Milk Duds Ch. 05

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The noisy commotion coming from the house next door all but forced Tony to look to see what the hell was happening. From his back patio he could hear the yelling of a man, the screaming of a young woman and above all the crying of what he knew was a newborn baby. A crashing sound reached his ears and he suddenly feared the worst for the young woman. He leaped over the fence separating the two back yards and rushed to the back door. Inside he saw the man throwing dishes, pot and pans and in general making a shambles of the kitchen/dining room area. Jody, his girlfriend, clasped her hands to her face all the time screaming as if she was being physically harmed, but it was just her emotions causing her to react as she was. Finally Tony saw enough and barged boldly into their house.

“Hey, you, stop right fucking now,” he shouted loud enough to be heard at the end of the block.

“Who the hell do you think you are coming into my house giving orders asshole,” the young man countered.

“I’m the guy that’s going to kick your ass from here to next year if you don’t stop,” Tony said, his voice dropping to a much lower tone yet possessing all the menace of his feelings. It was quickly obvious the young man hadn’t heard or known that when Tony spoke so softly in his anger the worst was likely to happen.

“Yo, you bastard, get the fuck out of my house before I beat you to a bloody pulp,” the young man threatened moving closer.

It was his biggest mistake of the day. As he lifted his arm to strike, Tony’s hand flicked out so unexpectedly the man was caught totally by surprise. His first indication of impending doom was the excruciating pain felt in his groin. Tony had slipped his hand to his gentiles and gripped them far in excess of firmly. In other words Tony had him by the balls was beginning to squeeze hard. Next came the bone crunching blow to his face that instantly broke his nose. Blood sprayed everywhere as the young man howled his pain.

Before Tony was finished the young man was curled into a small ball, more like the fetal position, writhing around severe in severe pain. Another couple of kicks of his boots and Tony was satisfied he presented no more problem.

“Now, asshole, had enough or do I need to impress my disgust further?” his voice belied his real feelings.

“No man. I’m done you fucker. You want the slut, then you take her. I’m outa here just as soon as I get my things,” he muttered weakly.

“You ain’t taking anything from this house right now you fucking cocksucker. Get your sorry fucking ass up and out before I really loose my temper.” Tony gave him one final kick to his backside to emphasize his words.

That had all taken place five months earlier. Tony had spoken to Jody often and they soon became friends. Two days after kicking her boyfriend out he had called. Tony had come over at her invitation when the phone rang. She answered and put him on the speakerphone.

“Hey, you fucking whore bitch. I’m coming back for my stuff and giving you something to remember me by,” his voice threatened.

“I already have your child you worthless piece of shit,” she retorted. “What more could you give me?”

“How about I come over and really hurt you. You know, slap you around for a bit, then fuck your cunt before slicing up your pretty face so no other guys will look at you.”

“I got news for you dick breath. You ever come close to Jody again and I’ll make sure the coroners office has a real problem trying to figure out who or what you were,” Tony spoke again in his soft voice of anger. “Some of you will be found in L.A., some in Washington D.C., and still more in Atlanta. I’m not sure where I would send the rest, but I’m equally sure you get my meaning, capich?” The line went dead.

“God, Tony, you were awesome. Right now I’m so scared I don’t know weather to pee or shit my pants. Are you sure he won’t come around when you’re not looking? He can be real mean when he’s mad especially after drinking.” Jody sat heavily in her chair her fear obvious in her face.

“I’m fairly certain he’ll leave you alone, but just to make sure I’ll make a few calls. I do have friends in all the right places. Hey, being from Sicily isn’t all that bad you know,” he smiled at her.

“Oh shit, you’re Italian. Sicilian from the old country? You don’t have any kind of accent or anything,” Jody gasped. “Are you part of the Mob?” Her voice became very quiet with those words.

“Naw, that’s all in the movies. Sure, there’s a Mob, but I ain’t part of it, just know a few people. Look, I tella you what, ifa that scum of the earth bothers you again you leta me know and I’ll have a little talk witha my friends and they’ll makea sure he’sa swimming wit da fishes, Si?” he gave her in his best Godfather voice.

“Yes, yeah, I mean Si,” Jody laughed freely for the first time in almost a year. “Tony, you talk just like thema gangsters inna da movies,” she mimicked.

