Modified Adverts Ch. 01

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This story is based on another story about a guy doing mind control in school and at home, which I enjoyed reading.


I had been obsessed with computer programming for many years. My thirst for knowledge had led me down countless rabbit holes in the dark web.

Over the years, I had slowly accumulated sufficient knowhow to secretly modify people’s minds without them noticing. The process is long and tedious, but the end results are well worth the effort.

I’m 18 years old, in my freshman year in college. After carefully reviewing all available colleges, I had picked one which was suitable for my experiment. It had its own private campus. It was far enough from town to avoid publicity.

It also happened to be the same college which my sister, a year older than me, attended.

I had intended to modify all women lecturers, staffs and female students in college, to let them have a more open-minded attitude towards sexuality. Eventually, all women would proudly flaunt their sexuality, enjoy the lustful stares of the men in college, and be open to the idea of incorporating sex into education.

I would reap the most benefits out of this experiment, but the men in college will no doubt enjoy the fruits of my labour as well.

I had already targeted a few subjects whom I wanted to modify.

First up was my psychology lecturer, Ms Arton. Ms Arton’s facial features made her one of the most attractive lecturers in college. She also had a curvy figure which made her both beautiful and sexy.

With a simple hack, I was able to access Arton’s tech gadgets and get to know her habits. She recently obtained her teaching degree, this was her first job. So she was still very dedicated in learning how to be a good lecturer. She frequently browsed media which gave advice on how to teach effectively, encourage students to pay attention, not get bored easily.

The media she consumed could roughly be split into two categories, one which focused on teaching materials, and the other which focused on presentation and visual impression.

I had slowly altered the media promoting teaching materials. At suitable locations, I inserted a few sentences about Sexual Education.

One of the articles I wrote was:

“College Hailed Success of New Teaching Technique.

A college principal announced the improvement of students’ grades overall, thanks to a new method of teaching called Sexual Education. This technique is the result of years of research and survey, which identified the root cause of many problems in society, and proposed a holistic solution. The nature of the solution itself, although very effective, is still considered taboo in most societies. The principal promised to provide more info in future. She was optimistic of the current development. The name of the college had been intentionally removed due to sensitivity of the issue.”

Since this was just the beginning of the modification process, I tried not to be too obvious. I merely touched on the topic of it. I mentioned there were some colleges which incorporated sexual education into their syllabuses. It was too early to decide its effectiveness, but results were promising.

Slowly, I would begin to expand on the topic itself, letting Ms Arton know Sexual Education is very different from the sex education which we knew. It’s so much more. Sexual Education encompassed the entire broad topic of education. It introduced the idea of embracing sexual situations into teaching materials.

The reason behind the need for Sexual-Ed was largely due to society. Our modern-day society had instilled a lot of peer pressure to younger generations. This created a lot of social problems. Bullying, discrimination, self-doubt, isolation. One significant effect was the loss of interest in education, because the younger generation felt college degrees did not guarantee a stress-free life. Instead, it gave them more stress. More loans to pay, with low salaries.

Sexual-Ed would solve all problems, but it required bold decisions by a few bold persons willing to lead the way.

For media focusing on presentation in Ms Arton’s magazines, I digitally altered the pictures and videos shown. The media taught Ms Arton the importance of fashion. Selecting the appropriate attire would encourage students to pay more attention.

I had begun secretly altering the images to show more skirts and heels. I also edited the articles to demonstrate the effects of women presenting themselves in skirts and dresses, with high heels.

One of the ads showed a college professor teaching on the podium. She wore a blouse with a plunging neckline, revealing her deep cleavage. Her skirt was above her mid-thigh, her sexy long legs bare. She wore 4-inch-high heels.

The students were sitting at the front few rows, watching the lecturer intently. The back of the lecture hall was empty, since all the students cramped themselves at Girne Escort the front, hinting they were dedicated to listen to the lecturer.

