Medical Benefits Ch. 02

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Soon, she could hear the sound of him peeing into the toilet bowl, realizing that he must have had a full bladder when she was sucking him. It was a lucky thing she did not have to taste his urine if he had decided to let go inside her mouth just now.

Chan meanwhile stepped into the bathtub and mixed the water, taking hold of the showerhead. Directing the spray onto his pubic area, the throbbing water felt good on his tired skin that he spent a few minutes indulging in this pleasure.

After making sure that the white protein bits were no more tangled among his bush, he dried himself before stepping out. His eyes fell on the row of small bottles on the sink shelf. Looking through, he found one that said Moisturizer. I might need this in the absence of a proper lubricant, he said to himself, smiling naughtily.

In the ten minutes he was in the toilet, Anita had dozed off, and the man found her breathing contentedly, lying partially on her front. The pose turned him on as he pleasantly found himself uncharacteristically getting an erection just minutes after coming. It was perhaps due to the arousing sight of her pussy somewhat hidden between her firm pair of buttocks.

Climbing back quietly onto the double bed, his hand fell on the round flesh and started caressing the cheeks tenderly. His wife used to own something like this, but being just a couple of years younger than him, her bottom was flabby now.

He could clearly see her hair-free anus squirming every now and then as he stroked the younger body. Remembering the bottle in his other hand and its purpose, he undid the black cap and poured a small amount along the narrow alley in between the cheeks. Slowly, his fingers rubbed the sensual region, going from one hole to another.

It was at this moment that Anita opened her eyes and sighed in delight at the pleasure she was experiencing. The man, who still kept his spectacles on, looked keen at what he was doing, and she could see underneath his moderate paunch, he was having a decent hard-on again.

“I think it’s time…” she told him knowingly as she turned her body to lie on her back. Parting her legs, she waited as the man hovered over her before slowly descending.

Holding his cock, the woman guided him perfectly to her pussy and when he entered her, she let out a loud ecstatic moan. The Chinese doctor also felt the magnificent snugness of the orifice, and immediately felt sorry for her husband for not having her enough.

It was her turn to grab his buttocks as she steered his movements, controlling his ins and outs in a relaxed tempo. She was not in a hurry and he was okay with that. Unlike married woman, the young ones were normally a little impatient, based on his little experience with some of them before.

Lowering his chest but resting on his elbows, the man dutifully thrust into the pussy that he suspected was hungry for some action. She was just 34, based on her medical records, and she was proving to be quite good. Letting her enjoy the moment, they stayed in that position for another ten minutes.

“You want to take me from behind?” she asked him, winking. Although not very conventional in the Asian community until recently, Anita thought that the man was up for it judging by the fact that he had requested her to please him orally earlier.

Turning around as she knelt on her hands and feet, Chan slapped her buttocks playfully as he approached her. Guiding his cock, he placed its head on the parted labia and pushed forward.

Holding the side of her buttocks, the man started slowly but quickly increased his rhythm. The freedom of his movements allowed him to be faster, and Anita could feel him humping her with more force. The night was progressing as she had expected it gaziantep escort bayan to be, and she was happy with it.

Slumping, she clutched the pillow while the mature man doggied her willingly. He even climbed a little higher so that he could enter her better, making her scream passionately.

He withdrew after some time and lay beside her, smiling. “Now it’s your turn to share some of the chores,” he joked, jerking his wet cock in his right hand. “Come sit on me. I’m an old man, and I’m getting a little tired!”

Giggling, Anita got up to straddle him She held his outstretched arms for support and began moving her body up and down. His short straight hair was getting wet with sweat, especially at the graying temples. His body however, was already perspiring hard, as witnessed on the moist hair under his armpits.

Beneath the slightly fogged-up lenses, she could see the cheeky twinkle of his eyes that produced crow’s feet at the sides every time he did that. All through the sex, she marveled that he had kept a consistent smile that she had fallen in love long ago.

His hands then grabbed her breasts and squeezed them lightly. He moved to her waist down to her buttocks and grabbed them. Anita loved his attempt at being rough, and giggled in encouragement.

