Marsha Seduces Her Daughters Best Friend

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Marsha smoothed back her red hair and walked slowly toward her front door. She was in the middle of her workout and not eager to greet a door-to-door salesman, or for that matter anyone who’d talk long enough that her heart rate would slow. She needed to keep it at 80% of her maximum rate for 45 minutes if she was going to keep the cellulite from building up on her 41-year-old thighs.

She opened the door and was surprised to see Amy, the 18 year old friend of Marsha’s daughter Emily.

“Amy, come on in, you’re soaking wet.” Marsha almost pulled Amy in her front door, noticing rain dripping off Amy’s long brown hair. She also noticed the way Amy’s wet cotton blouse clung to her bosom, and she felt awkward looking at the teenager that way.

Marsha closed the door and shepherded Amy into the kitchen, where she handed her the two clean dishtowels that were on the counter. Amy took one and ran it around her face, then wrapped her hair in it and started to squeeze the water out. Marsha watched Amy’s breasts through the damp fabric and noticed that her bra was sheer, and her nipples hard from the cold. Marsha felt her own stiffen through her sports bra. She realized this wasn’t the first time she’d looked at Amy this way.

“Emily’s still at the soccer match, it’s an away game today,” said Marsha, wondering why Amy didn’t know that. “She won’t be home until close to 8:00. Let me get you something hot to drink. Tea? Hot cocoa?”

“Tea would be nice, Mrs. Walker.” Amy smiled as she lay the damp dishtowel on the kitchen island. “So I’ve discovered Mrs. Walker’s fountain of youth,” nodding to Marsha’s exercise mat. “Emily says you’re addicted.”

“No more than Emily is addicted to soccer.” Marsha walked to the mat, grabbed her own towel, and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Her gray tank top was damp between her breasts with the sweat of 75 situps and three sets of leg lifts. Her navy blue athletic shorts hid the sweat below her waist. “Besides, I need it to keep up with you young beauties.”

“You keep up fine, Mrs. Walker. Believe me, all the girls think you’re the hottest mom in school. Some of the boys, too.” As she added the last sentence, she looked at Marsha coyly through a mass of brown curls as she brushed more water out of them.

“The boys?” asked Marsha with a hint of interest. “I doubt that.” She had noticed a few of Emily’s male friends giving her a good lookover from time to time, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. It made her feel more youthful, more attractive. She even found herself flirting back a little, with a not-so-subtle smile, a tilt of her head, running her fingers thru her hair as she smiled. It invigorated her. She often seduced her husband after such evenings, practically attacking him in bed and giving him passionate sex.

It’s not that he didn’t look, and flirt, şirinevler escort too. He was just more obvious about it, and more obvious about his arousal too. Probably the girls noticed it too. Marsha noticed their giggling after he left the room. On those occasions where they both flirted in the same evening, and were both aroused, he found her possessed with a passion that he thought he instilled in her. She pretended it was he that aroused her, and she rewarded him with a slow sensuous blowjob, or even let him take her anally. All the while, though, she imagined it was one, or more, of those young men she had been flirting with.

The whistle of the teapot startled her back to reality. She blushed at her wanton thoughts and looked at Amy, almost worried that Amy had read her mind. Quickly she withdrew two teacups from the cabinet next to the stove, added the teabags and poured the steaming water into the cups.

“Cream and sugar?” Marsha offered with one cup to Amy.

Amy blushed as she accepted it. “My mom always teases my dad and says he likes his coffee the way he likes his women, light and sweet.”

“And I tease Mark a little differently,” Marsha smiled. “I tell him I like my tea the way I like my men. Hot and Black.”

“Have you ever?” asked Amy.

“Ever what?”

“Had a black man?”

Amy saw Marsha’s face turn red. “Oh my god… you have!” Amy sipped her tea and leaned forward, hoping for details.

“Two, if you must know.” All pretense of innocence had been stripped from this conversation. Marsha wasn’t sure where it was going, but she couldn’t stop herself. “In Jamaica, for about 24 hours. Ten years ago, Mark and I were separated for awhile.” Marsha looked at Amy for encouragement to go on.

“Are they, you know, like they say?”

“Big? Not all black men, no. But these were,” Marsha sighed with remembrance. “Look, I, um, heard about you and Brad being, um intimate, so I guess we can talk about this like women?”

“Emily told you?” Now it was Amy’s turn to blush.

“Emily tells me everything. Well, practically everything,” Marsha smiled. “Anyway, was it just the once, or are you two hooking up regularly?”

Amy didn’t know how to answer. She wasn’t comfortable speaking as bluntly as Marsha had been speaking.

Marsha understood Amy’s silence. “You’re using protection?” Amy nodded. “It’s fun, isn’t it? Wait till you do it with a guy who’s really experienced.” Marsha realized she was running her fingers through her own thick, wavy hair. “You know, Mark – Mr. Walker – looks at you more than the others. He always has.”

“You mean, Mr. Walker wants…?”

“Would you like to do it with him, Amy? He’s pretty good. You should see him take me after he’s been looking at you. He’s an animal.” Marsha was walking escort istanbul around the island toward Amy. “Does Brad have a big dick? Mark does. Know what I did one night not long ago? I let him pretend I was you. Wore my hair in a pony tail, wore a khaki skirt just like you do. He loved it. When I purred and said, ‘oooh, Mr. Walker, it’s sooo biiig,’ he said ‘oooh, Amy’ and hecame right in my hands.”

