Michelle Comes to England

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Tricia and I were very pleasantly surprised one Friday evening to receive a telephone call from a voice which we instantly recognised — that of Michelle, whom we had met for two years running at the naturist campsite.

I say “we” because our telephone is usually left on a “hands free” mode, so that we can both talk at the same time to whoever is calling via a microphone and speaker rather than holding a hand-set.

As soon as her voice came through, therefore, Tricia and I looked at one another with some pleasure, as memories of our last meetings sprung to mind.

“Where are you?” we both asked, as Michelle’s voice was coming through with a background hum.

“I am on a train,” she said in her accented English. “I am on my way to meet you!”

Tricia and I looked at one another as we both smiled with some expectation. She was on her way to meet us!

“Yes,” Michelle continued. “I have been sent by my University to an English University for one term as part of my course, as I am studying English Language for a degree. I told you when we last met that I was studying English, did I not?”

“You certainly did,” we assured her. “But what a pleasant surprise this is,” said Tricia. Whereabouts are you, and how far are you away from here?”

Michelle told us that she was actually about fifteen minutes away from our town, and that she could get a taxi, she hoped, when she reached the station.

“No way,” we both told her. “We will come to meet you in our car,” I said. “So look out for us.”

Quickly I got the car out from the garage, and both Tricia and I drove to meet Michelle.

We were actually waiting on the platform as her train drew in, and were overjoyed to see her as she stepped off onto the platform, and then were actually amused when we noticed the length, or should say brevity, of her skirt. It could not have been more than ten or eleven inches deep from her waist, as more of her thigh was revealed than was hidden! In fact, an inch or so lower would have certainly revealed her choice of underwear!

She immediately saw us, and waved, then we saw her turn to a young man to speak to him, as he handed her something which she slipped into her skirt pocket.

Then, giving him a quick kiss she said something again and came running towards us, where after the usual continental peck on both cheeks she gave us both a fuller hug and kiss.

“Who was that?” I asked her, more out of curiosity than anything else, whereupon she laughed in her cheeky way which we both well remembered, as she told us that it was someone who had been sitting across the aisle in the train, and whom she had persistently noticed trying to peer up the hem of her skirt! “He must have thought that I had not noticed,” she laughed again, “so I kept making moves which appeared accidental but ever so briefly, until we were almost here and I could feel the train slowing down. So I then leaned over towards him and mischievously said so that only he could overhear that if he gave me his telephone number I would open my legs briefly for him!”

“And that is why you saw him giving me his telephone number!” she laughed again.

“I hope you are decent under that skirt, then,” chuckled Tricia.

“Oh, yes,” said Michelle. “I am wearing ‘la petite culotte’ whatever that might be called in England.”

“We call them briefs, or knickers, or sometime panties,” explained Tricia, “unless they are very small in which case a thong or a g-string, perhaps.”

During this time we had been walking towards the car, and had paused outside it whilst I was putting her small overnight case onto the back seat.

“But these are very small, n’est-ce-pas?” asked Michelle, as she brazenly raised the front of her diminutive skirt to show what amounted to little more than a triangular scrap of lace held in place by a fine string of elastic. It was so small, in fact, that her smoothly kept slit was partly on view above the wisp of lace, and was also so see-through that the rest of it was fairly visible.

Michelle seemed quite blasé as she displayed herself, although Tricia and I had seen what she had there (and had touched it and even more) on numerous occasions. But what now struck us was the fact that it was more than likely that her recent companion had seen more than just the material. Not that Michelle seemed to care. Neither had she ever seemed to care in the past!

Luckily the front seat was a bench seat, and so we all three sat on it as I climbed behind the wheel, and Michelle sat between me and Tricia.

Michelle, though, was very much the same Michelle whom I met for the first time some two or three years ago, when she had not only teased me into causing me to having an erection but had then succeeding in seducing me completely! And by this I mean that her hand immediately fell onto my lap where she began to tease my cock through my shorts!

“Stop it, Michelle!” I had to say. “Please, I’m trying to drive. There’ll be plenty of time for that later on when we are home!”

