Max’s Big Gay Carwash Ch. 01

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18+ Adults Only


I had recently purchased a new sports sedan. I really wasn’t at the point of ownership where I felt comfortable just letting anyone have access to my car. So rather than go to one of those detail places I set out in search of a “do it yourself” spray and go where you could just use quarters for time with the hoses and brushes.

The first place I drove past seemed older and half of the stalls seemed out of order. The second was in better working shape but there were gang tags sprayed in most of the stalls and that’s just frankly not my scene so I pressed on.

I was on the verge of giving up when I saw a brightly colored Wash N Go. The sign read, “Max’s Wash” with the tag line, “Good things come from Pressurized Hoses.”

Wait, what? Had I read that right? I enjoyed the double entendre while I pulled off the road and into the lot. There were 8 separate stalls with a change machine in the middle. Most of the stalls were full but the last two at the end were open. I pulled forward and into the final stall closest to the wooded area at the back of the lot.

I noticed as I pulled in how all the other cars were nice, new or late model. I also noticed that every stall had at least one and sometimes three of four good looking guys working on the cars. In fact they were all rally good looking guys. On top of that, I didn’t recall seeing any women at all. I didn’t see old ones, young ones, middle aged or something in between.

Then It dawned on me. Oh I know where I am. I was on the edge of a hip young community that was very popular with the gay community in my city. I am such an idiot.

Ok hot guys washing cars. Gay neighborhood. Got it.

Not that I judge mind you. While not gay, I had experimented in my younger days and had at least seen and fooled around with another cock before. Nothing too serious mind you just goofing around.

I got out of the car and realized I needed change. It was a pretty hot day. And I was glad to be wearing some loose fitting short and open toed teva sandals that matched my beige cargo shorts. I was sporting an ACDC “Dirty Deeds” T shirt and suddenly realized the implication of “message” given the present surroundings. What was I going to do? Go topless? I was pretty sure that wouldn’t help the message either.

I walked past the 7th stall on my way to the change machine and noticed a muscular guy who was shirtless getting out of a large black pick up truck. He nodded as I passed by.

I waited in line for the change machine and watched as a group of guys had gotten a “hose fight” going between stalls 3 and 4 on the left. They seemed to be having a good time spraying each other down and throwing both sponges and a far amount of suds.

Honestly it was probably the gayest thing I had ever seen including some gay porn.

I smiled and laughed a bit to my self as I got my turn and change and headed back to my stall and car.

As I walked past stall 7 I half crashed into the muscular tanned guy (Buddy as I later found out) who was now heading toward the change machine. He knocked most Çankaya Escort of my quarters onto the ground.

“Oh Hey. Sorry,” Buddy Lamented.

“No no, it was my fault I should have been paying more attention.”

“You musta caught this weeks hose and sponge fight with Jake and his friends.”

“They do that every week?” I asked trying to keep the conversation polite but short.

“Seems like most weeks, yeah.”

I bent down to start collecting my quarters. Some were close but others had drifted further away. I started hunting and pecking like a chicken looking for food on the ground. I turned my back to Buddy and squatted down and back up; up and back down several times as I gathered my change.

Buddy observed my ass as he set about collecting the balance of my change that drifted more toward his stall.

“Hot day isn’t it?’

“What?” I yelled back over the roar of the air compressors and hoses being used on the cars.

“Hot day,” He repeated. “Good day to go topless or ever bottomless at the car wash.”

I turned around to make sure Buddy still had his shorts on. He did.

“Wait, so…” I paused as Buddy handed me the rest of my quarters he collected.

“You are ‘topless’, but we’re both wearing shorts?Neither of us is bottomless.”

“Well not yet at least,” Buddy smiled and I blushed.

“But I can see, if you don’t mind my saying, that I can see you are going commando

beneath those baggy shorts.”

He was right. I was. It was hot.

“You’re right. I am. It’s hot.” So there.

“Like I said,” smiled Buddy,” Not yet anyway.”

“Name’s Buddy. And you are?”

Buddy stretched out a hand and offered a firm manly handshake.

“Jack,” I replied.

“Just Jack?” Buddy pressed.

“Just Jack, at least for now.”

Buddy nodded.

“Nice meeting you Jack. I should let you get back to your stall. Maybe we can continue

this conversation later.”

I nodded and turned to head back to my car.

“Oh and Jack,” Buddy called out.


“Don’t forget what I said about going bottomless. Especially with that nice dick you’re

keeping pent up in them cargo shorts. Nice shirt by the way!”

I looked down. Sure enough, the conversation and the heat of the day had gifted me with a nice half mast semi hard dick. Wow, ok.

Buddy hadn’t missed my apparent spontaneous arousal. And with that parting shot,

he smiled and walked off to the change machine.

* * *

Wow. ok. Back to work. Back to work? I hadn’t even started. I was hot, feeling warm, a little flushed and now I was pondering if anyone would notice if I washed my car without any bottoms on. Damn you Buddy!

I collected myself and started feeding change into the control panel as I took hold of the “gun” wand for the pressure hose.

I put enough change in for a full 10 minutes. That should be plenty of time as long as I worked fast and kept moving.

