Meeting for the First Time

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Big Tits

This is the first time I have ever tried to write a story like this…so it probably isn’t written well…as I was just writing it down as it came into my head. Basically it is about this girl and I…we’ve never met..but if we ever do, we’re going to be lesbians together…cause she totally wants me. This was a fantasy I had and wrote down for her…I thought I might share it cause she seemed to like it a whole lot.

Somehow, we had met up a day before everyone else had arrived. We got reserved rooms on the second floor, and kept the door in the middle locked. After we both showered, we each sat on our own bed and watched TV; things were a little awkward between us. Finally, I moved over to your bed and put my arm around your shoulder, reassuring you, comforting you. We sat and watched TV for a little bit more, some funny comedy on tbs or something. After a little bit, I started to get more daring, I would nuzzle your neck and breathe underneath your ear. I was trying to get you excited. You began to squirm as you started to feel warmth in your groin. I left you alone for a little bit after that, teasing you sort of.

After a few more minutes, I inched my hand over to your thigh, gently massaging the inside where could reach because your legs were pushed so tightly together. Using my fingers, I forced my way to down the crease, wanting to feel your heat. I went back to nuzzling your neck, lightly sucking the soft skin of your collarbone. I heard you groan with arousal and suddenly the TV was flipped off. You laid flat on the bed, pulling me down with you. I found your mouth, kissing you Kolej Escort for the first time as I straddled myself over you, putting your legs between my knees. Leaving your mouth, nibbled your jaw line, softly biting with my teeth and then licking the spot with my tongue to soothe it. I chuckled as I felt how erratic your pulse was in your neck as my cold hands touched the hot skin beneath your t-shirt. I massaged your breast through the thin fabric as I took the nipple in my mouth, suckling it, making it cool against your breast as the wet shirt rubbed it. Finally, I pushed your shirt up, baring you and pinched your nipples playfully before putting my mouth on them directly. During this time, I had moved my knee between your legs, applying pressure to your crotch, and eventually my hands had moved down to the waistband of your bottoms. Sitting up over you, you stared up at me with lusty eyes as I slowly pulled the pants down your legs, exposing your underwear. I parted your legs and first palmed your mound, feeling a faint wetness through your panties as I traced my fingers up and down the parting of your lips.

Moving my face back towards your chest, I rubbed my cheek against the valley between your breasts, watching you with my eyes as I continued to palm you through your underwear. Opening my mouth in an o, I slid it down the middle of your stomach, breathing damp breaths along the way, circling around your belly button with my tongue when I got there. I took your legs and bent them at the knees, boosting your crotch up a little, in which I nuzzled your Rus Escort mound with my mouth and then ran down your lips with my nose. I heard you whimper with anticipation and I smiled. I peeled back the waistband of my fingers, teasingly pulling left and right, causing friction against your skin. Pushing your legs back together, I slid your panties down to your feet, letting the cool air of the room hit your wetness, causing you to shiver. Parting your legs again, I chuckled at the slopping noise your pussy made when your lips were spread apart again, your juices stringing across and running back down your vagina.

I stick my finger in my mouth to get it nice and wet and then tenderly touch your swollen clit, causing you to jerk. I circle around your clit a few times and then slide my finger in a straight line down your parted lips, and slowly tap your opening before pushing my finger all the way into your vagina. You moan as I slowly slide it in and out, and you are gently thrusting yourself, trying to fuck my fingers. I increase my pace a little bit, inserting another finger, making them slimy with your secretions. Then I stop and get off the bed, leaving you in a mussy disaster, slightly disappointed. But I soon return with something that I will not let you see, setting it at the foot of the bed, close within my reach. By now you are begging me to continue what I was doing. I was going to blindfold you, but I remember that you didn’t like that, so I let you be.

I inserted my fingers into you once again, causing you to arch off the bed with need, Yenimahalle Escort your eyes close for a moment. In this moment, I slide out my fingers and replace them with my mouth, causing you to shudder at the new sensation. I suck on your clit for a little bit, enjoying the jolting it causes you to make. Since I cannot stick out my tongue, I try to get you off with other methods. I suck up the juices with my mouth, almost like giving you a hickey on your sensitive skin. After I feel like you are used to the sensation, I put my fingers in you again, pumping fast this time while I suck on your clit at the same time. I feel the familiar sensations of muscles contracting around my fingers and I slow down. I do not want you to cum yet before I can use my trick.

Reaching down to the floor, I pull an ice cube from the bucket I brought from the bathroom earlier. I put it in my mouth so that is sat on my tongue, so that when I went to tongue your clit, the ice cube would rub against it as well. You gasp loudly at the sensation and start to moan as I take the ice cube out of my mouth and rub it down your pussy, running on the outside of your lips and then along the crack, and then finally spreading them apart again to rub then down the center. It is not until I circle the outside edges of your opening that you begin to quake with orgasm, in which I put my mouth back against your opening, gulping up your juices as best I can.

After your body has stopped quivering, I drop the ice cube onto the floor somewhere and crawl back up your body, tugging your panties and bottoms back on you, and pulling your top back down. I kiss your forehead and lean against the forehead, satisfied that I have pleasure you enough. Just the thought that I have taken your lesbian virginity gets me off and I orgasmed with you, rubbing my mound against the edge of the bed as I had gone down on you. I then wonder what we will do for the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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