Marika and Jim

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It was an early Sunday morning and the emerging sunlight was filtering thru Marika’s blinds as Jim quietly let himself into her apartment. Taking care not to awaken her two kids, he stole into her bedroom, finding his African queen soundly asleep. Her powerful, yet sensuous frame, was draped in an emerald green camisole, its laced fringe barely covering her muscular legs. Jim watched her peaceful breathing as he locked the bedroom door and slipped out of his clothes.

Standing next to her bed, he opened her top nightstand drawer and extracted the jar of Vaseline that he knew could always be found there. Next to it was her large black vibrator which he also removed and placed next to the bed. Continuing to observe her sleeping form, he opened the jar and dipped his fingers into the viscous substance, feeling the familiar slickness that immediately evoked thoughts of the last time he had done so. Slowly spreading the slippery over the length and girth of his cock and balls, he felt his cock stiffen in his hand as he stroked it to its full hardness. He then dipped his fingers again into the jar and coated them with another dollop of Vaseline – this one intended for Marika’s benefit.

Marika stirred and rolled onto her back, her eyes still closed. Jim gently pulled the thin straps of her camisole off her to reveal her sumptuous “mom” tits hidden beneath. He then tugged at the camisole to reveal her shaved pubes and puffy African pussy lips. Parting her legs, he coated her pussy liberally with the Vaseline and slid his greased fingers into her tight cunt. Marika’s beautiful eyes fluttered open as his fingers worked more deeply into her intimate pinkness. Of course, she had been awake all along, knowing that Jim always visited at dawn’s first light every Sunday morning. She opened her legs to receive his probing digits, her hands moving to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples hard. Jim continued to twist his fingers into her creamy snatch as she pushed her hips upward, inviting him to probe deeper. Soon, his fist was cupping into her gash. Gasping quietly, she bore down on his hand until Jim’s fist was now fully buried in her cunt. As he did so, she peeled the hood of her huge clit back and worked in unison with Jim to find her moment of ecstasy. She bit her lip so as not to awaken the children, and when she came, her cum coated Jim’s hands as he aggressively fisted her. Jim slowly withdrew his hand. Her pink pussy was gaped and dripping; ready for Jim to enter and add his spunk to the nasty mess.

The sight of Marika’s trashed pussy excited Jim. Marika grasped his erect cock and pulled him towards her. Lying on her back, her legs pulled up and spread wide, she guided Jim into her creamy slit. Her nails dug into his back as he pummeled her cunt. With every stroke, her creamy cum squished out of her, coating her thighs and draining down his balls. Her lilting voice, speaking in Swahili, encouraged Jim to fill her with his hot jism. With her legs widely spread and her hands forcing her huge tits up for him to suck, Jim simply could not hold back. He pumped his load deep inside of her while she pulled his hips hard into her crotch and thanked him for cumming! He remained in her for a long time, luxuriating in the feeling of her wetness joining the two of them.

When he rolled off of Marika, the heady smell of their sex permeated the room, intoxicating Jim. He placed his head between her powerful thighs and proceeded to orally minister to her engorged African pussy lips and clit. She responded by pulling his head into her Ordu Escort “Y” and held it there tightly, pressing her pubis against his face. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. “Daddy, nooooooo” came the meaningless words, contradicted by her rhythmic movements crushing Jim’s head each time a fresh orgasmic spasm caused her to jerk and quiver. Jim reached up to stifle her cries. The bed’s headboard was rapping softly against the wall and they could only assume that the next door neighbors were fully aware of the undertakings, above. He couldn’t begin to care. Her kids, both sound sleepers and seldom up before 10am on a Sunday were less of a worry.

