Mormon Mesa

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After 3 months of freezing cold in Salt Lake City, I was thrilled to be in southern Nevada, soaking up the sun and thawing. My wrap skirts, sandals, and tank tops came out in response to the warm weather and I felt great. Being at Ty’s parents house, we couldn’t really have all the “intimate time” we wanted and were forced to be secretive, snatching it here and there, which added a little danger and made it pretty interesting. I’m not terribly quiet, and I often found myself biting his shoulder to keep from crying out when we made love. We were also more creative about when and where, that’s what this story is about.

The weather, of course, was perfect for this time of year. Cloudless sky, warm sun, a day begging for us to go for a 4-wheeler ride out into Logandale’s surrounding desert. I loved going out on that thing! The feeling of the wind on my bare arms, the sun warming my back, and, of coarse, the opportunity to have my arms around Ty as we headed over trails and rough terrain. I have to admit that I often let them slip further down his chest then the situation demanded, straight down to his crotch, as a matter of fact.

The trail he took me on was curvy, also having many bumps and rough spots. I must say I didn’t mind. I had never noticed how much those things vibrated and hummed when they were going. I not only enjoyed the dusty colors of the desert and plateaus, but the feeling of being stimulated by the machine. By the time we got to our destination, Mormon Mesa, I was wet and worked up, but I had never had sex out of doors, so I didn’t immediately demand attention from my boyfriend.

On top of the mesa were sand dunes, which I have never really seen, as Idaho isn’t overflowing with them. We gaziantep escort walked around and eventually decided to get rid of the shoes as they were being filled with sand. The contact with the sand was like with silk, it was soft and flowed across skin, adding a new sensation. We were soon inundated with the tiny granules, and wondered why we were bothering with clothes as we were far from any person, it would be less uncomfortable in the sand, and I have never turned down an opportunity to be naked, or see Ty’s wonderful body.

The sun, which one thought may be harsh and unforgiving, felt soft and forgiving upon our bodies, doing no more then warming us and lighting us for the appreciation of our mate. As he looked at me, I recalled the things he usually said when he looked at my body. Beautiful shape, large, nice breasts, slender waist, and wonderful hips. I’ve never cared much for my hourglass figure, feeling as though I am over-weight, but I feel beautiful when he sees me. He, of coarse, asks me to turn around for him, making me feel like he’s making sure everything is how he left it since the morning. He likes it when I clench my ass and runs his fingers over the moon tattoos on my back, one an angel, one a devil, basically my personality.

He comes close to me and brushes my full lips gently, whispering, “God you’re so perfect”. My heartbeat starts to quicken as it always does when he kisses me passionately. I run my hands over his strong pecks and abs. His cock is hard as a rock just from watching me strip. God, it’s amazing. I didn’t think I could possibly get any wetter, but the sight of his rigid, 8-inch member made me drip. My mind was going into the fuzzy, unclear state that our lovemaking caused. I was super aware of my body, feeling his hands as they smoothly ran over my skin, down to my crotch, and played with the dark brown curls, searching, then finding my wet slit.

God, his hands were amazing. Shivers ran over my body as the mixture of him running hands over my most sensitive area coupled with the knowledge that we were going to have sex overlooking his home town in the open air. He never fails to surprise me with new ways to turn me on and take our sexual knowledge and experience to a new level. The idle thoughts are pushed through my mind when his fingers find my clit and play with it, making my body jerk in reaction. Fingers run lightly over my inner labia, slick with my juices. A finger is inserted into my opening, then two as he stimulates both my g-spot as well as my clit. As I moan and shudder, he leans down and takes one of my rosy, tense nipples into his mouth, sucking it to tautness I never thought possible. He gently nibbles it as he slowly drags his tongue across my chest to m other breast, giving them equal attention.

I don’t make any effort to curb my gasps or moans; I slide my hands up and down his beautiful cock, feeling every vein and the natural ridges caused by the swollen tissue. I can’t wait much longer; his hands feel so good in me, over me. I need to be completed; I need to feel him deep within me, filling me. I become frantic with the multiple sensations I’ve been made to feel, I know he is in the same state as he grinds his hips against mine. If he isn’t in me soon, I know I’m going to go crazy!

I lean over at my waist, steadying myself on the machine. His hands run over my ass and down to my snatch as he starts to position himself to enter me. I hold my breath in expectation. Finally, he thrusts into me; an animal sound is released from my lips as the air is driven from my body. He starts to pound me from behind using quick, rhythmic movements. He pounds me harder, entering me to the base of his shaft, pumping me harder and harder, till it feels like I’m about to be ripped apart.

Colors flash before my closed eyes as I throw my head back and call out his name. My insides are tightening, my legs feel weak. My body is rocking back and forth with the force of him. I feel like my heart is going to tear out of my chest, it’s beating so hard. Gasping for air, all I can say is his name and oh God over and over again. That wonderful, familiar feeling starts to spread throughout my body. There are amazing contractions taking place throughout my body in preparation for the synonymous forceful release.

Teetering on the edge between consciousness and ecstasy, the feeling of detachment from my mind occurred with the amazing ultra-consciousness of what my body was about to feel.

The orgasm flew threw my body in a wave. The initial burst of it came as a tensing and release of my muscles as he came in me. Filling me, as well as fulfilling my need. It spread all the way to my throat forcing out a cry of inconceivable pleasure. I sagged across the seat of the 4-wheeler as the last of the orgasm left a tingle on across my body, made even more prominent by my sun warmed skin. He was lying across my back recovering from his own intense orgasm. As I felt his penis start to grow softer and slip out of me, a gush of his, and my cum washed down my thighs. He reached around me, drawing my head back, kissing me and leaving a pleasant tingle on my lips. What a way to end a ride. If only the people of Logandale knew what had taken place overlooking their small town 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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