Make Your Motions

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Caleb waited until his wife would leave. He stayed in the living room and pretended to watch something on TV. It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon, with no idiosyncrasies that interfered with human routines. The city of Sacramento was treated with a moderately cool weekend. A partially cloudy sky and a gentle breeze from the Pacific had spread across quiet communities. The suburban neighborhood represented a simple solitude appropriate for those who yearned for a peaceful November. Caleb found this to be the right time to delve into his secret hobby. Something that his wife knew nothing about.

Leah reminded him that she would be gone for the rest of the afternoon. Both husband and wife said goodbye to each other. Leah exited the house. Caleb just waited until her car would disappear. He took a peek out the living room window. Leah got into her car and drove off. Just as her car took a left turn on the street, she would keep her focus on her own plans.

Caleb closed the curtains for now. The twenty-seven-year-old man had to be well-prepared. He ran upstairs and opened the closet in the hallway. He had found what he searched for. He brought it out from the closet before entering the bedroom. It was still in one piece. This simple pink dress deserved to be worn by him. It included a sleeveless top and a skirt that ended right above his knees. Caleb had no interest in delays. He took off his shirt, pants, and underwear. He slid the pink dress on his body.

It was a perfect fit. He had worn it before, and he couldn’t tolerate a complete disregard for it. He stood in front of the mirror that hung on the wall. He had grown fond of the dress. In fact, it was well-suited for someone like him. Caleb wasn’t exactly the masculine type. He did have some feminine characteristics, a portion of his character that his wife seemed to adore. He was skinny. He had blond hair and blue eyes. A random civilian would mistake him for a younger man with womanly features. But that was no matter. He remained true to himself. He didn’t change for anybody. Leah loved him for who he was, and the two of them stayed married for the past several years.

Furthermore, Caleb had other things in mind. His feminine behavior led him to partake in some secret activities. He smiled as he gazed into the mirror. He loved the simple pink dress. He didn’t want to take it off. Especially when it was tailored for one of his visitors. Caleb giggled like a girl. He tensed his muscles. He almost trembled at the sight of himself. He almost felt obsessed with his current appearance. The dress made him more girly than usual. He slowly moved his body as if he performed a trancelike dance. He needed to practice before he would start the show. He moved his hips, making the skirt swing from left to right. He licked his lips. Right now, he imagined himself as a female waiting to be used by another man. Even his light moan enhanced his feminine behavior.

The doorbell from downstairs rang. Caleb couldn’t wait. He went downstairs while still wearing the pink dress. He stared through the peephole. The minimal perspective revealed a man standing on the other side of the door. Caleb opened the door and gave Lionel a smile.

“Hello, handsome.”

Lionel was a tall African-American man with broad shoulders and a bald head. At the age of thirty-eight, he stayed fit with his diet and exercise. Even with a shirt on, Caleb could sense the muscles that had been buried underneath the thin fabric. He happily let Lionel in.

The visitor examined him. Caleb didn’t have to rely on vocal cues at the moment. He slowly spun around to give Lionel a good view of what he appeared to be.

Lionel spoke with a deep baritone voice. “Oh, you’re looking good right now.”

Caleb giggled the same way as Büyükesat Escort before. “Thank you.”

Lionel asked, “So where’s Leah?”

“She’s out there somewhere. She’ll be gone all day.”

Lionel stepped closer. “That’s good. I wouldn’t want her to ruin our special moments.”

He gave Caleb a hug. Caleb almost grew weak in the knees. He placed his hands on Lionel’s chest and rested his head against the latter’s shoulder. The embrace made him yearn for his femininity to overwhelm his philosophical ideas. He felt like a young woman being loved by another man.

He whispered, “Take me.”

Lionel kissed him on the forehead. “You want that big dick again, don’t you?”

Caleb felt so vulnerable in the older man’s arms. “Yes, I want to feel it.”

“Oh, you’ll feel it alright.”

* * *

They went upstairs for a little playtime. Caleb waited with eagerness as Lionel took off his own clothes. In just a few seconds, the black man was naked in front of him. Caleb was in awe of Lionel’s healthy interior. His sturdy chest blended well with muscular arms and legs, his dark chocolate skin keeping him in one of Caleb’s popular categories. The married white man would never deny the other man’s healthy lifestyle. In fact, he had already accepted it earlier on.

Lionel showed off his straightened erection. “I bet you missed it very much.”