“Yeah Escort Bayan just donna let it getta round, ya know?” he laughed back.

“I promise. Say, could I get you something besides coffee? I don’t have much since asshole left. He was supporting me and the baby until, well, until you tossed him.”

“I’m just fine like this. Look, I know what I did has caused you some problems and it sure would make me feel much better to make it up to you. How about I take you and the baby shopping. First the grocery store to really stock up the old larder, then some new clothes for both of you. It sure would make this old mans day if you would accept.”

“I don’t know, Tony. I’ve never in my life taken a hand out and don’t see any reason to start now.”

“OK, let’s call it a loan. Look, you never know but you just might have something around here I would really like. Then we could just call it an even trade.”

“I don’t know, Tony. Beside my baby and his stuff I don’t have much of anything., or would you be trying to imply………………….”

“Stop right there young lady. I don’t mean you to think I would even try to take advantage of you. No, if there’s nothing I can use maybe you would like to work for me. I’m all alone in that big house and it’s a mess. You could say I’m not a very good housekeeper. Fact is, I don’t remember the last time I even washed the dishes let alone washed clothes. Tell you what. You and the baby come live in my house since I know you have to be out of here end of the week. You become my housekeeper and I’ll support you and your baby plus pay you, say, five hundred a month. Now, you got a better offer?” Tony didn’t bother telling her it was his house she was renting since everything went through a broker.

“What? You’ve got to be kidding,” Jody exclaimed just as the darkness filled her face. “Yeah, OK, I become your housekeeper, live in maid and you’ll just take what you want of me, right?”

“Whoa, now you just hold it right there young lady. I’m pushing fifty and you can’t be much more than, what, twenty-three? I’m easily old enough to be your father and believe me I wish I was. No, you would have nothing to fear from me. Hey, I’m sitting in your kitchen now and have I made any moves towards you?”

“No you haven’t Tony. Look, I’m sorry for what I said, it’s just nobody has ever offered me anything without a price tag. I guess I’m just real gun shy. Yes, if that’s what you want I willingly accept your offer.”

“Good. What’s done and done. I’ll have some of my friends, the non-Mafia types, here first thing in the morning and by afternoon you and the baby will be completely moved into my house. Now you both come with me and let’s get you settled.” They both chuckled at his joke, but Jody still wasn’t all that sure.

“Oh, Tony,” Jody exclaimed her eyes looking all about his large house. “What makes you think you’re such a slob? I don’t see anything out of place and the kitchen is spotless. Hey, were you putting me on or what?”

“Agh, caught in my own trap,” he said squirming around. “Alright I fibbed just a tiny little bit, well maybe just a bit more. Look, Jody, I’m getting old and don’t have much to do with my time. I retired nearly ten years ago because of some very good fortune in the stock market. I have no need to work with more money than I could ever hope to spend in five lifetimes, so why not share with someone I like and has always been nice to me. Of all the people I know you have been by far the nicest and for that I feel I owe you a great debt. Don’t forget us Sicilian’s never forget a debt no matter how large or small.”

“Oh Tony,” she gasped flinging her arms around his neck as she pressed her body to his. Jody’s large breasts were jammed to his lower chest as she lifted her face planting kiss after kiss all over his craggy face. “I know I’ma gonna just a love it here living with you a keeping upa your house and a cooking for you. You a gonna be a so proud ofa your house and I’ll feeda you so a good.”

At first Tony was surprised with her reaction both verbal and physical. While he had long admired her looks from a distance, this was the first time he had felt her so close. He knew she was still nursing her baby and feeling her large firm breasts pressed to tightly to his body began causing his some discomfort, mainly beneath his beltline. About the time he began to feel just a hint of dampness forming on his shirt Jody broke off the embrace and moved a couple of feet away. His eyes took in the glowing of her face but couldn’t help but move lower and see the marked wetness of her blouse. His hands, still on her back, told him she was wearing a bra so he knew it was her milk seeping through all the cloth between them causing the wetness.

“I have to tend to my baby,” Jody suddenly gasped as she realized what had taken place. Her eyes and head dropped as her body turned and her legs quickly drove her from the Bayan Escort room. Tony wasn’t at all puzzled knowing she was embarrassed yet still having to feed her young. He felt it best to leave her alone for the time being.

