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You’re just not going to believe this. I mean, I still don’t believe it, and I was there. Many thanks were given that Thanksgiving. Let Me tell you all about it…

It had been about a year since I had been home, I am in the service and in my position didn’t get much leave time, so was looking forward to some home time. Every boy misses his mom, even those gung ho Marines. My brother’s wife had also recently had a baby boy, and I was excited to meet my new nephew for the first time.

The day before Thanksgiving I got in about mid-morning, hugged Mom like I’d never seen her before and yacked with her about everything I’d been up to on base. Mom has always been a very beautiful woman, I mean, beyond the fact that every child thinks their Mom is the prettiest woman alive. She’s about five two, petite, no more than one hundred and ten pounds, shoulder length, curly, light brown hair and a firm body. Even after two children nothing sagged. She always looked incredible.

My things stowed in My room, I kissed Mom on the cheek and headed over to My brother’s house to say hello and finally see My new nephew. Greg was the same as ever, always the outgoing, well spoken one. He looked good, hadn’t let the pregnancy drag Him into letting His body go, as some men do. He was almost in as good a shape as I am, almost.

Nancy, His wife, for having just given birth was beautiful, she glowed with love and pride for Timmy, and her body, I must admit I did stare a bit, was well affected by her pregnancy. A tiny thing to start, she had filled out wonderfully in her hips and breasts, her cleavage was actually quite impressive and she was taking advantage of it Şanlıurfa Escort while she had it, I guess, wearing a low cut pullover to show them off. I was noticeably impressed, and got quite a grin from her as we talked. Greg took it all in stride, He was never the jealous type and was proud of His beautiful wife.

I soon left their house and cruised town, running into some old friends from school, here and there, surprised to find that a few of them had no plans for Thanksgiving. Tom’s parents had moved out of town a few years back, but He had stayed behind. Jeff was a college buddy of Mine that had moved to My hometown after hearing Me talk so much about it. I called Mom and asked if she had enough room and food for Me to invite a couple friends for dinner and she said, ” of course Gary, you know I always make plenty, and it would be nice to see some of your old friends around again”. Every one of My male friends loved to come home with Me, number one, cause My Mother is flat gorgeous. Number two, she can cook like Julia Child, Justin Wilson, and Emiril all rolled into one.

Later that night, at the bar I always hung out in, I met up with Jenny, who was My high school sweetheart. We had been keeping in touch since I joined the service. A couple months earlier, she had written me, telling me of her breakup with her jerk of a boyfriend. She’s the one that suggested we get together when I came home, and who am I to argue? We had a few drinks and danced like old times, then she suggested we go back to her place and “rekindle an old flame”. I grinned from ear to ear and said, ” I was hoping you’d feel that way”

We hopped in her Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan car and rushed back to her place, her hands buried in My pants as I tried to keep on the road staring at her body. She was My height, about five eight, slender, her beautiful red hair not as long as it was in high school but still perfectly done, shoulder length and curly. Her breasts were very full, I’ve never been one to be able to judge cup sizes or measurements, nor have I cared, all I knew was they were perfect and that I couldn’t wait to have them in My mouth.

Once at her house, I carried her in through the door and tossed her gently onto the couch, then fell upon her, ravenous for the pleasure I knew we’d bring each other. Our lips met as our hands roamed, mine finding her firm breasts, fingers seeking out the hard nipples through the material, feeling her moan into the kiss as I pinched them gently. Her hands were just as busy, having found their way to the bulge in my slacks, stroking up and down firmly with one hand, the other cupping my sac.

She broke away from the kiss and looked into my eyes. Her need was urgent as she moaned rather hotly, ” Gary, I want to make passionate love to you all night, I’ve thought about you for months and have been frantic waiting for you to come home. I want to do wonderful things with you while you’re here, but…” And My heart dropped thinking, ” She’s gonna say ‘ but I can’t'”…She grinned and said, ” Right now, I want you to fuck me, Gary, hard.”

Holy cow! I didn’t waste a word, she knew what I was thinking by the big, stupid grin on my face as I stood up and basically shredded My Escort Şanlıurfa clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. She did much the same and my cock leaped to see her naked body lying there on the couch. She had one leg propped up on the back of the couch and the other with her foot on the floor, her hands were lightly flicking at her pussy lips, teasing through the fine red patch, just above, shaped like a tiny heart. Her eyes were glued to my cock as I knelt on the cushions then rubbed the head of My cock gently through her mound, coaxing her juices out to coat the head.

Her moans and squirming were very encouraging, as well as her hand gripping my cock, trying to shove me deep inside her. I was in heaven and not about to disappoint. I worked My hard shaft into her as quickly as I could working it into her wetness, feeling her white hot walls stretch to suck Me in. she grabbed her thighs and pulled them to her chest, her eyes half lidded as she moaned to me, “Yes Gary! Do it! Fuck me hard!!”

And I did. I eased back out of her enough to ensure that I was well coated in her slick honey, and then I shoved into her with all that I had, over and over, pumping my angry rod into her tight, ( good lord she was tight) hole. Not worried about passion or sensitivity, we were both driven by animal lust, slamming our bodies together to achieve that first glorious orgasm. To My merit, she found hers first…screaming and writhing below Me, her nails gripping my ass as she worked her cunt furiously against My thrusts, the increase of her juices and furnace like heat of her orgasm sending Me over the edge, My seed jetting up from My sac to soak her insides with My cum.

Our lips met and we both melted, the urgent need of our lust satiated. I held her close, still throbbing deep inside her, her eyes were wet with tears, and Mine weren’t quite dry either. The last I remember was hearing her heartbeat as My head lay between her perfect breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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