The Chinese doctor spread her cheeks and teased her pussy, running his fingers along the split that had been lubricated earlier. Anita responded by lowering her body on his chest to let him gain more access to his current area of attention.

As his fingers moved back and forth, he finally stopped at her pucker and firmly pushed his middle finger in. Incredibly, it did not take much of his effort to let it slip inside. The woman too did not protest and kept silent as she waited for his next move.

He could hear her hard and bated breathing as he wiggled his finger inside her, wanting to loosen her up. At the same time, his short and stubby piston mechanically carried on with its duty. Kissing her furrowed brows, Chan’s other hand squeezed her buttocks, letting her get used to the sensation. The man removed his finger after the next few minutes but continued to fuck her in that position.

Anita felt him gently guide her off from his body and positioned her to lie on her side, facing away from him. Her heart beat faster as the man slid behind, kissing the back of her neck and shoulders tenderly while his hands caressed her hips and buttocks.

As she closed her eyes in anticipation, the doctor kept himself quite busy. His tongue began licking her ears seductively; his hands had found her pussy and were teasing her there, along with his stiff cock gently nudging against the flesh of her bottom.

Suddenly, she felt something warm press directly at her anus and almost instantly the hole was forced open. She held her breath as her ass stretched and allowed the organ inside her.

The pain was so intense as she had never had anyone do this to her before, and tears welled in her eyes quickly. Chan went in deeper with only slight resistance, reacting exactly opposite by sighing passionately and a little too loudly. He pushed his groin some more until most of his length was snug inside the virgin passage.

His warm belly on her back more or less soothed a bit the discomfort she was experiencing as Anita began to get accustomed to the thrusting foreign presence in her rear. “Slowly,” she managed to whisper as the man moved delicately behind her. She reached back and placed one hand on his fleshy buttock, wanting him to proceed with caution.

Not wanting to hurt her further, the married man held her hips and moved moderately within the tight ass. Having warned her earlier about being different, he knew that Anita was taken by surprise by his backdoor attack but did not want to disappoint him by refusing to cooperate. They were united together like that for quite some time, neither one of them saying a word while listening to the rustling sounds of the bed sheet.

The man then changed holes and went for her pussy, relieving her of the ache in her butt. She welcomed the respite by caressing and guiding his buttocks as he shoved his groin back and forth. She was a little amazed however at the man’s conscious decision of not wearing any prophylactics despite being in the medical profession and the all-out campaign about sexually transmitted diseases today.

As she was enjoying the slow short strokes, Chan pulled out from her. He got off the bed and gently pulled her by the calves so that she was closer to him at the end of the mattress. The woman just looked at him while he tenderly caressed her legs with both his hands.

Pulling her a little more, he held behind her thighs and pushed them up slowly. He smiled as she looked questioningly at him. “Hold them up for me, Anita,” he just said, as his fingers probed through the pussy lips, lubricating his digits before he inserted them into the squirming anus.

Dr. Joseph Chan lifted his left leg and placed it bent on the bed. His erect cock was mere inches away from either one of his points of interest, and the woman watched as he approached the lower orifice.

Braving herself to keep her eyes open, she braced the moment when the man’s cock pushed open the newly deflowered region. She tried her best not to emit any sound as she endured once again the initial entry of the uncut cock into her butt.

Holding the soles of her feet for support, the man thrust slowly at first before establishing a regular pace. His smiling face was really displaying absolute contentment, deriving great pleasure from the forbidden sodomy performance.

The rest of his body was carrying out the act with rehearsed movements. What a kinky bugger, Anita thought as she tolerated his fetish. As she watched his graying pubic triangle crush against her skin at regular intervals, the otherwise silence was rudely broken by the polyphonic tune of ‘Immortality’ coming from the doctor’s mobile phone.

Anita could hear him curse under his breath when he had to stop and grumblingly remove his aroused organ from her. “Sorry… got to see who it is,” he expressed regret to her as he walked to the table to get his Nokia. His features altered slightly when he read the name of the incoming caller.

“Hi, honey,” he answered.

“Joe, do you know what time it is?” It was his wife.

