant didn’t look happy either.

I knew that Mai Ling was wearing the black bra that I had bought her. I was turned on all evening and when we went back to her little apartment she stripped down to the bra only and we played. She was very wet and her hard nipples were very suck able, even through the nylon mesh of the bra cups. She had another surprise for me. She had shaved the hair from her pussy! I loved the touch of her bare skin and sliding into her slit was a joy.

When I moved from sucking her nipples to her pussy she asked, “You want fuck me with tongue?”

My answer was given by running the tip of my tongue from the top of her slit to the bottom. I moved as slowly as I could. Mai Ling moaned and held my head with both her hands. She Bostancı Escort Bayan was so small that I could reach her shoulders with my hands while lapping at her pussy. My hands applied pressure to hold her in place as I pressed my face into her cunt. She came, thrashing and gasping as I held her and continued to eat her. My hands moved to her breasts and she moaned again. When she calmed from her orgasm I relaxed my hold on her and moved my face off her pussy.

We rested for a few seconds and just as I was about to move up and insert my hard cock into my favorite pussy she moved. She rolled off to the side of the bed and reached under it. She came back with a small jar and twisted the lid off. Her eyes were sparkling with lust when she asked, “You want fuck my ass?”

She took some of the green cream from the jar and spread it on her asshole. Laying on her back with her legs drawn up she covered her asshole with the lube and offered herself to me.

I put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slid right in. Her juices coated my cock and when I was fully covered in her juices I pulled out of her pussy. The green lube touched the head of my cock and Mai Ling smiled at me and said, “Please. Please fill my ass.”

My hands held her legs up to her chest and I leaned forward as my cock pressed against her pucker. It relaxed and I was in! It was so tight! I was in perhaps a little over an inch and her muscles tightened up, stopping my penetration.

We both took deep breaths and her muscles relaxed again. I slid in completely. She was gasping and making mewing noises. Her hands grabbed my arms and pulled me towards her. I pulled my hips back a little and we slid back together over and over. We moved slowly and tenderly for a few long, slow strokes and then I pushed harder and faster into her ass.

The sounds of our breathing were louder and louder. The noise of her bed moving to the rythum of our fucking added to the sounds of passion in the apartment. We didn’t care.

“Hard. More hard!” Mai Ling screamed.

I gave her all I had, as hard as I could and as fast as I could. Soon I felt the eruption of my cum racing to flood her insides. She felt it too and grabbed harder onto my arms. As the hot flood entered her ass Mai Ling screamed again and flooded both of us with her cum. After thrashing and twisting under me for almost a minute she stiffened and then went limp.

She had passed out! I held still almost afraid to move. No one had ever fainted with me before. She was breathing so I wasn’t too worried, but concerned. My cock was shrinking quickly and when it was expelled from her ass she opened her eyes and smiled.

“You like fuck my ass?”

“Your ass is the best ass in the world!”

“My ass leaking.” She said with a giggle and leapt from the bed to get a towel. She went into the tiny bathroom and was back in seconds holding one small towel to her ass and another in the other hand. That towel was wet and she used it to clean my cock, balls and surrounding area.

We spent the rest of the weekend in the apartment. She told me early on Monday morning when I was ready to leave to go back to the base that her ass and her pussy were sore. I apologized and she told me that it hurt and it hurt good.

When I got back to base I had an hour to shower and get into uniform before I was to be back at work. There was a note tacked to the door of my room in the barracks. I read it and couldn’t believe what it said.

You will have three hours of base duty every day after your shift is over for the next three weeks. On your days off for the next three weeks you will be confined to base and will have NCO of the day duty. Please see the First Sergeant when your shift ends on Monday.

I discovered that each of the newly promoted e-4s had received letters like mine. Mine just started sooner than most. I did my shift and then went to the office. The First Sergeant lectured us on how to do Charge of Quarters duty. What we were to do was baby-sit the base. We were to walk around making sure that no one trashed the place, no one left without a pass, and no one brought a woman on the base. We divided the hours and the new CQ’s started our penalty for being promoted.

When the weekend came I got a friend to meet Mai Ling and tell her why I wasn’t coming to town that weekend, or the next two. The friend I asked also had a girlfriend so I thought it safe for him to meet Mai Ling and give her the message.

The First Sergeant was gone for the whole weekend. I didn’t think anything of it because he was usually gone on the weekends. He traveled into the city everyday as he lived with his wife in the city. From the picture on his desk I could tell that the sour woman I had seen in the club was indeed his wife.

