Max’s Neighbor’s Wife

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My name is Max and my wife and I have lived in our home for more than twenty years in an older subdivision just outside of Atlanta. We have been married for more than thirty years and I have just turned fifty. Neighbors have come and gone over the years and most of them have been a pleasure to befriend. About three years ago a young couple, Chad and Sara, bought the house next door. They were in their early twenties, Chad is a nice looking blond haired young man who made his living selling plumbing supplies to Home Depot and his wife was a schoolteacher in the local elementary school. Sara was extremely quite and shy. She is tall at around five foot ten, tends towards the thin side and has a long mane of dark brown hair that reached down past her waist that she normally kept in a long ponytail. . I would clandestinely watch her doing yard work, as I would move the grass or do my outside chores. She was always friendly and pleasant but you could sense that she was very reserved. About a year and a half after they moved in they had their first child, a little girl, and as a lot of women do Sara’s build changed. Her hips seemed to be a little broader and fuller and her breasts filled out a full size or two. When she put her little girl in her baby carriage and would jog around the neighbor hood there was an enticing shimmer and bounce to her body. I have to admit that I sometimes fell asleep wondering what it would be like to enjoy her knowing that that opportunity would never come to a man twenty-six years her senior.

About a dozen years ago my wife had a series of operations that combined with her trip through menopause left her without a desire to perform her wifely duties between the sheets. As a result I found myself cruising the online dating line from time to time looking for a woman, in similar circumstances, which would fill the intimate void in my life. I’m not going to tell you I was always a saint, I could never turn my back on nailing a chick if the opportunity presented itself and surprisingly often times it did. I was in the Army Special Forces and then was a cop, a detective. For the past six years I’ve been in business for myself doing investigations and special assignments for Homeland Security. Imagine my surprise one day while checking out a dating sight looking for some new fresh pussy to enjoy when happened across an ad with a picture of my neighbor Sara. The ad read:

Married woman 25 looking for a lover who is dominant. I love my husband but he travels five days a week and I have found myself wondering during the night while I toss and turn in my bed alone what it would be like to be with an intense overpowering man. I please myself with a vibrator but what would it be like to be overwhelmed and ravished by a strong take charge guy. I dream of being made to do what he wants. You must be discreet, clean, disease free and sane. I am 5’10” with long brown hair, long legs and full lips. I work out and try to stay in shape. I am very nervous about placing this ad and don’t know why I’m doing it except that I need to be satisfied and sense that I am missing something important in my life and in my bed.

I saw that the ad had only been placed a few hours before and knew that I would have to react quickly or every man in the Atlanta area would be sniffing at her door like dogs after a bitch in heat. I printed a few copies on my color printer, copied the ad to my hard drive and then I sent her a quick note saying:

Sara you are being very a very stupid slut placing this ad especially with your picture attached. I know you; know where you live, where you work and the fact that you have a lovely little girl. If Chad found out you would lose everything. I am a dominant male and will make my presence known to you very soon. Take this ad off immediately and do not place one anywhere else. At the right time I will come to you and use you and enjoy you in the manner that you are crying out for.

I provided her with an email address that she could respond to me through. Within a few minutes the ad disappeared from the dating site. A few minutes later I received an email from her.

I do not know whom you are but you’re right I did make a very, very stupid mistake. It was just a game; I was not serious, just curious and would never have gone through with it. Please just forget you ever saw it and I promise to never do anything like it again. I love my husband and daughter and the thought of losing them terrifies me. I cannot imagine who you are but please just forget this ever happened.

I wrote her back a very simple straightforward note with a copy of the ad attached:

Sara it is not going to be that easy. You will become my slut whore and I promise that will never tell anyone what you have done. You know that you were not playing a game you have simply discovered at long last who you are. You need to be owned and enjoyed- apparently you’re not getting it at home. I will be in touch. Rest calmly my pet because you have found what you were looking for.