Tricia saw the funny side of this, ankara rus escort but in order to help me she grasped both of Michelle’s hands and pulled them onto her lap as she leaned towards her for another kiss.

Michelle also saw the funny side, giggling as she and Tricia met lips in a far more intimate kiss than they had exchanged on the station platform.

I concentrated on driving, though, but I could not help keep looking in their direction as their hands began to seek and caress each other’s more intimate regions.

Because of the disruption to our evening, though, we did not have a meal ready which could have also accommodated Michelle, so we called at a small restaurant where we had a short meal — enough to put us on until next day, at least.

We then arrived home without any incident, and as Tricia showed Michelle the outlay of the house I put the car away, and then went into the lounge to pour out a welcome drink for her.

When they entered the room, though, Michelle, true to form, immediately dropped onto the chaise-longue, legs splayed apart, oblivious to the fact that the brevity of her skirt meant that her lacy g-string was on full view.

Tricia, drink in hand, looked deliberately at her with a huge grin on her face as she said, “Michelle, I think Mel is able to see your knickers!”

Michelle, in mock consternation, replied, “Oh, dear, do you think I should take them off, then? ” Then she laughed again as she continued, “Of course he can see them, and so can you. Why do you think I am sitting like this? Anyway, you have both seen what is inside them many times. But I am actually showing you what the man on the train could see, too. I think he liked the view, too, oui?”

“Well I am certainly enjoying the view!” I told her. “You can sit like that for ever as far as I am concerned!”

“Not for ever,” she laughed again. “But as long as you wish — until we go to bed, perhaps?” she suggested.

And so we sat opposite her for some time, asking after her parents, Pierre and Lili, and her cousins whom we had met last year at the naturist site. Pierre and Lili had obviously sent their regards and had made her promise to look us up, although she would have done so in any case, she told us.

But eventually it was bedtime, and there was no thought other than we all three shared the same bed. It seemed quite natural, after the intimacy we had all enjoyed in each other’s caravans in the past. Michelle unsurprisingly lay between Tricia and me, none of us even thinking of any night attire. In fact, the only items of clothing Michelle had brought with her in her overnight bag was another g-string similar to the one she had been wearing, a handkerchief, and a spare pair of shoes.

How any of us slept that night was a miracle, for first one and then another of us would take the lead fondling, fucking, kissing, and so on. Sometimes it was Michelle and me, then Tricia and Michelle, and then Tricia and me, but usually it was all three tying ourselves in contortions to try to achieve maximum enjoyment.

Next morning I can honestly say that we were still tired, but happy.

After breakfast though it was obvious what our programme would be. We showed Michelle around the town, the shopping centre, the sights, and all that there was to be seen of interest.

And so, as we were sitting around in one of the parks after a light lunch, I turned to Michelle and jocularly reminded her that she still had the telephone number of the man on the train. Immediately she delved into her skirt pocket to find the scrap of paper her had given to her.

“Ben,” she said. “We did not exchange names! He does not know Michelle. But I think I can remind him,” she grinned mischievously.

Taking out her mobile telephone she dialled the number he had written on the paper.

Three rings later and she had an answer.

“Hello,” came the reply. Now from what she had told us he had only heard her whisper to him previously, and so when she answered to say that it was Michelle calling he seemed a little unsure about whom she was.

“A reminder,” she impishly said, then putting the phone into picture mode she wickedly parted her thighs completely and held the phone close to her revealing g-string, then provocatively slipped one finger inside and hooked it round the gusset.

“Shall I?” she said loudly so as to be heard on the phone.

It was obvious what she was intending to do, and she did not wait for his answer as she pulled the gusset aside to reveal her well-used pussy in all its glory. But to complete her complete depravity she then slowly pushed the small phone right inside her moistening cunt!

Luckily we seemed to be on our own where we were sitting so that she was able to perform this way without any unwanted spectators.

Eventually, though, she removed it, as we heard a voice trying to speak on the other end, although it was impossible to hear what he was saying without putting it to an ear.

“Invite him round to our house,” Tricia whispered ankara türbanlı escort to Michelle, who did just that, and also indulging in a little talk with him, although he seemed to be doing most of the talking.

