Mommy Talk: A Daughter’s Offer

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Mommy Talk: A Daughter’s Offer

Summary: A daughter steps up to aid her lonely and horny mother.

Note 1: This is a Valentine’s Day 2023 Contest Story, so please vote.

Note 2: The idea for this story came from the wicked Girlsway video clip, ‘Way Better Than Dad’, starring Arianna Marie. The specific idea came from one of the hottest offers I’ve ever encountered in porn: “I could fuck you.”

Note 3: Be warned: this story is filled with MOMMY TALK.

Note 4: All characters are at least 18-years-old.

Note 5: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing this story.

Mommy Talk: A Daughter’s Offer

Ashley was all dressed up for her date with her boyfriend. She was wearing a fun powder blue dress, a new garter-belt and bra (also blue), and mocha-coloured stockings with no panties. Her pussy was recently shaved. She smiled at herself as she looked into the mirror seductively and said, “Mike is so getting fucked tonight!”

She slipped into her blue four-inch heels and indulged in a little twirl.

She still had an hour before she had to leave, but she didn’t want to take the slightest chance of not being ready on time.

She was about to brush her teeth, when she heard soft sobbing coming from her Mom’s bedroom. Knowing she was welcome there, she went in and asked, “Are you okay, Mom?”

Payton, wiped her eyes, saying, “I’m fine, honey.”

“Mom, no one is ever fine when they say they’re fine in that way,” Ashley disagreed compassionately, going around and sitting down on the bed next to her Mom.

“Oh honey, it’s just because of what day it is,” the mother relented, this being the first Valentine’s Day since her divorce.

“You seem particularly stressed out about it,” the daughter observed.

“It’s my first Valentine’s Day alone,” the Mom explained. “And for some stupid reason, I decided to go through the rest of your dad’s things today.”

“Would you like me to help?”

“Aren’t you going out tonight?”

“Not for another hour,” Ashley said. “So what’s in there?”

“Mostly junk,” the Mom said, “But then I found this picture of us in Hawaii.”

“Oh. That’s where you first met each other.”

“Yeah,” Payton smiled softly, remembering the good times, having met him when she was just out of high school, and she was there with her parents on holiday.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Ashley said, “but you deserve lots better than dad ever treated you.”

“That’s sweet of you to say, honey,” Payton said, her daughter having totally sided with her during the divorce. In fact, she’d had to convince her daughter even to talk to her dad, after he’d left her for a younger woman… one only five years older than Ashley.

“I mean it,” Ashley said. “We need to find you a man.”

“I don’t even know how to get back into that world,” the Mom said. She’d been eighteen when she met her husband, nineteen when she got married, twenty when she gave birth to Ashley, and now that she was thirty-nine, she was single and alone. Except for her steadfastly loving daughter Ashley, of course.

“You’re still very hot, Mom,” the daughter said. She was happy to realise that she too would still look this hot when she got older… since she and her mother looked very much alike.

“Thanks, honey,” the mother said. “I needed to hear that.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I don’t know,” the mother said. “It’s just that I’m bored, lonely, and…”

“And what?”

“Nothing. You’re my daughter.”

“I’m eighteen, Mom, almost nineteen. We can talk about adult things, especially if you’re stressing out about them,” the daughter pointed out.

“True,” the mother acknowledged.

“So you’re bored, lonely, and what else?”

“Horny! I’m horny!” the Mom answered, just blurting it out.

“What?” the daughter blurted back. That wasn’t what she’d thought the third item might be, even though she’d had no preconceptions about it.

“Horny,” the Mom repeated, and then she added, “I haven’t been intimate with anyone for over a year.”

“You haven’t gotten laid in an entire year?” Ashley gasped.

“Yeah. We in a dry spell before he left,” the Mom said, then spitefully, “probably because he was already banging that bitch.”

“Then you need to get banged too,” Ashley said bluntly.

“Ashley!” the Mom gasped.

“What? You’d rather we called it getting hammered, screwed, shagged, pounded… or even fucked?” the daughter listed wickedly, taking full liberties with this new (admittedly understated) agreement about their both being adults.

“Jesus, Ashley, you’re not helping my libido,” the Mom laughed, oddly liking this frank, bordering on raunchy discussion. “Or rather you are helping it, instead of helping me to ignore it.”

“Be that as it may, what you need is a fuck buddy,” Ashley said bluntly.

“What?” Denizli Escort the Mom asked, shocked.

“You know, a fuck buddy. Someone you’re not in love with, but you can still call him or her whenever you need some sex,” the daughter explained. She’d had two guys like that before she started dating Mike… and she still had their numbers in case things didn’t work out. (She also had some current girlfriends… more about them later.)

