Megan Ch. 1

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Moving house was always a hassle, but after my divorce I decided I needed a change of scenery, and when I saw this place I fell in love with it instantly. The house was set back a little from the road in a lightly wooded area, so there was plenty of privacy, in fact there was only one near neighbor and there was a hedge rather than a fence between the two properties, so the pool in the back garden gave every appearance of total privacy, something I decided I needed right now.

Moving all the furniture and boxes in took the removal men a whole day, and then I was left on my own to get everything the way I wanted it inside the house. I made a couple of journeys down to the nearby shops for the normal provisions, and returning from one such visit bumped into my next door neighbor. He seemed quite a pleasant man, about mid 30’s I guessed, and he issued a general invitation to pop round for a drink when I finally got settled. With so much work to do, that invitation soon went from my mind, and it was almost a week later before I felt satisfied enough with the way the house was looking to even take a break.

It was a hot sunny day and I was feeling tired and sore from all the work, so I made myself a long cool drink, put on my bathers and wandered out for a dip in the pool. Mmmm it was so cool and inviting that I just placed my drink on the table and dived straight in, swimming strongly up and down the pool for a few lengths before just floating on my back for a while gazing up at the clear blue sky. I felt happy and content for the first time in a long while.

Eventually I climbed out of the pool and lightly dried myself before picking up my drink and wandering around to look at the garden. It had been kept neat and tidy, but I could see the areas that would need some work soon, and as I wasn’t much into gardening, I resolved to look up the local paper for some gardening handyman. I was walking along the trimmed hedge which acted as the fence between my house and the one next door, and noticed a couple of places where the hedge was sparse, and it was as I looked at one of these areas just alongside the house that I happened to glance through and almost spilled my drink! Not more than a dozen yards away, spread out on a large blanket was the most gorgeous female I’d seen in many a day.

She was wearing a yellow, fairly skimpy bikini, and was lying on her back, and her magnificent breasts were standing up straight and firm, and even from this distance I could see her hard nipples poking through the flimsy material. Shoulder length blonde hair framed a beautiful face, and her body looked toned by plenty of exercise. All in all she was absolutely stunning, and I reacted accordingly, instantly feeling my cock strain against my bathers.

She must have sensed she was being looked at, because she opened her eyes and turned her head and stared straight at me. For a moment her eyes were blank, then they focussed sharply, and she sat up with a slight “Oh”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I’ve just moved in and I was checking the fence line when….” My voice tapered off, and I watched as her expression changed from one of concern to one of warm welcome, and she rose to her feet and came over to the hedge. Standing up and moving, she looked even more stunningly beautiful, quite tall, around 5ft10ins at a guess, and incredibly shapely. I felt the heat rise in me as I tried desperately not to gawk.

“Hi, I’m Megan” she said, and her voice was warm and a little deep, “You must be Patrick, my husband said you’d moved in” I must have looked a little confused, and she giggled, “You met my husband the other day, he invited you over for a drink when you were settled in” This time I know I looked surprised, and she giggled again, “Yeah, I know, people always react Tekirdağ Escort like that, my husband is somewhat older than me, but I happen to like older men!”

As she said that she looked me straight in the eye, a curious hot smile on her face, and I found myself melting. She held the look for a long moment, then glanced away, a small secret smile playing about her lips.

“Hi, I am indeed Patrick, and it’s an absolute delight to meet you” I said, and held out my hand. She took it lightly and squeezed it before letting it go.

“I heard the splashing, must be nice in the pool on a hot day like this – she sighed – I wish we had a pool”

“Oh, you can always use this one if you like” I said

“Ooh, can I?, can I use it now? I’m feeling just so hot and sticky”

“Of course” I said, glancing around, “But how?”

She giggled again, “Oh, I can squeeze through here, I’ve done it before, when the house was empty, I hope you don’t mind”

I grinned and stepped back as she squeezed her lush body through the hedge, “Not at all, any time you want” I said, and followed her slowly as she bounced over to the pool and without any hesitation, dove straight in. As she swam a couple of laps of the pool I went inside to refresh my drink and get a long cool one for her as well. I came back out and sat on the edge of the pool, dangling my feet in and watching her swim until she came up and held on to the pool edge alongside me and I handed her the drink. At first she stayed squatting down in the water, but it was so clear that she wasn’t hidden at all, and I found myself looking down and enjoying the sight of the upper slopes of her lush breasts. She just grinned up at me, knowing perfectly well what I was looking at and seeming to enjoy it, and finally I broke the silence. “You really are an incredibly beautiful woman” I said, “I think your husband is a very lucky man”

She grinned widely and pushed herself up to a standing position and gave a slight curtsy, “Why thank you kind sir” she said, and I felt myself flushing, immediately she reached out her hand and touched my leg, sending electric currents racing right through me, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound mocking, I really do appreciate the compliment, I don’t hear them very often”

“Impossible” I said with more vehemence than I intended, “no one could look at you and not be bowled over by your beauty!”