The morning dawned bright and sunny with all the promise of a marvelous day. Tony crawled from his bed, turned on the shower and face the toilet to piss while the water warmed up enough. Finished with his most urgent morning need he stepped into the shower loving the hard spray of the water on his body. Thoughts of the night before crept into his mind as he washed himself. Before long he found himself becoming aroused with the remembrance of how Jody’s body felt pressed so firmly to his. It wasn’t long before his organ grew thick and long as his hand filled with soap began stroking it. A few minutes later he sighed deeply as his orgasm overtook him, his creamy white sperm jetting forth and splashing onto and running down the wall of the shower. Sated, he turned off the water, stepped onto the thick mat outside and toweled himself dry. Back in his bedroom searching for a clean pair of cutoffs he smelled the odor of bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. He knew Jody was up and fixing breakfast. His stomach growled demanding food as he hurried to get dressed. Besides his cutoffs that were really to small, he wore a flower patterned shirt and left all but the two bottom buttons fixed allowing his hairy broad chest to be mostly exposed. Slipping on his saddles Tony made his way to the kitchen and smell of food.

“Morning Tony,” Jody offered her cheerful greeting. “Hope you slept well. I heard your shower and thought you might like to eat.”

“Well, I’ve got to say you’re off to a good running start,” Tony said sitting down and admiring her looks from behind. Well, he thought, I’m getting old but I sure as hell ain’t dead just yet. His eyes feasted on her long slender sexy legs left uncovered by the short baby doll nightgown she wore. Her matching panties were easy to see as the hem of her top only covered half of them. Lifting his eyes he saw the all transparency of her top and the obvious fact she was naked beneath it. “Slept like a baby. Speak of which, where is the little tyke?” He could have saved himself the breath as there came the sound of a baby crying.

“Oh, damn,” Jody exclaimed. “I was so hoping he would sleep longer at least until I had finished your breakfast. Tony, would you mind watching to make sure nothing gets burned? I’ll be right back, promise.”

“Don’t you ever put me before that baby,” he scolded. “He is always to come first, before me and before yourself. Now go take care of him and I’ll take care of breakfast. Hell, been doin’ it so long for my self I ain’t forgot yet.” He saw her turn and nearly gasped at her profile.

While he had always known she possessed large firm breasts, this was the first time he had seen them so very nearly naked. The front of her nightgown swelled well out from the rest of her body and he could easily see the hard nubs poking even further. As Jody began moving Tony couldn’t help but see the firm bounce of her breast with each step she took until she was gone. ‘Down boy,’ he thought to himself. ‘She’s way to young for the like of you, now you just relax and go back to sleep. A few more days and I’ll find you some nice wet pussy for you to rest yourself inside.’

“I came back just as quick as I could,” Jody breathed as she hurried back into the kitchen. She saw Tony was just finishing up filling both of their plates with scrambled eggs, bacon and mounds of hash browns. “Ah, Tony, I really wanted so much to fix your first breakfast as you new housekeeper and now look at you doing my job.”

“Like I said, your baby comes first. Now you sit down and let’s eat.”

“Uh, well, uh, I have something I have to do first,” Jody spoke hesitantly.

“Oh? Well, what could be more important than eating?” he asked. It should be mentioned Tony had never been married and as such knew little about children especially babies.

“The baby is hungry and I need to feed him. I hope you don’t mind if I feed him and myself at the same time.”

“Well, hell, girl. Jam the bottle in his mouth and eat. Why would I mind?”

“I breast feed him,” Jody said blushing a dark red.

“OH!!!” Tony was aghast and not knowing what to say. “Uh, yeah, well I’ve heard of such things. OK, you do what you have to do and I’ll just keep to myself, sides I’m hungry.”

He dug into his plateful of food keeping his eyes glued to his plate. Several minutes passed and Tony jammed the food into his mouth like it was his last meal. He never heard the moving of Jody’s nightgown top allowing her baby easy access to her milk filled breasts, but he soon heard the unmistakable sounds of suckling. Half way to his mouth the fork he held stopped, then clattered to the plate as his eyes shifted up enough to see. Less than Escort four feet from him where Jody sat cuddling her baby he saw for the first time her exposed left breast half covered with the face and mouth of her baby. It was, for him, an awesome sight seeing the large fullness of her chest globe. If only, he thought, he could see the entire breast fully and so very nakedly exposed.

