Marci Melts

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Author’s note: This story is part of a six chapter book: TILT Book II – Prospecting. Chapter titles listed below, will go back and add hyperlinks after each chapter is published. Check my Author page for Book I.

As with the last book my stories tend to heat up quickly and have lots of explicit, graphic lesbian sex with the raunchy details throughout. That’s what I like to read and what I like to write; these stories are sparked from my personal fantasies and day dreams, and then the characters come to life and guide me…

It’s not for everyone. Is it for you? 😉

Please leave me your comments on the stories if you like them, and I encourage you to reach out to me via the Contact tab on my Author page with your thoughts, ideas and feelings. 😙

xoxo Maribelle

As always , all characters engaging in any sexual activity are above 18.


(hyperlinks will be added after all chapters are released)

TILT Book II – Prospecting

Chapter 1: A Furtive Fragrance

Chapter 2: Marci Melts

Chapter 3: Kimmy’s Kitty

Chapter 4: Good Foods

Chapter 5: Brittany’s Bimbos

Chapter 6: Welcome to the Show



Book II – Prospecting

Chapter 2 – Marci Melts


“May I…” Marci started.

“Please,” Ali answered before she could finish.

She wants me, Marci knew.

Marci put her nose next to Ali’s neck and inhaled deep.

Then Marci moved her nose down between Ali’s beautiful large breasts, and inhaled deeply, and again.

She slowly brought her face back up, inches from Ali’s.

“I’m sorry… I still don’t recognize it,” she whispered through a smile.

“Why don’t you sit up on the counter and try again?” Ali whispered back, cheerfully and innocently.

Marci smiled and stared at Ali for a moment, then climbed up on the glass counter and brought her legs over, and spread them apart slightly, her heels nervously kicking.

Ali moved herself between them, and placed her hands down on either side of her, then pushed her chest into Marci’s face.

“Oh, hmm,” Marci said with surprise as she nuzzled her face down into Ali’s huge tits, wet with the perfume..

She felt euphoria as Ali moved them over her face, up and down, side to side, smearing the orange cream and cinnamon scent around.

Eventually, Ali stepped back.


“No – but I think I should try again, don’t you?” Marci laughed through heavy breathing. She couldn’t wait to feel those huge tits on her face again.

“Let me share something else with you,” Ali replied, as she slid the bottom of her dress up with both hands, pulling it over her ass to reveal a lacy white thong.

Marci’s heart stopped. She watched, speechless, as Ali slowly rubbed her fingers over her sheer panties, smiling at her. Marci could see that they were very wet.

“Okay…” Marci whispered.

Yeeeesssss, she thought.

Ali slowly slid the damp fabric to the side, revealing her trim mound and her glistening pussy, wet and plump with desire. She slid her fingers over it and slowly spread her lips apart to let Marci see the slick pink goodness within. Then she gently pushed two fingers fully inside, as she watched Marci with a smile, and let out a soft, exaggerated moan.

“Ooh, hmmmmmhmmm.”

She pulled them out slowly, slick and covered with her hot juice. Strings of wetness stretched with her fingers, breaking off as she reached to Marci’s mouth.

Marci opened up, eager, desperate to taste.

“Hmm, mm mm hmm, hmm,” she moaned in excited pleasure as she sucked Ali’s fingers clean. The salty-sweet taste drove Marci mad.

Ali pulled them out of her mouth slowly, with a “pop!”

She watched Ali push her fingers in again, and this time smeared them across her cheek to her nose before she allowed her to suck them again. Marci loved it – the smell of Ali’s pussy filled her head as she slurped off the juice once more.

Ali continued, feeding Marci her pussy from dripping fingers, watching with approving pleasure as Marci desperately and obediently sucked and licked them each time, and held her mouth open, begging for more.

Marci was instantly addicted, and felt herself sliding on the glass counter, made wet with her own desire. She listened as Ali breathed heavily and moaned in her ear, then whispered sweetly, “yeah, baby, suck it all in, I’ve got more for you.”

She’d never been so wet in her life; she didn’t even know it was possible!

Ali pushed her pussy covered fingers into Marci’s thirsty mouth again and again, and slowly worked them back and forth through her lips each time as Marci sucked and slurped at them, desperate to get it all.

Then Ali pulled her fingers out and smeared the mix of saliva and pussy down Marci’s bottom lip Çankaya Escort and her chin, and continued down her neck, and in between her tits. Marci held her mouth open, tongue out as she drooled and whined, desperate for more.