“Well, I don’t get out much, so I don’t meet many people, but it’s nice to be told nice things every now and again” she said, a touch of sadness in her voice. Then a slight shiver went through her and I suggested she come out of the pool and take the sun for a while, “Here?” she asked, “Or back at my place?” but before I could answer she grinned and moved the hand that she still had on my leg a little higher to brush against the bulge that had been growing in my costume, “I’d really like to stay here” she said, her voice vibrating deeply.

“Why” I almost squalked

She grinned more hotly, “I told you, I like older men” she said, and this time folded her hand firmly over the bulge of my cock and squeezed gently, “And I think this man really likes me too”

“Yes, oh god yes” I whispered hoarsely, “I want you to stay”

“MMmm and if I do, will you dry me off and rub oil all over my body?”

By now the hunger in me had taken complete control, and I slid from the pool edge down into the pool alongside her and took her into my arms and kissed her deeply and passionately, and she responded equally passionately. Then I pulled away, and taking her by the hand, led her from the pool. “The towels are inside” I said, and she giggled as I led her into the kitchen and through to the lounge, leaving her there a moment as I dashed to the closet and got a new towel, then I Tekirdağ Escort Bayan came back and started to dry her off. Lightly dabbing and stroking over her body.

As I knelt before her drying off her legs, she looked down at me and with another giggle said, “I think this just gets in the way of the drying, don’t you?” and reaching behind her she unhooked her bikini top and eased it forward from her shoulders to drop to the floor, and I gasped as the full magnificence of her breasts came into view. For an age I just knelt there staring up at her gorgeous hot tits, feeling my cock threatening to explode from my own bathers, then I reached up and slipped my fingers beneath the waistband of her bikini pants.

“I agree” I said hotly, “clothes do get in the way” and I peeled her bikini bottoms down and she stepped straight out of them. Oh god, I was suddenly face to face with her hot and already wet pussy, lightly covered with blonde hair, and the reaction was automatic! I buried my face in her pussy! My hands were gripping and stroking her firm ass cheeks as my tongue darted forward and lanced deep into her pussy, immediately locating and lashing her swollen clit.

Megan’s reaction was instinctive too, her hands dropped to cup the back of my head and press me forward, her stance shifted to open her legs wider, her knees dipped slightly and her ass twisted and swung as she sought to impale her pussy even deeper onto my questing tongue, mashing her juice filled pussy against my face, “Oh yes, Patrick” she wailed, “suck my pussy, lick my clit, oh god, this is sooooo good, suck me Patrick, suck meeeee. Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming Patrick, I’m Cuuuuummmmiiiiiing!’

Her whole body froze for a moment , then a huge shudder ran through her and her body bucked and heaved against my face, hot juices pouring liberally from her pussy, and I lapped and lapped at the hot juices, sucking her pussy dry, lashing her clit with my stiff tongue, and her body continued to jerk and jump, until her legs gave way and she began to topple forward. I shifted my grip and caught her falling body, twisting sideways and easing her down onto the floor , then once more burying my face in her writhing cunt, lapping up her incredibly tasty juices, until there was no more to lap up, and she lay supine on the carpet.

I pulled away slightly and gazed in awe once more at her incredibly beautiful body, those large, firm tits and that oh so juicy pussy. Then I clambered to my feet and darted off to the bathroom for a quick shower to rid my face and hair of the stickiness from her pussy. When I returned, drying myself slowly with the towel, she had shifted, and was leaning against the couch, her eyes half closed, watching me move towards her, and her eyes dropped to my rampant cock and she smiled.

As soon as I came within reach she lifted her hands and cupped them around my cock, “Mmmm, what a delicious cock, so big and thick, and such a cute head” she said, then looked up at me with a hot grin, and I noticed for the first time her piercing blue eyes, “Is this all for me?’ she asked.