Jody felt uncomfortable, not with Tony sitting so close while she nursed, but because her butt hurt. She shifted her position and much to Tony’s surprise and delight her right breast popped from her all but shear nightgown. He couldn’t believe his eyes as they feasted upon her naked breast only several inches from him. His loins tightened as he felt his erection rapidly growing. Unable to move without her seeing he remained seated and forced his eyes back to his plate. From the corner of his eye he watched as Jody moved her baby from the now empty left breast to the still full right. He was delighted when she made no attempt to cover the left leaving it fully exposed. Tony almost gasped as the last few drops of her milk oozed from her still swollen nipple only to fall to her nightgown. Oh, he thought, what a waist.

Finally the baby had drunk his fill and easily went back to sleep. Jody rose with ease so as not to disturb him and left to put him back in his crib. Shortly she returned and tackled the food on her plate with a vengeance. Little had changed since she left and came back save her breasts were now covered, but not by much. She finished eating, pushed her plate aside and sighed with contentment.

“Did you like watching us?” she suddenly asked.

“Huh? Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Tony stammered.

“Seeing me breast feed my baby, did you like watching? I know you saw us and, to tell you the truth, it kind of excited me know you were watching.”

“Well, there wasn’t much for me to see,” he tried to explain hoping she wouldn’t be angry.

“OK, if that’s how you want it, but did you like what little you claim to have seen? I know you saw one naked breast before I shifted the baby. I purposely didn’t try to cover the other.”

“OK, you want it straight, I’ll give it to you straight. Yeah, I like seeing you nurse your baby and loved seeing your naked breast even if it was one at a time. There, now are you happy?”

“No,” Jody calmly said as she stood in front of him. “I need a man to have and love me. I want a man to take my body for what we both want. My baby has just nursed from my breasts but they haven’t been satisfied yet.” Jody slowly lifted her nightgown until it slipped over her head. She flung it to the side and proudly stood half naked, her still swollen breasts very close to him. “My late boyfriend detested the size and fullness my breasts and refused to touch them or have sex with me. Right now, Tony, I have one partly empty and the other still all but full. I need that one suckled to reduce the pain and pressure inside. But it’s not just that. I have another need and that’s to be taken to bed and have a real man make love to me. Are you that man?”

“I…………., I…………., I would love to be that man,” Tony gasped as he watched Jody remove the panties of her nightgown. “I……….., I………… can’t,” he stammered. “I might get you pregnant. I don’t have any condoms.”

“I don’t care Tony. You’ve been so much more than a friend for so long. All I want is to have you have me. I want to feel your lips around my nipples sucking what milk I have left. I want to feel your hardness in my hand as I stroke you closer to orgasm. I want to feel the weight of your body on mine as we couple and I feel your turgid hot hard cock plunging as deep as I can take inside me. Please, Tony, will you have me?”

Tony stood and quickly shed his clothing. He almost laughed when Jody gasped at her first sight of his manhood, all nine thick inches as it sprung from him pants and slapped audibly against his belly. Into his arms he scooped up her slender light body and carefully walked down the hall to his bed. Laying her on his bed he stood and gazed at her lust filled naked body. He marveled at how her breasts, the size he couldn’t even attempt to guess save to say they easily stood well above her chest without the slightest hint of sage, and her slim waist drawing to her widely sexy flared hips. Between her legs her sex was devoid of hair as she obviously shaved regularly. The lips glistened with moisture from her arousal and he knew it would be easy for him to enter her body.

“I’m ready Tony. I’m ready for you and your cock now,” Jody panted spreading her legs opening the lips of her pussy to him. “Please take me now. Give me your thick hard cock and let it fill my wet pussy.”

Tony’s breathing grew hard as he knelt between Jody’s spread legs. Drops of pre-cum dripped from his swollen cockhead landing on her protruding clit. As his hips closed his cock slipped with ease into her folds. He lowered his body feeling his cock slipping more and more deeply inside her hot wet tunnel. His lips sought and found her left nipple grasping it firmly as he began to suckle. Her hot mothers milk almost instantly began to flow as he pulled harder.

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