Ali tugged the jade and pink leopard bra down until Marci’s tits popped totally out, free and fully exposed at last, her nipples erect, large and pink with tiny bumps around her areolas. Ali gently pinched one nipple, then the other, rolling them between her thumb and finger, as Marci whispered, “yes, ooooh!”

Ali continued – moving fingers from her pussy to Marci’s mouth, then lips, chin, neck, and tits. Soon Marci was covered with her own saliva and Ali’s juicy pussy from her nose to her tits. Ali’s fingers worked faster and harder as their passion grew, and Marci had never been more turned on in her life. Her pussy throbbed and ached and was on fire with wet desire, her panties still pulled tight from her enlarged ass, her pussy twitching in half-orgasm, aching to be touched.

Marci couldn’t get enough. She let herself drool and slobber every time Ali pulled her fingers out, excited and eager to please her lover, exhilarated by the feel of Ali’s hands in her mouth and on her tits, intoxicated by the scent of the perfume and saliva and pussy that coated her face and neck and chest. She was on the verge of coming, though Ali hadn’t yet touched her cunt.

“More, more please!” she gurgled each time, spit and pussy dripping from her sexy full lips. She watched Ali finger her mouth in a mirror. Her lipstick was smeared, and that seemed to make Ali hotter.

“So…” Ali started as she shoved her pussy coated fingers into Marci’s mouth for the thirtieth time.

“I thought you didn’t like women?” Ali asked, aggressively, as she pushed her fingers into Marci’s throat.

Marci’s heart jumped, and she coughed, and looked at Ali through wide eyes, still eagerly sucking at her fingers as Ali pulled them out.

“I – I was wrong. I’m so sorry! Please, more! I fucking love it!” she strained, and begged. She was desperate to please Ali.

Ali grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks hard, pushing her lips into a messy grimace, drool still dripping from the bottom one.

Marci loved it.

“More of what? My pussy? I’m old enough to be your mom, right?” Ali asked again, tauntingly, as she lifted Marci’s chin up and brought her face closer.

“No – I’m sorry, you’re beautiful – you’re, you’re a goddess! Please, more!” Marci begged, through her smushed lips.

“Say it. Say ‘feed me your pussy, mommy!'”

Marci complied immediately, and meant it. “Feed me your pussy mommy! Please!”

Ali licked the wetness on Marci’s neck, then tightened her grip on her face.

Oh god yes…

“Say ‘I want to lick and swallow your wet hot cunt, mommy! I am your little pussy-loving whore!'” Marci felt Ali’s hot breath in her face.

“I am! I want to eat your cunt please mommy please give it to me! I am your whore! I’m your whore Ali!” Marci screamed.

“Fucking right,” Ali finished, as she let loose of Marci’s face.

“Ooh,” Ali moaned as she stuck her fingers inside herself again. She pulled them out, and Marci immediately dove to get them in her mouth faster.

As Marci slurped, she watched as Ali pulled the top of her dress down under her giant round tits. Her stiff nipples poked straight out from medium and round, pink areolas.

Marci felt her pussy begin to contract – she was about to come at the sight.

Ali stuck her free hand between her legs as she continued to fuck Marci’s mouth with the other. She began rubbing the wetness from her pussy onto her own nipples, then all over her tits.

She pulled her fingers from Marci’s mouth, and grabbed the perfume bottle, and pumped the spray on both their chests again and again, coating them both in the orange-vanilla concoction.

“Now smear your pussy on my tits. Rub them, suck them, you dirty fucking whore, show me how hot it makes you to cover me with your hot cunt!” she commanded.

Marci nodded and moaned excitedly and pulled her skirt up. She moved her thin black thong to the side. Her pussy was hot and swollen, slick and wet. She hoped Ali would see – her smooth tan mound shaved but for a think black landing strip above, lips pushed apart just enough to show the pink folds within, soaking wet, aching, desperate for her touch.

She pushed her fingers deep inside herself and cried out – she was going to come. Her ass slid on the counter with a squeak, the glass totally covered in the juice of her arousal. She sucked in air, fighting against orgasm, as she started to work her fingers in and out.

“So tight, so fucking wet,” she heard Ali whisper. Marci looked up to find her watching, wanting, as she massaged her own clit with one hand and massages her tit in the other.