A very subtle detail was their eyes. Half of them were focused on the lecturer’s cleavage. The other half focused on her legs and ass. It was subtle enough not to be noticed, but it was effective in slowly implanting the idea that it’s normal for students to stare at women’s body parts.

At the bottom of the ad was a few marketing words:

“Appear professional. And your students will treat you like a professional.”

Ms Arton wore pants to teach everyday. But recently, she has begun to appear in knee-length skirts. She was still wearing flats, but it was a promising start.

Next person was my college principal, Mrs Anderson. At her mid-40s, Ms Anderson was undoubtedly the hottest woman in college. She had curves which made women jealous. But she tried her best to hide them under baggy suits and loose pants.

Mrs Anderson frequently read magazines about leadership and successful career women.

The copies she received had been edited by me. I inserted short articles which explored the close relation between success and embracing their own feminine side. Women can be successful not because they hide their physical attributes, but instead they flaunt it. I even threw in a few “real” examples.

The photos of women were also edited. I replaced women wearing pants with skirts and heels.

One of the photos was a successful career lady in her office. She wore a blouse with a few buttons undone, revealing her cleavage. Short skirt with hemline above mid-thighs, and high heels.

There was a short interview with her. A snippet of the interview read:

“Being a successful career lady required more than just brains. In the past, all we had to do was make good decisions. Nowadays, we require more than that. We must dress the part. Our fashion defines who we are. Our attire is the first thing everyone notices. I feel there is nothing wrong in dressing up to highlight our identity as a proud female.”

“The female form is something which should be celebrated, not concealed. It shows our ability to not only be successful on the inside, but on the outside as well. Changing my fashion style had definitely helped my career. Ever since I began wearing my current fashion style to office, office morale improved drastically. My staff, most of them men, were more hardworking. They were more willing to approach me for discussion, no longer afraid of me simply because I was their boss.”

As I’ve noticed, Mrs Anderson had also begun wearing skirts to college.

Next candidate was Ms Watson. Ms Watson was recently hired as the new admin assistant, reporting to the principal and vice principal.

Ms Watson was in her early twenties. Young and full of admiration for both her female bosses. She wanted to be like them one day. She subscribed to the same magazines which Mrs Anderson reads. So she ended up receiving my edited copies as well.

She had also begun to wear skirts and heels to work. Recently, the length of her skirts had begun to shorten. They ended almost at her mid-thighs. When she sat and crossed her legs, the hemline rose higher, revealing even more of her thighs.

Up next was Ms Becks, vice principal. With Mrs Anderson being the hottest woman on campus, Ms Becks followed close behind as the second hottest. She did not have Mrs Anderson’s bust. Mrs Anderson had a proud E-cup (by my estimates). Ms Becks had a smaller but equally impressive Double D-cup.

But what she couldn’t compete at the bust department, she made up for it with her legs.

My god, her legs.

Ms Becks had the longest and sexiest pair of legs in campus. I had caught many instances when male students would hide around corners just to see Ms Becks strut down the hallway. She always wore pants, but they failed to conceal the seductive shape of her long legs.

To top it off, Ms Becks had a curvy ass to compliment her legs. When she walked, her ass swayed naturally from left to right, it was a hypnotic sight for many of the male students.

Recently, Ms Becks had started wearing skirts which ended at her knees, revealing her smooth calves in high heels. That image alone was more than enough to attract even more male students to sneak a peek at her legs when she walked past.

At the same time, I also intended to modify my mother and sister. I would influence their opinion on family values, slowly convincing them to wear revealing clothes at home, and to be more open about sexuality in my presence.

If I’m successful, my mom and sister would be wearing revealing sheer lingerie and high heels in the house. She would also teach my sister how to satisfy my sexual desires every night. My mom would join in as well.

Realizing my success, I became more ambitious. I wanted to mind control the entire college staff. To do that, I had to gain access into the college network, both digitally Magosa Escort and physically. One way to do it was my “research”.