“Oh God, it’s almost four! Didn’t realize that!” He looked at the waiting woman on the bed, and walked back slowly to her.

“I suddenly awoke in bed to find that you’re not home yet. A lot of work still?” Her voice did not sound as if she suspected something fishy was happening.

Chan’s erection was still respectable despite the fact that he was in the middle of being unfaithful to his wife, and his right hand jerked it firmly. He went back to the end of the bed at the position just before they were interrupted a few minutes ago.

“Yes, darling. I’ve got to do some thing first. Hang on, I’ve to plug in…” he told her as he reinserted his cock effortlessly into the sore asshole. “Aaahhh… that’s a lot better,” he admitted, resuming the anal sex by gently rocking back and forth.

His wife did not understand what he had just said. “What? What plug-in/”

The man chuckled at the choice of words as Anita watched in wonder at his relaxed manner while in a very risky situation. “The light. I pulled the plug out when I wanted to use the socket for something else,” he lied through his teeth.

The explanation must have satisfied his wife on the other end when she did not ask anymore.

“Give me about a couple more hours,” he told her, his free hand playing with the thick gold chain around his neck. “When I come back, we’ll go for an early breakfast, and that’s a promise, okay?”

“All right, dear. See you then. Bye!”

“Go back to sleep. Let me finish up because it’d be a very bad idea to stop what I’m doing now. Bye, darling!” He ended the call and threw the phone on the single-seat sofa a few feet from him.

He looked at Anita apologetically. “I’m sorry. I sort of knew she would call if I don’t come home after a certain time… But let us continue!!” he told her, putting both his hands on his fat hips.

It looked a little comical to the woman when he proceeded to move back and forth, stroking her sensitive anal walls while not supporting himself on anything. His paunch jiggled each time he banged onto her. She even gave out a little laugh when the middle-aged doctor, who knew that she was finding it funny, raised both arms and placed each palm behind his head.

“How do I look?” his smiling face making the scene light-hearted. He had momentarily stopped moving and his cock was comfortably lodged deep inside her rectum.

“If you’re trying to advertise the great fertilizer that you use for the healthy growth in your armpit region, then I think you look wonderfully sexy and alluring!” she joined in the joke, and the man nodded appreciatively. Still in that same pose, he started thrusting again, knowing that she had somehow accepted his keenness in anal intercourse.

Anita then stretched out her arms to grasp his waist firmly, giving the man the opportunity to hold her arms for support and stability. Indeed, he possessed a physique of someone of that age, but at the same time he was proving to be a great lover with a lot of staying power.

She watched his eyes close, his face displaying the continuous delight he was undergoing. His naked body was moving in an unhurried manner, his fleshy chest glistening in the wetness while his round tummy shamelessly trembled at each shove.

The man once again pulled back smoothly and told her to spread her legs wider. As the sticky and red cock throbbed obscenely among the long and unkempt pubic hairs, Chan came over her and entered her pussy once again.

Almost immediately, the older man, who was practically lying on top of the other, began pounding her hard. Anita screamed in delight as she wrapped her arms around his back tightly, enjoying the forcefulness of the thrusts.

Breathing laboriously onto the woman’s face, he went on pumping in a frenzied and furious pace. As she waited for him to explode inside her pussy, the man unexpectedly lifted his body off her. Quickly but clumsily, he knelt near to her face and started jerking his cock wildly.

In half a minute, a strong stream of white phlegm-like liquid landed squarely on the woman’s left eye, immediately followed by another one on her nose. Wanting to please him more, Anita grabbed the cock and came closer to it. Opening her mouth, she started sucking and swallowing what the man was able to discharge further.

Losing its rigidity rapidly, the woman finally let the organ go, and the doctor slumped beside her in exhaustion. He was feeling really exhausted but kissed the woman lightly on her lips.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had such exciting sex… You have been wonderful, Anita.” He kissed her again before drifting off to sleep.

The woman too had not expected the union to be that extraordinary and tiring, but she was not complaining. She wondered what was to happen to this relationship, while she still had her husband to deal with.

Anyway, she just wanted to make sure at the moment that the good doctor would not miss his appointment with his wife for an early breakfast in a few hours’ time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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