Ali threw her head back and Keçiören Escort sighed in pleasure as Marci smeared her wetness between her tits and began kissing and sucking them noisily.

Marci moaned passionately as she fingered herself with one hand then the other, changing them out every few seconds so she could smear her juice on Ali’s chest as instructed. She licked and sucked and kissed and groped and smeared her spit and wetness around on the golden goddess’s breasts – one, then the other, alternating hands between her pussy and Ali’s tits. She also made sure to cover and kiss Ali’s neck and shoulders.

Ali watched her, licking her lips and nodding with approval and delight as she rubbed herself steadily.

“You’re a dirty girl Marci. Look at you, sucking your own pussy juice off of some strange woman’s tits. You like the way your pussy tastes, Marci? You like sucking my tits? Yes, you’re a good little pussy-hungry whore now aren’t you?”

The words made Marci hotter.

“Hmm, umm, oh yes, I fucking love your huge tits, hmm, mmm,” Marci cried, as she pushed her fingers inside herself and put her mouth on Ali’s right nipple and sucked.

The spit and pussy and perfume clung to Marci’s face as she pulled off one tit and moved to the other, and the way Ali pushed her chest in her face made her wild. She moved her fingers over her swollen clit, then pushed them inside once more.

Oh god, Marci realized, she wants me as bad as I want her!

She squeezed Ali’s tits with both hands, and buried her face between them, rubbing her face side to side in the slick wet heat, then closed her mouth over Ali’s left nipple and sucked, and began fingering herself again with cries of uncontrollable pleasure.

“Don’t you dare fucking come,” she heard her lover command through closed teeth.


Ali raised her arms together and locked her hands behind her head, eyes closed, moaning out “yes, uh-huh, that’s good…” as Marci continued to feast on her chest and neck.

Marci could go on for hours this way, she knew. She was entranced by the magical perfume as well Ali’s perfect giant tits.

But she had other plans for Marci.

She put her arms around her, and discreetly reached one hand into her white handbag as she bit and kissed Marci’s neck.

Marci moved to kiss her mouth, and Ali let her, hard, long, wet, noisy kisses, as Ali closed her hand over a hot rubbery sphere.

They kissed for what felt like hours, taking turn sucking one another’s lips and tongue, letting their saliva run down their chins. Ali was loosing focus as their lust for one another grew hotter with every touch, every kiss, every squeeze.

This was Ali’s favorite part about recruiting straight girls. Nothing made her hotter than watching another woman fall madly, helplessly in love with her and worship her body. Hotter still was watching the desire and pleasure and satisfaction on their faces as they slowly realized that she could touch them, love them, rub them and fuck them like no worldly being ever had or could.

It gave Ali great pleasure and deep meaningful satisfaction to give these women true sexual release and enduring pleasure – to fuck them long and hard and make them feel beautiful and sexy and slutty and oh so fucking horny all at once.

At last, she wrapped her arms around Marci and lifted her off the counter, both hands on her ass. Marci wrapped her legs around, still squealing and moaning and kissing Ali’s neck.

“Take me somewhere more comfortable you slut. I’m going to let you have all of me.”

Marci whispered, “oh yes, oh – please, hmm” as she slowly unwrapped her legs from around Ali’s waist, still kissing and sucking her neck and breasts wildly.

“Crawl,” Ali commanded, and Marci smiled and slid her body down against Ali’s as she moved to all fours. She turned, looking back and holding her ass high in the air, as if to show her new master how incredibly wet and aroused she was. Her wavy black hair was tussled and her makeup was smudged. Ali loved it.

She watched as Marci crawled across the wood flooring, shifting her ass left and right with each move forward, looking back with an intoxicated smile every few feet, giggling and making seductive sounds as she went.

Ali followed behind, watching, wanting, entranced herself with the perfume and scent of Marci’s pussy and saliva covering her chest and neck. She felt the hot wetness between her legs with each step.

Ali was not immune to the effects of the potion – she simply had more experience with it. But she wasn’t sure how much longer she could restrain herself as she looked at Marci’s swollen, soaking cunt, knowing the bewitched young beauty would do anything she asked – anything at all.