As one of the editors for the weekly college magazine, I approached Ms Arton. I explained my intention to publish a report about the influence of fashion on sexism. Modern society dictated the freedom of fashion on everyone, but within legal limits. But the often glossed over effect was the impression of others, depending on what was worn.

I gave the very crude, but effective example of a woman wearing pants, as opposed to wearing skirts. The woman gave a presentation on stage. On the day she wore pants, she received more criticism, and obtained a lower score. On the day she wore skirt and presented the exact same topic, there was significantly less criticism, and she scored higher marks. I intended to research the correlation, and offer solutions.

My report would be published in multiple parts when completed, but because the topic of my research required extensive data over long periods of time, I needed the help from college staffs, preferably access to staff themselves. The more people I could talk to, the more accurate my report would be.

I also explained the benefits of my research. The college staff and lecturers could use it as a guideline to make changes (if necessary) to existing regulations. Ultimately, it would benefit everyone, because the changes would bring positive effects to the students as well, improving their grades, subsequently improving the college’s reputation.

Ms Arton was impressed. Offering to help, she introduced me to Ms Watson and Mrs Anderson. She even backed me up on my research during the briefing.

Mrs Anderson agreed, but on condition I must report my progress to her directly. She had decided to take a personal interest in my research.

That was good news for me, because that meant I have direct access into the private office of my sexy college principal. This would benefit me greatly in future. It also gave me the chance to track the progress of her mind-control effects.

One idea I had about modifying the college staff was through the magazines. As I noticed, all the college staff read magazines which were subscribed and provided free by the college. Lucky me.

To modify all the magazines read by the college staff, I purchased the printing equipment needed (I made a lot of money through the dark web). I let the college continue their subscription, but I intercepted the original magazines and discarded them. Before this, I had successfully hacked into the network of the magazines’ printing companies, so I knew the finalized layout before print. I modified some parts to my preference, printed the edited copies, and mailed them so they would arrive at the same day as the original magazines.

Now, all the teachers would be reading my modified magazines. Slowly, I would modify even more parts of the magazines, inserting my own sexual articles, making the images more revealing. Eventually, the modified magazines would bear no resemblance to their original counterpart except by name. Their content would be no different from a high-end adult erotic magazine.

For all the subsequent mind controls I was about to make, I made it a point to emphasize the recent trend of flaunting feminine bodies were still very taboo in normal society. While it would take a long time before society would be ready to accept the highly controversial movement, lecturers could start by implementing it within college boundaries.

To prevent causing a national scandal, lecturers were advised NOT to discuss Sexual-Ed related topics outside of college grounds, NOT even to their own spouse or lovers. They could only discuss the topics with college staff and students WITHIN campus grounds only. Even if lecturers decided to explore the fashion of flaunting their own feminine curves, they should only wear them inside campus grounds. They were advised to change back to society-acceptable clothes outside campus.

A few “surveys” in the magazines had indicated colleges which promoted fashion highlighting the feline form showed improvements in students’ grades, both male and female. “Interviews” with students gave positive reactions:

“Flaunting my body gave me the confidence I needed. It helped motivate me to do better.” One female student said.

“The environment felt different. Much more interesting. The visual experience definitely helped. I feel more inclined to come to class, to learn.” One male student said.

“Before this was implemented, it was normal for students to skip classes. After I started wearing short skirts and short dresses, the situation improved dramatically. Nowadays, my classes have 100% attendance. Everyone was interested to listen to my lectures.” One female lecturer said.

Apart from convincing lecturers to wear sexually revealing attire in campus, I intended to convince them to implement yet another exciting program.

Nude Kıbrıs Escort teaching.

Female lecturers would teach their class while wearing nothing except a pair of kinky fuck-me-stilettos.

It sounds impossible, but by the end of my mind modification adverts, all lecturers would view nude-teaching as something very normal.