Blissfully held in place between her powerful thighs, Jim continued his ministrations without cessation. Her cum coated his face and a puddle of her cum and her copious excretions began to radiate out on the sheet below her ass. With her tits heaving, she turned the tables on Jim, rolling over onto her belly and reaching back to spread her phat ass. Jim seized the opportunity, applied a huge dollop of Vaseline to her tight black asshole and twisted two fingers into her chocolate channel. Marika knew that she was about to be “painaled,” and, she wanted it ever so badly. “Daddy, daddy, please fuck my ass; make me feel it, Daddy. Take all of me!” Jim obliged by sliding a pillow under her wide hips as she reached back to spread her supple ass cheeks. Positioning the head of his white cock against her anal sphincter, he pushed into the warm tightness of her ass. Marika’s reaction was forceful and immediate! Her legs kicked out, beating up and down on the bed; her head shook violently. It took all of her willpower not to scream out as she received Jim’s dick, deep into her bowels. She bit down on her pillow and her resistance gradually turned to acceptance as her tight ass pushed back against Jim on each thrust. Looking back over her shoulder and into Jim’s eyes, she softly voiced to her daddy, “Fill me with your white cum; I want it all; I love you!”

Thoroughly fucked and satiated, Jim and Marika fell into their Sunday morning, post-sex routine. As his submissive whore, Marika was not permitted to clean herself after they had fucked. She rose from the bed, cum caking her breasts and thighs. Her anus quivered as Jim’s cum began to ooze out and run down her inner thigh. Jim pointed to a pair of vibrant blue Spandex leggings and a tight white crop top and instructed her to slip them both on with no undergarments. Without objection, she pulled both garments on, her supple chocolate nipples clearly visible pressing against the tight shirt. Her cloven ‘camel toe’ was prominently displayed by her tight leggings, as the products of their fucking seeped thru the crotch of her leggings. Two spreading spots of wetness were readily discernible. She smiled at Jim, bent to lace up her running shoes and grabbed on a light jacket. Jim opened the door for her and they departed.

Their first stop was at a busy local diner for breakfast, where they were both well-known to the staff and always were met with a genuine greeting from the Middle Eastern owner who made it a point to take her hand and lead them to an available booth. As Marika would take her seat, he would surreptitiously brush his hand over encased ass and, Marika would simply smile her huge smile in quiet acknowledgement. Of course, heads would turn as she walked thru the restaurant; her stature and athletic figure in full view. They made it a point a point to sit next to each other in the booth such that Jim’s Ordu Escort Bayan right hand could work her ‘toe’ and and feel the cream from her fuck holes. Jim would reach over on occasion and tweak her taught nipples. Even the waitresses would linger and chat. One waitress in particular, Ivy, would inquire if Marika was “behaving” herself…..Marika would respond by moving her napkin aside to show her hand on the bulge in Jim’s trousers and telling Ivy to watch her closely as they ate, all as she shifted uncomfortably with the wetness from her crotch spreading into her cleft. Ivy smiled knowingly; she knew them oh-so-well!

Next, to the grocery store. Again, Jim and Marika encountered their regular Sunday crew at the local Safeway where she would flirt with the produce and meat guys, all fellow Africans. When she would hit on one who spoke her dialect, the result was an animated discussion with hugs and hand-holding. Knowing the effect that she produced by her mere physical presence, she made it a point to bend deeply to “study” items on the lower shelves, and, similarly, she would reach high for merchandise just beyond her reach. When her shoe became untied, she would bend deeply and take her sweet time to re-knot it always in the view of her appreciative boys. Jim took NO exception to her wanton flirtations. Aside from the pride he took in exhibiting his whore, it was quite amazing when the butcher would present Marika with a premium cut of beef, hand-cut, at a suspiciously low sticker price.

While walking the aisles, Jim’s cupped hand was on Marika’s ass, frequently digging into her wet crotch, bringing the essence up to his face to smell and taste. Marika would grab at his hand, sucking his fingers as he enjoyed her essence. While always endeavoring to be subtle in displaying his slut, when Jim saw a man staring at Marika, he would run his hands over her breasts, deep kiss her and slide the palm of his hand over her curvaceous butt, all for the purpose of showing her off. Marika had neither the discretion (nor the desire) to object to Jim’s dominant behavior.