She kept her eyes on Marci, looking over her body, noticing how her large perky tits bounced with Etimesgut Escort every motion, hanging down out of her blouse, nearly dragging the floor. Her dress shirt and tacky green-leopard print bra pushed down to her stomach. Her gray pencil skirt was pushed up over her back, and her black g-string had slid down, sticking to the side of her leg, the inside of her thighs glistening wet down to the garters and black stockings. Her pink heels drug the floor each motion, and her nice, big round ass swayed side to side, side to side.

“Hurry up, Marci!” Ali shouted, commanding but a hint of playful taunting in her voice.

Marci giggled and moved toward the back of the store as fast as she could, through the back hallway and to the left.


Marci’s heart pounded and her head spun as she moved on all fours to lead her busty blonde lover to the break room, looking back every few seconds to behold her beauty.

Marci would do anything Ali asked of her now – anything – and it brought her immense pleasure to do it. She would obey Ali – eagerly, passionately and without hesitation.

Her pussy has become a hot, throbbing wet fruit, and she let out excited moans and sighs as she moved across the floor. Every movement seemed to give her pleasure.

She inhaled the sweet, sweaty mix of perfume and pussy and saliva that covered her face down to her tits. She felt them bounce back and forth as she crawled, slick, wet… and huge! They must had grown two cup sizes from normal! She couldn’t understand how, but it didn’t matter right now. She loved them. And Ali loved them! The thought made her mouth water and she felt the throbbing grow.

She pushed through the swinging door to the break room and quickly made her way to a white leather couch, where she turned around and sat up on her knees, looking up at Ali, her big brown eyes begging for more, behind her running mascara and smeared eye-shadow.

Ali stood in front of her, tits magnificent and glistening in the florescent white light. Marci breathed heavily, in desperate anticipation, her chest heaving as she smiled.


Ali looked down at Marci, who stared up with big brown eyes, begging.

She reached down and caressed her cheek. Marci pushed her face into Ali’s hand and kissed it madly, starved for her touch.

Ali caressed her face gently, then moved her fingers through her hair, over her ears.

“Hmm,” Marci sighed sweetly and squeezed Ali’s calves gently, then ran her fingers up her legs, to her thighs and into her dress.

She can’t wait to push her tongue inside me, she knew.

Ali moved her hand around the back of Marci’s head, and slowly closed her fist, pulling Marci’s dark brown hair – hard. She felt Marci’s breath shudder. She pulled her up slowly and brought her close, their slippery breasts pushed together.

Ali pulled her hair harder, and Marci whined softly. She moved in close to her face, and smelled the pussy on her hot breath. Marci breathed hard, mouth half open, tits rising and falling, her eyes begging Ali.

Ali rolled the pink sphere in her free hand, rotating it around, alternating between her palm and fingers.

“Take off you panties.”

Ali released her and Marci pulled her panties to the floor in an instant.

“Hand them to me,” Ali said calmly, and Marci placed the black g-string between Ali’s tits, eyes fixed on hers with a slight smile.

Ali took the thong, never breaking their stare.

Marci had a sweet innocence about her, despite the smeared makeup and pussy and saliva smeared across her face and tits. It made Ali hot.

She took the thong, which felt like a warm, wet washcloth. She brought it to her nose. Marci pushed into her. She began sliding her wet tits over Ali’s, and Ali moved her thigh into the slippery fire between Marci’s legs.

It felt so good.

Ali pushed the wet thong to her nose and inhaled deeply, as if the very scent of Marci’s pussy would make her come – which wasn’t far from the truth.

She ran the thong down her chin and neck and between their tits, as they rubbed them against one another, slippery and sliding, each of their nipples jutting out like daggers.

Then she slid the thong down over her own, and then under, pushing it inside herself.

“Hmm,” she moaned lightly, then placed the now empty hand over Marci’s pussy, gently massaging her clit, soaked with desire. Marci’s eyes rolled back in pleasure as she whimpered.

“Sit,” Ali said, and shoved Marci onto the couch.

Ali licked Marci’s juice off her fingers slowly, then produced her other hand. Between her thumb and index finger, she held the pink sphere. It began to glow.

She put into her mouth, rolling it around slowly as she watched Marci watch back in anticipation as she softly rubbed herself. Then she lowered her hand and extended it to Marci.

As Marci reached for it, Ali snapped it back and shook her head side to side.

Ali reached out her hand again, and turned it so the sphere was resting in her palm, her hand open flat.

The sphere began to change shape, becoming thinner, like a curved banana, the rolling into itself, like a pill-bug, the morphed, back into a glowing sphere.

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