“I thought you were supposed to be a good girl,” the Mom laughed.

“I’m almost nineteen, Mom, I’ve been sleeping around some.”

“Lalalalaa!” the Mom sang out loudly, covering her ears.

“Mom, we’re both adults,” the daughter reminded her.

“I know, I know. It’s just weird to think about my baby girl having sex,” the Mom said.

“Sorry to break your bubble, but tonight I plan on fucking Mike,” she grinned teasingly.

“Then I’m happy one of us is getting some, but please spare me any details.”

“So you haven’t gotten any for more than a year?” the daughter repeated.

“None,” the Mom said, “I’m dryer than the Sahara Dessert.”

“Then you really should get yourself a fuck buddy…” she said, “…or something.”

The Mom shook her head in consternation, “I can’t believe I’m even having a conversation like this with my daughter.”

“Sooooooo…” Ashley said, pausing for a long moment both for effect, but also to check in with herself about whether she really wanted to make this offer, “… since I love you so much, and I’m pretty sure you love me just as much…” another pause, this one only for effect… “I could fuck you.”

“Whaat?” The Mom gasped, shocked by her daughter’s offer. “That’s outrageous!”

“Outrageous why?” Ashley asked back. “It’s a perfect solution to your problem. For starters, you know I won’t go blabbing about you all over town.”

“And since when are you a lesbian?” The Mom asked. She knew she had a boyfriend, so she was struggling to process her daughter’s disconcerting offer.

“I’m not,” she said, “but I’ve been experimenting with girls too, Mom. Which makes me bisexual.”

“You’ve been experimenting with girls?” the mother asked, stopping just short of adding the word “too”. She remembered her teen days, and doing her own exploring with girls… but then stopping cold turkey the day she walked down the aisle… although she’d been fucked by her Maid of Honour, and had eaten all three of her bridesmaids’ pussies the night before.

“Yeah, with a few of them,” Ashley admitted, “including Fran.”

“Fran?” The mother asked. Fran was her daughter’s best friend, and Fran’s mother was her own best friend.

“Yeah,” Ashley grinned, loving the look of shock… and was that also some admiration?… on her Mom’s face. In her eyes, eating pussy didn’t count as cheating, and she was even toying with the idea of letting Mike watch sometime. “Actually,” she added, “Fran and I fool around together quite a lot.”

“My goodness,” the Mom said, processing this additional astonishing information. “Wow!”

“So Mommy dearest, and in my case I mean that endearment sincerely, ya wanna fuck?”

Hearing her daughter making that offer with such obvious sincerity brought instant wetness to Payton’s pussy, and a chill up her spine. Her daughter’s cute voice added to the erotic punch in this conversation. “Ashley, I have no idea what to say.”

“Simply say, ‘Yes please Ashley, I do want you to fuck me,'” the daughter advised, for some reason the idea of committing incest really turning her on. Fran had said how hot Ashley’s Mom was, and how much she’d love to go down on her, but until this conversation, Ashley had never seen her mother as a sexual being… but just as being her mother like she’d always been… as silly as that might seem in retrospect.

“Well,” the mother mused, finding the offer very tempting, “I am bored, and I’m lonely.”

“Don’t forget how horny you are,” the daughter reminded her.

“Yes, I am horny,” the mother agreed, “really, really horny.”

“Then just say the words. Tell me you want me to fuck you, Mommy,” Ashley urged. For reasons she didn’t know, the word ‘Mommy’ upped the ante of how wickedly hot this conversation was becoming.

“Yes, well….” the mother hesitated… hearing the term ‘Mommy’ also making her pussy gush a little.

“And I think it will be really hot,” Ashley said, hoping to switch their focus from ‘if’ to ‘when’. “Just picture it, Mommy! Picture us both naked, and I’m fucking my Mom… my Mommy.”

“Oh, Ashley,” the mother said, unable to avoid that hot visual, and getting all flustered. She couldn’t help glancing at her daughter’s smallish breasts, and picturing what they might look like out in the open.

“I think you’re hot, Mommy, and I really want to fuck you,” Ashley said, “but I can’t do it without your permission,” getting horny herself, from the idea of pleasuring her Mom. She loved eating pussy, and the thought of eating her Denizli Escort Bayan mother was now looking very, very appealing.

“Um… if we did this, it would need to be a one-time thing,” Payton said, knowing this… exploration? Dalliance?… was wrong, but the temptation was getting impossible to resist. She was beginning to understand why Eve bit that apple… although Payton was craving a peach.