I long for the day when it happens. But for now, it’s one small step at a time.

I had noticed different women had different rates of success of my mind-control. Some many had begun wearing skirts, but only a few had worn heels. Ms Watson was the first to have her skirt higher than her knees.

While not a huge problem, it meant I had to adopt additional advert changes so all the women would get modified at the same pace.

Last week, during one of my regular update meetings with Mrs Anderson, she happened to complain about the popups in her computer. I offered to help, and she agreed. She had tried many unsuccessful attempts and was running out of ideas.

What she didn’t know was the popups were my doing. I had intentionally injected popups into her computer. There was no effective method to remove them. It got her stressed out to the point where when i offered to help, she agreed without much question.

That was my motive. After installing a few “malware removal” tools, I declared limited success. I told her I reduced the amount of popups, but I couldn’t remove all of them. Mrs Anderson thanked me for solving one of her headaches.

I had left her a good impression of myself. I also had direct access to her computer. I call this a huge win.

With my success, I casually asked if any other lecturers encountered problems with popups. Immediately Mrs Anderson listed the names of college staffs whom I had blasted popups into their computer. I offered to help. Mrs Anderson gave me permission to approach them directly, and tell them she sent me. I now have access to the computers of the lecturers whom I wanted to fuck. And with the popups, I now had yet another method of modifying the lecturers. Everyday, the lecturers were blasted with popup ads featuring women dressed in revealing attire, which were marketed as being the norm.

Next, I wanted to brainwash the female students.

I noticed my sister and her female friends in college frequently gossiped about the latest popular young adult show, Gold Coast College (GCC). The show featured the lives of students in a private college located by the beach. Due to the location, it was normal for the show to feature lots of women dressed in swimsuits and bikinis.

GCC was available via an online streaming service. That made my job easier. I traced the signal back to its source, made myself a copy of upcoming episodes, and made a few edits.

In the beginning, I didn’t do anything too drastic, but merely expand on what was available.

For the ladies who wore tops with cleavages, my software made the cleavage plunge down deeper. For those who wore skirts, their hemlines were raised. For those who wore shorts, the length of the shorts were reduced, revealing more legs. For those who wore heels, the height of their heels were increased.

Next, I had to deliver my modified show to the students. Using the college database, I used software to match the students addresses to the addresses which subscribed to the online streaming service.

With my sister and most of the female students watching the show, I hoped they would soon follow the trend and began wearing more revealing clothes to class.

I also inserted a few modified scenes, where the main female characters talked about the benefits of the college, where dress code rules were more relaxed, so they could wear whatever they wanted in campus, but not in public. The girls adopted the habit of wearing normal boring clothes outside, but once they enter campus, they changed into their fashionable outfits, which were shorter, more revealing.

Some scenes showed the main characters discussing the effects of their revealing outfits in campus. One of the side characters, Taylor, was telling one of the main characters, Summer, about her accidental upskirt incident.

She was walking up the stairs when she suddenly remembered something, so she turned and talked to one of her male classmates. The staircase was a u-shape design. Taylor had walked pass the landing and took a few steps up the higher set of stairs. Her male classmate was at a few steps below the landing. So when she leaned onto the railing to talk to him, she forgot about her attire. The lucky guy got an unobstructed view up her skirt.

“So as I was talking to him, his eyes was wide open, as if he saw something new for the first time! He was dumbstruck he kept stuttering when he talked to me!” Taylor laughed.

“Oh my gawd! That’s so exciting!” Summer exclaimed.

“I know right! I’m not sure how much he saw, but based on his reaction, I’m pretty sure he saw the tiny little thong I was wearing. Ever since that incident, he became more friendly with me. It felt like we could communicate much better. Hmm….. I might have to show my upskirt to a few more guys….” Taylor giggled.

“Taylor! You’re so bad! …… But if it made such a huge impact, maybe I should try it someday as well.” Summer said while sipping her soda.

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