Marsha was standing right next to Amy. The two were staring at each other in mutual disbelief.

“No, Emily doesn’t know that, Amy. She may tell me almost everything, but there are a few secrets I don’t share with her.” Marsha stroked her fingers through Amy’s still-damp dark brown hair. “And here’s another secret: I look at you as much as Mark does. I want your hot little body as much as he does. And you know that. That’s why you came over here now.”

Amy let Marsha touch her hair, and said nothing. Had she been that obvious? She wasn’t sure that Mrs. Walker was interested in women at all, much less a woman her own daughter’s age, but she wanted to find out just the same. And now she knew.

“I wanted to be all dressed up for you the first time, Amy. Clean, showered, my hair smelling nice. But now I’m all sweaty from my workout, and you’ll have to settle for me as I am.” Amy reached up for Marsha’s face and caressed her cheek, then tilted her head slightly, closed her eyes, and leaned up to kiss her best friend’s mother.

Marsha pulled Amy toward her and then dropped one hand down to caress Amy’s round ass. Amy moaned slightly into Marsha’s mouth. Amy began running her hands down Marsha’s back, exploring for the first time up close the smooth skin of a woman. Marsha’s skin was cool to the touch, and so soft. She felt Marsha’s hand on her ass and leaned closer into the older woman.

Sensing her heat, Marsha slid one hand down, past Amy’s skirt, and then back up underneath, cupping her ass cheek. Amy responded, sliding both her hands down Marsha’s smooth thighs and up the legs of her gym shorts. One hand ran up her side, and the other ran right up the front, her thumb caressing Marsha’s lust through her sweat-soaked cotton briefs. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths, their breasts leaning against each other.

Marsha pulled away slightly from Amy, took her hand, and led her to the couch in the den. She gently pushed Amy down on the couch, then stood before the girl and peeled her damp tank top up over her torso and tossed it on the floor. Her red hair flew loosely and cascaded down over her shoulders. She reached back and unhooked her sports bra and let it fall. Then she leaned over the younger woman and started massaging Amy’s breasts through her t-shirt. Amy moaned lustily, closed her eyes, and let Marsha do as she pleased with her body.

Marsha leaned low over halkalı escort Amy’s face, letting her hair tease Amy’s shoulders as she had teased Mark’s chest and even his cock earlier that morning in their bed. She thought briefly of the hot fucking she had given him hours before, and realized she’d be craving his cock again this night. If the lucky bastard only knew why…

She offered Amy one of her freckled breasts, and Amy sucked hungrily at her hard nipple. Marsha ran one hand through Amy’s hair, draped over the armrest of the sofa, and ran the other hand up under Amy’s skirt and immediately down the front of her underwear. Amy bucked her hips and moaned as the woman slid a finger quickly and deeply into the teenager’s wetness, and she sucked harder on Marsha’s tit.

“Hmmm you’re beautiful, Amy. Yes, suck it like you like yours to be sucked. Hard and firmly, yes my love.” Marsha slowed her fingers inside Amy now, wanting Amy to enjoy the long, slow strokes that Marsha loved, that boys always hurried though. She sensed that Amy would cum fast and often this afternoon, and hopefully, many afternoons to come.

Amy reached her right hand up between Marsha’s legs. As good as it felt, Marsha wanted Amy to lie back and enjoy this first female-inspired climax, so she gently moved Amy’s hand back down to the couch and slightly increased her pace on Amy’s clit. Amy was writhing in pleasure and sucking frantically on Marsha’s breast as Marsha pushed her over the edge for the first time. She felt Amy bite down hard on her nipple and the pain was beautiful.

Marsha slowed, but did not stop her caressing of Amy’s wet clit. Amy continued to moan and shudder. She relaxed her mouth and let go of Marsha’s nipple, then collapsed and laid her head down on the sofa’s armrest. One leg lay along the back of the couch, the other foot was on the floor. Amy opened her eyes slightly and smiled at Marsha. Marsha, aroused by her earlier erotic discussion involving Amy and her husband, kissed her way down to Amy’s thighs and began to inhale her musky sexual scent. She quickly licked her way up to Amy’s trimmed pussy and devoured or orally. Marsha spread Amy’s thighs farther, and Marsha’s hands roamed up and down Amy’s body, caressing her breasts and cheeks in one continuous motion.

Amy immediately responded and went into a series of moans and groans that expressed her pleasure and her desire. She lay back and allowed the experienced woman to explore the youngster’s body. Amy came again in a wave of pleasure and dirty words. “Oh, Fuuuck that’s so good. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love it.” She didn’t address Marsha by name. Up until now, it had always been “Mrs. Walker” but somehow that didn’t work as something to utter in the middle of sexual passion. “Marsha” was something the wasn’t comfortable using. Frankly, serious thought was beyond her as she came, cursed, and moaned with a series of delightful spasms.

Finally Marsha’s face emerged from between Amy’s thighs. Her cheeks and nose were soaked with Amy’s juices, her breath ragged, and she smiled with the lust of a woman who has given, and given again, and plans to receive.

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