I started spraying and hosing down my car. With every Keçiören Escort few passes the breeze would blow some of the mist back toward me so I was keeping cool as long as I kept the trigger squeezed. From time to time as I would release the trigger I could hear Buddy spraying down his truck in the next stall. And for some reason I started wondering what his dick looked like. Was he cut or uncut? Was he average size or nice and thick? ( I was guessing he wasn’t small by the way he carried himself).

Of course thinking those thoughts started getting me hard again. Damn. Focus.

I finished the initial rinse and noticed how wet my shirt was getting from all the back spray. It was so wet that it had started clinging to my pecs and underarms.

Ok Buddy.

If my friendly neighbor could go topless I guess I could too. I hung up the hose gun and removed my shirt hanging on a rail to dry. Even though it was only my shirt, I felt mor exposed just standing in my shorts and sandals in the very last stall. I don’t get hit on by many guys but I was very obviously enjoying the flirting and attention.

I moved the settings to the foaming brush and began scrubbing down my car.

The foaming soap was pumping out a heavy pink foam that flopped down and made a nice contrast on my black car. There was such a heavy flow that quite a bit slid and dropped to the concrete floor and landed on my feet. Watching the soap foam and slide between my toes was distracting me for some reason and I could not help getting more turned on.

I realized just then that I couldn’t hear Buddy’s hose spraying. Even as I thought it and turned around I saw him standing at the entrance to my stall and smiling.

Buddy caught me in a bit of a state. I was leaning topless against my black car staring down at my frothy toes. There was Pink Soap EVERYWHERE. And My semi hard cock was now fully erect and pressing through my shorts against my car. Wait! Was I humping my car?

To make matters worse all the SOAP and back spray had left my shorts rather damp and my cock was clearly visible pressing against the fabric and the side of my car.

“Finished?” I asked with a very dry throat and somewhat breathless.

“Me? Oh no. I like to get him all SOAPED up first and let him soak in it for a while. I always take my time. I don’t worry about the time on the meter. I’d rather enjoy all the little moments.It looks like you were enjoying a little moment there yourself Jack. Nice er um chest, yes that’s it chest.”

And with that he turned and left again smiling like the cat who caught the canary.


Get a hold of yourself Jack.

What was I going to do? Jerk off on my car with the SOAP as lube? Not helping Brain.

Did Buddy expect to come back again and find me naked and waiting for him? (More cock straining and twitching.) Dammit brain!

Was that what I wanted? He seemed to already know what he wanted and I suspect Soap was more less a metaphor for his? What Brain? What? For his Cum? Is that what you were going Etimesgut Escort to say?


Whew. The heat must be getting to me.

OK. Calm down. Just take it easy. I went back to methodically scrubbing my car and focused on the task at hand. See through shorts or not I still wanted to get the job done.

I wrapped up the scrubbing and went to switch the setting back to rinse when Buddy appeared again with another much older guy.

At this point I was no longer surprised by the interruptions.

“Hey Jack, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, this is Max.”

“As in…” I questioned.

“Yes,” Max said politely. “I’m that Max.”

“Oh nice to meet you,” I said and offered a hand.

“You too Jack. Buddy is regular customer and he told me you were new so I wanted to say thanks for the business and hello.”

I nodded and smiled.

“Well Buddy, ” Max offered.

“You were right about one thing, but not about the other. You owe me $5 or a massage. Dealer’s choice.”

Buddy grinned and I felt compelled to ask.

“Wrong about?”

“Well, Max said, It’s nothing just a small bet between friends. Buddy was right you are a good looking guy Jack. Nice nipples and pecs by the way.”


“But Buddy you were wrong about the other thing. Our new friend Jack is neither Naked nor jerking off all over the stall here.”

Riiiight. Somehow I knew it.

Buddy was grinning ear to ear with a boyish tanned face a well toned body.

“But Jack I think you were wrong about something too.’

Max leaned in and put a gentle but strong hand on my chest pinching my nipple lightly.

“YOU can totally get naked at my car wash anytime you like. If there are no cops or crazies hanging around. I DONT GIVE A FUCK what you do.”

“That’s, that’s good to know. Thank you Max,” I offered. Sort of half shaking my head in disbelief.

With that Max released my erect and slightly sore nipple and gently slapped my face.

“Mozeltov my boy.” And with that Max unceremoniously unbuttoned his shirt dropped his shorts revealing a large and throbbing cut cock and walked through my stall to the back tool shed on the lot.

“He’s great huh?” said Buddy.

“Yeah. Seems nice” I replied.

* * *

For a moment, nobody moved.

I looked at Buddy. Buddy looked at me.

“Hold on Buddy…” I started.

“Jack,” Buddy said as he leaned into Jack’s lips. “I’m patient. It’s ok.”

And with that, I grabbed the back of Buddy’s head, and KISSED him VERY Quickly..

“Well,” Buddy said. “That was…something.”


The you will love this. I undid my belt and through my shorts around my ankles. Buddy grinned and almost stop breathing as he looked my naked body but he didn’t move.

“More huh?”

I slipped out of one leg and with the other kicked my shorts against the wall so I couldn’t easily reach them again.


“Well, I have to tell Max.”

“Tell Max what?”

“That I won the bet after all.”

I was instantly pissed and turned away.

Buddy caught me by the arm.

“Jack, wait. Please.”

“Max can have his $5.”

I pulled away.


He stopped talking. Thank goodness. And slipped his thumbs into his athletic shorts until he was naked or should I say “bottomless” in front of me too.

* * *


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