When Monday came I worked from four in the morning until noon. I ate lunch and reported for CQ duty at 1300 (1 o’clock). The First Sergeant was standing in the main office area and said, “I enjoyed your weekend for you.”

Not quite sure how top respond I answered, Escort Bostancı “I’m glad someone enjoyed it.”

He laughed and went back into his office.

The duty and the job continued all week and at the beginning of the duty Friday evening the First Sergeant passed me on his way from the office to his car.

“I’ll enjoy your weekend for you again.”

“I’m glad someone will enjoy the weekend.” Was all I could say.

On Sunday I was sitting in the duty office, just in case some official call came in. At three in the afternoon the phone did ring.

“6987th, Sergeant Peterson. May I help you?”

A woman’s voice: “I need to speak to the First Sergeant.”

“Mam, the First Sergeant isn’t here in the office at this time. May I take a message?”

“Yes. This is his wife, Caroline Benson. My number is 882-1099.”

I wrote it down. I waited.

“Oh, never mind. It isn’t important enough to have him call me. Thank you young man.” Click.

I folded the paper and put it in my pocket. Something about having that phone number seemed important. I had no way of knowing how important.

Nothing else of any interest happened between that phone call and the end of the three weeks of being confined to base. When I got my pass back and could leave the base I was ready. I packed my weekend bag, got the pass from the office and was on the bus less than an hour after getting off work.

Mai Ling didn’t meet the bus. I wasn’t too surprised. I walked to her apartment and knocked. I waited a minute or so and knocked again. Nothing. I knocked again and the woman who lived next door came into the hallway. She didn’t speak English and my Chinese was really bad but we gestured and made noises until I understood that Mai Ling was in the hospital. She got her coat and took me there.

I got lucky at the hospital. The doctor I spoke to had been trained in Boston so he spoke good English. He sat me down and explained what had happened.

“Three weeks ago Mai Ling came home and a large white man was waiting for her. He told her he was there to give her a message from you. She invited him to come in and sit down. Once inside he told her that the message he had for her was that you wanted her to fuck him. She said, NO and asked him to leave. She fought him as best she could but he was too big and overpowered her. He tied her to the bed, ripped her clothes off and raped her all weekend. When he left on Monday morning she was still tied up. He came to her every evening and cleaned her, fed her, and raped her some more. When he left her on Sunday afternoon he did not retie the restraints on her. She got loose and her neighbor brought her here.”

“How badly hurt is she?” I was terrified that she was really badly damaged and that the psychological damage might be even worse.

“Physically things are bad. Whatever he did to her damaged her reproductive organs enough that we were forced to do a hysterectomy. She will recover but will never have children. Psychologically we just don’t know. We will know more when she sees you. She told us that she didn’t believe you had sent the man who did this to her but he repeated the story many times. We just don’t know.”

“I don’t even know who could have done this.”

“Our concern for the moment is for her healing. Are you ready to see her?”

“Yes.” I followed him down a long hallway and into her room. She looked like someone had beat her up. There were bruises on her arms and face. She was asleep. The doctor left and I quietly put a chair next to her bed and sat down.

I was looking at her hand when she woke up. She moved her hand and I looked at her face. Tears were escaping and running down her cheeks. My tears were falling too.

“Bad man do this,” she said. It was a horse whisper.

“I know. The doctor told me. I am so sorry.”

Her hand reached for mine. I held it gently and kissed her fingers.

“I not blame you.”

“Can you describe the man?”

“Oh, yes! I see all of him, many times. Man taller than you. Have gray in hair. Not all, but some. Have scar on chin and another on side, by hip. Also have tattoo of bird on shoulder. Never smile.”

“Do you remember the color of his eyes?”

“Yes. One blue and one brown. Look scary.”

I stayed as long as the hospital would let me. When I left I went to a cheep hotel near the hospital and slept. In the morning I was back. By afternoon Mai Ling was doing better and had eaten. I spoke with the doctor and he said that Mai Ling would be OK to go home in four days. I knew my schedule would have me on base until Friday and I convinced his to keep her until I got back on Friday evening.

I kissed her gently when I had to leave. She returned the kiss.

I walked out of the hospital with four hours before I needed to catch the bus for the base. I had been thinking about how to get the bastard who had hurt Mai Ling. I walked to the Provost Marshals office at the U.S. Army base in the city. Inside I spoke to an Army Master Sergeant. I told him about what I knew and what the doctor had told me. He told me that unless the man was caught in the act the Army wasn’t going to do anything about the rape. The policy was that the Army would believe the word of an American before they would believe a Chinese.

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