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Big Tits

You want me. Your lust for me permeates the air between us. I know you’re watching me. Your tongue darts between your lips, wetting them. I see you fidget in your seat, you’re hot. The anticipation of my movements dance in your eyes. I know you want to look away but you can’t. Something draws you to me.

The soft sheen of my hair glints in the flickering light. You’re losing focus. Don’t. Do not become entranced by the subtleties. I use my body to entice you and you know it, you want it but, my love, you forget that while my soft curves mold with your hard muscles and my flesh gives way to yours it is not your body that I will own. It is your mind. Do you see now?

Stand up, come to me. Sshhh, don’t speak. Yes, I see you are eager to taste me. Even my light touch on your lips excites you. Mmmm do you know how I long to kiss you? I know you can hear my heart racing. Feel it. Such a simple gesture, your hand on resting on my breast.

Do I frighten you? I didn’t think so. Mmm yes, your hands are warm, my breasts fit perfectly in them, squeeze harder, like that. Mmmm very good. Your breath is so fast, but mine is too. I like the way you tease my nipples, the pads of your thumbs nearly covering them.

You keep glancing at my lips; taunting me on purpose. I need you to kiss me. I can’t believe how my body responds to you. Your breath is sweet, hot, so close to my mouth. I want to taste you. Mmm, soft, yes, too soft. I’m hungry. I want more. Don’t be afraid. Taste me. I hate begging you. Why do you make me? Do you like hearing it, the pleading in my voice? I won’t do it.

Don’t look at me like that. You still taste me on your lips, the imprint of my breasts burning in your hands. Now who begs?

You can’t even look at me with my dress on. I know your desire, your heat. Tell me what you want; I want to hear you say it. I wish you would tear the damn dress off! Why does it have to be so slow? Your feathery touches keep sending jolts through me.

That’s better. Mmm it feels good. You know, when you look at me like that it feels almost as if you’re caressing me. I like what I see in your eyes. Your pleasure is apparent. I love that wicked smile. It excites me.

I hate that my body betrays me. I hate it even more that you know my secrets. Look in my eyes. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t think of the others, I am yours tonight. Yes, they have touched me, they too have loved me but it is you I crave.

Again you have me begging but this time I will allow it. Do you want me? Don’t look away. Tell me. You cannot hide from me, your desire is obvious. Yes, lie down, let me undress you. Our skin beckons to one another you Sinop Escort know. I’ve missed your touch. Mmm your lips too, yesss. My breasts almost reach out to them. My nipples are so hard, on fire by the touch of your tongue. You know how it feels to have my head filled with nothing but the sweet sounds of your kisses and the feel of our bodies melting together? I can never lie to you; never hide my passion for you.

What is it that I see in your eyes? Wanting…mmm yes I see now. I can’t get enough of you. The taste of you on my lips, you taste of lust, the salty sweet mix of sex. My wanting drives you. It drives your mouth on a winding course over my body. You blaze this trail and I cannot follow. I am left at your mercy to only experience your exploration.

Can’t you feel the wet heat radiating from me? Do you know what that is? What it means? You watched me all night. You let me seduce you, now you torture my flesh with your expert kisses. Mmm, lower, yes, oh god, so perfect. I don’t want to give in so easily. No, no, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop. Yes I’m begging, whatever you wish just don’t stop. It feels like a hot knife slicing through butter.

You are my knife, cutting through me, exposing my weakness to your sex. It’s what you want isn’t it? To make me a slut? Your slut? You like it when I say that. I will be that for you, your whore as long as you keep fucking me like that, I’ll be anything for you.

Yes you always know. You’re perfect. I love the sounds you make when you taste me there. Mmm yes I know you love to hear my moans too. I can’t stop; it’s starting again, the craving, the restless need. I need to taste you. Now. Please. Yesss, your mouth, your tongue, you love it when I tease it. It tastes of me, of us.

I feel you. You’re drawn to the damp warmth, like a bee to honey. You want it? Take it. Come to me. My control is slipping. You know this; it’s why you’re tormenting me. Can’t you feel my desperation? I need you inside me. You are my drug and I am yours. I know that you need me too. Yes, yes that’s it, more…mmm god yes.

Yes, my love, I hear you. Your heated whispers leave warm imprints on my neck. You are no illusion, your kisses are real, your body is real and the thick muscle coursing inside and out is real.

Though your words are sweet, your touch is not. You are an impatient lover, taking command of our bodies often leaving behind faint traces to attest to your sexual prowess. It is your mixed emotions that forces you to conquer me so. Sssh, yes I know but I am yours, do not forget that. Feel me, feel the soft heat that caresses you so tightly, easing in and out of my Sinop Escort Bayan private depths. It is you that I open myself to. It is your name torn from my lips in my final moments of ecstasy.