Caleb let out a girly sigh. “I’ve been waiting all week for it.”

He got down on his knees. Lionel’s cock was only a few inches away from his face. Caleb could only trust his instincts. He grabbed hold of the cock and gave it a kiss. As soon as his lips touched the warm rugged skin, he shivered at the touch. One little lick of the cock made his determination an unbreakable force.

Lionel looked down at the man who was willing to be obedient. “That’s right. It’s one big dick.”

Caleb kissed it again. “I’m so glad it’s here again.”

He opened his mouth wide. Lionel pushed his hips. It only took a split second for his big black cock to slid deep inside Caleb’s mouth. Caleb had already gotten used to such a massive instrument. It reached the back of his mouth and slid down his throat. Lionel moved his hips back and forth. His cock slid in and out of Caleb’s open mouth.

Caleb never despised the feeling. He had been craving it. This happened before. Having Lionel’s big cock being crammed in his mouth felt strange at first. But then, Caleb grew aware of his position. His new role consisted of being the obedient companion that always followed the other man’s commands. Lionel grabbed hold of Caleb’s blond hair. With eyes wide open, Caleb breathed through his nostrils. Even with such a big cock in his mouth, he constantly moaned with a feminine tone. He almost choked on the cock, but managed to compose himself. He had trusted Lionel. The two of them shared a bond that Leah remained ignorant about.

Lionel chuckled. “I like you better this way.”

Caleb couldn’t say anything. He just kept on receiving the dick. Wearing the pink dress made him embrace his girlish side. He waited for the eruption to take effect from within. Lionel’s hips picked up speed. Caleb was already prepared for the imports. He had done this before. He had been willing to do it again.

The tip of Lionel’s dick had reached the bottom of Caleb’s throat. The younger man didn’t struggle. He didn’t push away his submissive nature. He let Lionel take control and give him a taste of his masculine energy.

Lionel almost growled. “Oh, it’s coming. I can feel it.”

Caleb brought his tightened fists up to his chest. He had no reason to reverse the roles. He wanted Lionel to treat him this way, to be given a naughty rundown of what Elvankent Escort he was destined to be.

Lionel finally stopped moving his hips. He squeezed Caleb’s hair and pulled his head closer to the squirting spree. Caleb could feel the thick seeds flooding his mouth. He managed to swallow every ounce of the semen without having it fall to the floor.

Lionel pulled his cock out of Caleb’s mouth. The man in the dress almost collapsed on the floor. He had to take a deep breath after being given enormous quantities. Lionel’s remaining semen dripped out of his cock. Caleb suck them right off of the cock, which remained fully erect. Consuming the warm and thick semen turned out to be something that Caleb really adored. He didn’t mind being the one who drank everything that stood in his direction.

As soon as he finished licking the residue off of the black cock, he giggled once again like a playful female.

Lionel brought him back up to his feet. “I wouldn’t want to let you go. You’re an expert at taking that dick.”

Caleb brushed away strands of his hair away from his face. “I love being the girl sometimes. It feels so sublime.”

Lionel kissed him on the lips without mentioning the sticky deposits that lingered on the surface. “Good news. It’s still not over yet.”

Then, he kissed Caleb on the neck. The warm touch made Caleb tremble with excitement. Lionel quickly turned him around and bent him over the bed. Caleb pressed his hands on the mattress and waited for Lionel to make his next move.

The older man grabbed hold of Caleb’s waist and lifted his skirt up to see the tight ass that awaited him. He slid his erection deep inside the latter’s ass. Caleb gasped. This familiar feeling brought a sudden jolt to his senses. It immediately reminded him of how Lionel did the exact same thing several days before this. His entire body had grown tense as the tall black man fucked him from behind.

Caleb shouted, “Oh, yes! Fuck me hard! I want that cock!”

He could hear his buttocks smacking against Lionel’s hips. The older man made no attempt in ceasing the operations. He thrust cock deep into Caleb’s hole as hard as he could. He repeatedly hit the weak spot that made Caleb moan loudly. He kept his feminine tone of voice without forgetting what his role would be for the rest of the afternoon.

Lionel growled. “Yeah, you like that dick, don’t you?”

Caleb squeezed his eyes shut. “Fuck, yeah! Oh, I love your dick so much!”

Lionel started to pull the other man’s blond hair as he continued to keep his forward movements at a quick and steady pace. Caleb made certain that his constant moans had been enhanced by his girly attitude. He spoke like a young woman being used by her lover.

