Mom’s in Town Ch. 12

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“The manager’s assistant left a note saying that she wanted a quick word with you before you left” the check-out clerk said. “I will just let her know you are here.”

A short, curvy women wearing heels, a white blouse and black button down pencil skirt appeared shortly. In a very business-like manner the woman extended her hand…” Hi, I’m Rachael” she said.

“I work for the owner’s and take care of them and liaise with the managers. I usually deal with one of them at a time but last night the three of us had a get together, something we do at the beginning of each month, and your name came up. “

“How was room service this morning Mrs. Smith? May I call you Christine?”

“Yes, Christine is fine, and the food was wonderful and the coffee very much needed”… she replied nervously.

“Don’t worry, nothing to be alarmed about Christine, but I meant the service. I hired Hamid myself after interviewing a number of possible candidates. Mr. Ross, one of the owner’s, suggested I do it outside the normal method to ensure their requirements were met.

Taken a bit aback, Christine, blushed then hesitated for a second before replying. “Yes thank you, he went to great lengths to ensure I was happy.”

“Wonderful” Rachael replied. “I am so glad it worked out. I had been tutoring him myself. Mr. Ross told me that using Craigslist with certain key words would find who we were looking for. He is always right it seems. I screened about 100 candidates electronically, then personally interviewed and tried out a dozen or so until Hamid was selected. So glad you were satisfied.”

Turning to the check-out clerk, Rachael quietly advised, “100% comp for Mrs. Smith.”

Then taking Christine’s elbow, “Don’t worry about the bill, it is taken care of. Could we perhaps speak more privately in Mr. Ross’ office?”

Turning back to the clerk, she added loud enough for Christine to hear “Please find Hamid and have him bring coffee to Mr. Ross’ office in about 10 minutes, thanks”

Walking down the short carpeted corridor to the private elevator and while waiting for it to arrive, Rachel looked her guest up and down before offering, “I love your outfit. That looks like a very comfy top. The three button front is unique and the skirt really suits you. Do you wear skirts a lot? I like them, but so many women don’t these days.”

Taken a bit aback with the personal nature of the question, Christine hesitated before replying, “Thank you. I wear skirts a lot. I love the feminine look.”

“Me too. In your case I can see why. You have great legs. You must turn a lot of heads?” Rachael replied before she leaned in conspiratorially to whisper in her ear. “You know we call him Ross the boss, that’s whose office we are going to. His cousin, Maxwell Black, is the other owner. We call him Max. All the staff think it is just a short form of his name, but to me it is something else entirely.”

After a brief ride during which they engaged in small talk, they step out into a luxurious corridor then enter a large room with two large oak desks, assorted cabinets, chairs and other büyükesat escort furniture. Beyond the sliding glass door was a large roof terrace.

“They own this, along with three other hotels, and work out of here. They try to stay out of the day to day running of the business and rely on the duty managers who they meet with regularly. That is the reason Mr. Ross asked me to meet with you and have you come up.” Rachael continued to describe the organization, “They both have secretaries down the hall. I’m from Kansas, Max and Ross are actually my uncles, my dad’s brothers. My dad suggested I come here so they can teach me everything in hopes that I can one day take over the business. It turns out that part of my duties, while I am here, has been to look after their more personal and intimate needs, if you get my meaning”

“It looks like a lovely day, perhaps we should have our little chat and coffee outside” she said as she glided toward the door and opened it to let in the sounds of the city wafting up from below.

Christine looked beyond the ivied walls to the skyline and beyond. “How magical it is!” she gushed.

Passing by a couple of chaise lounges with towels and sun lotion beside them, they sat the table.

“Yes, it is a wonderful view and so private. I try to make time daily to get a bit of sun to keep up my color. It looks like you do to?”

“Yes, I love tan-lines and my husband does a well.” Christine replied looking enviously at the accommodation and imaging herself lying in her new bikini on one of the chaises.

“Anyway, what Mr. Ross wanted me to talk to you about was this: he noticed in the account ledger the regularly entered reduced rate and write off of the room service charges. He raised it with the manager, at a meeting I attended, and the manager reluctantly explained the situation about how you and your husband took care of himself and various staff members and that as a regular repeat customer, he thought it was good business. Mr. Ross initially appeared shocked and was miffed that it appeared he was missing out. I know Mr. Ross and if there is anything he hates is not getting value for money.”

Christine stammered in an embarrassed way.

“Don’t worry Christine, everything is ok. Hope you don’t mind if I shift my chair around to face the sun so I can get a few rays?”

As she shifted her chair a few inches and was rotating it to face more into the sun, a sharp knock on the door was heard by both women. “That must be Hamid. Please, would you mind letting him in?”

Christine rose and walked across the deck feeling that Rachael was watching her ass sway with every step. Opening the door she saw Hamid, in this white livery, standing beside a cart with coffee and pastries along with another silver covered dish.

“The front desk said Ms. Ross wanted coffee brought up.” he declared.

Christine’s look of amazement took him aback, but he guessed she was still reeling from learning that Rachael was related to the owners.

“Yes, yes, please come in. She, or should I say we, were expecting çankaya escort you. How nice to see you again.” she offered while a slight blush rose to her cheeks. “Rachael or should I say Ms. Ross is on the terrace” she said sweeping her hand toward the door. Christine followed the waiter and again could not help noticing his firm tight ass in tight fitting black stretch pants below the white tunic.