Eventually she arranged that he should come to our house later that afternoon, Michelle promising him that he would not regret his visit. And we knew that he would not, even if he was still a little apprehensive as he seemed to be from our interpretation of Michelle’s remarks as she replied to some of his queries. By now, though, we had been joined by others in the park, and Michelle reluctantly agreed to make herself appear more decent by closing her knees together even though the brevity of her skirt made it almost possible to see her underwear.

Shortly afterwards, then, we made our way home, making plans for Ben’s visit. Tricia suggested we tease him at first, and Michelle happily agreed. After all, she had already teased him both on the train and whilst on her mobile phone!

It was agreed that Tricia should answer the door, therefore, and we decided that she would give the impression of being Michelle’s aunt, and also a little strait-laced at first.

We also agreed to play the whole thing by ear, with only a skeleton plan of the whole tease, but which we expected to end by both Tricia and Michelle being totally outrageous.

So Tricia was to dress far more formally than she usually did, and as we knew that there was a charity shop close by she had ample time to go there, find what she wanted, and still have sufficient time to change afterwards.

Therefore, when the doorbell rang, a prim and proper lady answered, with high-necked blouse, a fairly long tweed skirt almost down to her calves and below which could be seen woollen tights or stockings. (Actually they were black self-supporting woollen stockings.) Her hair was gathered into a bun, instead of her hair loose and flowing as she usually did, and she appeared to be a throw-back to one of the old severe “school-marms”.

“Yes?” she enquired as she saw him standing at the door.

“Excuse me,” he said, “but does Michelle live here?”

“My niece Michelle does. Why?” she asked, although she was trying so hard not to laugh.

“She invited me to call and see her, but if I have got the wrong impression I am sorry,” he answered.

“No,” Tricia told him. “You are all right. You must come in if she has invited you, but you really must excuse her. I am afraid she is quite shy usually, and has had little contact with boys until now, although my husband Mel and I have tried to encourage her to be less self-conscious.”

“So come in, and I will call her,” she added.

Ben followed her inside, and Michelle and I, who were both peeping to see what his reaction was going to be, had to stifle our giggles.

One inside Tricia ushered Ben to an arm-chair, where he sat down quite formally, knowing that he was in the presence of someone who might disapprove of too casual behaviour.

Tricia went to the bottom of the stairs and called up, “Michelle. You have a visitor. Make yourself decent, please, and come down.”

She then went back to Ben and sat opposite him with her back to the door, and began asking him the kind of questions a caring aunt might ask of a suitor.

“Do you live locally? How did you and Michelle meet? Did she mention us when she invited you here?”

Ben answered, “Yes, I live nearby, but I am at present at University. We actually met on the train, although the meeting was casual, and I gave her my telephone number in case she was lonely and also in the hope that she could find me as attractive as she was to me. And no, she did not mention that she was staying with her aunt.”

Just then Michelle appeared in the doorway, but put her finger to her lips and shook her head as if to tell him that he must not acknowledge that she was there yet.

Quickly his eyes shot back to Tricia, who was fully aware of the situation but was pretending to be completely oblivious to it, and when he saw that Tricia was now looking away from him completely as if her mind was elsewhere he quickly reverted his gaze towards Michelle.

It was now that the tease really took place.

Michelle took hold of her miniskirt and raised it to show that she was now completely naked below it, her soft smooth pussy lips completely uncovered.

Then, as he stared almost open-mouthed, he glanced quickly at Tricia who was still pretending to be unaware and who was still looking elsewhere, then back to watch as Michelle unfastened the skirt completely, dropping it onto the floor, and following this by doing the same with her light sweater to stand barefacedly naked, her firm breasts reacting as she tweaked at her nipples.

Ben was flabbergasted, and seemed almost scared as he looked again at Tricia, as if he would be accused of some heinous crime if she happened to turn and see how Michelle was flaunting herself for him.

Tricia, though, was reading the signs from the bahçelievler escort corner of her eye, and was fully aware that Ben was getting extremely nervous. And so, in order to reassure him, she dropped her pretence of formality, looked him fully in the eye, and said to him, “Ben, I must apologise. We have been playing games with you. If you want to raise my skirt you will see that I am knickerless, like Michelle. Come here, Michelle, and show him!”