“Sure, Mom,” Ashley agreed. “But if it is only once, that will be your decision, not mine. Even if you still feel that way afterward, you’ll always be welcome to change your mind.”

“Okay,” the Mom said, making up her mind. “Then let’s do this.” She got off the bed, went to her bottom dresser drawer, pulled out a strap-on, and turned back around, brandishing it in the air. “Tadaah!”

“Wow, talk about jumping right in… I’m impressed! But Mom, you have one of those just sitting in your drawer?” Ashley was astonished to see that strap-on cock displayed so proudly in her Mom’s hand.

“Um, yeah. I ordered it online a few weeks ago,” the Mom admitted, suddenly feeling a bit shy. Had she just shocked her daughter? “I didn’t realize it was a strap-on though, I thought it was just a vibrator.”

“Aaaaah… mmmmmm,” the daughter smiled, not shocked at all, but not believing her Mom… and really curious to know why she’d gotten it.

“I’m serious,” the Mom said.

“Okay, I believe you,” Ashley lied. “I’ve never used one of these,” she then admitted truthfully, “you’ll need to help me put it on.”

“You’ve never fucked Fran or gotten fucked with one of these?” The Mom asked crudely, getting more comfortable with what was happening, since her daughter appeared to be totally on board with the proceedings, and she herself had decided to give her libido free rein. It was now in overdrive and controlling her actions, which she was just fine with.

“I’ve never fucked Fran or anyone else with one of these phalluses,” she admitted with a smile. “Never even seen one up close before, even though I’ve seen a few pussies up close.”

“You’ll need to take your dress off,” the Mom said.

“Okay, Mommy,” Ashley said, pulling her dress up and over her head, revealing her sexy lingerie. And her naked, hairless pussy.

“Oh, my, you look amazing, honey,” the Mom said, admiring her daughter’s body. And her naked, hairless pussy!

“Thanks, you’ve just become the beneficiary of my Valentine’s Day plans for Mike.”

“Then are you sure you have enough time to fuck Mommy?” Payton asked, now loving the sound of those words.

“I’ll fit you in,” she smiled wickedly.

“I think I’ll be the one fitting you in,” the Mom said just as wickedly, as she removed her shirt.

“You’re so bad, Mommy,” Ashley said.

“You’re making me into a bad Mommy tonight,” she agreed.

“I’ve never noticed how big your tits are, Mommy.”

“Do you want to see them?” Payton asked, reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra.

“Yes please Mommy, I really want to see your titties.”

“Then let me see yours too,” the Mom said, and both of them freed their tits from their lace prisons.

“Like?” Ashley asked, cupping hers provocatively.

“You have an amazing body.”

“Take off your shorts, Mom,” Ashley requested.

“Don’t you mean Mommy?” The mother asked, having just learned she preferred ‘Mommy’ to ‘Mom’ in this situation.

“Yes Mommy, strip off your shorts for your baby girl, so she can fuck you,” Ashley amended wickedly.

“Yes, honey,” the Mom said, standing up and removing her shorts.

“Panties too, Mommy,” Ashley ordered, as she stood there in just her garter-belt and stockings and heels. “I can’t fuck you with them on.”

“Yes honey,” the Mom said, and then admiring her daughter’s body added, “Look at you, honey. You’ve become a very beautiful woman.”

“I take after you,” Ashley said.

“I can see why the boys…” Payton said, then paused before adding, “…and I guess the girls… must be all over you.”

Ashley sat back down on the bed and patted the spot next to her. “And once I invite some of those girls home with me, they’ll be all over you, too. Come and sit next to me, Mommy.”

The Mom giggled awkwardly as… now totally naked… she sat down next to her daughter… shivering a little with excitement and trepidation.

Ashley moved her hands to her Mom’s large 36D tits and cupped them. “They’re so big!”

“Yours are getting big too,” the Mom smiled, admiring her daughter’s tits, which were 34B. Except for their respective breast sizes, their shapely bodies were almost identical, even though the Mom was a tad over twenty years older than her daughter. “I guess amazing bodies and tits are in our DNA.”

“I guess so,” Ashley said, leaning over and sucking on her Mom’s left nipple.

“Oh, honey!”

“So big and nice.”

“That feels good, honey.”

“How could dad walk away from these perfect tits?”

“I don’t know.”

“So fucking Escort Denizli big,” Ashley repeated, moving to the other nipple… in complete awe of her Mom’s large breasts.

A minute later, the mother placed her hands on her daughter’s cheeks and leaned in for a soft, gentle, sensual kiss.

“You kiss awesomely,” Ashley said, in a bit of a daze.

