Midtowne Spa Pt. 02

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This is part two of my foray into the world of men’s gay bathhouses and my search for a cock to suck for the first time.

After watching the live sex show (my favourite part of the bathhouses) on the rooftop deck, I couldn’t hold back and shot a load of cum all over myself. I went down to the showers to clean up for my next floor to explore.

Most of the patrons are a bit older here and every everybody seems to wrap themselves in a towel! What’s the point?! You are at a gay bathhouse. Be proud and show off your cock! I’m walking with my cock on a slight rise. Just enough to flop back and forth as I move. The tip is glistening with pre-cum as I eagerly anticipate what delights await around the next corner.

This floor had a video room that had bench seating lining the edges and a couple of nooks. I sat up on the bench playing with my hard cock at mouth height. Sadly the room was empty and no mouths to be had. The porn playing really didn’t do it for me as I prefer some F in my MM or MMMF. I guess that is the bi in me!

I went down the hall to the next room and it had about 8 gloryhole booths. 4 on each side. These were plywood structures with Pendik Escort a stool in each one. The doors creak as you open them so there is no sneaking into a booth. I’ve fantasized about glory booths for a long time and I was so excited to go into them. My heart was racing as I was so excited and horny.

I went into a middle booth and sat down. I wanted one with holes on both sides. I could hear the sounds of a cock being slurped up beside me. Just the sounds alone got my cock standing at attention. I sat there and stroked myself until I was flowing with pre-cum again. Coating the tip and then tasting myself I dropped down to my knees I’m the cock sucker pose of the glory booth.

I looked through the hole on the side of the slurp sounds. There was a Latino twink sitting on the stool and leaning over. His mouth was bobbing up and down on a long shaft forced through the hole. He was playing with his own uncut cock moving the foreskin back and forth as his mouth was working over the shaft.

I think my movement caught his eye and he looked at me and winked. Adjusting himself he now moved his mouth to the top of the Tuzla Escort shaft so that I could see the big head slide in and out of the hole as the giver was fucking the air. His lips coated the shaft and his tongue flicked out as the fat tip passed by.

His own cock was now getting as hard as mine and his pre-flow was starting to drip. I wanted to crawl under the divider and lap up his cream before it hit the floor! He then got down on his knees and covered the cock in his mouth while he was being mouth fucked relentlessly! I could hear the boards as the cock was being driven in and out abusing the mouth pussy. Gagging and choking could be heard but there was never a surrender to the assault.

My cock was straining now at this live sex scene in front of me. I could watch, smell and see the animalistic nature of the raw sex unfolding before me.

As my knees were starting to ache I sat up and that is when to the other side of the booth the second glory hole, which I forgot about, all of a sudden got darker as a massively fat cock started filling the circle with a slap of manmeat that was pumping with blood and heat! Anadolu Yakası Escort To my surprise there was a flash of overhead light catching off of the silver from the big Prince Albert piercing on the tip of the cock!!

I’ve never seen one in person before and was hypnotized! As I reached over my hand could barely encircle the cock. I now knew why the holes were so big! It was for beasts like this! The shaft throbbed in my hand as quarts of blood flowed from one end to the next pulsating with his rapidly increasing heart rate. The grunts of the bear on the other side of the wall matches my hand movement. I had to spit on the cock to add some lube to help glide my palm and fingers over the pulsing girth of this prize. I stroked this monster for a bit but was kind of freaked out at the size of it and the PA!

This was too much for my first cock to suck and I grabbed my towel from the stool while I fumbled with the sliding latch. As I stumbled out I could hear the satisfied groans of ecstasy coming from the original couple I spied on. The throat could be heard gagging but maintaining suction as every last drop was deposited into the belly of the Latin lover.

I hurried past the video room now housing a few guys stroking cocks while making out. I had to keep going as if the monster cock and Prince Albert were going to follow me seeking revenge for not completing the task at hand!

Cumming up… I finally take my first cock in my mouth!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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