I Sinop Escort formulated a plan and put it in motion. My wife and I had always been good neighbors and I dropped a hint that I had noticed that Chad had been traveling a lot lately and perhaps we should invite Sara and the baby over some evening for dinner. My wife jumped at the idea and two days later Sara and her one year old showed up to spend a few hours with us. I love kids and spent a great deal of time playing with the little girl while I listened to the two women talk. Sara opened up to my wife and shared that due to his recent promotion Chad was traveling five days a week, He normally left Monday morning and came back Friday evening three weeks out of four and it was killing them and their relationship. She had returned to teaching after their child was born but only in a substitute role and she was finding it difficult with just working a few days a week to keep the household together. With her husband constantly on the road everything fell on her to do. I volunteered to help her with any little chore around the house that she needed if Chad was gone. I told her sometimes it was hard to change a ceiling light bulb or even open a can. If I was around I would be glad to help. Our evening ended on a positive note with the offer for the two of them to join us again soon.

The next day after the mailman had come I put a plain unmarked envelope with a copy of the ad in Sara’s mailbox and then watched through the blinds as she picked up the mail when she returned home from her errands. When she pulled out the mail my envelope was on top. She opened the flap, saw what was inside and almost dropped her baby on the pavement before rushing down her driveway and into the safety of her home. We had not communicated for more than a week but a few moments later I received an email from her.

Why are you doing this? Please leave me alone, I mean it- back off.

I did not respond, I wanted her emotions and needs to build. The next day I began to email to her, twice a day, erotic stories about submissive females and their dominant lovers. There are a lot of sites that had countless stories posted and I selected those that had married women who were owned by men other than their husbands. I began to tackle a lot of chores outside when I knew she was home. A few days later I was outside when she opened the door and asked if I would help her with something. My wife was home and the timing was wrong for me to reveal myself but perfect for my plan. I jumped at the chance to be near the young wife. She took me to the kitchen and explained that the stove was not working for some reason. I could smell the sweet scent of her hair as she stood next to me holding her baby. It took every bit of self-control to keep from taking her in my arms and dragging her to her bed. I went down to the basement and found the fuse box. The fuse had tripped and a simple reset solved the problem. While she put the baby down in its crib I quickly got a chair and placed an old worn out nine-volt battery in the smoke alarm in the hallway. I knew that it would not last but a few hours before the warning beeper would begin going off.

With Sara’s thanks I returned home. A few hours later we received a call from my wife’s mother who lived on the far south side of town with her daily complaints. I suggested to my wife that she might want to go down and spend a day with her Mom; it might be good for the both of them. Her Mom would have some company in her lonely house and my wife would assuage the guilt of not helping her mother more. She agreed, packed an overnight bag and said that she would see me either the next afternoon or the morning after. All I had to do now was pray that the battery on the alarm cooperated.

As darkness followed dusk I changed into a lounging sweet suit, made myself a stiff drink and then put on a porno cd, that I didn’t get to watch when my wife was around. I worked myself into a bit of a sexual frenzy from the alcohol, cd and knowledge that Sara was so very close and ready to be taken. I went over to my computer and sent her an email saying solely:

Very Soon

I fell asleep in front of the TV and was awakened by the sound of the telephone ringing. From the clock on the TV I could see that it was almost eleven o’clock. It was Sara. Her smoke alarm was beeping every few minutes and she wondered if I could come over and possibly fix it for her. It was keeping her awake she said and she was afraid that it would soon awaken the baby. I felt my heart beat pick up and my cock swell as I agreed to come right over. Soon had now come. I would fix the alarm but Sara was not going to be getting any sleep for the rest of the night. I almost ran across the lawn to her front door where she was waiting.

Sara was barefoot and wrapped in a bathrobe; her hair was loose and hung down inside the robe. She had apparently taken a shower before going to bed and her hair was still a little damp. She pointed to the main hallway and Sinop Escort Bayan closing the door I followed her to where the alarm was beeping. I asked her to go get a chair from the dining room, which she brought over and placed under the alarm.

