Making the Grade

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Sometimes we do things that we don’t enjoy to get ahead. Sometimes we enjoy them very much, this is one of those times.

History of the middle ages, not the most exciting class, you had picked it because it looked easy. A simple way to pad your average and get some credit hours. Things however aren’t always as easy as they seem. For starters you couldn’t stop fantasizing about you professor in class and your marks where showing it. Despite your best efforts you just couldn’t pay attention.

You can’t really blame yourself, Prof. Miller was just so damn sexy. He was young, tall, fit and disarmingly handsome. Something about his calm confidence and smooth voice just turned you on as he lectured. Not to mention he had the best body in the entire classroom, at least that was what some of the other girls in class said. They had seen him in the campus Gym. Although he was of a leaner build he was frame was still muscular, you had never seen an inch of softness on his hard body.

Normally he was dressed rather casually when he lectured, dress shirt with black jeans. You particularly liked this outfit because when he would write anything on the board because he had a habit of rolling up his sleeves and giving you a view of his muscular arms.

Once in a while however he would come straight from the gym. Wearing only a tight rash guard and fight shorts, so much of him showed you could not help noticing whenever you shifted in your seat how your panties would rub against your clit. The show before you building a feeling of raw desire, urging you to finger yourself right then and there as you stared at your sexy teacher.

Halfway through the semester, you realized how much trouble this constant teasing is causing.

You’re almost failing the least difficult of all your classes, because every time you go to study you keep thinking back to Prof. Miller. You kept Samsun Escort ending up naked, soaking wet and fingering yourself till sweet release.

Something has to change and soon, making up your mind you decide it’s time to go to the professors after class evening help group. The group portion however, was exaggerated as you entered the classroom to see no one. Professor Miller was sitting back, legs propped up against his desk reading a book with his headphones in.

He looked nothing like he did in class, wearing a graphic T-shirt and tight black jeans he would have looked more in place at a bar than in a classroom. He looked up as you approached with mild surprise. “I thought no one cared about their grades in my class. How can I help you cutie?” He chuckled to himself.

Surprised and flattered, you couldn’t help raise an eyebrow and question “Cutie, professor?” You had taken more than the average time making sure you looked sexy and perfect.

Laughing Prof. Miller replied. “It’s long after hours, little lady. Right now it’s just two adults learning some history.” Leaning forward in his chair and offering you one.

“You can call me Greg too, people calling me professor makes me feel way older than I am.” he explained still smiling that small smile he always seemed to have.

“Alright… Greg, can you show me what I will need to know for the next test.” Falling into the seat beside him.

As you two settled in you couldn’t help but feel like this was like a dream come true, one on one time with your hot teacher. He had just called you cute and you could tell he was checking you out as he explained the finer points of what you would need to know.

While he jotted down some notes for you, Prof. Miller paused for a second and catching his eyes on your breasts, you get suddenly bold and call him out. Pressing your chest Samsun Escort Bayan out so your hard nipples are clearly visible through the fabric.

“Am I distracting your professor?” You say as innocently as possible.

Sensing he was busted, Prof. Miller blushed deeply and snapped his eyes up to meet yours. Winking he replied “Yeah sorry little lady, sometimes it would be nice to be blind. That way I can’t be distracted by my students.”

Pressing the opening, you shoot back “Well, I’m not your student right now, remember Greg? I get distracted by you sometimes too.”

History forgotten, Prof. Miller leaned back as if thinking and you caught a glimpse of a very noticeable bulge in his pants.

The sight of which was getting you excited, raising a hand to your breasts and teasing the V of your shirt to show even more cleavage. “Think you could help me with something else professor?” you ask coyly.

“That depends, can you be discreet little lady?” Prof. Miller said looking very serious.

“Of course, professor” you reply looking into those amazing eyes.

“Then I’d be happy to help you, what is it you needed?” Your sexy teacher asked playfully.

“I was hoping you would fuck me professor.” You answer blushing furiously at the audacity of what you were asking.

“I’d love too” Prof. Miller said, pulling you up from the chair and moving close. Catching you into a kiss and running his strong arms over your body. His strong hands grabbed your ass and drew you against his hard body, you felt his hard on through his pants. Running your arms down his muscular arms and legs. As your hands grasp his hard on, just as his hands find your breasts.

He pulled them out of your top, his teasing felt great. Pinching and rubbing your sensitive nipples as you rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. One of his hands then Escort Samsun slid down and to rest over your pussy, rubbing you through the fabric. The indirect attention to your pussy and clit making you squirm in pleasure, trying to get his fingers in the right spot.

Unzipping his jeans, and letting them fall releases Prof. Miller’s sizable shaft from its confines. Taking as much as you could in both hands, feeling its size and hardness. Pleased in both respects your anticipation only grew as he removed your shirt and shorts.

Leaving you in your panties he bent down, slid them to one side and placed a kiss to your lower lips. Feeling yourself shudder as he licked and sucked your pussy. Catching your clit between his teeth and teasing it with his tongue. The feeling is so amazing that you quickly feel yourself building to an orgasm.

At that the moment he slips a finger inside, you clamp down and roughly grind your hips against him desperate to fuck. Taking the hint, the professor lifts you onto his desk and plants his shaft against your pussy, slipping the head in and teasing, before slamming it home, pumping your pussy with his powerful legs. Driving his nice hard cock deep inside your tight pussy.

Horny, eager and overstimulated, you climaxed almost right away. The spasms causing your pussy to clamp down over his dick, despite this he just pushes harder, spreading your pussy lips apart regardless of the resistance of your tightening kegal’s.

Moaning in pleasure, only spurs him onward into you finding your G-spot. Crying out in pleasure as he fucked you deep and rough. The feeling was overwhelming, fucking you straight into a second orgasm. This time he joined you, cumming deeply inside you and finishing with long deep thrusts that bottom you out and cause you to scream pleasure as waves of sheer pleasure wash over your body. Leaving the pair of you spent and relaxing on the desk as you recover.

“So Greg about that test?” you ask smiling at him.

“Little lady, keep coming for private lessons and I’m certain your marks will improve.” He said smiling ear to ear.

Getting an A has never been so much fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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