Moni’s Web

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I pulled up to the apartment block on that chilly winter day, well it was chilly for California at least. I was about to enter Moni’s lair for the first time. I was very excited and not a little bit horny after chatting on Messenger with her that day. You see, Moni is one of those special women: very sexy, a dollop of kinky and a voracious appetite for sex. In a package, any man’s desire.

I mounted the flight of stairs and stood at her door. My heart raced thinking about what lay ahead of me. Knocking once, she opened the door in her gregarious style and greeted me in. It was Christmas season, so the front room was full of pine scent from her tree. You could tell the girl had taste, a lovely home with an intriguing collecting hobby. Did her myriad of ceramic masks tell me something of her inner self? Her ready smile and a warm hug had me feeling comfortable and appreciated though. I could feel the voluptuous crush of her breasts as we hugged. We talked and shared a drink as we enjoyed the tree and I enjoyed the view of her lovely feet. I couldn’t help but reach out and touch and massage them.

With a nod, we retired to her darkened chamber. Her room was alight with two-dozen candles. The contemporary black bed beckoned me to the delights that would soon engulf me. I stripped quickly and slid between the open sheets. I watched her undress, feeling a little like a virgin bride ready to be deflowered. Befitting her taste, she was in matching bra and panties. The sight of her full round breasts and their large brown aureoles gave my now hard cock a jolt. She slid into the soft sheets and pressed her voluptuousness next to me. I’ve always enjoyed the first touch of skin to skin with a woman’s body and Moni’s softness brought me to new desire.

Kissing Moni is always joy. She is so responsive, especially to slow soft kisses to her neck. She also has one of the most wondrous gebze escort tongues I have ever kissed, but more of that later! I leaned over her and explored her sensitive neck with my lips and tongue. Tracing long lilting kisses and lick over her collar, neck, ear and chin, I elicited delicious moans from her. It drove me wild to see her enjoyment and I kissed her hard on the lips, my passion raging. I moved my hard cock lightly over her bare skin to tell her how much I desired her and how much she was turning me on.

Next, I moved down to her ample full breasts. Lavishing them with touches and kisses, I concentrated on her right. I softly drew her engorged nipple into me mouth and my tongue lapped and circled it as I released it from my kiss. I wetly circled her thick nipple with my tongue, first flat, and then pointed. My hands cupped her full bosom and teased the other. I could never get enough of her breasts and I feasted on them fully again. She squirmed under my ceaseless feast, which drove me deeper into lust. I continued my urgent sucking and toying nibbles, while my fingers strayed down over her trimmed pussy. I teased her with swooping touches and then cupping her without touching her wetness

“Turn over on your hands and knees”, I murmured huskily. She eyed me with interest before turning over with a playful, “Kaay”. There she was before me, her ass turned up to the ceiling and her legs open and inviting. I nestled down to service my lover.

My fingers caressed and stroked her thighs and ass. I teased the crease between her outer labia and her thigh, and then tracing her inner lips, which peeked between her lust-engorged outers. I spread her wetness tenderly along her pussy lips, circling and teasing near her clitty below. I penetrated her vag slowly, feeling its wetness on my middle finger. Gently I probed her, feeling her wriggle göztepe escort to me, hearing her softly moan with growing desire. I pressed deeper, my thick finger slicing up and down within her soft wet folds. I beckoned my finger down in rhythmic pulse to caress her g-spot. She responded to me with more and more sweet juices. I had to taste her.

Easing my finger from her glistening pussy I pressed my lips to her open center. I tasted her wetness. She tasted wonderful. Frenching her I moved my lips sideways and sucked gently along her fluttering inner lips. My hands kneaded her full ass, splayed before me, while I tongue fucked her wet, wet hole. Moaning with my lust I moved a bit lower and encircled her pearl. Juicing it and suckling it with my lips I pulled it from its hood. She arched lower to press it to my urgent mouth and while I milked her hard clitty, my finger slipped juices over her asshole.

I moved higher on her and my tongue slipped and slid over her pussy again and again. I kept going up and down and then up to her taut ass. She moaned low into the pillow at her face ad my tongue circled it. My fingers re-entered her and stroked deep into her sopping pussy. I lapped around and rimmed her good feeling her hips shake and buck. My fingers stroked, probed and stabbed deep into her. My tongue and lips teased and probed at her ass. I mouthed her cheeks on each side; even biting them at I felt her near a climax. Back and forth, in and out, I was lips, fingers, tongue, and teeth on her – all of her. Nothing was sacred as I feasted a kinky feast. With a jerking shudder the first wave broke and she mewed then screamed muffled into the pillow. I didn’t allow her break as I continued my lustful assault. As she continued, I could feel my fingers being gripped by her orgasm. I so love doing this, I thought – the power and the lustfulness.

Easing halkalı escort out I kissed her back and then spooned her, stroking her breasts. She twisted to kiss me. Her juices were coating my lips and mouth. I shared her gift with her and she laughed, sighed and smiled. But I was not close to sated and neither her.

“I want to stand beside the bed while you suck me. I want to see my cock going into your sweet mouth.” I demanded. She readily agreed and positioned herself across the bed on her hands and knees. I stood beside the bed, gripping my hard cock at its base and fed her. I released myself to her and stood to watch and enjoy her luscious lips and her snakelike tongue. She has the most lovely green eyes and I caught her watching me on occasion. I love that and she knows it. You see, she loves the power of a blowjob as much as I love licking pussy. My hips gently rocked as she sucked and licked me. Her tongue lanced down after her lips released me and bathed my balls. I groaned again as I watched her in the mirror. Her breasts hanging pendulously down made a sexy sight. Her chestnut curls draping to frame her lovely face.

“I need to fuck you, let me take you doggy style”, I grunted. Wanting to fill her and bring her higher as well. She readily agreed, switching around on the bed. I leaned up and pressed my wet cock to her wet pussy. I rubbed it slowly around then let it ease in. ‘Heaven’, I thought, ‘So warm, wet and sexy…’ I moved within her stroking deeper on each thrust. She met them with a press of her ass back to me. We gained a rhythm and began to fuck like dogs in heat. I grew faster and faster within her, the sensation intense. I tried to hold myself back, but looking over to her mirror, I lost all control. I felt the cum racing within me and then filling my condom. I grunted with animal intensity and shuddered through my climax. So good, so warm, so sexy…

I spooned again with her and we engaged in hearty banter. She is very intelligent and makes great after-sex conversation. With a measure of sadness, but fully satisfied, we got up and showered. I kissed her goodbye and left her lair, another drained prey from Moni’s web.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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