“You fix it Sara,” I said handing her a new nine-volt battery that I pulled out of my pants pocket. “You know the old saying, it is better to teach someone to fish than to bring them a catch of fish.”

The young woman climbed up on the chair and at my direction popped the lid off the alarm, unhooked the dead battery and installed the new one. I was so close to her that I could smell her and feel the heat of her body. When she was finished the time came for me to make my move. As she had worked on the alarm her bathrobe had gapped and I was able to see the blue nightgown that she was wearing that came down just below her knees. Her bare feet and recently shaved legs were intoxicatingly close. When she closed the lid of the alarm back up and started to get down off the chair I reached up and slid my hands up her legs and under her nightgown to her thighs.

“What do you think you are you doing?” she demanded. I could see that her eyes were wild and that the fear of waking her baby was the only thing keeping her from screaming.

My hands were gently rubbing her soft muscular outer thighs up to where my fingers touched the bottom rim of her panties. I held her firmly on the chair. “Sara you received my emails. I told you I would be coming soon to claim you.” I heard her whimper and I could feel her body begin to tremble.

“No that was a mistake. I told you it was a stupid game I was playing.” She said as I lifted her off the chair and carried her into her bedroom and stood her next to the bed.

“It wasn’t and isn’t a game Sara. It is who you are. You have realized that you need to be possessed, owned and used to be a whole woman. I am the one who is going to take you where you long and need to be.”

It took me just an instant to drop her bathrobe off of her and pull her nightgown off her shoulders to fall around her feet. She did not resist. With my hands on her shoulders I stood back just a few inches and admired her standing there trembling in just her thin cotton panties. The only illumination in the room came from a night light on the wall. Her pale light skin was made all the more beautiful by her dark hair falling onto her soft shoulders and down her back. I suddenly realized why her breasts had seemed so much fuller; she was still nursing her baby. It was a discovery that was beyond anything I had ever hoped for; there is nothing more delicious than a mother’s milk.

“Please don’t,” she said looking at me. “It was a mistake, I never meant it to actually come true.”

“You don’t mean that Sara,” I said as I pulled off my shirt and then drew her close to me and kissed her lips. Again she did not resist and came to me easily. Her lips were full and soft and it only took a few short seconds before she began to return my kisses. I felt the tips of her breasts begin to harden against my hairy chest as her lips opened and I began to suck on her tongue. Her husband had been foolish to leave his ripe horny wife behind for another man to enjoy. He had absolutely no idea what he had in Sara. She was very much a woman who sensed what she needed which was to be used and fucked by a strong dominant man on a regular basis. Lacking that at home she was frustrated and easily susceptible to being pirated away from her husband as I was doing.

I laid her down on the bed and pulled her panties off of her hips and down her long sleek legs. She raised her hips to make it easier for me. I dropped my sweat pants on the floor and my cock stood proudly out. I have a very nice thick almost eight inch cock. From his stature I would have been surprised if her husband was similarly gifted. From the look in her eyes I could tell that I was right, she was excited by my size.

“May I touch it Sir,” she asked? I smiled knowing that she had been reading the porn that I had been sending to her and learning from it. I nodded and felt her fingers begin to tenderly touch my shaft. Her hands were sleek with long tapered fingers and nails that she apparently had regularly done at the manicurists. She lay on her side near the edge of the bed and let her fingers and nails trace the veins of my now throbbing erection. Reaching down with one hand she gently kneaded my balls. I leaned over and took a handful of her hair on the back of her head and pulled her face to my crotch. Without being commanded the young woman opened her lips and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck on me like a famished baby. She was very good at giving oral pleasure to a man. I keep my one fist full of her hair and with my other hand I caressed her face, soft neck and throat.

“You need this don’t you Sara?” I asked and she nodded her head.