These thoughts only drive you harder into me. I’m caught. My body seeks release yet my soul is starving. I can’t control this, you know me. I need it. I hunger for you. You know how to sate my appetite but you love watching me this way. Your control is as weak as mine. Give it to me.

Mmm finally, yes, god you taste good. You like this. Watching your slut, swallow you. That sexy smile tells me all. This is better than those sad porn movies you watch. Those plastic women will never replace me. My lush body in your hands, molded and plied to fit you, doesn’t come close to their stretched skin and fake nails. It’s my breasts you long to roll your tongue around, my supple skin you trace with your fingers. The wet slit between my legs whispers only to you.

Look at me, my mouth filled with your swollen flesh. This is your favorite part, my tongue darting in and out, up and around. Its movements mesmerize you, dancing, slowly seducing you all over again. You’re coated in my honey and it mixes with the liquid dripping from your tip. I love the way we taste together. Mmm don’t tease me. You can’t resist these lips. Why try? Yessss mmm more, slide it over my tongue, god you taste good. Yes, I am your slut, make me swallow it. Do you want to cum in my mouth? Then tell me.

Like this? You have a nice view of my ass. I hate it when I can’t watch you, my face buried in the pillows. Mmm I love the warm feeling of you hands rubbing me. You always did have an appreciation for a nice round ass. Yesss, that does feel wonderful……oh! Not again….ah! Now that you’ve left your handprints on me, I think I need some TLC.

Mmm yes your kisses make it feel much better. Oh and those kisses make it even better. You always crave the taste of me. I’m not complaining, but I you know I need more. I need you. I don’t need to tell you that. The thirst that needs to be quenched. Please don’t make me beg.

I know you want to hear it. I want you inside me, no not your tongue. You, your cock, that big piece of meat I just sucked off. I want you to bury it inside my pussy and fuck me. Yes, yes, yes, oh god. Don’t tell me you didn’t want this. You thought about it all night. You would have had me spread eagle on the floor an hour ago if I had let you.

It’s always the same. The waiting, wanting, the flirting, the seduction and the teasing. Ultimately ending with the pleading. I want you as you want me, raw, needy, and uninhibited. I crave Escort Sinop your force but I maintain my control. Even as I feel your muscles flexing in and around me I am manipulating you to my end. You live for it. You seek me out for these nights. These nights that I tell you what I want, when I let you exploit my sensual secrets.

Keep going, don’t slow down. I know you can hear my breathing coming quicker, my moans louder and more frantic. Yes, I know, my love, I hear it too. You’re getting close. Harder, now, please, give it to me, pound my ass. Oh god that’s it. Say it. I know you want to. I am your slut. Tell me; call you me your whore. Now say it while you cum. Shoot your hot load all over my ass and call me your fucking slut!

Not finished with me yet? Mmm I won’t protest. I don’t have to tell you what I want. Two is not enough, mmm yesss three is better but I want four. Push them inside, ooohhhh yes. Your mouth is still hungry for mine as it always is but I want more. I’ll take your tongue, yes, let me taste it again, suck it. Mmm your fingers feel so good. Yessss.

The wanting is there again. I need you, now. Please. No not, hard, slow, steady, yes, that’s it. Feel it? It’s starting, you’ve taken it, you hold it in your hand. Make me cum. Now! Oh god, yes yes yes. I want to scream. I can’t, your mouth is so hot. Yesssssss. Feel it? Sliding through you fingers. For you, all for you my love. Do you know what you do to me? Slowly now, I’m still pulsing around your fingers. My whole body quivers at your touch. A flick of your tongue and I’ll cum all over again.

Is that what you wanted? My body, my senses at your mercy? Lie down. I can’t believe you’re hard again so soon. Do you want me? Are you hungry for me again? Answer me. Tell me what you need. Show me, mmm do you feel my beckoning heat? Your fingers are so tight on my waist. Relax; I’m not going anywhere.

Again I feel complete with you inside me. I’m swollen, my tender opening still throbbing from before. Do you like what you feel? Tell me please, I want to hear it from your mouth. Mmm yes, I like the way you say that. Ohhh yes, take them in your mouth. Yesss, bite harder. Oh god, yes. Again, yes it’s happening again. No don’t hold me so tight; I need to move, to ride, faster. Oh god this is agonizing. I want to cum. You want it too. I can feel it, harder now, pulsating against my own contracting muscles. Let it go, fill me with it. I know, it’s hot baby. My name, yes, say it, let me hear you. Tell me how it feels. Oh god yes! I know how it feels. Paralyzing bliss, weak hunger, never ending shockwaves of pleasure. I can go on forever like this and you would love watching me writhe in delightful torment.

The beating of you still inside me reverberates through my body. I must go now. What happens now? Til the next time you need me? Of course there will be others but there will always be a next time and there will always be you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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