I returned her grin, “Well, I guess you caused it, so it’s only fair you should enjoy it” I said,

“Mmmmm, I like that, I want to please you, I’ll do anything to please you Patrick, anything at all”

“Well that could be a dangerous thing to say” I replied with a laugh.

She lightly stroked my cock and leaned forward to kiss its head, “Oh no, I mean it, I want to please, I need to please, just tell me what you want”

If I’d calmed down at all taking the shower, that had just been blown out of the window by her words and the hot, hungry expression on her face, I groaned with sheer lust, “Oooh, you know what I want Megan, I want to fuck you, I want to ram my Escort Tekirdağ hard cock deep into that hot pussy I was just licking, I want to fuck you until you scream for me to stop”

Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, and letting go my cock she turned and raised herself to her knees, her tight, sexy ass, waving about in front of me, “Oh yes, Patrick, shove your big, hard cock into my pussy, fuck me from behind, fuck me like an animal!”

I didn’t need a second invitation, that hot ass was driving me crazy, her words were driving me crazy, her hot looks were driving me crazy, so I slid to my knees behind her and aimed my cock straight at her wide open cunny and lunged forward. She lifted slightly as she felt my cock brush past her ass cheeks, just enough to line me right up perfectly and my cock plunged to the hilt into her steaming, still wet pussy, and she screamed loudly, “Oh yes Patrick, so big, so hard, fuck me, fuck me hard!”

I pulled almost out and then slammed forward again, until my heavy balls banged on her ass cheeks, again and again, I pulled back and thrust forward hard, “Oh god, Megan, you’re so hot, so tight, such a gorgeous pussy, love to be inside you, love to fuck you, yeah, I’m fucking you hard, fucking you good, fucking your juicy cunt” I reached around with one hand and started to squeeze her turgid nipples, and slid the other down between us to rub gently against her ass hole, all the time slamming my cock deep into her bucking heaving pussy.

With everything that had gone before I knew it wouldn’t be long, I could already feel the juices starting to boil in my balls, boil and start to flow upwards, swelling my rampaging cock even more, “Oh baby, I’m close, I’m close, cum with me Megan, cum with me! I’m cumming, Megan, I’m cumming, I’m CUUUUUMMMMIIIING”

And my cock exploded its hot juices, shooting them like a hose, deep into her pussy, and I felt her body arch again and heard her scream as a gigantic orgasm shook her too, and hot juices started to baste my already overheated cock, and I fucked , and fucked, harder and faster, ramming my spurting cock so hard I was almost bouncing her off the floor, and she was every bit as wild, lunging backwards to meet my every forward thrust, screaming loudly, “Yes Patrick, yes, fuck me, fill me with your cum, fiiilll Meeeeee”

I don’t know how long that lasted, it seemed like forever until we both slumped exhausted to the floor, unable to move., my softened cock slipping from her still vibrating pussy. We may even have fallen asleep briefly. But then I found myself looking at her again, at her scrumptious body, god, she was just so beautiful, I couldn’t quite believe that I’d just had the inestimable joy of fucking her, Then her eyes opened and she looked at me with a warm smile, “What time is it?” she asked, and I glanced down at my watch, “almost 4. 30” I replied.

She sat up suddenly, “Oh I have to get back, he’ll be home soon, and I must be there for him” she said and leapt up, quickly gathering her bikini together, then she leaned down and kissed me deeply for a moment, “Mmmm thank you Patrick, that was just so special, can we do it again soon?”

I quickly reached up and squeezed her breast, “Soon and often” I said, and squeezed just a little harder, “I want to fuck you often, you know that don’t you”

A shudder went through her, and I noticed the immediate hotness that came into her eyes, “Oh yes Patrick, I’ll please you soon and often, what ever you want”, Then she pulled away and hurried out to the kitchen, There was a momentary pause, and I assume she was climbing back into her bikini, then I heard the back door bang, and she was gone. Gone, but I knew she’d be back, and I was surprised at how much I wanted her back, wanted to explore her again, wanted to fuck her again, we’d only just met, and I was already sure she was going to be something very special in my life, Mmmmm I wonder if she’ll tell her husband of our little adventure, I wondered, perhaps she’ll let me know, soon! Mmmm Megan, oh Megan, so hot, so horny, so sexy, soon, baby, soon!!

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