I pulled her head off of my cock and she fell back on her back on the mattress. She was Escort Sinop breathtakingly beautiful with her dark hair spread wildly over the pillows and sheets. Her nipples were erect with a sliver of milk seeping out and trailing down her bust. Sara’s lips were swollen and her face covered with saliva that had covered my shaft. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see that her cunt was covered with just a sparse covering of dark hairs and was already engorged and beginning to glisten with her juices.

“Sara I know that I used your ad to manipulate you to this point where we find ourselves.” I desperately wanted to fuck her silly but I had a grander long-term plan that I needed to sink they hooks for and I was willing to take a gamble. To be blunt if it didn’t work I could always say to hell with it and fuck her anyway. “I am going to give you one last chance. Right here and right now. It will never come again. You have to decide this instant. If you want me to I will leave, walk out that door, go home and destroy all of the evidence that I have of your ad. It will be over and gone. I will not bother you again” I watched her carefully to see her reaction to having been given the magical key for her escape. A key that I probably would not have allowed her to use but she did not know that. She looked at me and then at my throbbing cock that was only a few feet away from her. While she looked at me her left hand went down her soft tummy and then between her legs where she unconsciously slowly rubbed the wet tender lips of her pussy.

“If you give yourself to me it will be as my slave, my slut for the rest of your life. I will respect your marriage to Chad and will not interfere in your lives. But I will also begin to train you to please me in the manner that I choose, I will fuck you at my pleasure on a very regular basis and will share you with others as I please.” When I said that I heard her moan in a desperate reconciled manner. She closed her eyes and I saw her sink two of her fingers into her wet cunt.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I had never seen such a look come over a person’s face. There was resignation, excitement and both sadness and happiness. “You know I don’t have a choice in this,” she said. “You are the only person in the world who knows what I am. I must have a man like you who can fulfill me. In the perfect world I should have married such a man but did not. Chad is a great guy and a good father but he is not the type of man a woman like me must have. I didn’t know it about myself at the time we were courting and learned it only later. I guess I could go out and look for someone as I did when you saw my ad but I don’t know whom that would be and the chances are pretty good that he will be crazy. I have known you for sometime. I know you to be a good man I just didn’t know about this side of you. I never imagined that it was you that had discovered me or I would have willingly given myself to you weeks ago. I am your slave, I am your slut to use when and in whatever way you choose. I’ve been waiting every night for the past few weeks for you to come and claim me as you said you would. And now you are at last here. “

I crawled onto the bed with her and kissed her lips. Sara wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight up against her. I pushed her arms up over her head and then reached my head down and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth and began to nurse on her. Her milk instantly released and I tasted the sweet warm liquid begin to spray into my hungry mouth. For at least fifteen minutes I mauled her tits, chewing on her nipples, biting her tender flesh and draining her milk until I could drink of her no more. Sara moaned and cried out when my biting or sucking hurt her but did not resist as I devoured her. Her left hand remained in her cunt and I felt her body spasm at least twice as orgasms engulfed her.

I had a lot of plans for my new young lover but that would be in the future over weeks and months. At the moment though I just needed to fuck her quite desperately. I had been watching her for too long dreaming of just this moment and I wanted to savor it. I kissed my way down her soft tummy and then pushed her hand away and began to dine on her fragrant pussy licking the sweet syrupy juices that coated her nether lips. She was emitting that wonderful womanly aroma and it was driving me crazy with lust. Sara cried out and thrust her pubic bone tightly against my mouth as I licked, chewed and sucked on her fat pussy lips and erect clitoris. I was able to slide two finders deep into her and started to fuck her with them pumping in and out. Sara began to rotate her hips and cried out for me to please fuck her as she came again. I have a little technique I learned long ago. You take your tongue and spell out the alphabet using the nub of the clit as the center. It drives women crazy as you are constantly changing the direction and place that you are exciting while teasing and stimulating the super sensitive clit. Letters like the b, l, j, m, n and t allow you dip you tongue down into her gash and savor her juices while the crooked letters hit spots that are delicate and receptive but not often reached. I made it though the alphabet four times giving Sara orgasm after orgasm, each stronger than the last.

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