With shopping completed, Marika and Jim would frequently stop to visit Jim’s aged mom who lived alone in a large nearby retirement community. Marika would converse with Francine while Jim put away his mom’s groceries and, in general, just convey her brightness to the moment. Upon departure, and knowing that Marika’s children would be up and engaged upon her return home, they sought out one of several “secret” locations in his mother’s building; a family restroom off of the main lobby, a vacant apartment being rehabbed, or even the chapel minister’s tiny office, where they would capitalize on the moment and release their sexual tensions.

One of their favorite locations was the men’s room in the building lobby, rarely frequented by the building residents. They would steal into a stall, where Jim would sit down and Marika would straddle him, her abundant tits freed for his use, riding him and sliding her well-used cunt over his cock and balls. Typically, they would cum together, with her taking more of his warm seed into her pink slit. On two occasions, they were briefly interrupted by elderly men coming in, but none of them had the presence of mind to count the number of legs visible under the stall! On a most recent men’s room moment, Marika had to pee after sex, but Jim wouldn’t permit her to use the toilet. Rather she was compelled to stand in front of the urinal, pull the crotch of her shorts aside, lift her leg and pee a stream of her golden Escort Ordu nectar. The huge smile on her face disappeared when she finished; nothing to shake dry! What to do? So, she simply repositioned her damp shorts, washed her hands and went about business!

Today was to be no exception to their Sunday morning mantra. Having finished their visit to Jim’s mom, they stepped into the elevator, and headed for the lobby. Their lips engaged and Jim’s hands readily cupped her soft breasts, her taught nipples pronounced for anyone to observe and appreciated. As they stepped off of the elevator, Jim guided Marika to the small conference room that adjoined the building’s main lobby. The room was nicely furnished with a small conference table and eight upholstered chairs. A side board completed the decor. Although the room’s door was glass-paneled, when viewed from the hallway, the room was dark, yet when inside the space, the hallway activities were readily discernible to those within.

Jim and Marika entered the darkness, locking the door and slipping to the back of the darkened room. With the hallway light softly illuminating them, Jim laid Marika back on the conference table, and quickly removed her shoes and her Spandex leggings. The aroma of their earlier sexual union greeted him and he lost no time lowering his face into her crotch; even going so far as to pull up a conference room chair for his comfort to allow him to more easily service Marika’s clit and stretched labia. Marika’s hands were cupping her breasts and she was pinching her hard nipples, sending electric-like waves to her clitoris. Jim reveled in the taste and essence of her sweet snatch, his fingers buried in her sopping pussy and tight anus. Once again, the orgasms started to roll forth, one immediately following the other. On occasion, Jim would look up to see the hazy outline of someone passing outside, oblivious to the on-going debauchery, just feet away!

Marika again was sexually satisfied; her pussy and clit swollen, her breasts heaving, her sculpted nails releasing their grip from Jim’s head. They both knew what must now follow! Marika slowly moved off the table top, placing her feet on the floor, her hands extending in front of her on the table. With her phat ass now positioned to receive Jim’s erection, she lowered herself onto the table and reached back to spread her ass-cheeks. Jim eased his cock first into her gaped pussy, feeling the squishing cum issue from her tight pussy with each of his strokes. The feeling was sublime, but as with virtually all of their lovemaking, they both wanted to reexperience the intense pleasure of anal sex. Marika’s anus was sore from her morning’s previous painal experience, but she again wanted to feel Jim’s throbbing white cock inside of her pink anal channel. “Daddy, please fuck my ass; push it in; don’t stop!” Jim obliged by coating his cock and her asshole with her copious cum and his spit. With little resistance, his cock glided into her chute. He could hear her deep inhalations as he initially penetrated her tightness; but with his continued movements, her hands found their way underneath her, stroking her own clit as she bucked back against Jim.

He heard her cum, feeling her powerful anal sphincter muscles contract around his penis, milking the cum from his engorged cock. HIs warm cum spurted into her and immediately drained from her swollen rosebud. She slowly stood up, turned to face Jim and then lowered to her knees to dutifully lick clean his cock and balls, coated with the product of their painal effort. She never complained about this onerous task and when completed, stood and deeply kissed Jim before they both proceeded to dress and surreptitiously slip through the lobby and into the beautiful sunshine.

Just another Sunday morning adventure!

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