Lionel pushed his cock deeper into Caleb’s tight ass. His testosterone had no expiration date. Caleb could feel a drop of sweat forming on his forehead. The smacking sound that erupted between the hips and the buttocks increased in volume. The bed began to produce a faint creaking noise. The room grew warmer because of the rising body heat. Caleb almost couldn’t handle being the receiver in the beginning. But now, he tolerated the pain that made his entire body feel weak. Lionel’s cock was a predator, a force of nature that infiltrated the hollow space like a ravenous beast. Caleb’s moans grew louder. His feminine side became more apparent.

Lionel yelled, “Yeah, I love that tight ass!”

Caleb cried out, “Oh, keep fucking me in the ass! Don’t stop!”

He didn’t care if the neighbors overheard him. This had become a special moment between him and his favorite companion.

Lionel tightened his grip on Caleb’s waist. He thrust his cock as deep as he could. Beşevler Escort His next ejaculation had been brought to life. Caleb screamed like a girl. He finally managed to relax just as the thick cum flooded his interior space. He bit his lip. He wished that Lionel could fill him up with his juices all day long. He wished his wife would stay away from the house for the next couple of weeks.

Lionel laughed as he smacked Caleb’s butt hard with his hand. “I ought to do this all the time.”

Caleb smiled. “That’s not a bad idea.”

Lionel pulled out of the blond man’s ass. The thick cum spilled out of the expanded hole and landed on the hardwood floor. The dress now had several small stains on it. The skirt especially had empirical evidence being left behind.

Caleb finally relaxed. “Oh, you should fill me up more often.”

Lionel grabbed him and kissed him. “It’s a good thing we don’t disagree with a lot of things.”

Caleb felt the cum sliding down his legs and sticking to his skirt. He happily received the incoming projectiles like a champion. He didn’t even want to take a shower. He just wanted to feel Lionel’s juices sticking onto his skin.

* * *

It didn’t even end there. Lionel lay flat on the bed as Caleb made his motions clear to the one who kept him subservient. The man in the dress sat right on top of Lionel’s hips. He moved his own hips up and down. He looked down at Lionel with a big smile on his face. He slowly bounced on Lionel’s cock. There would be no other option but to continue their passionate encounter. Caleb kept moving his hips up and down. He made sure that the cock hit the same weak spot as before. Lionel stayed still. He let Caleb express his true desires.

Caleb moaned. “I can’t get enough of your big dick.”

His hips accelerated. He made sure that the cock stayed inside his hole.

He bent down and gave Lionel a long kiss. He whispered, “Maybe I should be your wife from now on.”

Lionel replied, “That sounds like a damn good idea.”

He grabbed Caleb’s hips and thrust his own upwards. The stirring sensation that Caleb had obtained seemed to overflow. The cock kept sliding in and out of him. Both men engaged in further ecstasy. Caleb didn’t stop moving his hips. He wanted to feel that big black cock destroying him from the inside. The two men repeated their primordial activity. There would be no stopping them.

Caleb never stopped pretending to be a woman. He let out his loud moans with the usual feminine touch. He imagined himself as the girl that succumbed to a man’s seduction. He let Lionel own him. He didn’t object to his radical experience. He wanted more of it. He wanted to stay with Lionel and act as the female in the relationship. He had no shame in demonstrating his girly behavior.

Lionel released his seed for the third time. Caleb trembled. He could feel more of the active ingredients flooding his walls. He decided to call it a day. He laid down on Lionel and rested his head against the older man’s shoulder. He had grown exhausted. He could have done more with his antics, but he knew that this would be the climax.

“That was incredible.”

Lionel held him in his arms. “Next time, I hope I can see you wearing a white dress.”

“Oh, I promise I’ll buy one tomorrow.”


Lionel knew he had to leave soon. He got out of bed to put his clothes back on. Caleb still wore his pink dress even as he and Lionel went downstairs. The two of them embraced each other. Caleb kissed him and told him that nothing would stand in their way when they met again next week.

Lionel said his goodbye. “I’ll see you later.”

He exited the house. Caleb closed the door and leaned against the wall. He held himself as he let out a long sigh. His previous encounter with Lionel was an exhilarating experience. He already missed the man even as only several seconds had passed. He awaited their next meeting. In the meantime, Caleb had to clean himself. He had to clean everything before Leah would arrive tonight. He went upstairs and started by taking care of the semen that stuck to the floor.

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