Hamid pushed the cart to the table and began to place the cups, saucers, coffee pot, pastry plates and pastry caddy delicately in a neat arrangement. Rachael did not move to help, simply smiled and nodded her appreciation of the attentiveness being displayed.

“Shall I pour the coffee ladies? How would you like yours today?”

“I think I will have mine black with cream on the side” Rachael said to Hamid with a knowing smile to Christine. “Why not have yours the same way, I think you will find it quite delightful?” she continued on, as she waved Christine to sit.

Christine nodded with a curious look in her eye and sat while they watched Hamid, move the cart out of the way and then stepped between the women to pour. When finished he handed them each their porcelain cups and saucers then moved to stand beside Rachael.

“As you know, I recently hired Hamid and we have gotten to know each other quite well. To the point that I was the one that suggested to the night manager he provide room service to you this morning. Isn’t that right Hamid?”

“Yes it is Ms. Ross. Is there anything else I can do for your now?” Hamid inquired as both he and Christine saw that her pencil skirt had crept up to mid-thigh and her soft taut skin was glowing.

“Is there anything else I can do for your now?”

“I think now is the time for the cream.” she offered as she looked Christine in the eye while tracing the back of left hand across the front of his pants. Start with your top today would you Hamid.”

“Yes, ma’am” he replied as he began to unfasten the buttons of his starched white jacket. He proceeded to undo all the buttons. The jacket hung open to reveal a cute white bra and as he took of the jacket, Christine could see it was a lacey sheer demi-bra which supported and pushed up the two B/C sized breasts. The bra squeezed the two breasts together and the hardening nipples cast a shadow over the light pink areolas. Hamid’s hairless skin was the color of liquid honey and as he moved to hang is jacket on the back of an empty chair, the prominent bulge in his pants seemed to twitch.

“Oh my, I never saw that coming.” Christine quietly exclaimed as she remembered the morning’s activities which involved her on her knees and Hamid exposed only from the waist down.

“What do you think, Christine? Hamid is considering breast augmentation. Hamid is thinking about my suggestion for an increase of 2 cup sizes.” Rachael asked her awed guest.

“Errrrrrrrr…I am not sure, they are quite beautiful now.” Christine stammered as she fought to focus her mind on what was going on.

“Yes they are. Aren’t they. But this morning he remarked to me how cebeci escort beautiful yours were and thought he should have larger ones.” Rachael replied to Christine before turning to Hamid. “Now the pants.” Rachael stated.

Hamid turned to face the ladies, bent over slightly to slip off his shoes, then took off his socks reveling their pearlescent pedicure. Rachael watched both Hamid and Christine. Christine seemed to have stopped breathing as she stared at the beautiful she-male undressing in front of her. Hamid faced the women, looked down and slowly but confidently undid the belt, the top button and began to lower the zipper. She looked up to see the women watching intently as she peeled back the lapel front of her pants to reveal a lacy white thong to match the bra. The pants fell to the ground and Hamid bent to pick them up, carefully folded them and hung them over the back of the chair holding his tunic.

Yes, Rachael thought, Christine had not freaked out, this might yet work out.

Hamid moved closer to Rachel while she casually reached up with her left hand and swept it across the swelling member that was now pushing the front of the sheer white thong even further out. The cock continued to grow diagonally toward her left hip filling out the front of the semi-shear thong with a menacing fullness.

“Hamid, let our guest do the honors.” Rachael said as she slapped the firm ass cheeks and pushed her the five feet to where Christine was sitting. Christine stared open-mouthed at the white thong in front of her and heard Rachel say “You know what to do – take it out like you did this morning. I want to see how interested and how good you are and if you live up to the reputation you have at the hotel.”

Christine with a wild-eyed look put her hands on the slim waist of honeyed colored beauty in front of her and gently put her fingers under the tight elastic sides of the thong. Peeling it down slowly over the engorged cock, the tree limb sized shaft sprung free and fell out in a long graceful arc. She pulled the silky panties down to just above the knees and then said “Let me help you take them off.”

She bent forward and Hamid lifted one leg and she peeled it down. As she did her face was so close to the meaty swollen member that she could feel air moving from its twitching and flexing before it lightly grazed her cheek. Leaving her cheek against the slab of cock, she continued to push the panties down until they were on the ground. Hamid stepped back a foot or two, reached out his hand indicating to Christine to slide forward off her chair to kneel in front of him.

Rachel could not see what was going on as she was staring at the back of Hamid’s tight toned honey-colored brown ass but, between the wide spread out legs, she saw Christine kneeling. Rachel began to stroke her thighs and slid down in her chair which allowed the buttoned pencil skirt to come up higher and higher on her legs. Her palms we’re caressing the inside of her thighs and at the top of each upward stroke her thumbs were grazing and caressing the lips of her swelling vulva. Her fingers, on the bare skin above her thigh-hi nylons, were now stationary while her thumbs swept up and down over her clit which was bulging the front of the satin gusset. She played with herself through her sheer panties as she let her imagination run wild at what Christine was doing to Hamid’s cock.

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