“You too, honey,” the Mom said, kissing her again. “Now suck on Mommy’s tits some more.”

“Yes Mommy,” Ashley agreed, unable to take her eyes off them.

After another minute, the Mom moaned, “You’ve definitely been doing this with your girlfriend.”

“I can’t believe I’m sucking my Mommy’s titties this time, instead of Fran’s,” Ashley purred as she worshipped them.

“You’re such a naughty girl,” Payton moaned… not accustomed to receiving this much attention, even when she’d still been married. Sure, he’d manhandled them and sucked on them, but only as a step towards getting his dick inside her. He’d never invested any time in worshipping them like they deserved.

“Mmmmmm,” the daughter moaned adoringly.

“You like sucking on Mommy’s titties?” Payton asked, gently pushing her head away, so she could lean forward and take a turn sucking on her daughter’s nipples.

“No, Mommy,” the daughter moaned. “I love sucking on them.”

“Such perky tits.”

“Perky, yes. But not as big and glorious as yours.”

“You’re not done growing them yet.”

“I sure hope not. I want mine someday to be as big and perfect as yours are.”

A minute later the mother asked, as she picked up the strap-on harness, “Are you ready to try this thing out on Mommy?”

“Sure,” the daughter giggled. “I’ll fuck my Mommy!”

“Okay, let’s do this. Let’s get you fucking your Mommy,” the Mom said excitedly, handing her daughter the harness.

Ashley accepted the harness and examined it, saying, “This thing looks tricky.”

“Here, let me help you put it on.”

“Thanks, Mommy,” the daughter said, as her Mom dropped to her knees and helped her step into the harness.

“Turn around, honey.”


“You have a cute little butt,” the Mom said, giving it a squeeze and a brief kiss before she stood up, brought the harness with her, and tightened it around her daughter’s hips.

Ashley checked out the hot pink cock sticking out in front of her and said, “This is wild. Now I’m all decked out for Valentine’s Day!”

“I know,” the Mom said. “You look really hot with a pink cock. It’s a perfect match for my pink pussy!”

“Thanks, Mommy,” she said, wiggling her dick around. “But it’s still a little loose.”

“How about now?” the Mom asked, after tightening the strap.

“That’s better. Now I have a nice, securely seated dick,” she said with a giggle, “A big pink dick!” And it was big… about eight inches long, and as thick as an Italian sausage.

Mom laughed softly as excitement grew inside of her, “You’re so silly.” But then after a pause as some nervousness suddenly washed though her, she confessed, “It’s been a long time, honey. And that is a big dick. Maybe too big.”

“I promise I’ll go slow, and I’ll make you feel good,” Ashley smiled warmly. “And then once you tell me you’re ready, I’ll fuck you good and hard.”

“Oh honey,” Mom blushed.

“How do you want me to fuck you, Mom?”

“Your dirty talk is so wicked, honey,” she said as she grabbed a tube of lube.

“But are you dirty enough to want your eighteen-year-old daughter fucking your pussy, Mommy?” Ashley asked, deliberately pushing her Mom’s limits.

“Fuck, honey,” the mother said. “Of course I’m dirty enough now! You’ve gotten Mommy so excited I might do anything!”

However, the mother nervously up the dick with an excessive amount of lube as she repeated, “I haven’t had sex for a while.”

“I’ll make sure your pussy stays nice and wet, Mommy,” Ashley assured her, eager to start using the strap-on.

The Mom said after she finished lubing the dick, “So I think at first, I’ll just sit down on it. That’ll give me all the control I should need.”

Ashley sat back down on the edge of the bed, smiled her agreement and said, “Yes, Mommy. If that’s the way you’ll feel the most comfortable, you should just sit on it.”

“I can’t believe we’re about to do this,” the Mom said, as she straddled her daughter’s nylon-clad legs… gliding her hands over them. “These are so soft and smooth.”

“I know, Mike likes to touch my legs when I’m wearing nylons, which is just one reason I always wear them,” Ashley said.

“Mommy has always liked wearing nylons too,” she said, resting her hands on her daughter’s nylon-clad legs as she lowered herself onto the pink dick.

“Now that we’re breaking the ice, you can caress your daughter’s nylon-clad legs anytime you like,” Ashley offered, as she watched her Mom’s pussy swallow up the dick.

“Ohhhh, thank you, honey,” the mother moaned, both for the offer, and because her daughter was being so accommodating about the best way of giving her the dick and the fucking, she so desperately needed after such an endless dry spell.

Ashley was in awe as she watched her Mom settling down onto her from behind, staring at her Mom’s nice ass as she gradually, carefully, took the entire dick. “Oh wow, Mommy!”

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