Grinning all over her face Michelle now ran towards them, and with no more ado grasped Tricia’s skirt to reveal the white thigh above the black stockings and then her shaven cunt, as Tricia, too, began to part her legs.

Ben really was flabbergasted now! He scarcely knew what to do and seemed to be wondering if this was a dream!

As he started to compose himself, though, he was even more astonished to hear Tricia ask him, “So whose cunt do you wish to fuck first? Mine or Michelle’s?”

As she was speaking she started to strip off until she was as naked as Michelle, who was now actually undressing an enthusiastic Ben, as he now realised that this was about to become the best day of his life!

All this time I was watching from my hiding place in the hallway, so far unobserved by Ben, but Michelle knew where I was, as it was where she, too, had been until now.

As Michelle, helped eagerly by Ben now, almost tore off his trousers his cock reared proudly erect, and Michelle immediately proffered it to Tricia, who by now was as naked as she was.

Tricia, though, just took it into her mouth, gave a few strokes until we could all see it visibly grow, then presented it to Michelle’s waiting pussy, already glistening with anticipation. A few thrusts then Tricia reached out and took him out again, and once more put it to her mouth. This was repeated until finally Ben gave a huge heave, obviously climaxing, and this time it was Michelle who took his engorged cock out of her now dripping pussy for her own mouth, whilst Tricia now leaned forward to put her own mouth to Michelle’s flooding and palpitating cunt, eagerly relishing the combined juices exuding from it.

“I enjoyed that!” exclaimed Tricia. “And you are so big! Dare I make a pun and call you “Big Ben”?”

Ben laughed and said, “I am often called that, especially by girls, but I don’t mind as long as they help me keep it big by exercising it!”

I was wondering how to interrupt this, as I was not sure how Ben would take it if I suddenly appeared, but then had an idea. I crept outside, opening and closing the door ever so softly, and then had a short walk round the block, giving them time to recover before I disturbed them.

But instead of ringing the doorbell I used my key, making quite a bit of noise as I did so, and calling out, “I’m back, Tricia, but I’m going straight to the study — I have some figures to enter into the computer!” Again I made sufficient noise to indicate that I really was going into the study, and then audibly closed the door behind me.

Peering through the key-hole however, I watched as Tricia ran upstairs, carrying her dowdy clothing in her arms, silently laughing at my ploy and reading my mind as to how to continue the tease.

A minute or so later she re-appeared, knocking on the study door for me to open it, whereupon I saw that she had now changed into her more usual type of clothing — a fairly short skirt, a button-down top, and her hair once more loose and wavy.

Together we sauntered into the lounge where Michelle, once more dressed in her micro-miniskirt and light sweater was sitting next to Ben on the chaise-longue, looking the picture of innocence. She introduced me to Ben as being an acquaintance whom she had recently met, and whom she had just discovered was attending the same university as she was. He stood up and formally stretched out his hand to shake mine, but at the same time I sensed that he was looking warily towards Tricia in case she was having second thoughts about what had recently occurred.

But Tricia, continuing the pretence, told me that she had just met Ben, too, and that he seemed a very nice boy for our niece to know, and then proposed we had a light salad together and then go out for a drink so as perhaps to get to know him a little better.

Just then I spotted Michelle’s brief g-string lying on the floor where she had previously dropped it, but luckily Ben was sitting with his back towards where it was.

I indicated with my eyes to Tricia who calmly walked back and unseen by Ben picked it up and passed it to me for me to pocket temporarily. It would not have helped our fun had Ben seen my attitude to seeing them lying on the floor. We were still keeping up the pretence that I was completely unaware of all that had gone on.

So, after a very pleasant meal with nothing untoward and no insinuations even to disturb the pretence of absolute innocence, we walked out towards the nearest hostelry for a social drink together.

The pub was not too crowded, and we were able to find a small table in one corner where we sat and chatted, mainly about University and explaining (to continue the pretence) how my sister was married to a Frenchman and so Michelle was half-French and lived in Paris. She was over here for a short time to perfect her English (which was already very good) as she wished to become a teacher of English in France.

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